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Midjourney web app tutorial

NEW Midjourney Web App is Awesome!

Here’s our exciting new Midjourney web app tutorial!

We get to experience enhanced capabilities to organize and explore both our own prompts and those within the Midjourney community.

In this video breakdown, I will guide you through the intricacies of this groundbreaking shift in Midjourney’s user experience, available for exploration at beta.

Focus of New Website

The focal point of is to empower users to seamlessly browse, explore, and meticulously organize all the images they have created.

While the initial appearance mirrors the original app, significant enhancements have been implemented.

Improved Search Functionality

One of the standout features is the remarkably responsive search functionality.

midjourney web app tutorial

Users can now effortlessly search by typing a term, with relevant images appearing in the feed almost instantaneously.

This contrasts sharply with the original app, where searches took longer to load and often displayed unrelated images.

Thus, making the research process significantly less effective.

User Interface & Glitches

The new interface stands out for its sleek design, ensuring a user-friendly experience with minimal glitches.

Specific searches for terms like “UI” or “lion” yield precisely related images, enhancing overall efficiency and user satisfaction.

midjourney web app tutorial

Exploring Own Prompts

Navigating through one’s own prompts has never been easier.

Users can search for specific terms, such as “UI,” to instantly access past creations.

Similarly, searching for themes like “lion” provides a chronological view, allowing users to appreciate their progress over time.

Light & Dark Mode

Personalizing the interface is a breeze.

Users can effortlessly switch between light and dark modes by accessing the option in the bottom left-hand corner.

Hence, tailoring their visual experience to their preference.

Liking & Collecting Images

A user-friendly feature allows enthusiasts to curate their favorite images.

By clicking the heart icon, chosen images are stored in the “likes” folder on the homepage.

Consequently, it offers an organized repository for ongoing inspiration and admiration of favorite artists’ works.

Efficient Rating System

Rating artworks has been streamlined for efficiency.

Utilizing hotkeys (1, 2, 3, 4), users can swiftly assign ratings.


The icons highlight as keys are pressed, simplifying the process of evaluating and ranking preferred works.

Explore Tab Highlights

The Explore Tab serves as a captivating window into the creativity of others within the Midjourney community.

Users can seamlessly browse various artistic styles, providing inspiration for future projects and a glimpse into a diverse universe of creativity.

Future Improvements & Features

While the current version is impressive, Midjourney envisions an even more enhanced user experience.

Plans include moving away from Discord integration and creating standalone web and app versions.

Anticipated updates encompass features such as the Midjourney video and Midjourney 3D.

Additionally, users have expressed interest in future functionalities.

This includes categorizing works into folders and creating collections of inspiration, akin to Pinterest boards.

Thank you for joining this in-depth exploration of Midjourney’s new web app.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of these exciting features, shaping a future of boundless creative possibilities.

Have a delightful and inspired day!

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