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10 Best Notion Templates for Writers

10 Best Notion Templates for Writers

We’ve compiled the best notion templates for writers to help you with your projects.

Writers are thought to be one of the most self-aware people on the planet.

Their work is hard, beautiful, thoughtful, and selfless, and changes the world.

For that purpose, Notion came up with templates specifically constructed for writers.

Not only will they ease the writer’s work, but they’ll also help them in the process and allow the new ideas to flow.

Nevertheless, below you’ll find the 10 best notion templates for writers, free and paid.

Notion Template for Writers

notion templates for writers

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This template is for every writer that needs a little bit more organization and insight into the details of their writing.

It offers you a whole space just for yourself, your notes, chapters, and needed information.

It is formed in a way to be helpful and handy at every stage of the writing process.

With its help, you can plan your writing following your editing and publishing.

That way, you’ll be able to pay attention to details in an organized way.


  • Insight into characters, plots, etc.
  • Various pages for notes and chapters
  • A place for a book cover
  • Detailed pages for every stage of the writing

Included in the Notion Template for Writers:

  • Main page for quick notes
  • Inspiration page
  • A page for writing prompts
  • Chapters and scenes planning
  • Detailed character sheet
  • Plot and story timeline planning
  • Word-building page
  • Mood board
  • Research page

In other words, everything you need is packed in this template.

You won’t have the need to use numerous apps or templates and make the process even harder when you can do it in one template. 

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2022 Ultimate Content Creator Planner

notion templates for writers

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If you’re a content creator for a brand, this template will change your life.

This fun and colorful planner moves the ideas for content creation.

It allows you to write down every idea, to further elaborate it, and visualize it.

As creating content and working on social media can get overwhelming, this planner would be perfect to stay on track.


  • Easily accessible with PDF files to duplicate
  • Instant download
  • Plain and simple
  • Easy to use

Included in the 2022 Ultimate Content Creator Planner:

  • Master content database
  • Podcast database
  • Article planner
  • Team directory
  • Social Media Content Organizer
  • Team training page
  • Product roadmap

No matter if you’re the owner of the brand or not, a detailed and organized place for your content is crucial for successful work. 

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Notion Blog Management Template

notion templates for writers

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If your writing is focused on articles and blog posts, then this template is a fit for you.

With well-designed pages and tables, you’ll get the freedom to organize, brainstorm, and visualize your article or post.

When you break the idea into smaller pieces, it’s easier to come up with a greater final product.

Blog posts are usually focused on a concrete group of readers, so having that in mind the template can help you break down the steps and thoughts and see the possible solutions or mistakes.

The design and organization of the template are simple, yet effective. 


  • Section for managing all your platforms to expand your audience
  • Build-in templates
  • Easy to use and track your articles
  • Well-designed tables and templates
  • Beginner friendly

Included in the Notion Blog Management Template:

  • Blog management template
  • Tabs for each article’s dates, status, topic
  • Music shuffle
  • A place for placing links

Beginner or experienced, you’ll need these notion templates for writers for more conscious writing. 

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Writer Planner Notion Template

notion templates for writers

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This template is for every freelance, copywriter, blogger, and journalist.

It is easy to use, simple, colorful, and well-organized.

It will help you organize your thoughts, write down ideas and elaborate them further, and divide the writing project into pieces for easier combining at the end.

You can organize your projects into finished or ongoing, and then divide them into smaller pieces with information on word count and language tone.

The idea to keep completed work is great for self-esteem as well as for practical reasons.


  • The division into finished and active projects
  • Can be used on Desktop, Mobile, and Web
  • Great for copywriting
  • Simple layout
  • Instant Download
  • Refundable

Included in the Writer Planner Notion Template:

  • Helpful writer resource
  • Project page to organize, research and plan the project
  • PDF instructions file
  • A page for detailed information on a project
  • Support contact information

The motto Eat, Sleep, Write, Repeat speaks for itself.

Use the template to express the best of you and keep writing because it is addictive and powerful.

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Novel Writing Template

notion template for writers

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This template is aimed at writers of novels, short story anthologies, and book series.

Imagine how useful and easier it would be to write a continuation of the first book when you have all the needed names, information, and vocabulary in one place.

The template has a special page for every part of the writing for bigger control and insight.

It is different than the rest of the templates because it incorporates pictures and more colors that would attract the mind and motivate.

It is especially great for writing novels as you can divide the characters and vividly place them, then you can name your plots in the template and come back anytime you need.


