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10 Best Oil Fonts (Expert Picks)

Are you having a hard time looking for an oil font that will give you realistic effects?

In this article, you’ll have an interesting array of artsy oil fonts to choose from.

In addition, these fonts also provide your readers with a stimulating visual-aesthetic experience.

Note that fonts do have an effect on a person’s emotions.

We know how hard it is to find the best-looking and most aesthetic oil font.

To help you out. we collated these options for amazing oil fonts that will surely make your projects stand out. 

1. Cardus Brush

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Graphicfresh created this font for Creative Market in 2019. 

A true artistic oil font, drawn with a brush and paint.

Works good as brand identity, for advertising templates or new projects. 

Furthermore, it supports international languages. 

Note that have to use the appropriate Photoshop or Illustrator program. 

This font is recommended for true artist souls who want to stand out from the gray of everyday life. 

The striking but not ostentatious font is very sympathetic to the reader. 

It fits on several types of posters or billboards. 

By just changing the background, it creates a new vibe. 

Since the brush font has become more popular, there are more and more types to choose from. 

However, it doesn’t matter what content we want to share with him. 

For this font, it is recommended to dream of shorter, more concise, few-word content.

Come to mind if I asked you what the three words would be that would characterize that particular project.

Find synonyms for it.

Try to sort the words so that they sound good one after the other.

If it succeeds, you have a case won!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Artistic
  • Easily adapts to different content
  • Supports international languages

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2. Olive Oil Typeface

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Monogram made Olive Oil Font in 2015. 

The letters are close enough, densely spaced, yet clear and easy to see.

This font is suitable for environmentally friendly projects, such as selling organic food or eco-packaged products.

 It supports the most popular languages, in the case of special languages the uppercase letters offer many variations. 

Just imagine how it feels to read letters like this on the title page of a menu or in a grocery store. 

You probably want that feeling to be experienced by your customers as well. 

It is well known that a client will spend much more time in a place with a pleasant atmosphere, good staff, and positive energies, possibly with a little soft music. 

So, if you own a restaurant, this font is a great opportunity to advertise. 

It inspires confidence in the customer when they see this font in a properly selected photo.

Because it is quite thin but transparent, it can be used boldly to name foods as well. 

Furthermore, when choosing your background, make sure it is easy to read as the font is quite thin. 

If you design the caption a little, place it on a light background in dark letters, not the other way around.

Food is what you need always and everywhere. 

Take advantage of this and live your imagination.

Try new things and don’t be afraid to experiment!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Thin rounded letters
  • Suitable for eco-friendly projects
  • Supports international languages
  • Nearly 300 available characters

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3. Pistache 

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Pistache is a font by CloutierFontes, designed by Steve Cloutier in 2012. 

A decorative, eye-catching, casual-styled font. 

Perfect for various labels, such as mugs, uniforms, or even the front page of a website. 

Whatever color you choose, you can be sure that the caption will be eye-catching. 

It is recommended to use it for short words, as overcrowded text can be repulsive. 

As the title of comics is also very conceivable, as at first impression a superhero may come to the reader’s mind. 

If you’re an emerging writer and you’re waiting to find the perfect font for your new hero, this will be a perfect choice. 

Also, if you want to create a new brand, you also need to keep in mind that this font looks great in advertising spaces as well. 

Everywhere finds its place and draws the reader’s attention. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Casual
  • Attention-grabbing
  • Perfect for uniforms or brands
  • Fits nicely on advertising surfaces

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4. DK Borrowdale

oil font

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David Kerkhoff designed the Borrowdale font.

It is clear, hand-written, and very easy to read. 

An ideal choice for children’s tales or children’s books. 

This font supports Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement, Latin Extended-A, General Punctuation, and Currency Symbols, more than 150 characters. 

It’s as heartfelt as if drawn straight with a pencil on a canvas. 

The wealth of opportunities is very rich as the market expands with a lot of novelties. 

Nowadays, figuring out something that hasn’t happened before is quite difficult and is not impossible.

You may indeed be missing a suitable font for this. 

Borrowdale is really very close to the world of children.

It is completely readable.

Moreover, it is very suitable for the 6-7-year-olds, as they usually still write with a pencil and thus learn the letters. 

In addition, it looks perfect on the cover of any children’s book. 

Just imagine, you are going to buy a book for your child and you see the caption in such a font!

You must be happy to choose it!

This thought can even be the basis for a future successful project. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Clear font
  • Child friendly
  • Fits book covers
  • Supports Latin-based languages

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5. Morning stress

oil font

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CloutierFontes created this font was created in 2012. 

A definite, powerful font, made up of all capital letters. 

Starting with its shape, it looks good as a roller coaster caption for the title of scary games or movies. 

This font stands out from the rest. 

It’s very eye-catching as if it’s overflowing with anger. 

Not in vain did we recommend it for horror movies or scary games.

You planned a “fun” evening with your friends and yet you don’t have the exact program yet.

You and your friends are coming to an escape game room where you are on your way to a strange location. 

As you see, this is a panic room. 

How percussive would it be if its name were written in the Morning Stress font? 

Probably pretty creepy.

If you want to achieve this effect yourself, this is an excellent choice. 

Creating a mood is part of every project, so it’s important to choose the right font.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Special design
  • Fits horror movies
  • All future updates

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6. Ahoy Amigo

oil font

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Konstantine Studio designed Ahoy Amigo oil font in 2018. 

Vintage style, clean, easy to read, decorative. 

It exudes confidence and serenity, so it is very dependable for bookstores and creative trading. 

In recent years, this style has become fashionable. 

Moreover, it is preferred for use on t-shirts, appointment diaries, books, everything that is summer, this world of form comes to mind. 

The font also has a double shape, which is even more convenient when designing. 

