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organic pattern generator

10 Best Organic Pattern Generator Options

Marvel at what you can create with an organic pattern generator.

Delight, too, at the many possible uses of patterns such as a device’s wallpaper, background or part of an artwork.

Patterns invoke a sense of harmony and organization while taking on a beautiful or straightforward design that users find pleasing to the eye. 

Graphic designers swear by the power of patterns and what they can do for marketing and overall aesthetic.

You will note that patterns have not gone out of style.

It doesn’t matter if you’re versed in various applications enabled to create a pattern such as Photoshop, or a novice in graphic design.

Creating a seamless and winsome pattern online is for anyone. 

These ten options for organic pattern generator will have all the tools you’ll need to create whatever you envision.

1. Patternify

organic pattern generator

Patternify is an easy online pattern generator that allows creative input and personal customization. 

The user interface is accessible, flexible, and straightforward. 

While drawing, you’re permitted to drag the mouse across the screen to make your experience faster. 

Overall, this specific pattern generator replicates drawings or designs.

It makes the process easier and much faster than most pattern generators. 

The canvas is relatively tiny, and patterns created on Patternify are usually quite simple, clean, and have a pixelated look. 

Patternify offers ample room and freedom to choose any color you deem best for your pattern.

It offers an advanced color wheel along with an RGB color model with tweaking capabilities.

For those wanting to achieve a depth-like feel to their design, you can adjust the opacity on your currently selected color.

This feature is great for those wanting a tactile look for even a plaid pattern.

Patternify offers a back button along with a trash can icon.

These tools are good for those wanting to clear their entire canvas for any unwanted mistakes or blunders. 

Furthermore, there’s also your staple drawing tools – a pencil, eraser, eyedropper, and a bucket tool. 

For those who want a blueprint for their pattern design, Patternify has a display of different draft options .

They are namely, “Old School,” “Color,” and “Misc.” 

Patternify gives you a preview of your creations live. 

You’re able to preview what your pattern will look like once completed.

Then, you can download your pattern as a PNG file. 

Moreover, you’re also provided with a Base64 code for CSS use. 

Here is a pattern I created myself using Patternify.

2. Smokey Backgrounds Generator

organic pattern generator

Smokey Backgrounds Generator is fantastic for those wanting a ‘smokey design’.

With its accessible user interface, Smokey Backgrounds introduces you to a pre-designed pattern with its animation. 

With this specific design style, the default color outcome is a gradient.

You can choose which colors the design will start and end with. 

If you’re not interested in creating gradient smoke, you can make both colors use the same for a friendly solid wave of smoke. 

Smokey Backgrounds features tools such as opacity, smoke size, line width, and the number of smokes. 

With these tools in mind, you’re able to conceive a vast amount of smokey designs.

They could be from neon-colored and ethereal to a powerful and daunting wave of smoke. 

Furthermore, you’ve given generous room to fulfill any aura you wish to enhance with this creation, as it’s flexible in any context. 

Along with extensive customization over the smoke itself, you’re also enabled to change the background and download size. 

Smokey Backgrounds features twelve uniquely different pre-made styles.

You can choose from the ready-made ones or just get inspiration from them.

3. Patterncooler 

organic pattern generator

Patterncooler is an interesting generator with ample number of presets and pre-made base designs. 

Regardless of what your pattern is designed for, Patterncooler has a gigantic catalog of presets.

Each of which is enabled to edit and tweak – specifically in color, saturation, and opacity. 

On the front page of Patterncooler, you have a page with popular patterns .

If you wish to narrow down your search for a particular style, there’s a tab dedicated to each one. 

Moreover, in the styles tab, you’ll notice twenty different default styles to choose from.

Activate this feature by selecting “show all tags.”

Each present has its default colors, in which every single item or shape in each can be changed. 

Whether you want a design that’s abstract and minimalist or a detailed canvas of flowers, Patterncooler has essentially any design you can think of. 

In addition to patterns with greater detail, every single object can be modified in terms of color.

Once you have completed your pattern, there’s a “pattern size” toggle on the bottom of the screen.

