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photoshop ebook template

10 Best Photoshop eBook Template Designs

By using options for Photoshop eBook template, it saves you the hassle of building a layout for your work.

Creating a short eBook can be a great way to build your brand, market your product, and increase sales.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for Photoshop eBook template available for you to use.

Many of these integrate seamlessly with Photoshop to help you write stunning material.

We’ve highlighted a few of these great options for you.

1. 12-Page eBook Template

photoshop ebook template
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This template is packed with a couple of extra pages and a different vibe than the 10-page bundle we discussed earlier.

The target audience for this remains the same – photographers, bloggers, artists, and other creative types!

A beautiful eBook can be created with ease using only a handful of vibrant pastel colors as the default scheme.

Of course, colors, along with text, images, and layout, can all be modified to suit your needs.

The overall layout of the individual pages is kept simple, but the combination of colors, shapes, images, and fonts is beautiful.

The templates by LittleSweetDesigns have a firm handle on the type of resources that creative professionals are looking for.

It’s impressive how much value is offered using a relatively small number of pages, proving that quality does trump quantity in many cases.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A reasonably basic layout
  • Thorough understanding of their target audience
  • Very easy to customize
  • Helpful instruction guide for a smooth process
  • A great way for creatives to promote their brand
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2. eBook Template Creator

photoshop ebook template
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First up is a beautiful yet simplistic template created by Eviory.

It’s a masterfully crafted product that focuses on social media marketing and brand building.

Still, it can serve any number of purposes with the amount of content that it offers.

The 41-page eBook offers tons of useful tools, text, and images to help bring your vision to life.

Each subtitle features a unique cover and a social media template included too.

They will further help establish your presence in the online world.

A nice touch is that even though this is a template, everything written inside is real content.

It’s a great way to find inspiration on how to build your brand effectively.

There is also plenty of variation offered so that you can customize the book however you’d like.

The customization process is straightforward.

Once you’ve opened the file in Photoshop, you can edit text and images freely with a couple of mouse clicks.

The price point is also a huge plus, with all licenses offered at a more than reasonable rate.

 Pros & Benefits:

  • Beautiful layout and design
  • Real content in the book (not standard Lorem Ipsum text)
  • Lots of options for customization
  • ‘Wow’ your clients with a professional document
  • Bonus Instagram content to boost your exposure
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3. 10 page eBook Template

photoshop ebook template
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This template by LittleSweetDesigns is a beautiful creation that packs great value into the ten pages that are provided.

The vibe and presentation cater to those looking to create an eBook for a more creative outlet such as photography or blogging.

It’s impressing how much is accomplished in only ten pages, as templates of this size often seem to be lacking.

The magazine-style is a familiar layout for most readers while still maintaining a unique and eye-grabbing appearance.

One important note is that the images in the preview pictures are not included with your purchase, so you’ll need to provide your own.

The entire file has been designed so that it can be edited extremely easily in Photoshop.

LittleSweetDesigns has made it more enjoyable than ever to sit down and create a powerful marketing tool in just a short amount of time.

If you’re hoping to craft an eBook that will have your readers eagerly turning pages to see more vibrant, gorgeous visuals – then look no further!

You won’t be disappointed with the combination of quality, professionalism, and ease of use – all at an affordable price.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Each page is well thought out
  • Tailored very well to fit a creative niche
  • Easy to edit
  • Sleek magazine style template
  • Excellent value for the price
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4. Workbook Creator For Coach

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This is another exceptional template from Eviory that works perfectly with Photoshop!

It provides all the tools for authoring a brilliant looking eBook focused on the rapidly growing field of online courses, tutoring, and coaching.

Use this template to create a workbook for your students or audience that will impress and keep their interest.

The Workbook Creator For Coach is jam-packed with content .

It has 90 pages which includes cover pages, charts, cheat sheets, schedules, case studies, and much more.

While many templates do not include the images used in the preview file, this one is bundled with 90 JPG samples!

Despite including a tremendous amount of features, this template remains extremely easy to edit as needed.

Online courses are a superb business opportunity, and the resource you’ll create with this template will keep you a step ahead of your competitors!

It’s exceptional value for the price that offers style, inspiration, and top quality that you simply can’t refuse!

Pros & Benefits:

  • A fantastic resource for helping develop an online course
  • Elegant and attractive layout
  • Tons of content
  • JPG Samples included using as you wish
  • A wealth of fresh and unique pages to explore
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5. Comic Book eBook And Graphics Bundle

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Shifting gears from the sleek and elegant nature of our previous entry, this template for aspiring comic book writers is a total blast!

The bundle includes an eBook that will teach you the steps necessary to create your comic book and provides a wide array of tools for you to do so.

You’ll find a variety of page grid templates, exciting graphics, speech bubbles, symbols, and crisp lettering.

While it’s already a user-friendly experience in Photoshop, having the eBook available to act as a guide is an excellent way to get the most you can out of this template.

