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newborn lightroom presets

10 Best Newborn Baby Lightroom Presets

Are you looking for newborn Lightroom presets to use on photos worth showing off?

Wouldn’t you love showing photos to your children when they grow up and hear the gush over the amazing photos ?

Gone are the days when you have to hire a professional photographer to make your photos breathtaking.

But this doesn’t mean your phones can do all the work.

Your mobile phones are not enough to make your photos look professional.

This may sound weird.

But you can drastically improve the quality of the photos with little to no work.

This collection of Lightroom presets will show you how to make your newborn babies more adorable than ever.

Having said that, let’s begin looking at the ten best newborn Lightroom presets.

1. Baby Skin

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Do you want to highlight the cuteness of your baby?

Well, look no further because this preset will make your photos look bright.

They will also make the skin of your babies look smooth and pretty.

If you want to give your babies a creamy tone, you came to the right place.

12$ is what it will take to make all the photos you take of your baby look good.

Buying “Baby skin” will give you access to 16 Lightroom presets , compatible with:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Lightroom Classic CC version
  • Photoshop CC

 Pros & Benefits: 

  • Making dark photos bright is no longer a problem
  • Many options for the price given
  • Uniform color

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2. Soft and Sweet

newborn Lightroom presets

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This Lightroom preset does a fantastic job of ‘pulling’ the shadows out in the image and also making the skin look soft and sweet.

Your baby will look like an angel with this preset, making her ‘gleam’ in the eyes of your friends.

If you wish to make your own photos look excellent and dazzling, this is preset for you.

Under the right amount of sunlight, using this preset will make your picture better than ever.

This is a single preset, so there is not that much variety to choose from.

The presets are mobile and desktop friendly. 

They are also adjustable.

 Pros & Benefits: 

  • Budget friendly
  • Excellent in giving the baby a bright and soft look
  • Shadow friendly

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3. Newborn Collection

newborn lightroom presets

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If you would like to spend roughly around 19$ on a wide variety of presets, I recommend buying this collection.

With so many presets to choose from, you will find at least one for each family moment.

Your family photos will look more incredible than ever, and there’s no denying that.

40 Lightroom presets that will make your photos look professional.

The presets are fully adjustable.

You can also achieve consistency with this preset.

Using this collection, you can take a number of very different and unique photos and make them match with each other beautifully.

However, this new collection is only compatible with your desktop and not with mobile phones.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Wide collection
  • Consistency
  •  Well balanced

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4. Warm Newborn Presets

newborn lightroom presets

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If you would like to make your photos bright with a hint of sepia, these ten newborn presets can do it for you. 

Your baby will look all cozy and cuddly and you will look like a professional photographer.

These presets are going to turn you into a stunning Instagram influencer and blogger.

If you want to brag to your friends about how your baby looks sweeter than ever, why not buy these presets to make them jealous.

This preset is available on almost any platform–Android, iPhone, Mac, PC– you name it.

Also, based on your lighting conditions and camera settings, your photos may require slight adjustments.

The owner of the product practically wants you to feel free to message her or email her.

She will help you with your queries.

All of the presets can be installed in bulk with just one tap.

No need to bother yourself with all of the DNG files.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Bright, cozy and warm look to make your baby stand out, suitable for some sort of tropical vibe photos
  • Easy to install
  • Professional feel

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5. Angel Newborn Lightroom Presets

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The owner did not give this product a specific title.

But its particular range of colors and smoothness of the picture gave me sort of a divine vibe to it.

Of course, you perceive your children as angels.

But if you want other people to see them as beautiful as you do, you might want to try out this preset.

It makes anyone’s skin soft and smooth, which makes it perfect for family, children, toddlers, and of course, babies.

These are great to use for portraits that are taken in natural light, which will make them beautifully soft and clean.

These presets are fully customizable and available on the mobile version for both iOS and Android.

This shouldn’t be a problem since the mobile Lightroom version is free for everybody.

These will look great on photos you take with Android or iPhone.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Divinity and Serenity are the first things you will notice using this preset
  • Usable in almost any situation under natural light
  • Fully customizable

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6. Baby Boom 

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If you wish to make your dark photos lighter and pastel, think about using this preset.

Making skin softer and brighter is what these presets do.

This collection is one of the best in applying brightness and softness correctly.

With these five mobile presets, you can hardly go wrong.

This is also a budget option since you get five presets for roughly 5 dollars.

You can use each of the presets for different occasions giving each photo a different look.

This collection will also work well with your family portraits.

Yes, if you’re asking if the presets are customizable, they definitely are customizable.

They are also easily adjustable to your style and tone preferences.

This presets can make your children think these were taken by a professional photographer!

4.76$ is what it takes to make you look like a professional.

In my opinion, this is one of the best out there.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Lightens dark objects and makes them pastel
  • Budget option
  • Fully customizable

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7. Newborn Variety

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If you’re looking to have a lot of options, and I do mean A LOT of options, this is the collection you’’ll want to have. 

Using these presets will give you all the options in the world.

The only downside could be that you can’t decide on which preset to choose!

For ONLY 4.80$, you will be able to choose from 83 different presets.

One WHOLE collection is what you’re buying here.

Some include white balance alteration.

There are some too that include highlights and colored shadows.

Noise reduction is possible in some presets. 

This will ensure creaminess and softness in that newborn look.

Presets like these are also ideal for women and children studio portraits.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Wide variety- if you require quantity, this is perfect
  • Black and white presets are minimal 
  • Budget friendly

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8. Babyccino

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What I’ve noticed about Babyccino is that your pictures will get a soft creamy tone, with some sort of chocolate brown accent.