  • Numerous pages
  • Pictures included
  • Easy to navigate
  • Detail-oriented

Included in the Novel Writing Template:

  • Novel page templates
  • List of character names
  • A page for character roles
  • World-building
  • Checklist for each plot

Writers have a natural gift, and it takes a perfect template to make the best of them.

We’ll say this is one of them. 

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The Modern Writer

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If you’re a book writer, this template is the best choice.

Instead of wandering through apps, pages, papers, and programs, you can simply use this template that offers everything in one place.

It is a space where you can collect and combine the ideas that flow through your head.

You can track your plots, characters, names, and outline.


  • Cute background
  • Straightforward
  • Easily accessible
  • Attention to details
  • Follows the whole process of writing

Included in The Modern Writer:

  • Timeline page
  • A page for every chapter
  • A place for ideas and mood board
  • A page for preface and outline
  • A page for the elaboration of characters

The name Modern Writer speaks for itself.

The modern era has accessibility to apps and technology.

That’s why this template follows that idea to provide the modern template more simply.

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Writing Projects – Dark Academia Template

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This template is perfect for Ph.D. students, research postgraduate students, academics, and nonfiction writers.

In other words, it is perfect for those who have research-based writing to do.

It can get hard and overwhelming to keep up with and organize all the information, so this template eases the process.

Aside from that, it can be used for writing blog posts, journal articles, or even long books.

If you love that dark academia look and feel, this template will motivate you more once you see the aesthetic.


  • Dark aesthetic
  • A page for every step of the research and writing part
  • Cool pictures
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Visual division

Included in the Writing Projects – Dark Academia Template:

  • Research source page
  • Books Database
  • Outline page
  • To-do list
  • Note-taking page

It is time-consuming and stressful to collect all the data and do thousands of research for a project.

But this template is formed to make the process easier by working step-by-step.

Aside from these paid templates, there are a lot of free notion templates for writers that offer you the best features and possibilities. Most of them need to be downloaded from the creator directly. Below, you can find the top 3 free templates.

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Notion Template for Writers

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If you’re a novel writer and do not have experience with Notion, this template could be a great first experience.

It offers you versatile pages and space for expressing yourself.

You have the freedom to organize the plots, and characters, and all in all, manage the whole writing process.

It is easier to work when you have all the little pieces clearly stated, so you just have to connect the whole story.

It will result in fewer mistakes and more great stories.


  • Plain, white background
  • Detail-oriented
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Ability to duplicate as much as needed
  • Customizable

Included in the Notion Template for Writers

  • Overview of novels
  • A page for a detailed overview of the characters
  • A page to build your world
  • Resources placed for the characters

This template uses simple pictures and colors, so if you’re a beginner this is perfect for you.

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Blog Post Template

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Every blog writer needs a space for expressing ideas before combining them into a whole post.

This template offers that space.

You can use it as you like it, or you can combine the ideas as you wish.

The topics can vary according to your preferences.


  • Gives you the freedom to work as you like
  • No special construction to follow
  • Freedom to incorporate as many pictures as you like
  • Can get simple or colorful
  • Easy to navigate

Included in the Blog Post Template:

  • Acceptance of different image configurations
  • Homepage with links to all your posts
  • Gallery view
  • Simple format
  • Many duplicates

It takes a lot of creativity to write a blog post that would intrigue the audience, so using a special template would give the process extra support.

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Vocabulary Template

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As a good writer, one should have a rich vocabulary and excellent use of grammar.

It is crucial to use different words and expressions to catch the attention of the reader.

Plus it would leave a better impression of you as a writer.


  • Freedom to organize it
  • Plenty of space
  • Simple, yet effective
  • Plain background
  • Accepts any language

Included in the Vocabulary Template:

  • Meaning section
  • File section
  • Tag section for the type of the word
  • Creation date section
  • Add/sort sections

It’s not possible to remember all the words, especially if you’re writing in a non-native language.

Therefore, this template allows you to start your collection of foreign, unknown, or mostly used words.

Not only you can collect them, but also place the file where you used it, so you’ll know the context of the sentence for your next use.

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Final Thoughts

Writing can be challenging and overwhelming.

Therefore, it’s important to have all the possible tools and templates, and programs to help the process.

Every template contains original and much-needed features, so your writing would be a little easier.

It doesn’t matter what kind of a writer you are and what is your niche, just take the steps to create magic.

They’re created for your ideas and potential, so use them smartly.

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