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10 Best Pencil Brushes For Procreate

Start your digital library with the best pencil brushes.

These are very basic tools to create your digital paintings.

All About Procreate

If you are even slightly into the arts, then you must have heard about Procreate!

Procreate brushes have been designed specifically for aspiring and professional artists.

The application has become the most popular platform for digital arts.

Whether you love to draw, paint, or sketch, this application is ideal for you.

The only limitation of using Procreate is it’s limited for use with iOS.

One of the biggest perks of using Procreate is the wide range of brushes it comes with! 

From paintbrushes to calligraphy tools, there is something for everyone.

If you are new to Procreate and still exploring various kinds of brushes, you might find this read quite helpful! 

Procreate Brushes

Procreate brushes are only meant to be used with the application itself.

You can’t use them on other popular design tools like Photoshop.

Due to their varied use, pencil brushes are one of the most popular and downloaded brush sets on Procreate. 

You can use pencil brushes for sketching, drawing, illustration, etc.

You can always create your own brush set, or you can download the available, ready-to-use brushes.

Below is our pick for the ten best pencil brushes for Procreate.

They are all available on Creative Market and Etsy sites.

Have a look!

1. Pencil Pack by Sadie Lewski

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Best for: Real Pencil on Paper Feel

This brush set is a bestseller on for a number of reasons.

There are 21 different kinds of brushes, tailor-made for pencil art.

The texture of these brushes is super close to that of the pencil-on-paper.

A number of brushes in the set are ideal for side shading by using the tilting feature of the Apple Pencil.

As far as the depth of texture and precision are concerned, the brush set is designed for professionals and beginners alike.

If you ever get bored with the black and grey shades of pencil brushes, there is a bonus mini color palette for you!

The mini palette has eight different shades.

The texture feels like that of color pencils on paper. 

The brush set is ideal for small drawings and sketches.

It also works seamlessly with large projects.

There are two textures available in this brush set.

They have been designed explicitly for art pieces where extensive shading and filling are required.

Although the price of the brush set is a little high, if you are looking for an all-in-one brush set, then this is a good investment.

However, the brush set is specially designed for Procreative4+.

If you have an older version of the application, this brush set might not work.

You may have access to limited features only.

Upgrade the application version before downloading this brush set to enjoy all the brushes.


  • Wide range of brushes
  • Color palettes are included
  • Realistic shading
  • Suitable for beginners and pros, alike


  • Works with Procreate 4+ versions
  • Large size due to high resolution 
  • A bit expensive 
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2. Sketchers by Idle Letters

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Best for Sketching, Illustrations, and Lettering 

If you are a sketching enthusiast, then this brush set is custom-made for you.

The brush set has only eight different brushes, but it has got all your sketching needs covered.

The shading, texture, and gradient effect is fantastic.

There is a Casual brush, which is ideally suited for outlining illustrations due to its smooth feel and precision.

Then, there is a Softie brush, if you want to add texture and natural feel to your art.

The Rough brush in the set has a texture like a 10b pencil used on a solid medium.

The brush has a lot of texture to it and adds a dramatic effect immediately.

If you want to fill small areas and need a precise brush, pick up the Smudge brush.

The texture is a bit smudgy, as the name suggests, but fills in small areas with an exceptional finish.

If you are working on a huge piece of art and need a brush for effortless strokes, Growler is the brush for you!

The brush has a chunky texture to it and is easy to control.

A sketching kit is incomplete without a shading tool!

The Husky brush is meant for shading large areas.

The bold strokes and precision give a very seamless finish to your artwork.

For fine lines and precise shading, the Dusty brush is your ideal pick. 

The overall feel of this brush is like the shading on a solid medium.

Last but not least, Oh Heck brush!

This brush is suitable for thick lines and charcoal-like texture.

Give these brushes a try, if you want to enjoy more features with more brushes. 


  • Varied use
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Small file size


  • Sometimes compatibility issues with a stylus.
  • Price constraints
  • A small range of brushes
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3. Drawing Box by Sadie Lewski

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Best for Drawing and Sketching

This brush set contains everything you need for drawing.

From regular pencils to charcoal, the brush set has all kinds of brushes!

One of the critical features of this brush set is every brush has its unique texture, which is very close to reality.

There are 30 different brushes in this set, making it an all-inclusive kit for drawing on Procreative.

Whether you are creating a miniature art or working on a large piece, this brush set has got all your drawing needs covered.

You can use the charcoal brushes for the dramatic effect and seamless gradient.

The shading texture of charcoal brushes is very natural and realistic. 

These design of these pencil brushes is based on very high resolution scanned images; that is why they have a very natural feel.

If you are creating an illustration for children, you can use colored pencils and crayons.

The precision and finish of all the brushes in this set are incredible.

This is why the brush set is recommended for beginners as well as professionals alike.

The price of the set seems a bit high, but it would be just a one-time investment.

You won’t have to buy more brush sets for drawing if you opt for this one.

