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10 Best Notion Budget Template Options

If you are trying to save money and are looking for the best notion budget template, you’ve come to the right place!

Are you an affectionate Notion user? 

Are you now struggling to balance your earnings and savings, and do you need to outline which expenses you have for the upcoming months? 

What you need is a budget organizer, and Notion comes in handy for this task.

Here, I will propose ten budget templates you can use on Notion, to organize and keep track of your finances and budget. 

Most of them are made by experts, and they have been greatly appreciated by the users who bought them. 

Keep reading to find out the best Notion budget template!

1. Notion Budget Tracker by DotsDigital

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This notion budget template is the most appreciated on the Etsy website. 

On Etsy, there are a lot of budget templates, and this template is one of the best. 

If you’re looking for somewhere to outline all your expenses and finances, you found the perfect product. 

It’s organized per monthly view, and for each one, you can plan how much savings and expenses you dispose of. 

Months are pre-made, so you can fill in the blank spaces whatever you need without effort. 

For this reason, this one is perfect for time-saving! 

You can find different sections in the summary; goals, income, and expenses. 

And also monitor how the current month is going and see all of your transactions in the making. 

The monthly part has 12 months, and for each one, you can set your desired budget list. 

You can put together all of the expenses that you predict to do, with personalized sections.

There is a part for rent/ mortgage, one for health, for transportation, groceries, subscriptions, and hobbies. 

In this way, you can keep track of what you need to pay or are planning to spend, and prepare in advance. 

Moreover, thanks to a helpful expense tracker you will be able to see a clear listing of all costs and what they refer to. 

This is the perfect option for anyone who has a busy life and has issues organizing his/her budgeting needs.

Lastly, the reviews assure that it’s a high-quality product, so it will be a great purchase!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Enthusiastic reviews 
  • Has fill in the blank spaces
  • Summary session filled up automatically 

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2. Digital Budget and Finance Planner for Notion by SublimeClouds

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This template is the perfect start for someone who just started to use Notion.

You can use it on your laptop or cellphone. 

By organizing the next due bills and expenses, you make good use of this template. 

You can keep an eye on them, thanks to a well-designed weekly and monthly tracker. 

Start by focusing on one month or week at a time, and fill in the bills and savings.

Complete the blanks with all information about when it’s due or when you have to pay. 

Then, mark the category to which the expense refers. 

Also, you can add a checklist for any transaction, so as to keep an eye on what you’ve already done and what is missing.

Finally, a useful to-do list can help you in reordering your upcoming duties.

By listing upcoming duties, you will know what you have to plan for later. 

If you buy this product, you won’t ever forget any bill you need to pay, and you will always be prepared in advance. 

Please keep in mind that any downloaded product cannot be refunded.

But, to buy this one, it will be an excellent choice. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Available weekly tracker in the options
  • Well organized and easy to use
  • To-do list to organize your space better

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3. Finance and Budget Tracker by OrganizeToSuccess

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This template is the perfect tool for people who love being neat and ordered. 

You can find a helpful guide to use on the instruction page. 

The suggestions given are clear and understandable, so you won’t have any problems using this template at its best. 

Two versions of the template are available, one already personalized and the other one to fill in as you wish. 

There are lots of databases to choose from, in order to monitor your budget. 

In the income and expense part, you can put general information about your financial situation. 

A peculiarly smart gadget is the possibility to delineate different accounts, from the main bank, to savings, to the piggy bank.

Also, PayPal is included. 

The worksheet is equipped with a monthly and yearly summary.

In the budget tracker, your expenses and income are combined with your payment destinations per category. 

The most useful part of this template is the money transfer tool; you can use it to move money between your accounts. 

You will feel completely in charge of your financial life and will become a professional in budgeting for yourself.

Lastly, this template is the ideal product for those who already know how to manage a budget and want to upgrade it. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Two versions, blank and filled out
  • Organize budget in many different accounts
  • Money transfer tool to move money

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4. Notion Digital Budget and Finance Planner by SerraBranca

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Thanks to this colorful and lovely template, you’ll be able to perfectly track your budget and finances. 

I suggest this template to students, small enterprise owners, and freelancers.

Different sections in this template will be ideal to organize your earnings and expenses. 

The overview will show the overall cash flow.

This one is calculated on the streams of income and bills/generalities to be paid, organized by month, amount and etiquette. 

You can choose between various marks for your expenses.

There is a wide list of categories, like work, school, travel, and home.

One feature I find particularly smart is the yearly tracker of all your spending and earning flow, shown month per month. 

Thanks to it, you will always be aware of the shifts in your budget. 

On an added note, the overall design is aesthetically pleasing and cute. 

And you will find a quick to-do list on the side of the template, to track important things. 

Whether you have a small number of things to keep in check or a huge one, this template will be useful in any case. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • For both students and professionals 
  • Well structured and beautiful
  • Yearly tracker with budget information for each month

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5. Digital Budget and Finance Planner by PastelDigitalStudio

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This is the perfect tool to organize finances. 

Lots of trackers are available on this template, that concern the time span of the budget flow, and the money spent and earned. 

The weekly and monthly trackers are there to help you organize your future and past duties. 

Also, the ones for savings and expenses are to be used to plan your budgeting needs. 

Thanks to the weekly budget, you will never be taken aback by bills or random things to pay or follow up on. 

You can mark the budget items with a category and also add a detailed description.

On the side, you will find a quick and clear to-do list space that you can use to highlight savings, major spending goals, or upcoming gifts to buy. 

Reviews on this product are definitely positive.

Most purchasers recommend it because it’s easy to understand and assemble.

Lastly, having all information about your finances on one page will make it clear whether you’re succeeding in your budget goals or not. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Great variety of trackers
  • Lovely pastel design

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6. Aesthetic Notion template – Notion dashboard, a budget planner by Rumieprints

notion budget template

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This template is all organized on one page, so it’s the best option for people who like to have a tidy space. 