This toggle allows you to download your pattern in any dimension – from 10px by 10 px to 300 by 300 px, which is quite a range. 

If you’re unable export your pattern, you can also save it for later.

You can save as many patterns as you want. 

4. Tartanmaker

organic pattern generator

Tartanmaker is a fabulous pattern generator that specializes in a particular pattern style – tartan. 

Somewhat similar to plaid, tartan is a Scottish pattern consisting of multiple colors (more than two), and colors within a tartan help identify a family or community. 

The entire site consists of an old Scottish aesthetic, from the font to the toggle section. You’re first given three bands (stripes) – brown, beige, and blue. 

Furthermore, by looking at your current canvas, you can see how each color is used to help make your own. 

If three bands are a bit too conservative for your liking, you’re able to include up to a maximum of ten different bands and two as the minimum. 

Below the bands, there are two different orientations to choose from. 

One is horizontal and vertical, while the other is criss-cross and diagonal. 

Underneath the orientation toggle, there’s also “yarn size.” 

Therefore your bands will be thicker and liberally stretched across your canvas.

If you prefer a different size canvas, there’s a toggle between full screen and tile.

The entire screen is the default option while the tile is about five times smaller. 

If you’re having difficulty deciding, or you’ve taken a bit of time contemplating your pattern, Tartanmaker has a gallery section here

To share your pattern, you’ll need to create an account – although this site is simplistic, the community is active of those who’re passionate about their unique tartans. 

In addition to creating an account with Tartanmaker, you can rate and comment on other user’s tartans.

Moreover, you can add hashtags to your pattern and even play with other user’s tartans. 

Although tartan patterns aren’t very compatible with some subjects, it’s undeniably perfect within those that it fits in. 

5. Trianglify

organic pattern generator

Trianglify is an entertaining and neat pattern generator that’s great for those wanting a specific geometric pattern to go with whatever they’re working with. 

Although the site specializes in triangles, hence the name, you’re able to create geometric designs that revolve around squares and diamond shapes too. 

With the side menu, there are eleven different customizable things to do with your pattern.

Furthermore, each setting in the menu feels quite malleable – as you start to get used to the settings and experiment with the pattern, it’s similar to playing with clay. 

Although the canvas is considerably large, this can be changed by toggling the height and width – great for those who prefer a banner design or an icon without having to crop the outcome. 

The color pattern setting is great for adding dimension or releasing depth and shadow into your design. 

Gradient, Sparkle, Shadows

Moreover, there are gradient, sparkle, and shadows.

Each one is exactly what you’d expect, but they make a massive difference in the pattern’s tone. 

If you select the shadows color pattern, but you feel it didn’t change much and you’re dissatisfied, thankfully, there’s a pattern intensity toggle. You’re able to sharpen those shadows to create the striking look you’re going for. 

Underneath the pattern intensity toggle bar, there’s a triangle variance toggle. 

Triangle variance accentuates triangles within the already existing pattern, or it flattens them, and the canvas becomes a tiled image of simple squares with diagonal lines. 

Using the triangle variance toggle is fun to play with. 

You may find yourself messing around with it for a while. 

Below the triangle variance toggle, you’ll see a cell size toggle. 

The cell size toggle essentially makes your pattern along with indentions much smaller or more extensive. 

If you’re having a hard time choosing each setting, there’s a nifty randomize button to help spark your creative flow.  

6. Siteorigin

Siteorigin is a highly detailed pattern generator, unlike most others, you’ll find online. 

If you’re looking for an extensive generator with over a hundred different customizable patterns and blends, Siteorigin has everything you’ll need. 

From silver scales to pixelated patterns, each pattern is organized in alphabetical order and updates live, including whichever color you choose as the background. 

Besides the background color, this specific color also serves as the actual pattern background.

So creative flow relies heavily on design and blending rather than the exact color scheme. 

Each pattern serves its purposes, and no matter what use you’ll put them into, each pattern is useful depending on the context. 

Scrolling through the blend modes, you’ll find some alternates, such as the negative blend. 

Furthermore, these blends automatically impact each pattern.

So it’s best to remove any blend before choosing another pattern.

This is also applied to the “invert pattern” setting on the bottom of the page. 

