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10 Best Anime Notion Templates

If you love anime so much and you use Notion a lot, these 10 Notion anime templates are for you.

The Notion app is a highly developed application that meets all of your needs.

Among different tools and templates, you can find anime templates that are fun, unique, and eye-catching.

They are developed for tracking your time, your work, and university tasks, you can track your anime movies or tv series, habits and the list goes on.

As the technology continually grows and develops, Notion also grows, so new templates are constantly introduced to the app, aiming to help its users in their everyday life.

The anime templates are a great way to keep you motivated and interested, which with time will evolve into a habit.

Further below, you can read about the 10 best anime notion templates available to use on Notion.

Anime Tracking Notion Template

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The first on the list of anime notion templates is available at Etsy.

While opening this template, the first thing you’ll notice is the colorful and fun front page.

The purpose of this template is for anime storage, so anime fans would adore this template.

All of your favorite anime movies in one place?

A dream comes true!

There are various pages and every one of them is constructed in a way that is helpful.

This will keep your movies and anime characters organized and separated.

In order to be more organized, the template offers separate headings for already watched movies, movies on your wishlist, and movies that you’ve started.

Later, when you enter a movie, you get the chance to separate its characters which makes watching anime fun and exciting.

Those who watch anime religiously know how tricky it can get to remember all of the characters with their powers and backstory.

Well, this template eases the way to remembering all of that by offering separate columns for a character’s age, backstory, powers, and even pictures.

Everything is well structured and organized.

If you are in the movie industry, you’ll find this template especially helpful.

Features of the template include the following:

  • Easy-to-use navigation
  • Export data to PDF, Word, CVS, and more
  • Access to it on Desktop, mobile, and Web App
  • Easily shareable
  • Customizable

Pros & Benefits

  • Fun and organized template
  • Easily accessible from different gadgets
  • Easy to use

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Notion Template- Aesthetic Green

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This one is a little different from the one above, as it offers more of an everyday real-life planner combined with colorful anime pictures and gifs.

The purpose of those pictures and gifs is to make the template more eye-catching and fun.

Moreover, the green-colored theme with a hint of orange gives calm, peaceful vibes that are important for the mind and perception of the users.

The colors are soft which is especially good for those who’ll use it at night.

This template is great for those who like having a routine and control over their tasks and habits, while also keeping it interesting and simple.

By downloading it, you get access to sections for notes, to-do lists, calendars, grocery, and meal lists.

Those sections are enriched with anime pictures and gifs that make the organizing more enjoyable and interesting.

A great plus is that you get a PDF file with more pictures that you can use instead of the first chosen pictures.

Who doesn’t like the idea of organizing your day with your favorite anime characters?

The template offers:

  • A homepage with a clock, weather widget, note section, affirmations, a calendar combined with anime-themed pictures
  • Life in a nutshell page: finances page, goals page, weekly to-do page, work section, mood board
  • A Business Page
  • Book Page
  • School Page: courses page, grade page, music page with corresponding anime pictures

You can find it on

Pros & Benefits

  • Soft-colored theme
  • A PDF file with more pictures
  • Combination of anime and real life

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Ghibli University Notion Template

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How do you feel about a combination of anime and real life?

I believe this combination is a winner, especially because it easily catches the attention and would motivate one to stay active and on track with their tasks.

The anime pictures that are chosen are full of bright colors presenting the mountains or the trees that are proven to relax the human mind.

This template is great for those who take many courses as it offers separate pages for every course you take.

Moreover, those pages can be divided by term or topic.

You can take notes for your lectures and further elaborate on them.

The most important of all of the mentioned in the course navigator for planning your degree.

So, imagine how peaceful it would feel if you plan and work on your education while listening to relaxing music and looking at anime pictures.

It simply entertains the mind.

In addition, it is found easy to use and navigate.

So, if you want to finish organizing quickly, you won’t have to waste precious time learning to use this template.

Lastly, you can find the template on

Pros & Benefits

  • Cute and unique
  • Bright anime pictures
  • Multiple pages for different purposes

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Anime Café Dashboard for Notion

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It is safe to say that most of the population loves their morning coffee, right?

Imagine waking up, making coffee, and opening the computer to this template.

Anime pictures on the page of your journal simply wake up and excite the mind.

For some, watching anime is a calming and much-needed activity, while for others the coffee and organizing the day play that role.

So, a combination of all of that would be therapy.

The aesthetic anime coffee visuals used in this template are a reminder of calmness, joy, and pure happiness.

In order to use most of those feelings, this template comes in handy for organizing your day, journaling, and setting clear intentions for the week.

Every pre-built template that you can find within this template is enriched with anime pictures and every template has its own theme.

The theme or the anime pictures are chosen based on the function of the template.

The ambient music is a bonus to the anime pictures that lead to a relaxed and intrigued mind.

In this template, you can find:

  • Travel planner
  • Daily habit tracker and journal
  • Goals and milestones
  • Grocery, meal preparations, and recipe planner
  • Mental and physical wellness hub
  • Ambient coffee sounds
  • Mood boards
  • Reading lists
  • Movie lists

You can find this template on

Pros & Benefits

  • Ambient music
  • Various anime coffee visuals
  • Number of planners and lists

Download Now!