Also, for this reason, it’s easier to print the whole page. 

This one is quickly approachable by beginners or experts in budgeting. 

The majority of the page is occupied by the income and expenses trackers.

In the income tracker, you can add all information of the different sources of earnings, divided by months. 

On the second one, list all your expenses and the groups they refer to, whether it be rent, groceries, phone bills, or house utilities. 

Another cool feature is the deadline listing space. 

Here, you can insert any deadline, with its own date, description, and referral group. 

You can also find a lovely wish list to enumerate your desired purchases. 

This template is for artistic people, who love to focus on their goals and wishes. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Template all on one page
  • Clear and detailed deadline section
  • Fit for both newbies and experienced clients

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7. Budget and Finance Tracker Notion Template by IncreaseDesigns 

notion budget template

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This template has a meticulously cultivated design and is organized on many pages. 

On the main page, the money hub, there is access to the three trackers of this template. 

The first is about savings, where you can personalize the description, total amount, amount to save per month, and time needed to reach the savings goal. 

Then, in the yearly expenses log, you can compare expenses and money saved and calculate the difference between the two. 

In the monthly overview, you can assess if you respect your budget and if you hit the income and savings goals.

In this way, you can approach your finances with an abundant and truthful mindset.

For this need, a peculiar section is devoted to financial affirmations, to boost your motivation. 

The reviews tell that the author is available for personalized template colors and images. 

For the above-mentioned reasons, this budget tracker is specifically fit for people who have a stimulating and self-competitive approach to finance. 

If you make good use of this template, you won’t ever struggle again with money managing or organization. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Affirmation and self-assessment sections 
  • Spaces disposed on the main page and three derivative ones
  • Push you to always give your best 

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8. Lifestyle Planner / Notion Template by Marie Smth 

notion budget template

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This template has all you need to plan your lifestyle, including a specific side of it only for budgeting. 

There is a big calendar to fill in with all your appointments and where you can set your days in advance.

And this goes also for budgeting planning.

You can write down your payment deadlines and organize your expenses referring to that. 

In the income spreadsheet, add your earnings information, divided per source, like salary, freelancing, or gift cards

While in the stock, include everything you have to buy or refill, in order to have a well-planned week or month.

In this way, you won’t feel lost or anxious about any spending needed, for all of them will be clearly written in the template. 

Finally, on the upper part of the budget page, set your goals for expected income, savings, overall balance, and planned expenses. 

There is a daily view, other than weekly and monthly, and thanks to that, you will already know which purchases you have to do to stay organized and within your budget!

Make good use of the calendar, and you will have clearly in check how to balance your budget needs with your daily life. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Big calendar, with an also daily view
  • Combine your budget with your goal lifestyle 
  • Clear and approachable usage of the template

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9. Budget spreadsheet by existentialdventurer on Reddit

notion budget template

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This budget template is easy to use and particularly fit for beginners. 

It’s all organized on one page, so you will have a clear overview of your cash flow and you won’t have problems managing it. 

An amateur template maker created this worksheet, but it’s indeed a beautiful and accurate product.

On the added side, it’s free, you won’t have to pay anything in order to obtain it. 

You can just copy it into your personal Notion.

Every section has a summary made month by month. 

In this way, you will always have the current month to check right away, and then easily confront it with the past ones. 

Furthermore, in the income sheet, write down the overall earnings, specifying the different sources of them, from fixed jobs to side hustles. 

While in the expenses one, you can fill the blanks with your already done or planned to spend, giving them a category and a concept. 

For budgeting, you choose a category, the expected costs, and the balance you want to reach. 

The most clever part is the funds and savings section, which shows how much you’ve saved, for which purposes, and if you moved them in or out of your savings balance. 

If you just started to use budget templates, this one is perfect for you. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Free, you just have to copy it
  • Detailed savings and funds sheets
  • Great fit for beginners

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10. Personal Financial Tracker by Arush Sharma

notion budget template

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The last but not the least notion budget template is by Arush Sharma.

This template is a professional and well-described finance tracker. 

Perfect match for people who do not have time or struggle to calculate budget and savings.

Even if the author is an amateur Notion user, this product is well-made and shows expertise in budgeting purposes.  

On an added note, it’s free and you can download it just by copying it on your personal Notion. 

Here, you can manage your account balances, and create many of them. 

Thanks to this feature, all of your cards or PayPal and credit cards can be kept in check. 

In the overview tracker, you can enlist the current balance, entry dates, total income, expected payments, and total transaction spending. 

While in the income sheet, put all your sources of revenue. 

You can specify to what account they refer to, the amount, and type. 

There is also a transaction part, perfect to keep track of them. 

You just have to add the informational description, the cost, date, and account.

The most accurate and well-made section is the one dedicated to budget and categories. 

By defining any category, you can put down a specific plan for each of them.

Choose a starting date, then continue by explaining the budget progress, how much of it remains, and the transactions made from it. 

This template is ideal for those who have to manage lots of different expenses, and sometimes feel submerged by them.

If you need help organizing them, this template is perfect for you!

You can also support the author on buymeacoffee

If you decide to use this template, support the author, for it’s a useful and refined product. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Defined categories and budgeting for each of them
  • Free and easy to obtain
  • Usage description by the author

Download Now!

Final Thoughts 

Budgeting and creating a finance organization is never an easy task. 

So, if you buy or download any of the described templates, you will never have to find difficulty in it again. 

By using a budget template on Notion, you can manage your income and expenses and plan out your budget necessities for each category. 

The templates here enlisted are the best to start putting together your financial life and have everything under control. 

Lastly, use this Notion budget template, you won’t regret it!

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