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best online course for graphic design

10 Best Online Courses for Graphic Design

When online learning started, it’s not surprising how options for the online course for graphic design have also become readily available.

With the continuously expanding digital art platform, many traditional and aspiring artists want to explore the new digital medium. 

Online courses, currently offered, frequently maximize the online learning experience of the students. 

What’s the best course for me out there?

Surfing the internet for the best online course for graphic design can be overwhelming. 

With so many advertisements and promotions from other online teaching platforms, choosing just one course could be challenging.

The list below consists of 10 online courses in Udemy, which is one of the leading online websites for online classes. 

It is categorized so you can narrow down your options to what suits you well.


1. Graphic Design Masterclass – Learn GREAT Design

online course for graphic design
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Graphic Design Masterclass is one of the bestselling courses in graphic design on Udemy. 

With over 70 000 students, this course helps you to master Adobe Applications and includes branding, design theory, and logo design. 

The course is continuously updated with new lessons almost every month.

Some Topics Covered

In this course, you will learn Adobe Photoshop basics, such as photo manipulation and the use of its different tools. 

You can enhance your skills in Adobe Illustrator by knowing techniques in doing complex vectors and graphics. 

Improve mastery in InDesign by maximizing your efficiency with a new approach.

Aside from that, there’s a bonus in which you’ll also learn about logo design, branding design, and typography. 

With these skills, you can create other forms of graphics, such as flyers and brochures, which you can offer to potential branding clients as a package. 

Additionally, mini-courses are also accessible to widen and further improve your skills with more lessons and design ideas being offered. 

With unlimited access to over 35 resources, this course will help you start and improve your skills with graphic design.

Who Can Enroll

This course is intended for everyone, whether experienced or not; as long as you want to have a good basis of the fundamentals of graphic design.

On a more technical note, if you’re planning to enroll, you need to install Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign with versions CS6 or the latest to further enjoy the course.


As reviewed by Andrew Jones in 2019, he mentioned how detailed and specific Lindsay Marsh is in teaching. 

Moreover, though inexperienced, he’s able to grasp the science behind graphic design throughout the course.

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2. Graphic Design Bootcamp: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

online course for graphic design
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As per the course title, it focuses on the use of Adobe applications. 

As one of the bestselling programs in graphic design, it’ll help you attract more commissions and employment.

Some Topics Covered

With Graphic Design Bootcamp, it’s expected for you to have a great foundation with logo design, website creations, typography, and color patterns. 

The mastery of layouts in graphics and texts are included in the course.

Moreover, it covers how you can present your portfolio to potential clients and improve your confidence to make your works more engaging and captivating for the clients.

This will also improve your knowledge of Adobe programs, such as using typography and color patterns in Adobe Illustrator. 

Who Can Enroll

Basically, this program suits everyone, even beginners. 

But if you have an initial background already, your skills will improve, and you’ll be able to accept work and earn money.

You need to have an installed Adobe application, namely Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, which is compatible with the device you’re using to maximize the learning experience. 


With over 13,000 ratings and an average of 4.5 out of 5, this course has been proven effective with most students. 

However, there are issues with the flow because of the shortcuts used. 

It’s focused on the use of tools rather than the science behind the design.

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3. Affinity Designer for the iPad

online course for graphic design
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Affinity Designer, being one of the most reliable graphic design applications, online courses became available. 

The program focuses on educating students with the use of Affinity Designer and some techniques from an expert.

Some Topics Covered

The course covers the use of almost all functions and tools in Affinity Designer for iPad. 

Since there’s a difference with the desktop version, students are expected to master the application throughout the course completion.

Simon Foster, the instructor, will also teach the professional ways to use the application, and he’ll provide practice exercises to know your progress. 

The fundamental concepts of graphic design, especially with vector arts, will be learned and mastered.

Technically, it’ll give you the good foundation you need to start a project and finish it properly while producing exemplary works. 

Who Can Enroll

This is for both beginners and experienced graphic designers since it provides both the basics and mastery of graphic design and Affinity Designer use.

The requirements include an installed Affinity Designer in iPad, iPad of any variety, and apple pencil, which is optional.


Being one of the highest-rated courses in Udemy with 4.9 out of 5 stars, this course is proven to be effective. 

