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notion character template

10 Best Notion Character Template Options

Are you using Notion to write a story and are looking for a notion character template?

Are you having issues finding some well-constructed character templates? 

Here, you will find some suggestions for Character Templates to use on Notion.

Since creating a character is no easy task, you will be able to do it easily if you use these tips.

All templates you see here are free, with the possibility to support the author with a small donation. 

After reading this short article, you will have all the tools and opportunities to build the desired character for your story.

Keep reading and choose your favorite among these free options for the Notion character template.

“Character Builder for Notion” Worksheet by StoryFlint

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First on our list of options for the Notion character template is created by Kevin Barrett.

A passionate blog writer that creates worksheets for storytellers produced this template.

This one is a perfect fit for beginners who have recently started to approach storytelling. 

If you thought about creating an innovative, daunting and unprecedented individual to be the main character of your novel, here is a perfect opportunity to start.

Start by deciding your character name, background, overall bodily features, the final goal, and the narrative arc.

It will help you to delineate a complex and enticing character.

Why not continue your creation by considering emotional arc, visual design, and past experiences?

Moreover, I suggest this particular template as your helpful companion in this task.

Creating a character will not ever be a worrying task ever again.

Here, you will find all you need to do it. 

To obtain it, you only have to bid a fair price. 

Download it and try this experience!

You will obtain concrete support for your writing.

Surely, you will not regret buying it, for a professional author created this template.

Also, a pdf version is available.

Pros & Benefits

  • Professionally made 
  • Character depth guidelines
  • Similar templates by the same author are available 

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Character Outline Notion Template (The Protagonist) by Bree Crowder

notion character template

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Bree Crowder’s protagonist character template is a constantly evolving tool designed to help writers create fully fleshed-out, three-dimensional characters.

The template includes prompts for a wide range of details, including the character’s name, birth date, gender, nationality, physical appearance, employment, family tree, favorite movies, books, clothes, and friends.

By answering these questions, writers can gain a deeper understanding of their character’s background, personality, and motivations, which can help bring their stories to life and make them more believable and relatable to readers.

Whether you’re working on a novel, screenplay, or other types of fiction, this template can be a valuable resource for helping you create rich and memorable characters.

Pros & Benefits

  • Comprehensive
  • Continuously updated by the author
  • Includes realistic details

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Character Database for Roleplaying by Treeverse

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The Character Database of Trreeverse is a comprehensive Notion character template for all the characters in a story.

It features a Gallery page that showcases a visual representation of each character, along with their name and a brief description.

The Gallery page allows users to easily browse and learn more about the characters in the story, making it a valuable resource for writers, fans, and readers.

In addition to the Gallery page, the Character Database also includes detailed profiles for each character, including information about their background, personality, and relationships with other characters in the story.

With its extensive character information and interactive features, the Character Database of Trreeverse is a must-have resource for anyone interested in the characters and world of the story.

Pros & Benefits

  • Comprehensive
  • Allows inclusion of images of the character
  • Interactive

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Character Building by @shellyjayshore

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The Notion Character template by @shellyjayshore is a straightforward tool for creating and organizing character profiles for stories.

It includes a range of features to help writers build rich, well-rounded characters that are integral to the story.

One of the key features of the template is a section for describing the appearance of the character.

This includes details such as their physical attributes, style of dress, and any distinctive features that help to define their appearance and personality.

In addition to appearance, the template also includes a range of basic information about the character, including their age, gender and sexuality, race, and habits.

This helps to give context to the character and helps writers understand their motivations and behaviors.

The template also includes a section for capturing the wants, needs, and obstacles faced by the character.

This helps writers to build complex and believable characters that have goals and conflicts that drive the story forward.

To further flesh out the character, the template includes a backstory section that covers important details about the character’s family and relationships, as well as their connection to the wider story.

This helps to give context and depth to the character and make them feel more real to readers.

Finally, the template includes a section for tracking the character’s story arc and development.

This includes details about how the character connects to the main story, as well as any key events or milestones that shape their journey.

Overall, the Notion Character template by @shellyjayshore is an invaluable tool for writers looking to create fully realized and engaging characters for their stories.

Pros & Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Allows inclusion of an image

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Storyteller Notion Template: Character Enneagram by RedGregory

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This template brings together character building and the Enneagram chart. 

The Enneagram is a complicated system of personality typing that describes people’s emotional world in patterns. 

Suitable for writers who want a deep analysis of a character’s disposition before anything else.

It will help in attributing personality traits and roles.

If you use this product, you can decide whether your character is the leader, the helper, the sage, or the adventurer. 

Each of these archetypes contains a depth analysis.

Furthermore, it will be helpful if you have problems deciding which role to attribute to your original characters. 

First, choose a general personality type among the nine proposed.

Then, further, develop your character by analyzing the three centers and wings of the enneagram chart. 

For example, if your character is the leader, you can choose one personality type to start from and build its feelings and goals. 

The enneagram database in the worksheet can be connected to the character one.

It is a good idea to integrate Enneagram with character building.