Once you’ve selected a color, pattern style, and blend mode, there’s an option to enhance the pattern or blend intensity to create a dramatic or detailed look.  

Below the intensity option, there’s a noise toggle. 

Moreover, the noise toggle further intensifies your pattern while also adding pure noise, making your pattern darker in color or tone. 

No matter what aesthetic you’re trying to convey, Siteorigin’s pattern generator has anything you have in mind. 

7. Repper Patterns

Repper Patterns is a fun, easy, and simple pattern generator for geometrics.

Under tiling, you’ll find a seemingly endless amount of different tile styles to choose from. 

Repper’s site includes articles involving patterns here

These include base tilings (seamless or seamed) and advanced tilings (also seamless or seamed). 

If you’re having trouble choosing a tiling pattern, there’s a square icon for preview.

Furthermore, creating a design yourself and finding a pattern afterward is recommended as well. 

Within the user menu, a canvas shows whichever image is being struck into the pattern itself – the default being a geometrical print. 

Although this is an excellent design, this can be changed anytime to any image you’d like it to be. 

In addition to warping images and patterned tiles, there’s also an effects tab that enables changes in color and filters. 

If you’re not keen on committing to your pattern once finished, there’s a save option as well as a preview tab. 

One of the neatest options on Repper Patterns is the dream toggle – this enables your pattern to move on its own, creating a kaleidoscope effect. 

8. Patternico

Patternico is another excellent pattern generator.

The background color impacts everything in the image.

If you think you’ve found the perfect color, there’s a save option along with a color code. 

Your creativity with Patternico is primarily based on shapes, emojis, fonts, and famous logos. 

Even if the canvas size you start with is vast, this can always be changed.

This is especially useful for those wanting to create a banner pattern or icon. 

Both fonts and shapes can be searched up rather than hunted by scrolling. 

The user interface is reasonably accessible.

You can click and drag live rather than waiting for the pattern to generate or rely on previews. 

If any of the icons, shapes, or background colors don’t interest you, there are two tabs where you’re able to upload custom images to the platform. 

Along with specializing patterns for businesses, Patternico is also great for generating a profile picture or logo generator by creating enticing patterns. 

9. HalftonePro

HalftonePro is great for those who already have a particular image they’d like to generate into a lively pattern. 

Although custom images are applicable, it’s recommended to use simple backdrops or Halftone’s default images, as these are much more malleable to the interface. 

In addition to uploading your images, Halftone requires that you create an account first before doing so.

If you’d rather keep your pattern within Halftone’s default images, there are two tabs to select from accordingly – stripes and/or polygons. 

Under the stripes tab, lines aren’t necessarily straight or geometrical but rather a fluid look.

The polygons tab features a more geometric approach, offering a variety of grid types and element sizes. 

Within both tabs, color and frequency play a primary role so that your completed design comes out as you envision while being unique. 

10. Flat Surface Shader

Flat Surface Shader is an excellent pattern generator for those looking for an energetic, geometric pattern that looks as if it’s coming out of the screen. 

This generator has ample options, settings, and ways to amplify your pattern to the maximum. 

In addition to this pattern generator’s look, this is suitable for accessorizing a product in the online and/or gaming community.

This site is relatively famous for those uses. 

Interestingly, there’s a toggle to change your pattern’s renderer – including canvas, WebGL, and SVG. 

In terms of your pattern’s body, it can be changed in a variety of different ways, including color, width, height, depth, slices, segments, speed, y and x range, ambiance, and diffuse. 

Furthermore, these specific settings in the user menu create your pattern’s entire tone and act like the skeletal structure. 

Underneath the mesh controls, there are also settings to change the lighting. 

Unlike most pattern generators, the animation factor is a huge plus that catches an audience’s attention.

Moreover, it also creates a positive branding effect for business-related designs. 

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, the internet offers a wide variety of options for organic pattern generator for any use. 

Whether you’re looking for a unique banner pattern or a backdrop for your business portfolio, there are a plethora of free options out there. 

Thankfully, using a high-quality pattern generator is only a click away.

There is no need to install expensive applications, saving you both money and time.

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