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midjourney upscalers

NEW Midjourney Update Gives 4x Resolution (Complete Guide)

Breaking news: Midjourney upscalers are here!

In the ever-evolving world of Midjourney, there’s thrilling news for all artists and creators.

Two cutting-edge upscales have made their debut, marking a significant leap forward in the realm of digital image enhancement.

These groundbreaking upscales, available as of today, revolutionize our creative capabilities.

Thus, allowing us to natively increase the resolution of our images within the familiar confines of Midjourney.

How to Use the Midjourney Upscalers: A Step-by-Step Guide

The announcement, made by the esteemed David Holtz, brings an air of excitement.

midjourney upscalers

Accessing these upscales is astonishingly simple.

To embark on this journey of enhanced creativity, all you need to do is create a new job within your Discord chat.

Once you’ve meticulously crafted a four-panel upscaled masterpiece, you will discover two intriguing options at your fingertips: upscale by 2X and upscale by 4X.

The magic doesn’t end there.

midjourney upscalers

You have the power to launch both of these options simultaneously, multiplying your creative potential in real time.

Moreover, these upscales extend their generous hand to your existing images, granting you the freedom to breathe new life into your old artworks.

Understanding the Upscaling Process: Resolution and Details

The heart of these upscales lies in their ability to preserve the delicate intricacies of your artwork.

midjourney upscalers

Imagine starting with a humble square image, a canvas of 1024 by 1024 pixels.

With a simple double, your creation blossoms into a magnificent 2K image, boasting 2048 by 2048 pixels.

Take it a step further, quadruple the original, and witness the transformation into a staggering 4K masterpiece, a visual marvel at 4096 by 4096 pixels.

Yet, a word of caution echoes in the creative halls.

For non-square images, the pixel count takes unexpected turns after the upscale, revealing the importance of the canvas shape in this digital alchemy.

Comparisons with Other Upscaling Methods

In the vast landscape of digital creation, comparisons are inevitable.

Enter Robert Kneschke, a meticulous soul on LinkedIn, who undertook the task of dissecting various upscaling methodologies.

midjourney upscalers

His exploration juxtaposed the tried-and-true Photoshop, the innovative Topaz AI, and our very own Midjourney upscaler.

The results, akin to a digital tapestry, displayed the nuanced differences.

Midjourney’s upscaler, with its delicate balance of detail preservation and smoothing, emerged as a commendable contender.

Surprisingly, even in the realm of free upscaling tools, the versatile Pixel Cut stood its ground, maintaining a higher dynamic range.

Although Midjourney’s native integration proved invaluable, saving creators from the labyrinth of external applications.

Considerations and Limitations: Cost and Functionality

Amidst the applause and excitement, a prudent artist considers the practical aspects.

Cost, as always, plays a pivotal role.

The 4X upscaler, while tantalizing in its potential, demands a heftier price in the form of GPU minutes.

That is approximately three times more than its 2X counterpart.

Fast GPU time, the lifeblood of this digital transformation, is the currency required to partake in this upscale extravaganza.

Should your fast GPU time well run dry, fear not, for additional hours can be procured, ensuring the creative river never runs dry.

However, challenges arise.

Tiled images, once subjected to the upscaling process, may lose their seamless charm.

And occasionally, the result might be shrouded in darkness, a minor hiccup in the grand tapestry of creativity.

Final Thoughts: Unlocking Potential for Large Scale Artworks

In closing, these new upscales stand as beacons of progress, illuminating the path for artists to explore uncharted territories of creativity.

The ability to enhance our images by 2 or 4X within Midjourney, without the shackles of third-party tools, is a game-changer.

While a subtle smoothing effect dances upon the details, the upscales faithfully retain the essence of our creations.

The potential they unveil for large-scale artworks is nothing short of revolutionary, opening doors to digital realms previously reserved for dreams.

What are your thoughts on these upscales?

Share your artistic visions and experiences in the comments below, and let the creative dialogue flourish!

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