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NEW Midjourney V4 Algorithm is MIND-BLOWING! 🤯

NEW Midjourney V4 Algorithm is MIND-BLOWING! 🤯

The new Midjourney v4 algorithm is here!

How to Use Midjourney V4 Algorithm?

Use it by adding –v 4 at the end of your prompt or opening /settings and selecting V

What’s New in MIdjourney V4?

V4 is absolutely mind-blowing.

There is a step up in detail composition and realism.

As well as diverging into a multitude of new styles.

midjourney v4 algorithmOn the Midourney announcements channel, they said we pushed into a bunch of weird styles, which Midjourney doesn’t normally do to improve the visual diversity of a system and help fight the collapse towards a single style.
midjourney v4 algorithm

Midjourney’s Range of Styles

Midjourney has a very narrow range of styles and it often boils down to a cross between a highly realistic painting, CGI, and a photograph interlaced together.
The cliched tropes of Midjourney are endless anthropomorphic animals.
midjourney v4 algorithm
And porcelain-like young women with unusual hair.
midjourney v4 algorithm
Midjourney is asking users to help rate the images from his algorithm so they can fine-tune it.
Coming to the announcements Channel.
And click on the link.
midjourney generated images
It will take you to a page where you’ll be displayed images generated by the new algorithm.
And you can get to rate them from disgusting to absolutely astounding good.
midjourney rating images

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Midjourney is doing a great job at adding intensely detailed areas of the image and contrasting that with negative space.
Realism has also taken a step forward.
The feedback from the community on Midjourney v4 algorithm is resoundingly positive.
I am so blown away by this current round of ranking.
I just can’t find ugly images of generations.
V4 images are stunning.
One user has picked up on a theme that all women are depicted flawlessly and in an idealized manner.
And they are requesting they see more emotion in a variety of ages and wrinkles.
midjourney flawless and idealized women
Whereas the men say they see a lot more variety.
This is an issue that is popping up across AI art and in the world at large.
It reflects our society and how we objectify and sexualize women.
It looks like version four is going to bring us more detail more realism more consistency and composition and an ability to create a wider range of styles.
We do not have a release date for version 4 yet but I expected it to come out within the next week for beta testing.

Final Thoughts

Make sure to stay tuned to the Midjourney announcements channel to get updated when they do release this new algorithm.
Thanks for watching.
Please remember to like, comment, and subscribe to stay updated on the latest AI art news.
And if you’re interested in learning more about Midjourney, I have an entire course that goes through every single feature.
It’s available in the link in the description below.
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