Both beginners and practiced students loved the program, and as stated by Maura Ema, it has a “reasonable pace.” 

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4. Learn Illustrator CC: Create a Vector Knight

online course for graphic design
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As directly stated, this course intends to guide beginners with very minimal knowledge and experience in using Adobe Illustrator CC. 

This is a quick course with only two downloadable resources and an hour of a video tutorial.

Some Topics Covered

 It will guide students to use Adobe Illustrator with some basic tools and functions. 

It will pave the way for graphic artists with interests in gaming visuals.

This course will specifically focus on creating vector characters with basic details and color theory. 

Basic shape manipulation is included to create varied vector characters.

Template creations and basic Adobe Illustrator overview are expected to be covered by the course. 

Use animation for video game creations and animated clips.

Who Can Enroll

The course works best with beginning digital artists who love to create vector arts and gaming characters. 

Experienced artists are discouraged from enrolling since the course covers basic commands.

Students need to have an installed Adobe Illustrator CC and any digital device that works with the application. A stylus pen is optional.


With over 29 000 students and an average rating of 4.7 stars, the course seemed to captivate the beginners. 

It is described as a great course for beginners and is highly recommended for amateur vector artists.

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5. The Complete Graphic Design Theory for Beginners Course

online course for graphic design
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Being one of the bestselling courses in Udemy for graphic design, this will help you learn the basic concepts in doing digital arts. 

It’s recently updated last November 2020 if you don’t want to miss the new information available.

Some Topics Covered

The course aims to educate students with color theory and logo design, which work with different digital and printed materials. 

It will give you a good foundation in graphic design as well.

Incorporating photos into graphical illustrations are also covered for students to become more flexible with their creations. 

A glimpse of the logo design and branding process will be tackled, too.

Principles and concepts of the different aspects of graphic design are included. 

It will prepare students to have an expert mastery in graphic design and intermediate for the novice ones.

Who Can Enroll

Beginners are expected to benefit from this course and experienced artists who are looking for improvement.

Though the outline suggests tackling difficult concepts, amateur artists with initial knowledge in digital applications will surely enjoy the course.

Having an installed application is optional, but for better learning outcomes, it’s recommended to install Adobe Photoshop CC and Canva.


With over 30 00 students and having an average of 4.6-star ratings, this course is loved by many. 

The structured and detailed approach helped students, based on their feedback, to master their skills and learn more practical and applicable concepts in graphic design.

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6. Learn Professional 2D Game Asset Graphic Design in Photoshop

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This course prepares you to become skilled and educated in terms of creating 2D game graphics and illustrations. 

Although it sounds like for advanced graphic artists, beginners are also welcome to register in the program.

Some Topics Covered

Using Adobe Photoshop, you’ll learn to create 2D game graphics at a professional level. 

It will provide you with skills and techniques to create animated games for mobile phones and computers.

If you’re unfamiliar with Photoshop, Jaysen Batchelor, the instructor, will guide you through the basics and tools to be used. 

Additionally, the color theory for gaming visuals is included for discussion.

Aside from that, the basic principles of drawing, sketching, and digital painting will be tackled as part of the basics of the course. 

Lastly, you’ll learn to master Photoshop’s animation tool to complete the learning experience and course outline.

Who Can Enroll

As long as you want to learn the basics of digital art and apply them to create 2D game graphics and other forms of art, you’ll enjoy this course. This is open for beginners and moderately skilled digital artists.

To join, you need to install Adobe Photoshop and have access to a computer and mouse. 

A camera is required along with traditional drawing materials, namely pen and paper.


Gathering over 59% 5-star ratings, this course is useful for most students. 

Although the latest update was in 2017, it’s still relevant nowadays. 

Beginners loved the course because of the detailed guidance of Jayson Batchelor throughout the basics and complex matters.

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7. Graphic Design Mastery: The FULL Branding and Design Process

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The course will be focusing on branding. 

Despite being a graphic artists’ job, branding falls under a different graphic design aspect and follows a different process.

Some Topics Covered

 Technically speaking, the course will introduce customized brush styles and textures. 

Layouting stationary paraphernalia, 3D projects, and other digital and printable graphics are included.

It prepares graphic artists to adjust to different branding needs and options and the varied mediums available for use. 

You’ll also have a background in the design process and how to present it to clients.

