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10 Best Notion Recipe Templates

If you are a cooking fan and you want to be organized, these notion recipe template is perfect for you!

You can gather and organize your recipes in one place.

Moreover, sharing them with friends and family will be a breeze.

The Notion platform is great for you to organize your activities and your information, including your “want-to-try” recipes.

It is available both in the desktop and app versions for you to carry your recipes and your shopping list wherever you go.

In this article, we bring you the 10 best Notion recipe templates.

Without further introductions, let’s jump into this great list that will make your cooking life easier.

1. The Kitchen Smart Planner

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Our first product on the list is The Kitchen Smart Planner available for purchase on the online marketplace Etsy.

This is a great product if you’re looking for a complete template related to the kitchen. 

This is a full kit that includes printable templates specially designed for a home chef. 

Super easy to use and well designed, this template offers grocery lists, recipes, and meals, among other great features. 

What’s great about The Kitchen is that offers smart navigation and dynamic content management.

Moreover, this template offers mobile and tablet modes with like and dark modes. 

This smart planner includes a recipe book, a kitchen inventory, a list of supermarkets and dietetics, a daily menu, an event meal planner, and a huge number of other features. 

The Kitchen Smart Planner offers an amazing interface to cover all the details about cooking. 

You can even make a dynamic grocery shopping list or a notice board for print and have it in your home. 

Thanks to the Notion interface, you’ll be able to share your lists and other features with someone else. 

Get ready to become a kitchen master with this eye-blowing printable kit!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Special kitchen template with a variety of features
  • Offers mobile and tablet mode
  • Smart navigation

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2. Recipe Book Notion Template

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The Recipe Book Notion Template is an outstanding option for those looking for a full set of things about cooking. 

Also available to buy on Etsy, this template allows you to save recipes and create your personalized recipe book.

Additionally, with The Recipe Book Notion Template, you’ll be able to add your personal and favorite cooking playlist and have it on the same page where your recipes are. 

Get ready to play some perfect cooking music!

This tool also allows you to create your grocery list and carry it always with you. 

What’s great about this template is that allows you to tag your recipes by difficulty and many other categories.

You can also add notes and other personal details you want to each recipe.

This way, you can find the recipes you want in a faster way. 

It’s also possible to link to recipes you’ve saved from different websites. 

The Recipe Book Notion Template has a complete gallery with space for infinite recipes. 

Furthermore, with this tool you’ll be able to upload recipes you find on social media. 

It’s never been that easy to find all your recipes in one place. 

With a great responsive design, this template works on tablets, mobile phones, and computers.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced home cooker, this template is a perfect solution for unifying all the recipes on one page. 

You’re one click ahead of creating the most comfortable digital recipe book! 

Pros & Benefits:

  • All in one digital center for cooking
  • Allows you to upload recipes from social media
  • Responsive design that works on all devices

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3. Personal Planner

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Our third template on the list is this minimalistic Personal Planner. 

Among many other features, this planner includes a very comfortable and minimalistic recipe template. 

If you’re looking for a complete set where you can put all your life details together, this product is perfect for you. 

This way you’ll have everything in just one place, including your recipes.

The recipe template of this personal planner allows you to make a grocery list with the detail of every product.

Additionally, it’s possible to add tags for the different types of products on your list and even add the store you will be buying from. 

In this template, you’ll find a gallery view of the recipes you want to try. 

Just copy a recipe link from any website and simply paste it into your gallery.

Creating your personalize to-do recipe list it’s never been that easy.

This product also allows you to tag the recipes you’ve saved to make it easier for you to search in your gallery. 

Finally, you will find a board where you can create your recipes or just paste a recipe a friend shared with you. 

Are you ready to have all your life organized in just one template? 

With this Personal Planner, your home cooking details are integrated into your other activities!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Integrated into a bigger planner
  • Can add links to recipes you found on different websites
  • Minimalistic and intuitive design

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4. Kitchen

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Getting midway on our 10 Best Recipe Templates for Notion list, we bring you this Kitchen template. 

This product is perfect for those looking for a specific template for the kitchen in general. 

Available for download on the Notion official Template Gallery, Kitchen offers a Meal Prep template and a recipe one. 

What’s great about this product is that you can use multiple tags to organize your recipes. 

Furthermore, you can choose if you want to see your recipes ordered in a list, a gallery, by meal, or by the details of each recipe.

There’s also a meal prep template available for you to organize your recipes for the week.

What stands out about this product is that it’s possible to synchronize your grocery list with the recipes. 

That way, the interface knows exactly what’s on your ingredients list and helps you organize your kitchen. 

There’s a stock of recipes from different websites already listed in the product.

Add the ones you like the most and get ready to have a full kitchen experience!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • All kitchen details in just one template 
  • Offers a variety of tags to organize your recipes and groceries
  • Offers 4 possible views of your list of recipes

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5. Personal Home

notion recipe template

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This product is perfect for those looking for a clear and easy recipe template integrated into a full personal home set.

The recipe template of this planner offers several customizable details for making your cooking list.

It’s possible to add the recipes you want from any website. 

Moreover, there are many tags available for you to organize all the recipes and ingredients. 

Thanks to all these tags, you can filter your recipes and find them fast and easily. 

This product offers a fully customizable template. 

Change the cover, and the icons, and add a property or any comment to each recipe. 

Export the recipes wherever you are and share them with friends and family. 

Finally, it’s possible to duplicate your cooking templates and create new ones. 

Get creative and customize your recipe template! 

With this product, it’s very easy for you to design your cooking book close to all your other personal plans.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Offers an all in one planner that includes a recipe template 
  • Allows tags that simplify the searches and organization 
  • Offers a variety of layouts to change the view of the template 

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6. Recipe Manager

notion recipe template

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Getting back to templates specially created for recipes and cooking details, this Recipe Manager is a complete set both for a cooking expert and a beginner. 