The only limitation of this brush set is, it’s only compatible with the advanced versions of the Procreative app. 

So, if you want to make the most of this brush set, upgrade your Procreative application before buying the game.


  • Wide range of brushes
  • Ideal for various textures
  • Ballpoint brush included


  • Limited use
  • Works with Procreate 4+ versions
  • Large size
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4. Pencil Box by Bardot Brush

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Best for: Drawing, Shading, and Filling 

If your art is not limited to a particular genre, this brush set is worth a try.

The extensive range of brushes is ideal for drawing, illustration, and sketching.

The brushes are designed using high-resolution scans.

That’s why their texture is quite realistic, and the finish is exact.

Of all the Procreative pencil brushes out there, the Bardot pencil brush is the best one!

By using the tilt feature and adjust the pressure of the Apple Pencil, you can change the darkness and thickness of this brush.

You can create masterpieces if you have nothing but the Bardot pencil brush.

The Smooth pencil brush in the set is the finer and smoother version of the Bardot pencil brush.

It has all the features of Bardot pencil brush, but the finish and texture of this brush are better and even more realistic.

If you are working on something incredibly intricate, the Freshly Sharpened pencil brush is the tool you need.

The delicate strokes and detailed texture of this brush are ideal for subtle art. 

If you are looking for raw texture but controlled strokes, Extra Toothy brush is just the thing you need.

There are five different brushes included in this set for texture only. 

You can choose the brush, depending on your need.

Also, there is a complimentary brush for layering purposes.

Use this brush to intensify the color and add more texture to your drawings. 


  • Three sets of different brushes
  • Small file size
  • Natural pencil feel and detailed texture


  • Limited features with stylus
  • Layering is complicated
  • A bit pricey 
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5. Graphite Pencils for Procreate

procreate pencil brush
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Best for Sketching and Drawing

If you are just starting with Procreate and looking for something affordable to start with, go for this brush set.

There are 21 different types of pencil brushes included in this set, plus 2 drawing paper.

What’s interesting is, you can find all the graphite pencil numbers in this pack.

The kit is perfect for drawing, sketching, and even shading.

For the realistic texture, these pencil brushes are designed from high-resolution images.

The set has rare pencil numbers that you won’t find easily in other brush sets.

There are graphite pencil brushes in the set that you can use on hard as well as soft media to generate different textures.

This comprehensive set covers all the drawing needs.

The brush set is more suited for beginners, since it has all the graphite pencil numbers a beginner might be used to.

Moreover, all the pencils are intuitive.

Buy this fantastic pencil brush set and create masterpieces on Procreative.


  • Intuitive
  • 21 different brushes
  • Value for money


  • Compatibility issues
  • Not suitable for lettering
  • Works with iPad Pro and advanced versions only
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6. Sketchy Brush Set by AlicjaNaiSketchy Brush Set for Procreate image 0

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Best for Sketching and Line art

Another amazing brush set for sketchers!

The set contains 11 different brushes, each with a unique texture for sketching purposes.

Although the texture is very realistic and the brushes seem like a suitable choice for professionals, the set is specially designed for beginners.

If you don’t know much about sketching, but you have a knack for it, give these brushes a try!

They are easy-to-use brushes with a detailed texture.

The brush set is not only ideal for Sketching, but you can also use it for linear art.

The price seems a little bit high, but if you download this set, you won’t need any other pencil brush for sketching.

From the graphite effect to the seamless gradient, you can achieve any texture using these pencil brushes.

There are also different sizes of pencils included in this set.

Whether you want thick pencil for bold strokes or need a pointy pencil brush for delicate work, you can find all sizes pencil brushes in this set.

It’s true that the usage of this set is only limited to sketching, but these pencil brushes are worth a try.

Particularly, if you want to work on your sketching skills, get these pencil brushes!


  • 11 different brushes
  • Ideal for sketching
  • Various textures of shading


  • Limited use 
  • A bit pricey
  • More suited for beginners
Download Now!

7. Pencil and Charcoal by StudioMiksKSProcreate Pencil & Charcoal Brushes image 0

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Best for Sketching and Shading 

If you want to be master of Sketching and shading, then this brush set is ideal for you.

The brush set has 14 different brushes, each with a unique texture that is very close to the real feel. 

The brush set is a comprehensive toolbox for sketching and shading.

There are brushes with a smooth finish and exceptional precision that you can use for outlining your illustrations or artwork.

You can use the tilt and pressure of the Apple Pencil to adjust the thickness and darkness of these brushes.

This will add texture and natural feel to your art.

The brushes included in this set are designed for all kinds of instruments, be it concrete or soft.

The charcoal brush is used for dark shades and to add a dramatic effect immediately.

There are also graphite pencil brushes that you can use on hard as well as soft mediums to achieve different textures.

You can use dark brushes to intensify the color and add more texture to your drawings. 

The bold brushes are meant for large pieces and big strokes.

