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opus pro ai review

Opus Pro is Genius, Here’s Why

Welcome to our in-depth Opus Pro AI review, where we delve into the features, benefits, and real-world applications of this cutting-edge AI tool.


Are you tired of spending hours editing your long-form content down to short shareable reels?

Well, if you are, this is a video for you.

I’m going to be trying and testing AI-powered shorts editing using Opus Pro.

So let’s jump straight into our Opus Pro AI review and I’ll show you how it works.

Starting Opus Clip

Once you sign up, you get 30 free shorts to try out the system and you simply jump in.

Go to Create a Project, go to your YouTube channel, and find a video that you’d like to splice up into a few shorts.

I’ll do this one.

Copy the link back into Opus, paste it in, and go ahead and click on Get Clips in One Click.

opus pro ai review

It will then upload and give you an estimated time until it stops.

The estimated waiting time is 12 minutes, but I put my own earlier.

I’ll show you how it came out.

So what do you get?

You get out a number of clips.

This 30-minute-long video gave me five different clips.

So it varies on how long the video is and how many shareable clips there are.

How Opus Clip Makes the Shorts

Now what it does is a number of incredibly interesting things.

Firstly, it identifies the most interesting parts of your content.

It will clip it out.

opus pro ai review

It will give you an AI-generated title.

And it will even frame that over the most interesting part.

So, for this, my face.

So I’ll show you how one of these came out.

Let’s pick a short one to show you.

“This astonishing truth about visual communication you never knew.

It’s actually having an understanding of visual communication.

The notion of hierarchy and how people will navigate through not only the images and texts but also actually the process of understanding a piece of information.”

Features of the Shorts

This saves you an immense amount of time as well as adding in automatic captions.

And what’s great about this is you can actually edit it yourself too.

So if there’s anything you’d like to change, you can hop in and adapt any mistakes that it may have with the auto transcription as well as select words to emphasize.

opus pro ai review

So if there’s something really important that you’d like to emphasize, you can select it.

You also have the option to adapt the branding by changing the font and the colors.

Now what I particularly like is it also gives you a virality score.

So it uses its own algorithm to define how likely this video is to appeal to your audience.

And this is the highest score that I got from this video.

“Today we have a major announcement in the AI world as Adobe is bringing its own AI suite of tools onto them.”

Some Limitations

In this part of the Opus Pro AI review, let’s talk about one slight issue.

I have my own captions on the original video and this is a little bit distracting having double captions.

Especially when mine are already cropped out.

So that’s one issue.

But this is what I might do.

I would download this in HD and then I will zoom in just a little bit more on the bottom to make that less distracting.

And you can simply make hundreds of shorts in minutes.

So it works well with videos that are long, longer than 15 minutes, and conversation-driven.

So it doesn’t work well, for example, for music videos or for gaming-type videos.

If you have an educational channel or if it’s a video podcast or product review, it works fantastically well.

Opus Clip Pro

And it’s only going to get better because they are also going to release the pro version very soon.

And this has some super tantalizing features.

It will automatically add a B-role to your videos.

Moreover, it will also add stock images, and stock videos to create a more engaging visual experience for you to have whilst you’re seeing your video.

Also, I’m particularly excited when they will actually have the ability to automatically schedule the short videos across all of your different socials.

So you can post this to TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram in one go.

They’re also going to add auto-filler word removal which will mean that when you say Oh, Ummm, they will remove that automatically from the video.

Pricing of Opus Clip

But for now, you can upgrade, if you want more minutes per month.

So for 400 minutes, which allows you to upload 400 minutes per video and get up to around 100 shorts, you pay only $32 a month.

Which I think is incredible value because that works out at only a little bit of math in my head here. 32 cents per video 32 cents per short.

And I’ll tell you a little interesting story about how I came across this tool.

Well, I was sitting on my email one day when I received a short.

Somebody made a short for me of one of my YouTube videos.

And they said they would make many more for me at the price of $25 short.

And I thought well, that’s pretty good.

There are captions.

They’ve created an interesting piece of content.

And they’ve selected something from the video that was of worth.

So I had a little look.

I just thought well, I wonder if there’s an AI tool for this and that’s how I came across Opus Clips.

You can pay monthly or you can get two months free if you upgrade to the yearly account.

And because they’re still in beta.

They’re offering those early adopters, free extra credits.

Opus Pro AI Reviews from Users

In this part of the Opus Pro AI review, let’s talk about the reviews that are extremely positive.

Here are a couple.

‘These are my results approximately 24 hours after posting with Opus Clip and I’m getting a new follower every 30 seconds.

Absolutely mind-blowing!

I can’t reply to potential customers quickly enough.

I had to take a day off my office job just to talk to them.’

And here’s another.

‘I thought because I started with a channel three days ago, it would take at least a week for videos to be pushed into the feed, but I was wrong.

My top three videos are unedited videos from Opus Clip.

Thank you, guys.’

And this person has 15,000 views.

What’s great about these testimonials is they really feel real.

I mean a lot of times you read product reviews and it seems like obviously this person has been paid or simply pushed or asked to give a testimonial.

But there’s something about the nature of these reviews that they see that they haven’t been asked to say specific things or that they’re so over the top that they’re completely irrelevant.

And the results that people are getting are sort of real.

It’s not unbelievable that this person’s got 2000 views rather than say 20 million.

So I particularly appreciate the authenticity.

And they said there are over 200,000 creators already using this tool, which is pretty impressive, including Thomas Frank, who is a very successful YouTuber.

Another Use for Opus Clip

So this is fantastic if you are looking to take your own long-form content and turn it into shorts.

Also, you can use this as a service and build an agency based specifically on creating shorts for other content creators, because I personally won’t be using this myself.

I will actually be getting one of my assistants to use it for me.

This is because you need to go through a whole catalog of 100 or 200 videos and sit there and check each one.

Furthermore, you need to export them, upload them, and implement all of the best SEO practices.

It still takes a lot of time and it’s rather dull work.

It is not exactly creative.

It’s extremely administrative.

So it’s great to automate this and also outsource this so you can easily hire a small team of virtual assistants and get them to do it on your behalf.

They can do this while you’re going out and finding leads of different YouTubers to do this for or even podcasters especially podcasters.

I think is a great option if they haven’t done this already.

What I Like About Opus Clip

And I basically admire the ethos of the About page where it says ‘AI serves to liberate creativity by unlocking the unprecedented potential of humanity, especially in the age of short videos.’

I am absolutely blown away by this tool and I thoroughly enjoy using it and I can’t recommend it enough.

It’s easy to use and it’s impressive.

There’s also a Discord channel where you can stay updated with the latest product updates.

And one of their latest feature releases is the AI Copilot Editor.

It allows you to specify which parts of the video to use, as well as choose how long you would like your clips to be.

And it works particularly well with video podcast interviews.

It applies scene detection and actually crops in both speakers next to each other as you can see here.

They’ve put Sam Altman and Elon Musk above each other when the original shot was like this.

They were sitting across each other, but now you get them both inside.

You also get the caption in the middle, which is a pretty good composition for this type of video.

And they’re also introducing these branded elements so you can really add in your own colors and font styles.

If you’re interested to know more about Opus to speed up your workflow and take your creativity to the next level, check out this video about Opus 2.

Thanks for watching and have a delightful day.

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