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10 Best Pattern Generator From Image Options (2023)

Pattern Generator from image apps are the designer’s go-to when creating unique pattern designs quickly.

Patterns in the tech industry often play a vital role in numerous ways from:

  • Branding elements
  • Business ads
  • Social media aesthetics
  • Simple design purposes

In addition to all these purposes, it’s vital to recognize that patterns create a sense of harmony.

There are bountiful pattern generators from images online, both free and premium.

Creating patterns through your images may seem daunting.

Especially when you can’t choose from presets made by other online creators.

However, most users accustomed to the pattern-making process find that using your images opens the door to creativity.

You can customize to your heart’s content with all the bells and whistles according to your style.

Furthermore, your images in this context can range between digital, real-life photography, illustration, etc.

Gives you an easier flow by default without relying on other users or presets from whichever pattern generator you use. 

The following list will cover ten different pattern generators from images that serve this purpose.

Although, most have pattern and style presets already installed. 

No matter what your motive is, every one of the pattern generators below has your needs in mind.

They are fully loaded to get your creative juices flowing.

1. PatternNinja

pattern generator from image

PatternNinja is a pattern generator that fully supports custom images.

Although, it’s vital to note that using your photos in PatternNinja is still in beta.

Therefore this feature is experimental.

Furthermore, at this time, PatternNinja only supports custom images as SVG files.

Keep in mind that most of these pattern generators that specialize in custom images require only SVG files.

As SVG files are vector image formats that rely on animation and interactivity. 

Although PatternNinja’s genesis was simply a fun project, this site for pattern-generating custom images is reportedly a common staple. 

PatternNinja’s format is simple yet detailed and compelling.

PatternNinja is unlike any other image importing application.

Selecting and uploading images is extremely easy, relying on dragging images for a hands-on approach.

Customization is a huge positive to this generator when it comes to coloration. 

Furthermore, there’s a wide coloring tool to set background and image colors, your default eyedropper tool, a fragment filler, and an editable hex color value percentage for a more precise outcome. 

In addition to your customizable images, there’s also a way to change the layers and order of your overlapping images. 

2. Seamless Pattern Generator 

pattern generator from image

This easy-to-use pattern generator specializes specifically, only, and purely on your images.

Moreover, it has no given presets or images to pick from.

Seamless Pattern Generator gives users full freedom to create virtually anything from scratch. 

Images that are transparent or have a transparent background are supported as well as any pixel dimension. 

Although pretty much any image is supported under 10MB.

It is highly recommended that you use images with even pixels for your pattern to align perfectly.

This will make your image’s height and width equal – akin to a perfect square in terms of your image’s dimensions. 

The beauty of seamless patterns is how organic and natural they appear.

There are no visible lines, gaps, seams, or visible interruptions. 

Furthermore, this seamless generator induces this same trick.

Any image you upload to your pattern is repeated endlessly.

Thus, creating a unique backdrop and an element you can’t get on any pattern generator. 

If you’re hoping to spend the shortest amount of time creating a pattern through your images, Seamless Pattern Generator is a fantastic choice!

The one and the only function is for you to upload your image.

Everything else is done for you, except for downloading your finished pattern, of course. 

3. Seamless Patterns

Created by MagicPattern, Seamless Patterns specializes in creating personal and unique patterns from scratch and offers the ability to upload your images. 

Furthermore, Seamless Patterns lets users upload images that are in the format of SVG, PNG, or IMG files, giving you a little more flexibility. 

If you happen to choose your image, but also enjoy the shapes that Seamless Patterns offers.

You can use both in your pattern, giving users more freedom and customization while creating the perfect design. 

Seamless Patterns offers three unique features that most other pattern generators lack:

  • Filters
  • Canvas sizing
  • Extensive color customization

In addition to these three features, you’re enabled to use them on your images. 

For example, if you upload an image of a pretty daisy, you’d prefer the daisy to be multicolored rather than white.

