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midjourney use cases

7 Game-Changing Midjourney Use Cases βœ… 🌍

Here we’ll go through some exceptional Midjourney use cases.

There are seven things you need to try in the new Midjourney algorithm.

1. Game Design

Numero uno, game design, these designs could easily end up in your latest IOS hit.

midjourney use cases

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here.
Are these clouds, are these birds, are they an interpretation of God himself?
These game-level designs are perfect for a game like Monument Valley.

2. Double Exposure

Number two is a double exposure.
midjourney use cases
Double exposure is a photographic technique where you overlay one image on another to create these ghost-like engaging images.
Here you might recognize this style from the television titles of true detective.
midjourney use cases
Popular things to expose backgrounds with are city scenes or landscapes.

3. App Icons

Number three is app icons.
Midjourney is now able to create delicious iconography.
midjourney use cases
You could easily imagine any of these icons popping up in the App Store.
midjourney use cases
This one reminds me a little bit of a steampunk Temple Run.
midjourney use cases
This could work well for a hair or makeup app.
midjourney app icons
And this one is for a sci-fi puzzle game.

4. Logos

Next up is creating actual logos.
midjourney logos
You can quickly generate a logo for a proposed brand or business in seconds.
midjourney brand logos
This might work well for an Arabian tour company that takes you off on the Red Sea to dance away the night out of the blue sky.
midjourney company logos
This could be a futuristic genetic engineering company called Teanf.
Possibly needs to work a little bit better on the brand names especially as the tagline is Teetinit.
midjourney sports brand
And this would be great for a simple outdoor sports brand.

5. Emblems

Number five is emblems.
midjourney emblems
These detailed and beautiful compositions easily combine text and imagery in an engaging and consistent way.
Though it does remain to be seen whether they can start creating actual words that are not nonsensical.

6. Tattoo Designs

Number six is tattoo designs.
midjourney tattoo designs
Who needs a tattoo designer when you’ve got Midjourney.
I’ve explored some minimal and monochromatic designs.
minimal and monochromatic designs
And you can see that it comes out with some pretty astonishing stuff.

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7. Use Real People

Number seven is using real faces.
midjourney real faces
Midjourney is better than ever before at getting some real people.
Here we have Obama as the Flash.
obama as the flash
and Danny DeVito as Captain America.
danny devito as captain america

8. Redo Old Prompts

The final thing you can try out is taking some of your old favorite prompts and redoing them with the version 4 algorithm.
midjourney redo old prompts
Midjourney version 4. gives us greater control over the creative process allowing us to get specific use cases like logos app icons or game designs.
And the detail and realism have taken an immense step forwards.

Final Thoughts

If you’re curious to learn more about Midjourney, I have an entire course where we’ll go through every single feature.
Thanks for watching.
I hope you enjoyed this video.
If you did why not stick around and subscribe for more AI art news.
I’m Samson Vowles, this is Delightful Design.
Have a delightful day.
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Want to Master Midjourney? My course is perfect for anyone wanting to learn this new technology. Get unlimited feedback and join the course community.

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