Logo creation and T-shirt designs are included in the course outline. 

Overall, it focuses on the fundamentals of branding and the science behind the design process.

Who Can Enroll

The approach of the course suits experienced graphic artists with knowledge in Adobe applications. If you’re a newbie to digital arts, you might need to find other courses. Moreover, the program works best with graphic artists who wish to improve their skills in branding.

Installed Adobe applications, namely Illustrator and Photoshop, are some of the requirements. While Adobe Dimensions and stylus pen are optional, it’s recommended to maximize the learning experience.


The students loved the direct and specific approach of Lindsay Marsh, the instructor. 

As stated in the review section, it’s also useful for creating a portfolio for professional purposes.

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8. The Branding Masterclass: The Entire Brand Design Process

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Despite being one of the newest courses in Udemy by Lindsay Marsh, it already received good feedback from students.

The course specializes in branding and design processes that suit different brands based on their preference.

Some Topics Covered

From brainstorming to the presentation, this course covers all dimensions of branding. 

Logo design schemes, typography theories, and layout systems are some of the topics included.

Photo editing is also included to extend your skills in branding. 

The concepts of branding, knowing what the audience wants, and meeting your client’s expectations are also covered.

Aside from that, proven techniques and guidelines with branding strategies and a design process with scientific explanations will improve your skills and produce exemplary works.

Who Can Enroll

Anyone who wants to learn the fundamental concepts of the design process in branding with a digital application background can enjoy the course. 

Any aspiring branding designer will enhance their skills and widen their knowledge of branding.

For students who want to enroll, you need to have a background in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


Receiving a total of 73% 5-star rating from Udemy students, this course has been effective and loved by most of the students who took it. 

The massive amount of information is one of the best assets of this course, as explained in the review section.

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9. The Art & Science of Drawing / MEASURING & PROPORTION

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This enhancement course will upgrade your skills to a professional level. 

In addition, it will help you create artworks with symmetry and balance in which you can apply to any form of art you wish to do. 

Some Topics Covered 

It will equip you to learn how to balance different subjects for your artworks – both digital and traditional. 

The course includes a discussion on the symmetry and coherence of multiple subjects in one project. 

Along with accuracy measures, proper contouring and shading are included in the course outline for more realistic results. 

It works with 3D graphics and typography too.

Aside from sketches and drawings, you can also use the lessons and apply them in painting. 

Overall, the course will improve your skills as an artist no matter what kind and medium you use.

Who Can Enroll

Since the course deals with sketches and drawings’ accuracy, some drawing experience will come in handy. 

If you have none, you are encouraged to try other courses first.

Any application will work as well as traditional drawing. 

This is not exclusive to digital applications, but it deals with any form of art and its proportions. 


With 74% 5-star ratings from students, this course is significantly proven to be efficient and beneficial. 

Hence, as explained by students, the course’s information is useful, practical, and easy to apply in your way. 

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10. Master Graphic Design & Software with Practical Projects

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This course aims to improve your current knowledge and skills with graphic design. 

Moreover, it will help you to develop confidence, attract clients, and be a professional graphic designer.

Some Topics Covered

This program allows you to be more efficient and productive with new techniques in using tools. 

It includes a comprehensive discussion with design theory, typography, color theory, and mastering layouts.

You will also learn what makes a commendable book cover, editorial page, article layouts, and magazine templates. 

Branding and logo design covers the course as well.

This course roughly discusses both digital and printed graphics, both small and large projects. 

Lastly, it’ll bring out your confidence in creating the most creative and quality graphics.

Who Can Enroll

Since this is more of mastery and improvement, basic knowledge of using Adobe applications is needed to keep up with the pace and lessons. 

Beginners with no knowledge of graphic applications are discouraged from proceeding.

Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 is the most preferred installed application, but older versions will do. 


With the hands-on and detailed approach of the instructor, Lindsay Marsh, this course got approximately 4.8 stars out of 5 ratings from the students. 

Although the course offers complex ideas, students marveled at how compelling this course is.

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Final Thoughts

All the courses mentioned above are the options for the best online course for graphic design or the highest-rated courses in Udemy. 

Do note that no one course can have it all.

Whether you’re a beginning artist or someone who wants to improve his skills, for sure, one of these courses will answer your needs.

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