You might also prefer the daisy to have some added noise or sharpening to additional depth, you can do this with this app.

A lot of the time, users find themselves making mistakes in the process of creating a pattern. 

Unfortunately, it’s usually after the fact- and then users need to wipe out their canvases, start over, or backtrack. 

Thankfully, Seamless Patterns offers real-time features.

Moreover, it shows your progress in real time.

Isn’t that great?

4. HalftonePro

pattern generator from image

Halftone Pro is unlike any other pattern generator from an image.

It is dedicated to tweaking your image rather than their own unless you’d like to use some of their built-in stock images to experiment with before delving into your photos. 

In addition to uploading your images, whichever image you choose to create a pattern from fills the entire canvas from the start.

From there, you can modify your image to multiply into tiles if you’d like.

This generator’s canvas is highly malleable and editable in terms of size and shifting from place to place. 

Do you want to create a pattern using this generator and want a different physical perspective?

All you have to do is drag the entire canvas and zoom in and out.

These two features will give you a better idea of your overall design choice. 

HalftonePro is a great generator to experiment with. 

As a matter of fact, it’s recommended.

Moreover, the extensive tools given to you while using the generator are pretty broad.

Even if you fully understand each tool’s purpose, the outcome of your project is what matters.

In addition to ample customization, both transparent images and images with fully rendered backgrounds are both candidates for your pattern.

With the foreground image coloration tool, transparent images are better suited for those wanting a drenched backdrop.

Whereas, images with an already registered background don’t change very much. 

Along with the coloration tool, there are also extensive tools such as; grid resizing, dot resizing, and proportion sizes. 

Go to to see some examples of portraits using the halftone photo effect. 

Typically the default looks in HalftonePro. 

5. Repper Pattern Maker

pattern generator from image

Repper Pattern Maker is a fairly well-known site.

It does not only have its built-in generator but there are also forums just about patterns and their beauty of them in general.

Repper’s easy and simplistic layout gives users plenty of room to create any pattern that comes to mind.

Thus, using their images, and sometimes your image takes on a geometric form of dropper colors found within your image.

Thus, making for a unique pattern. 

Repper specializes in spotting colors.

If your image happens to have texture, it will reflect that as well.

For example, if your image is a landscape with green grass and marble blue skies, the grass and sky textures and the colors found in the image will take on an interestingly excellent geometric pattern kin to stylish tiles.

Moreover, do you prefer the colors in your pattern to be slightly different, like making the sky more steel and the grass flushed with orange tones?

That’s possible by toggling filters and color editing under the effects tab.

The effects tab is filled to the brim with customization. 

It’s incredible how much you can edit your pattern under this tab.

You can make it look utterly different while you experiment. 

Along with color adjustments, some toggles edit texture by adding halftone or duotone compliments. 

Once you’re confident that your pattern is complete, you have the option to animate your pattern.

In addition, you can preview it and, of course, export it. 

Exporting is customizable as well!

Despite most other generators simply downloading your pattern as an SVG or JPG file, on Repper, you’re enabled to choose the size, dimensions, unit, file type, and even the DPI of your project.

6. Adobe Illustrator

Being another favorite for the most popular vector editing and pattern generator next to Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Illustrator has every possible tool you need to create a well-designed pattern using any image you desire.

It does this while creating an outcome of any pattern design type you can imagine. 

Unlike regular Photoshop, Illustrator is based on right-brained concepts.

Thus, it is excellent for those who want complete freedom while at least an intermediate in Photoshop.

In the newest version of Adobe Illustrator (CS6), patterns are better kept in mind with the user interface.

Moreover, there are tools specifically to create seamless looks in your patterns. 

Older versions of the app do allow for this to occur.

Although you’d need to do it completely alone without the updated alignment tools. 

Even to those newer to Photoshop, Illustrator, or graphic design in general, this specific application seems to be higher on the list of choices when the goal is to complete a pattern.