The Ultimate Notion Template for Students

Download Now! states that this notion is the perfect pair for the anime coffee template mentioned above.

Coffee is the best friend of every student and it gives them the energy to go through the day and stay awake late for studying.

But there is a way to skip that late studying – try to organize your day!

This template is filled with anime connected to school life as it would catch the student’s interest more and motivate them.

It feels nice when you look at the tasks for today and above them, you see a green field.

Moreover, it tricks the mind into thinking about nature, or a quiet and peaceful classroom.

The green color of the anime’s nature is calming, reassuring, and mesmerizing.

So, a serious part of life together with the anime part forms a great story for the mind.

It is usually helpful to use those stories to plan your entire semester, your final grades, or a goal.

You can also organize the data for past, present, and future courses along with anime pictures connected to the topic.

And although the written paper is sometimes easier to work with, the technology, especially templates that use anime can be useful for tracking your classes, syllabus, notes, and assignments.

On top of that, you also get various resources and tools.

Pros & Benefits

  • Various tools and planners
  • Interesting anime pictures
  • Motivational

Download Now!

The Ultimate Personal Finance Dashboard for Notion


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There might be a way to make finances and budgeting more fun.

Imagine your planner filled with anime pictures of calculators, and papers and pencils everywhere.

It immediately intrigues your mind and catches your interest.

That’s proof that finances can be taken as something serious and fun at the same time.

The anime version of calculating and planning your budget will lower the nervousness that follows it.

Another good thing is that every category, like clothes, travel, wish-list, and presents, is presented with a special themed picture.

As you open the template, your eyes will start wandering through the colorful pictures and you’ll forget about the pressure finances can bring.

So, for your expenses and income tracker, you get sub-categories like investments presented by an anime building or a side hustle presented by a girl who is painting.

For your budget challenge, you may get some anime money signs.

Well, you got the idea.

Your mind leans on your visual images, so these anime pictures are food for your mind.

Lastly, you can find this template on

Pros & Benefits

  • Various categories for all aspects of finance
  • Every category supported by an anime picture
  • Fun and easy to use

Download Now!

Notion Template for Students


Download Now!

Most of us have been a student once and we all know the complications that can arise from it.

This template is the best fit for students who seek a little more organization and help in their tasks.

As hard as it can be, the more the templates are unusual and unordinary, the more helpful they can be.

This student template is combined with anime pictures for more effective results.

You can enjoy planning your studying time and instead of feeling unmotivated, the anime pictures will lift your spirit.

Those cute anime characters, cute little papers, and pencils can make you happier as you see them.

Happiness then leads to motivation, motivation to productivity, and productivity to the greatest results.

These kinds of templates are different from the usual ones and are made especially for increasing the interest and motivation of the users.

As in the previous ones, you get a coordinating picture with every category.

The feedback of the users states that the anime pictures create whole films in their heads that lead to their creativity and productivity.

Some of the categories that you can find here are weekly and daily planners, school-connected planners, fitness planners, and overview dashboards.

For the fitness planners you can expect maybe a character running in nature, then some blackboard for the school planners.

Pros & Benefits

  • Coordinated pictures for every category
  • Different planners
  • Keeps students motivated

Download Now!

Anime Tracker Notion Template


Download Now!

Are you looking for an easy-to-use template to keep track of the anime you’re watching?

Look no further because this one is the answer.

It is fun, it is colorful, and it is specially created for organizing your anime list.

Keep track of the previously watched anime, the ones you’d like to see, and the ones you’re watching at the moment.

This template has the ability to tell you when the anime you’re watching is airing, so you’ll be the first to know.

You can follow the episodes you have in total and count how many you’ve already watched.

The great thing is that you can separate each character and state their characteristics in terms of powers, looks, and names.

And the BEST thing?

You can rank your anime movies!

That way, in the future, it would remind you whether and how much you liked the anime.

The whole template is arranged as you’re in the anime in order to entertain you more.

Pros & Benefits

  • Real anime look
  • Ability to arrange your anime into categories
  • Interesting and useful

Aside from these paid templates, there are numerous free anime templates for Notion.

You can choose which one suits your wishes and ideas best.

Below, you can find two interesting free anime templates.

Download Now!

Advanced Studio Ghibli Notion Dashboard

Download Now!

The second to the last anime notion templates list is all about cuteness and uniqueness.

It carries a special beauty with its minimalist and sedate visual, created with dark colors.

The creator put his love for Studio Ghibli into this template, giving you various templates with its aesthetic.

You can track academics, finances, health work, and leisure tasks.

The dark mode is something different from the rest of the templates.

It gives a pretty and unique vibe that many people adore.

The vibes that this template gives are extraordinary and the love put into the template is visible and appreciated.

There are a lot of people that find this template useful and motivational.

So, if you’re struggling with organizing your tasks, this one will surely help you.

Pros & Benefits

  • Cute and funny anime pictures
  • Motivational
  • Variety of templates

Download Now!

