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midjourney v5



Midjourney V5 is coming and it looks amazing.

We’re looking forward to a high resolution, better composition, and more stylistic range than a new algorithm.

In this video, I’m going to be exploring some of the previews showing you how you can help Midjourney train the latest algorithm.

We’ll also be comparing version 4 with version 5.

So strap yourself in for the latest in Midjourney news.

Announcement of Midjourney V5

In the Midjourney discord chat, DavidH has announced that V5 is imminent and people are being asked to rate images from the new algorithm to help fine-tune the final aesthetics.

And with that, we get a chance to take a look at what we have to look forward to.

If you go into the rating pairs you’ll be presented with two images where you can select your favorite and they’re asking everyone to please read seriously because this is very important.

Previews of Midjourney V5

Now let’s hop in and I’ve selected some of the best that I found across Midjourney’s V5 algorithm.

What we could notice is there are a lot of celebrities up here.

midjourney v5

I mean here is a gangster Benedict Cumberbatch with a Benedict Cumberbatch who has possibly been for a swim or escaped from a mental asylum.

We’ve also got this picture of Donald Trump kissing Barack Obama.

midjourney v5

But the lifelike resemblance to both of these people is much stronger than we’ve had previously.

On that note, we can also see the queen in a space suit.

midjourney v5

And you can see that the resemblance to the queen is absolutely uncanny.

It’s a very accurate depiction of this lady.

There are a number of images being outputted with an iStock logo over the top.

So, it seems that this issue might still exist.

I particularly enjoyed this meme-style image of a dog looking with great adoration at this slice of pizza.

midjourney v5

And there’s even some nonsensical meme text on the top, Ox OxyEve, Booay is non ost to iwy pow a reaw boong.

I particularly like this concept art.

midjourney v5

This Illustrated painted feel of this sci-fi chap overall.

They’ve mentioned in the announcements that, “you should notice images are higher resolution and have generally better detail and stylistic range.”

And that’s definitely something we can see in these previews.

midjourney v5

You can see there is a lot of diversity in the styles coming out.

There is this beautiful Illustrated man riding a white wolf.

illustrated man riding a white wolf

And there’s almost a paper collage-style fox.

paper collage fox style

As well as this almost digital art-style collection of plants flowers and potions.

digital art style

And there is this surreal eye coming out of the ocean.

eye coming out of the ocean

Let’s just look at some of the more photorealistic elements here and the way these fish are interacting with this woman’s face.

woman's face

Extremely beautiful.

You can see the tonality and the composition working really well.

Comparison of V4 and V5

So, to compare how things are looking from V4 to V5 I tried to regenerate some of the images I found in V5 in V4.

And you can take a look at this concept art piece of a space cadet with red goggles.

space caddet with goggles

And I certainly prefer the V5.

The aesthetic of it with this great red pop inside of the image is very beautiful.

You can notice how much more detailed version 5 is compared to version 4.

And also, generally, the composition is stronger.

I also did it with a photo of this young lady.

young lady

And you can see that version 5 certainly has more life in the eyes more details in the strands of the hair and overall there is something slightly more engaging about version five.

Final Thoughts

Watch out because version 5 is certainly outputting some interesting results.

I certainly wonder what the prompt was here and what Midjourney is trying to research about a lady interested in raising a Cockrell to the sky and gazing into it.

At a time when other players are moving into the market of AI generation with tools like Leonardo starting to combat Midjourney’s ability to create highly aesthetic images, it’s important that Midjourney continues to innovate and improve what they do best which is creating the most aesthetic images on the market.

Let me know what you think of version 5 and make sure to watch this video next.

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