They are thick and dark, and their texture is a little rough.

You can also find pencil brushes for small strokes and excellent work.

Using the tilt feature to your advantage, you can create various shades and gradient.

These pencil brushes are designed for beginners and professionals alike.

They are very reasonably priced and definitely worth a try!

If your main focus is sketching, then you don’t need to look any further.

These pencil brushes are all you need to create masterpieces on Procreative. 


  • Extremely Affordable
  • Rich Texture


  • Limited to sketching only
  • Compatibility issues with stylus

Download Now!” ]

8. The Sketcher’s Collection by SuperNiceStuffProcreate Sketching Brushes Pencil Brush Procreate Texture image 0

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Best for Sketching and Shading

Whether you do professional sketching or just starting your journey, give these brushes a try!

They are easy-to-use brushes with a detailed texture.

The brush set is not only ideal for sketching but also works perfectly for calligraphy and illustrations.

The pencil brushes in this set are of different texture, gradient, and thickness.

You can also use this set for shading and filing purposes. 

There are graphite pencil brushes in the set that you can use on hard as well as soft mediums to generate different textures.

The realistic texture of these brushes gives a natural feel and sleek finish to your artwork.

Although the brush set doesn’t contain as many pencil brushes as others, it still covers all the sketching needs.

The brush set is designed for Procreate and stylus, but some claim to encounter compatibility issues with the stylus.

Using the tilt and pressure adjustment of the Apple Pencil, you can change the texture of these brushes.

The only limitation with this brush set is it is only compatible with iPad Pro and advanced versions.

If you have iPad Pro, then give this brush set a try.

It’s excellent value for money and offers a lot of features with fewer brushes.


  • Complimentary color palette 
  • Natural texture
  • Nine different brushes


  • Limited use
  • Large file
Download Now!

9. Favorite Pencil Brush Pack by OnthemarkdesignFavorite Pencil Procreate Brush Pack image 0

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Best for: Sketching, Lettering, and Drawing 

This is another pencil brushes collection explicitly designed for shading and Sketching.

The set contains eight pencil rushes with different thicknesses and functionality.

You can even use these pencil brushes for lettering and creating illustrations.

The Blocky pencil brush has dual functionality as it can be used for thick as well as a subtle gradient.

The overall finish of this brush is quite seamless and smooth.

Then, there is the Round pencil brush, which is ideally suited for intricate work and fine details.

The designer of this brush has a customized Favorite pencil, which is an all-rounder brush.

You can use it for outlining sketches, shading, lettering, etc.

 The next in the list is the Large Pencil brush. 

The broad and bold strokes of this brush are perfect for filling in large pieces.

You can also use this brush for creative lettering.

Then, we have the Rough Pencil brush, which has a raw texture and grainy finish.

The 3D Shade brush is designed for shading, as the name suggests. 

The realistic texture adds a natural feel to your drawings and gives a 3D illusion.

If you want to give your drawings a finished look, you can use the Eraser brush from the brush set.

Smooth out the rough edges and add an opaque shade to your art, using this brush.

The Ribbon Lettering pencil brush is designed specifically for adding details and realistic feel to your lettering art.

You can pair this brush with the 3D brush to take the pencil-on-paper feel to the next level.


  • Varied use
  • Eight different types of pencil brushes
  • Great value for money


  • Better suited for professionals
  • Compatibility issues with stylus
  • No colored pencil brush
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10. Charcoal Shades by Sadie LewskiCharcoal Shaders Procreate Brushes image 0

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Best for Shading and Grading

This brush set is trendy among sketchers and illustrators, particularly for those who prefer using charcoal. 

The set contains 16 different brushes designed for shading and Sketching.

The brush set is quite reasonably priced, and if you are looking for an inclusive brush set for charcoal sketching, then get this brush set.

To give the real-life feel and detailed texture, the brushes are designed using high-resolution images.

If you want precision and finish in your artwork, these pencil brushes are what you are looking for!

The various charcoal shades are ideal for giving natural texture and smooth gradient. 

Using the tilt feature to your advantage, you can create various shades and gradient.

The most common concern is excessively large file size.

It takes up a large chunk of your storage space, but considering the quality and texture of these brushes, it’s worth a try!

 Another limitation of these pencil brushes is it’s only compatible with Procreate4 and advanced versions. 

To enjoy all the features of this brush set, update your application prior to downloading it. 


  • 16 tailor-made brushes
  • Real graphite feel
  • Reasonably priced


  • Enormous file size
  • Only works with 4+ versions of the app
  • Limited use
Download Now!

Final Thoughts

With so many brush sets to download, it is easy to get confused.

The above-listed pencil brushes are some of the most popular brush sets available.

You can explore more options as you get the hang of using Procreate.

But, if you are just starting to explore the app and the brushes, do give these brushes a try!

We hope that you find the ideal pencil brush set for your art.

Good Lluck and we hope that you’ll check out some of the Procreate brushes below, too.

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