Creating a rustic and stylish effect have never been easier.

These three presets are amazing for making newborns look ‘creamy’ and fantastic.

You will take your mom blogs and Instagram feed to the next level with these presets.

Not only that, but I’ve also noticed that these presets look awesome on any kind of dog.

Yes, that is right, make your poodle or french bulldog look fresher than ever.

Imagine posting a photo on Instagram and people commenting about your baby looking like a superstar.

That’s precisely what you’re going to get from this preset and I have no doubt in that.

These are mobile presets and they will look great with almost any picture taken with your phone camera.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Giving a rustic and stylish effect is very easy using this collection.
  • Great for mom and lifestyle blogs 
  • Great for photos of dogs, too

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9. Sweet Baby

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This set contains four alluring presets for an effortless alteration of your photos in your mobile device.

You will make tremendous changes to your photos in one simple click using one of these four remarkable presets.

Marvelous visual effects are what these are all about.

Making the right adjustments to your photos is what these four presets will do always.

Quality over quantity.

That’s what Sweet baby will bring to you.

You will agree with me once you use it.

They’re going to make your photos as bright as you want them to be.

You will also give them that soft and colored look you’ve been looking for.

The presets are fully customizable.

You always would want to make minor adjustments to meet your aesthetic standards.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Fully customizable
  • Bright and soft look, both at the same time
  • Quality over quantity

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10. BrighNewborn

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BrighNewborn presets are a fresh collection that will make your newborn photos all that better.

And you’ve guessed it.

It’s about making your babies look ‘bright.’

You already know brightness is accessible and almost required for these presets to be usable.

This preset will pull the brightness out and put it in the best light needed.

If we are talking about budget options, this is THE budget option, coming in for only 0.76$ on-sale.

 You really can’t go wrong by spending under a dollar, can you?

And to top it all, the presets are fully customizable.

This is a must because one minor change, at times, can make all the difference.

If you want the brightness and amazing pictures, you’ve got to give these presets a try.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Ultimate budget option, you can’t make a mistake buying this product
  • Brightness overflowing your images
  • Fully customizable

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Runners-up:  Buddha

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Simplistic, yet smooth and clear photos are what you’re going to get by purchasing this product.

It brightens out dark photos while also making them smooth and polished.

One of its benefits is the toning down of magentas, purples and reds in the photos.

If you’re looking mainly for that, this is the one for you.

That is a big plus for anyone looking to tone down those colors because it is tough with newborn baby pictures.

This preset will do all this while also giving that subtle note, so the photo still looks realistic as always.

For a reasonable price of 1.19$, this is irresistible.

Of course, Buddha is fully customizable, so just use the sliders to set your preferences.

This preset works in Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Perfect at getting rid of magenta, purple and red colors which are not suitable for newborn portraits
  • Simplistic but smooth and crystal clear 
  • Gives a bright yet natural look 

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Little Wonder

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Well, all I can I say about Little Wonder presets is that they are going to make all ages of children look like little wonders. 

If you want to add some hazy summer effect to your photos, Little Wonder will help you in doing so.

Don’t you want to remember all those beautiful memories your kids spent with each other?

If you’re a blogger or an influencer, this pack of presets is perfect for you.

It will give you a chance to improve contrast, tones, vibrancy, lights, and colors in your photos.

By paying exactly 12$, you will get access to 16 presets you’ve been craving for all your photographs. 

Needless to say that these presets are available for Android, iPhone and Lightroom CC desktop.

Don’t forget to adjust the sliders to increase the quality of the photos according to your preferences.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Also useful for bloggers and influencers
  • Fully customizable
  • Will give you a hazy summer effect

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Elegant Newborn Presets

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If you’re looking for elegance, these fourteen presets will give you just that.

These 14 presets include 11 color presets, and three black and white presets.

They’re designed explicitly by a newborn photographer who knows exactly what he’s doing, and you can see it in the pictures.

Contrasting creamy skin tones with emanating light are what these elegant presets are best at.

The only downside to these presets is that they’re the priciest on the list.

At 30$, you’re getting these 14 presets.

But the reason for this price tag is apparent.

As I’ve said, these are designed by a newborn photographer for other professional newborn photographers.

If you want to feel like a professional, it is going to cost you 30 dollars.

Sliders are adjustable, of course, depending on the photo you have taken.

Fully supports all Lightroom apps.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Whether you’re a professional or not, these presets are going to make you feel like one
  • Beautiful light and creamy skin tones are going to be in the spotlight
  • Fully customizable

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Creamy Newborn Presets 

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As you all already know, highlighting the proper skin tones and colors can be difficult in these newborn photographs.

All babies are different, of course, and it is really time-consuming to get the skin tones you desire.

These presets allow you to adjust the color balance while adding natural creaminess to get those skin tones to the point where they look just right.

Creamy Newborn presets are recommended for advanced photographers.

The presets are only usable with Lightroom Mobile/Lightroom CC versions.

They’re not available for use with the desktop version.

The price point is decent.

For 6$, you will get seven presets. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Great for adjusting color balance 
  • Makes the skin look creamy at the same time natural
  • Advanced skills recommended

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Final Thoughts 

There is an abundance of choice at one’s disposal right here on the internet on newborn Lightroom presets.

These are the best options out right now.

Any one can use them.

You may be a professional photographer, or just somebody who wants to make other parents jealous of your beautiful baby.

Relish this list of the 10 Best Newborn Baby Lightroom Presets.

Noticed one that is not on the list and should be?

Let me know in the comments below.

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