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How to Export A Time Lapse Process Video In Midjourney

Here is how to get a cool process video out of Midjourney just like this.
It’s super simple.

Add Your Imagine Command

All you have to do is enter your Imagine command and the prompt that you want.
For example, warrior, mermaid, and princess.
And then, at the end make sure to add the command video.
So, you have to put in: dash dash video.
Then all we do is wait patiently for this to load.

Press Add Reaction

And then when that’s done, to get your video, you have to go up to the top right-hand side of the message and press Add Reaction.

And from here, you need to search for the envelope.


Once you search for it once,  it will show up in your frequently used emojis.

Tap on the Envelope Icon

Then tap on this–just the standard envelope icon.
And wait patiently for it to send.
You will not only have a process video but also each of the images individually exported.
Now note that you can only do this with the first Imagination of Midjourney.
You can’t do it with upscales.
And now we have it.
A lovely video of this mermaid warrior princess.
Thanks for watching.
I hope you enjoyed this video.
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