In the end, you will have effortless artwork. 

You can support the author in buymeacoffee.

Pros & Benefits

  • An alternative method to constructing personality 
  • Enneagram traits to help in defining character arc and actions
  • An in-depth explanation of how to use the combined template

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Story Bible Template by Lila

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You can find this template within the Story Bible package.

It is excellent support for the overall story writing. 

Use this template if you prefer to focus on creative storytelling.

It requests less concentration on personality.

The plot can indeed be a sketchy task.

It will be easier if you create a compelling enough character.

Thanks to this template, you will be able to construct your desired plot line.

Each one can be written and connected to each character. 

Further, you can start by describing the character’s basic information, goals, and motivations. 

Once the first draft pleases you, proceed to decide which role would fit best your character into the story. 

After defining the general information, let yourself be inspired by this template for constructing an original and thrilling story for the chosen role.  

Peculiar features such as individual narrative arcs and scene-by-scene storytelling will help you explore the character’s arc.  

The character’s mood board and aesthetic are included in the package.

Choosing the individual energy and demeanor is, for sure, a stimulating and creative way to plunge into personality depth. 

Finally, if you love intricate plots driven by exciting characters and their personal quests, you will find that this product is perfect for you!

Pros & Benefits

  • Clear outline for protagonist story plotting
  • Well-organized and ready to be included in your writing flow
  • Character constructed through narrative

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Writing Dreams by Shyssa L.

notion character template

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This one is for writers attentive to detail.

The template provides clear and approachable descriptions that will come in handy if you are a newbie in novel writing.

Designing an original character can be a scary task if you focus on the protagonist. 

Use this simple template.

You will not be discouraged from writing ever again.

The included overview of principal and secondary characters is an incredible tool to give life to a big and complex cast. 

Keeping the central cast and marginal one distant will help you.

It will be appropriate for constructing the relations between all characters involved in your novel.

Moreover, there is a wide range of characteristics, from bodily features to beliefs, to roles in the story.

By deciding on these central elements, you construct a well-formed character, and you can deepen its journey.

You will find a separate space for notes and character listing. 

This way, you can write down any idea that comes to mind and develop it in another moment.

As a final thought, this template is for shy and amateur writers looking for somewhere to develop their ideas. 

If this is your description, you found the ideal product.

To obtain the template, you only have to make a copy of it in your Notion.

Happy writing!

Pros & Benefits

  • Dreamy and aesthetically pleasing design 
  • Several quirks and features included
  • Informative and exhaustive descriptions

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RGP Campaign Template by Amazing Rando

notion character template

Download Now!

Template suitable for role-playing games campaigns.

This one is a perfect match for those who love organizing role-play with friends.

You will be able to construct original heroes together. 

Also, you will be able to organize your campaign smoothly, dividing the characters into the main cast and secondary, non-playing ones.

What makes a campaign long and full of emotions is a big cast!

So, do not refrain from using this template exhaustively!  

In the template, there are separate spaces for playing and non-playing characters.

Every hero is associated with the person playing.

And also along with which session it refers to.

Each player will be able to personalize their own character by simply sharing this particular template.

Helpful links will guide you in constructing your character, whether it is related to D&D or not. 

Once you choose your desired character, this template will make it easy to integrate it into the campaign storyline. 

The author did an excellent job combining character template creation and personal suggestions from the roleplaying databases. 

Adaptable to all kinds of role-playing games.

So, this is not just a product for D&D, but can be used in many situations. 

Surely, you and your friends will have an amazing time constructing your playing heroes!

Pros & Benefits

  • The author is a professional in the RPG field
  • Well-organized and functional space
  • Sessions and characters are connected to one another

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D&D Hero by Andrey Los

notion character template

Download Now!

This one is the perfect template for Dungeons and Dragons players.

It is an excellent choice for D&D enthusiasts, who will find all their favorite features.

Also, they will build the perfect character. 

The suggested classification is by alignment, archetype, class, and level. 

If you want to focus on classes, you have a great possibility of choices. 

You can pick among generic, alternative, and joint classes.

Let your creativity flow!

Alignment, in particular, includes good, neutral, and evil individuals, and their energy, whether it be chaotic, neutral, or lawful. 

Also, if you love engaging, skilled, and complicated characters, this template is your perfect match!

By deciding on these first features you can give the first shape to your character, and later deepen its creation with more elements.

Characteristics such as skills and strength parameters are defined by numbers.

Unique descriptive spaces to build your characters with, such as skills proficiency and overall knowledge.

Moreover, there are separate sections for weapons and spells. 

In writing down the weaponry characteristics, you can add the weapon range, points for usage, and damage. 

Peculiar template construction will lead you into constructing a powerful sturdy character, that will stand out thanks to its strengths and particularities. 

If you ever find it difficult to decide which hero to play in a game, do not fear!

This template will skillfully guide you. 

Pros & Benefits

  • Efficient management of D&D heroes
  • Detailed attention to the character’s abilities
  • Weaponry section

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General Roleplay Character Biography Template

notion character template

Download Now!