Anime Journal Tracker


Download Now!

Let me present you with one of the most useful and cutest anime notion templates.

This tracker has a white base and cute, colorful anime pictures on top of it.

It offers great support for your anime movies, allowing you to set your already watched movies, movies that you’re watching at the moment, and movies to watch lists.

Moreover, this template is especially helpful if you cannot remember whether you have watched a certain anime or if you did if you liked it.

As for the anime pictures, you’ll see some elegant, simple pictures as well as some cute family pictures.

It depends on the category’s purpose.

For every category of review lists, to-watch lists, and rank lists, you get to enjoy different anime pictures.

This template keeps your anime list organized.

Also, if you are somehow in that profession, it can help you build your own anime group while keeping it professional.

Pros & Benefits

  • Elegant style
  • Cool organizational templates
  • Great for professional ideas

Download Now!

Runners-up: Ghibli Studios Themed Planner

Download Now!

Introducing the Ghibli Studios Themed Planner – the perfect tool to help you visualize, plan, and create your life!

This planner is not just visually stunning, but also extremely user-friendly, making it easier for you to manage your daily routines effortlessly.

With over 10 pages and 10 databases, the Ghibli Studios Themed Planner is designed to make your life easier.

Its organized dashboard gives you an easy-to-understand interface, enabling you to keep on top of everything in your life.

The planner includes essential pages such as Monthly Calendar, Weekly Planner, Daily Planner, and Tasks List to help you stay on top of your day-to-day activities.

The Academics page consists of Class Overview, Course 1-4 Homepage, Pomodoro, Class Notes, List of Important Dates, and Assignments List to keep you on track with your studies.

The Leisure page features Library, Music, Habit Tracker, Weekly Reset, and Journal + Daily Journal to help you unwind and make the most of your leisure time.

We have also included guides posted around the pages to help you understand the concept of each page better.

Get organized and achieve your goals with the Ghibli Studios Themed Planner.

Start visualizing, planning, and creating your life today!

Pros & Benefits

  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • User-friendly interface
  • Organized dashboard
  • Monthly, weekly, and daily planner
  • Tasks list
  • Academics page with essential features such as class overview, course homepage, and assignments list
  • Leisure page with features such as library, music, and habit tracker
  • Guides posted around pages for a better understanding
  • Over 10 pages and 10 databases for improved productivity
  • The perfect tool to help you visualize, plan, and create your life.

Download Now!

Free Medical School -Student Dashboard | Sailor Moon Edition

Download Now!

Are you struggling to keep track of everything in medical school? Look no further than the Medical School → Student Dashboard | Sailor Moon Edition!

This incredible template includes Rotations and Notebooks databases to keep all of your resources, notes, and projects in one centralized location.

The Rotations database is designed to make your M3 year easier with standard divisions for clinical rotations, including space for important dates and contact information.

The Notebooks database allows you to take notes in one central location and relate them to individual notebooks for various subjects.

You can also add resources for those specific subjects, making studying a breeze.

To top it all off, the Sailor Moon Edition adds thematically-appropriate images from Sailor Moon as cover images for your notebooks and clinical rotation blocks.

And the best part?

You can get this incredible tool for FREE!

Don’t let disorganization stand in the way of your success in medical school.

Download the Medical School → Student Dashboard | Sailor Moon Edition today!

Pros & Benefits

  • Rotations database for M3 year with standard divisions
  • Notebooks database for centralized note-taking
  • Resources can be added to specific subjects in notebooks
  • Sailor Moon-themed cover images for notebooks and clinical rotation blocks
  • Easy-to-use interface to keep all resources, notes, and projects in one location
  • Helps you stay organized in medical school
  • Free to download and use.

Download Now!

Anime Watchlist Template

Download Now!

Are you an anime enthusiast struggling to keep track of all the anime you’ve watched?

Look no further than the Anime Watchlist Template!

This incredible template is perfect for anyone passionate about anime who wants to keep track of what they’ve watched.

You can categorize your anime by status, so you always know what you’re watching, what you still need to watch, and what you’ve already seen.

It includes:

  • Watchlist Database 
  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Customizable Sidebar 
  • Instructions on how to use them

The Anime Watchlist Template is incredibly easy to use and will keep you organized and up-to-date with all the anime you love.

Whether you’re a seasoned anime veteran or just getting started, this template is perfect for you.

So what are you waiting for?

Download the Anime Watchlist Template now and start keeping track of all your favorite anime!

Pros & Benefits

  • Helps keep track of anime watched
  • Allows for categorization of anime by status (watching, to watch, watched)
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for anime enthusiasts of all levels
  • Helps you stay up-to-date with your favorite anime
  • Ensures you don’t miss any anime you want to watch
  • Helps you organize your anime-watching experience.

Download Now!

Final Thoughts

No matter if you’re professionally in the movie industry or you just want to make everyday organization more fun, these anime notion templates are here for all of it.

Use them for setting a clear view of your anime movies or for making your planning more appealing.

You’ll see that your mind loves anime pictures.

Use your visual abilities to create a more loving and interesting lifestyle.

I hope you found the best anime notion templates for you!

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