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minimal floral line drawing

How to Make Your Own Minimal Floral Line Drawing

Learn how to make this aesthetic-looking minimal floral line drawing!

Watch our tutorial now!

Here’s a quick Procreate tutorial on how to draw a minimalist one line of floral drawing.

Create a Minimal Floral Line Drawing (Easy-To-Follow Guide)

Step 1: Go to and Find an Image You Like

First of all, come to and search for something beautiful such as this plant that t I’ve found here.

Take a screenshot of that.

Step 2: Start a New Canvas in Procreate

Once you’ve taken a screenshot of this, come back into Procreate, and start a new canvas.

Go to Gallery, insert a photo.

Insert your beautiful plant and make sure you’ve added an extra layer.

Step 3: Use Water Pen and Set the Brush to Black

From here, we’re going to make sure we set the brush to black and I recommend using the water pen.

You can position.

Frame the composition a little bit more on how you like it.

Make sure you are on a separate layer.

Step 4: Start Outlining the Image

minimal floral line drawing

On the brush, start to outline this beautiful plant.

Take your time.

You don’t have to be exact but it’s important to get something that resembles the plant.

Step 5: Turn Off the Back Layer

minimal floral line drawing

Now, turn off the back layer and make sure you connect up any lines that you want to bring in and you can adjust the composition as you like.

minimal floral line drawing

Step 6: Add an Extra Layer to Make an Abstract Shape

minimal floral line drawing

Now, I recommend adding in an extra layer.

minimal floral line drawing

Choosing a nice color, adding in a slight abstract shape, and filling that in.

minimal floral line drawing

Move this behind the line drawing and then pinch to merge.

Smooth up any parts that you want.

Final Thoughts

Now, you can make any aesthetic-looking minimal floral line drawing!

You can add these beautiful designs to your business logo or you can display them in your living room!

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