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Organize Your Procreate Gallery

How to Organize Your Procreate Gallery Into Stacks

Save time and locate your files easily by learning how to organize your Procreate gallery.

Arrange Your Projects in Procreate by Putting Them in Stacks

Here’s a quick tip for keeping your gallery organized in procreate.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got hundreds of thousands of different projects all over the place BUT did you know that you can put them into stacks or folders?

Adding an Image to a Stack

Organize Your Procreate Gallery

All you have to do is drag one image over to the next!

It’ll then be put into a stack.

You can put as many as you like in a stack, but make sure if you’ve got more than two that you hold it over this stack, until it goes inside the folder, and then you drop it in there.

This is great if you want to rename it as your projects like Astrology.

Removing Image from a Stack

Organize Your Procreate Gallery

If you want to remove something from the stack, just hold it, drag it up to the corner, and put it back into your gallery.

By doing so, this will give you a much more organized gallery in procreate!

Follow along for more exciting Procreate tips and in my description I have a link to over 100 free Procreate color palettes, just for you.

Final Thoughts

And that’s it!

You can now organize your Procreate gallery and access your artworks quickly!

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