Thankfully with Illustrator, customization is ample, and placing images of any format or size is easy to do. 

The next steps after choosing your image are purely personal preference and your ability to use the application. 

Furthermore, many tutorials and entire communities with dedicated forums specifically use Illustrator to create brilliant patterns with your images.

Although Illustrator is a powerful application and great customization, your patterns can range from simple to complex easily.

7. Adobe Photoshop

Being the industry’s favorite vector graphics application, Photoshop is an excellent application for those who enjoy making patterns from scratch.

Similar to the skillset in Illustrator, it’s recommended by virtually anybody you ask.

You can use tutorials to your advantage or find some way to become skilled in basic Photoshop before jumping into your pattern project. 

Speaking of tutorials, you can visit Blog.SpoonGraphics for an extensive tutorial on how to create a repeating pattern in Photoshop.

Using your images to create a pattern in Photoshop is more accessible than drawing one from scratch.

The process of creating a pattern from your images is similar to using presets, shapes, and figures that come fully loaded by default. 

Most patterns created in Photoshop are typically artists using their work and tweaking it enough to make endless harmony.

Unlike Illustrator, regular Photoshop specializes in calculation and mathematical articulation to complete specific projects. 

Although you’d be using your image and creating a pattern from most likely scratch.

There’s a ton of work involved with measuring, creating a seamless pattern, and doing some experimenting with various sets of tools.

8. BG Maker

BG Maker is another online pattern generator that’s great for anyone who’d like to upload images in any file format. 

It is very grid-based, and even though it’s pretty simple, it’s effective in its purpose and does exactly what you direct it to do.

Unlike many pattern generators, changing the size or toggling the overall format can alter the pattern and create that seam or gap that is not pattern-friendly.

However, BG Maker is great at preventing this from happening while still moving the canvas around and resizing images.

BG Maker is also great for those who prefer a simpler design with a straightforward user interface.

Even after you’ve uploaded your image to BG Maker, you can always download the software as a PNG file and edit your pattern anytime.

9. Patternico

Patternico is a web-based pattern generator with full support for uploading your images while using their presets, even at the same time.

You can upload your images in any file format that goes for saving and/or downloading your pattern(s) as well.

You can resize and drag around your workspace and canvas without altering your image or the pattern. 

Furthermore, your workspace while using Patternico is quite malleable and very easy to toggle. 

Unlike most other programs or pattern generators, Patternico creates a tile effect by default once you begin editing inside the main square within your canvas.

This can always be removed or edited, but it does make the pattern process much easier. 

This generator is also keen on creating profile pictures and logos – perfect for both business and personal outlets.

Patternico isn’t catered to any specific demographic or purpose, giving lots of flexibility to users. 

10. IMGonline

Although IMGonline has an outdated look.

It’s probably one of the most reliable and efficient pattern generators out there.

Specializing in seamless textures and reliable image uploading compatibilities.

You’ll find yourself experimenting with IMGonline, and typically every outcome of your pattern will come out as you imagined. 

Moreover, toggles, settings, and formatting are all done under one area of the site. 

There is no preview available before fully completing your pattern.

However, the processing lasts a short period as the site itself is very responsive and fast. 

Not only does IMGonline keep the seams in mind, but there are also factors in most patterns that you might overlook that can completely alter a pattern’s look.

IMGonline knows them all, and their extensive settings and extreme customization truly display this knowledge.

Furthermore, there are various seamless textures, seam markings, tile formatting, pre-averaging, and more. 

On IMGonline’s website, there are examples of what kind of patterns you can create using imagery with their software here.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, there are plenty of programs and websites both free and paid all over the internet.

These programs cater to your every pattern and design need.

For the most part, custom images are kept in mind.

Many artists and those willing to take on a bold and creative option for pattern designing rely on custom imagery in pattern generators. 

No matter the aesthetic or purpose of your pattern, any pattern generator from an image caters to all of your pattern needs.

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