The lines complement each other and create a very harmonious atmosphere. 

Harmony is the basis of everything. 

Whether it’s an average weekday, even gaining new experiences, it’s not an expression of how important this is in a business. 

What is usually associated with cheerfulness, positive thoughts? 


If you want to achieve this feeling, Ahoy Amigo will help you with that. 

What could be better than a notebook, or motivational board in your home, captured with some good pictures. 

Of course, if you think about a bigger thing, it’s even better. 

This style is popular all over the world as it exudes serenity and security. 

This font is guaranteed to have an effect!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Decorative, fashionable
  • Gives a cheerful atmosphere
  • Perfect for creative trading (books, t-shirts, etc.)

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7. Dirty Brush 

oil font

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This font is created by Garisman Studio in 2019. 

It has bold, italic letters that are easy to read which creates an extravagant environment. 

This font is useful for sportswear brands or accessory stores that are waiting for brave and regular guests. 

Supports 23 languages, including Africaans, Hungarian, etc., also 85 glyphs and 97 characters. 

Looking at the font, something extravagant comes to mind. 

Brush fonts are becoming more fashionable and many types can already be found in them. 

The further you go, the more you can choose from. 

To find the one that works best for you, you might try more. 

The Dirty Brush font is not an exact brushstroke, but a bit really “dirty”, it gives it a casual style. 

If you want to start a stylish project, this font can be varied for you. 

Remember that not only the font and background are important, but also the slogan you want to advertise with. 

Be sure to choose text that presents the shortest but most effective thing you created. 

You know your own work best, but if necessary, prefer to entrust a professional to the advertising part. 


You need a design that briefly presents what you want to offer.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Bold, italic letters
  • Fits into the world of sports
  • Supports more than 20 languages
  • Perfect for sportswear stores
  • Fashionable

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8. Poster Paint

oil font

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Poster Paint is made by Jim Rimmer for Canada Type. 

Transparent, easy-to-read font with evenly shaped letters.

It fits in all branches of the entertainment industry, in an amusement park or humorous TV shows.

This font supports almost all Latin-based languages. 

Everything that is fun. 

Perhaps this is the best way to describe the Poster Paint font.

The Canada Type has already delighted customers looking for something special with many fonts. 

Jim Rimmer knew what the audience needed. 

Fun, happiness, and balance.

If these three words seem to be about you, this font will perfectly reflect your worldview. 

Since each font has its own say, it is important that it fits the environment. 

If your future coffee shop, nightclub, or book were about that, you’ve already found the font. 

This font should be handled with care. 

Also, if you want a multi-word sentence as a subtitle anyway, you better create more lines. 

Wide letters may not fit in a given background, or they succeed visually for so long that they may not be read through. 

You definitely need to rethink what text you choose and how you present it. 

But here only imagination can set the limit.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Easy-to-read
  • For humorous, fun themes
  • Supports almost all Latin-based languages
  • All updates

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9. Teebrush Paint

oil font

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The font was designed by the Finnish Tomi Haaparanta in 2002 within Linotype. 

Linotype is a world-renowned company that collaborates extensively to create the most modern, popular fonts. 

The Teebrush Paint is a clean, wide font as if it was drawn with a thick brush on a wooden material. 

That’s why it’s perfect for short-sentence advertising spaces and announcements. 

This font is available in Regular and Regular Alternate versions. 

Different effects can be achieved with it. 

However, if your imagination is much more colorful than that, feel free to use it. 

Creative background and well-chosen text can do wonders. 

A well-chosen and edited background can be a very good advertisement. 

Be it a beachfront boutique where surfboards are rented. 

It is a much more pleasant sight to choose a font that fits it as if it were written in letters with a completely different atmosphere than “a surfboard can be rented”. 

Advertising is about attracting people and not thinking about choosing anything else.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Clean, pleasant atmosphere
  • Looks painted on wood
  • 2 versions available

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10. Embroidery

Our last on our list of oil font is Embroidery made by JJ’s Appliques.

It is very light, easy to see, nicely formatted uppercase and lowercase.

Especially recommended for children’s stuff, clothes, tops, painters, books, etc.

The font is available in many formats, so it can be a great help for those who are just designing new clothes and tools.

You should choose this font when you are creating child-friendly content, be it a book, a shop, or a restaurant with a children’s corner.

It looks like the school ABC, so it can also be very useful while learning letters in kindergarten or school.

Because they are available in different sizes, you can feel free to vary them.

Also, as a child development program, you can create a memory card or a pairing game where you have to find a small pair of uppercase letters.

What subjects did you study with the help of?

Surely many of them were colorful and interesting.

Remember how important it is to teach a child what accessories to use.

After all, a text described in simple, complex letters is incomprehensible to the child and may discourage him from learning.

So we need to get as close to the world of children as possible, remember what we wanted.

It is not in vain that they say that you should be the adult you would have needed as a child!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easily readable
  • Perfect for children
  • Transparent and clear

Final Thoughts

When designing a website, advertisement, book, or anything else, you need to pay attention to which one you choose, because each font has its specificity. 

A bad font can ruin the whole ad because in vain you have a good idea if the marketing does not reach the target audience.

It’s also important to specify the contrast between text and backgrounds. 

Readability is always a golden rule, what you can’t change is that you have a lot to say.

For example, do not place over-decorated letters in a logo, especially if it is small. 

We will not write a slogan in the most artificial font, even if that particular font suits the style and mood.  

When you choose a font, do so based on the arguments listed in the article and you can be sure that you will achieve your dreams and be successful!

Our personal favorite oil font is the Cardus Brush.

Extremely creative and looks good on many different surfaces, yet simple.

We hope this article on oil font helps you get started with your arts or business.

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