This product is great for those looking for creating a recipe book in just one template. 

The Recipe Manager offers three separate parts: one for meals, the other for recipes, and the third one for recipes you want to try in the future. 

This tool has some amazing characteristics that make it a very good choice if you’re looking for some special details. 

On the one hand, the Recipe Manager offers a timer widget and a great unit converter. 

These are very useful tools when you are red-handed and you need to make decisions in the middle of a recipe. 

On the other hand, it offers a tool to instantly scale the ingredients when you need to cook for more people.

This template includes a stickers gallery. 

It’s possible to add notes and detailed instructions next to each recipe. 

We recommend you to try this well-rated recipe template for Notion and experience some great and exclusive gadgets!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Offers a unit converter
  • Scales the ingredients according to the serving number
  • With a clear interface that offers lots of space for recipes instructions

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7. WFH Studio

notion recipe template

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WFH Studio is a complete set of templates perfect for those looking for a central hub to put together life, personal goals, and work in just one place. 

This set of templates offers a recipe and ingredient manager that’s very intuitive and easy to use. 

Add any recipe from a website and tag it to put your home cooking in order. 

The recipe and ingredient manager will let you build a library of recipes in the same Notion template where you’ll have other life plans. 

Thanks to its minimalistic interface, you’ll be able to carry your recipe and groceries list everywhere on your phone with the Notion app. 

It’s possible to duplicate templates, download them and share them with someone.

Customize the view, tags, and all the details you want to make your library of recipes. 

What’s great about this template is that the recipes and the grocery shopping list are linked. 

This dynamic function will let you know when you need to shop for any ingredients for you to cook the recipe you want. 

If you’re looking for a complete work and life set of templates that includes a recipe library, you should try this product!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Linked to the recipes template and tells you when you need to buy an ingredient
  • Offers tags for organizing and searching the recipes in an easier way
  • Includes a set of custom icons in PNG format

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8. Recipe and Shopping List Manager

notion recipe template

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Our next product on the list is this Recipe and shopping list manager for Notion.

This template is perfect for listing recipes, sharing them with friends, and managing your groceries. 

It offers a variety of tags for you to organize your recipes, including a “to try” and “favorite” one. 

These tags allow you to have an organized view of all your recipes and find them very fast. 

It offers a very comfortable “new recipe” template that helps you create your customized recipe library.

This template also has a lot of space for you to write down all the details and procedures of your recipe. 

Furthermore, with the Recipe and shopping list template you can collect reviews from your guests and have a special view of all your rates. 

With this tool is also possible to update the ingredients depending on the servings sizes. 

If you select the recipe you want to cook and take notes on the ingredients you already have, you’ll see your shopping list with the missing groceries automatically generated. 

Finally, this template is app friendly so you’ll be able to see your shopping list on your phone wherever you need it.

The Recipe and shopping list manager is a perfect product for those looking for an integrated cooking experience in Notion!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Pre-build a new recipe template
  • Allows your guests to comment and review your recipes
  • Responsive and friendly app

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9. Seasonal Organization

notion recipe template

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We are getting to the end of this 10 Best Notion Recipe Templates list!

Our last two products are completely free, available for anyone to try, and have all the home cooking experience organized. 

This product is also a full hub for managing all your life in just one place. 

Seasonal Organization is a sum of different templates put all together by its creator that includes a special section for the recipes. 

Like many other templates we’ve listed, this recipe template offers a direct and easy-to-use design that’ll help you in your daily home cooking. 

Add all the recipes you want from different websites and personalize the view of them.

It includes a full list and also a board where the recipes are ordered by categories.

This product also offers different tags, like “dinner”, “breakfasts”, and “dessert”, among others. 

Additionally, with this completely free option is possible to share and rate the recipes with your people. 

What about organizing your life by seasons?

Soups are perfect for colder seasons!

This all-in-one hub allows you to create different recipe libraries based on weather!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Put together recipes from different websites
  • Allows tagging for better views and organization
  • Add a customized view, like a calendar for anticipating the meals of the week

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10. Recipe Box

notion recipe template

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Last but not least, we bring you this perfect free Notion recipe template. 

This Recipe Box allows you to create an online database for recipes you find on different websites. 

Create a card for each recipe and tag them with a variety of categories like “favorites” “want to try” or “haven’t tried”.

This compilation of recipes will let you make your personal recipes library and organized them on your taste. 

Each recipe card has space for ingredients, procedures, and a particular shopping list.

This way, you can create a shopping list based on a recipe and then add it to your larger groceries list. 

This product is perfect if you want to start creating your recipe box.

Like other options, you can share your saved recipes and organized them by different tags. 

Moreover, this template has a “Tried?” box for you to remember if you’ve already cooked a recipe listed.

Choose a view by category, favorites, by haven’t tried or just a complete list of your recipe box.

The template already includes a huge list of recipes saved by its creator. 

You can keep them or just erase them and add the ones you prefer.

Some of the recipes there are worth a try!

This product has an intuitive interface and is perfect for starting to create your personal recipes library!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Sort by different categories.
  • Offers a “Tried?” box to tick the recipes
  • Each recipe card has an incorporated shopping list

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Final Thoughts 

In this list, we showed you that there are many great free and paid options for you to organize your recipes in Notion. 

Now you can put all your recipes together with the style you want and share them with friends and family. 

Choose the template you liked the most and start creating the kitchen workspace that suits you!

Are you ready to become a cooking expert and have all your kitchen life organized?

Be an expert in managing your recipes with these 10 Best Notion Recipe templates!

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