This template is perfect for those who have just started to approach role play.

If you want to use it to write a character for a novel, you will have to modify some characteristics. 

Simple and easy to use, this one will guide you into a seamless character writing flow. 

The features include the biography, background, and personality.

First, choose your character’s bodily attributes, then focus on its backstory and how it influenced its personality. 

There’s a wide range to choose from, from origins to weapons and abilities, to occupation.

A specific part of the template helps you identify the character using MBTI types.

Once you have outlined the general information and background story, you can build your desired personality.

By deciding the character’s alignment on extraversion and introversion, thinking and feeling, sensibility and intuition, judging and perceiving.

This way, you will give form to a unique and intricate individual.

MBTI types are perfect to define personality without much effort.

This template also offers a specific space where writing a significant quote for the character, to better highlight its energy. 

For this reason, I suggest this template for newbies who need support for creating a complex personality. 

After using it, you will become a roleplay passionate, ready to build more and more interesting characters. 

Pros & Benefits

  • With whole life experiences in the character’s background
  • Can be used for roleplay or novels
  • Use of MBTI archetypes 

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Runner-ups: Template “The Quill” by Lord-Fallen

notion character template

Download Now!

This template is made for romance lovers. 

You can construct your character by outlining the background, final objective, and narrative development. 

Also, you can personalize aesthetics and demeanor, using music and extending their personality.

Deciding which styles, colors, and music fit your character best, will push your creativity to fit your newly created character into its perfect worldbuilding.

If you are a romantic soul, this template will be your perfect fit. 

You will find a specific section for narrative arcs progress and one for outlining the whole story. 

Thanks to these sections, you will masterfully avoid any plot holes, or forget to finish a storyline. 

Another section for dynamics and action description, which makes this template ideal for a dramatic and complicated plot.

In addition, you can describe in detail which actions you want your character to make.

And then see how they fit into the general plot. 

Also, a specific part of the template focuses on magical attributes.

There, you can describe the spells, limitations, and usage of magical power. 

This template has a beautiful design that will inspire you to create a diverse and revolutionary character.

Also, author notes for character building can be written at the bottom of the page.

In this way, you won’t forget which new ideas you want to add to your creation.

Pros & Benefits

  • Perfect for dramatic and heroic characters
  • Focus on the character’s arc 
  • Aesthetic description 

Download Now!

Notion D&D Character Sheet Template Tutorial

Download Now!

Second to the last on our list of Notion character template is perfect for roleplaying in D&D.

The template’s package is an exhaustive guide for roleplaying in Dungeons & Dragons. 

It’s perfect for those players who want to keep all information on Notion. 

The package includes all kinds of databases, you will have all you need to run a special and thrilling campaign

Two, in particular, are devoted to characters, the fundamental element of any role-playing activity.

This template includes playing and non-playing character templates.

This one is particularly useful to establish the main and secondary character’s dynamics within a campaign. 

Character construction focuses on class, alignment, and quest and refers to its campaign world. 

Do you find it difficult to keep all the information about who’s playing who?

And remembering which character refers to a certain class or skill?

This template can definitely come in handy for these issues, for you just have to write everything down and update or change characteristics to your heart’s desire. 

The author added an informational youtube video to help you design your character.

Players have greatly appreciated the template and the explanatory video tutorial.

Also, they have added this template to their everyday roleplaying games. 

Pros & Benefits

  • How-to-use explanation available 
  • For skilled D&D players
  • Organized and thrilling worksheet

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Book Writing Template by Johan Dahlberg

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This template is comprehensive of all novel-writing features a storyteller may need. 

It is a perfect match for experienced writers who want to step up their game in creating more complex characters. 

The profile is described by their goals, beliefs, and narrative arc development.

32 questions about the personal synopsis and personality will come in handy to build it.

What are the character’s feelings, goals, secrets, and future development? 

These are all questions that will guide you into using this template to its maximum.

You will find separated spaces for character overview and in-depth characteristics.

And then, you can start by deciding, in the first part, the general elements.

Then, use them to conduct a more complicated analysis of what you created. 

In the description, you can see added helpful guidelines for character creations.

These tips are definitely coming from an expert in the sector.

If you make good use of those, you will have the most valuable experience, and your writing style will profit from it.  

Thanks to the suggested questions and writing notes, your character will have a solid shape.

Also, your story will benefit from it.

Pros & Benefits

  • Useful suggestions 
  • Wide range of characteristics to fill in
  • Creative and captivating template

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Final Thoughts

Many storytellers are struggling to design beautiful and complex characters. 

These notion character templates will help you in this task so that creating a character’s depth, backstories, and relations won’t ever be a problem again. 

The options here listed are the best you can find to perfectly create your characters on Notion. 

Thanks to these tips your writing will be more passionate and rich, and your games and stories will catch everyone’s attention. 

Happy writing!

Enjoy these free notion character templates that we collated just for you.

You will certainly create amazing and complex characters. 

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