This would be a terrific gift idea for a parent looking for a unique activity to do with their children.

But make no mistake!

Adults will have loads of fun tinkering and experimenting with this too! 

You’ll be getting your money’s worth with this template as it offers countless hours of entertainment and imagination.

Pros & Benefits:

  • An enormous amount of content to experiment with
  • The instructional eBook is a great guide
  • Beginner-friendly experience for new eBook authors
  • A nice departure from the more ‘professional’ templates
  • Lots of fun to work with
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6. The Cook: E-Book Template

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Of course, we couldn’t write an article about eBooks without discussing a cookbook!

Storing recipes in book form is a timeless art, and this template is precisely what you need in the electronic era.

You’ll find six pre-designed pages available, which you will be able to edit to your heart’s desire, along with a link to a downloadable font.

The layout provided is short, sweet, and a breeze to navigate.

This is an excellent fit for you if you’re just starting to get your feet wet in the eBook creation world.

It may be one of the shorter templates in this article, but that doesn’t stop it from being a useful tool and accomplishing precisely what is set out to do.

One important note is that all the images shown in the preview are not included with the file.

It’s effortless to drag and drop any image you’d like into this template and a helpful PDF file is also included to serve as reference.

Sharing your grandma’s famous soup recipe with the world has never been easier.

You’ll be able to do it in style!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great way to create a quick and easy recipe book
  • Use with your images
  • Lifetime updates from the creator
  • A basic design with fantastic execution
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7. eBook Template: All in One

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If you’re searching for a multipurpose template that gives you seemingly endless design options, look no further.

You can create workbooks, checklists, planners, worksheets, printables, and magazines with this template.

The only limiting factor as to what you can author will be your imagination!

It’s no secret that daily planners are becoming increasingly popular.

This template will allow you to craft precisely what you want in one.

It contains an abundance of options to let your creativity shine, and compose the eBook you’ve always wanted to make.

A step-by-step tutorial video is included for those who are new to developing their eBooks.

As one of the most inexpensive templates on this list, you won’t be disappointed.

We’re always happy to purchase excellent products without breaking the bank!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Adaptable to whatever your needs are
  • People love planners and workbooks
  • Video tutorial is super helpful
  • The low price tag with high value
  • The turquoise theme is light and fresh
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8. Canva Modern eBook Templates

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Don’t let the title fool you.

This bundle from AndrewPixel is fully compatible with Photoshop!

It has 28 pre-made layouts upon download so that you can create any number of stylish eBooks.

The templates have been engineered for a minimalist and contemporary feel.

They are for bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs promoting their brand.

The pages you’ll receive are carefully planned to give you flexibility.

It includes cover pages, intro pages, table of contents, and general content pages.

You’ll also be given links to the images and fonts used, as they haven’t been included in the download file to keep it small.

We’re extraordinarily impressed with how dynamic this entire bundle is – presenting dozens of different design routes.

This template certainly has a ‘swiss army knife’ feel to it in terms of the multipurpose tool you’ll receive.

Regardless of how you decide to layout your eBook, the pages flow into one another incredibly well for an enjoyable reading experience.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Sleek, simple, and beautiful design
  • Allows for a wide variety of creation options
  • A terrific amount of content
  • Tremendous value for the price
  • A modern feel that your readers will love
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9. eBook Fashionpreneur Coach

photoshop ebook template
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It’s no question that the visuals in an eBook lend themselves toward promoting new lines of clothing in an exceedingly polished manner.

The opportunities and flexibility you’ll find in this template will be virtually endless, as 52 pages are dripping with gorgeous content.

There is a bonus material in Instagram posts and stories included to further promote your business!

Despite being directed towards those in the fashion sector, the layout and design give the potential for a vast array of industries to author an eBook, which is centric to them.

Customizing the entire file is very intuitive which is a testament to the level of care which has been exhibited in its development.

The book’s flow is marvelous too, as each page seems to transition seamlessly into the next.

The Fashionpreneur Coach eBook is a beautiful example of a product that goes above and beyond to ensure complete satisfaction from its customers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect fit for anybody requiring a visual-based ebook
  • A staggering amount of content
  • Instagram Posts and Stories are a nice touch for marketing your new ebook
  • Smooth flow throughout the book
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10. Bright and Fun eBook Template

photoshop ebook template
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This is the final entry in our list and it certainly doesn’t disappoint!

CupOfZenDesigns set out to create a bright, fun, and simple template that can be used for a range of purposes – and they’ve succeeded.

The best fit for this product would be an eBook relating to self-improvement such as ways to develop a healthier lifestyle through exercise.

A worksheet page for readers to take notes is great for reflection and pairs well with a checklist page where one can list their current goals.

It is also a great use to design a workbook for personal use.

You’d be hard-pressed to find anything lacking from this.

You’re also able to modify the colors, fonts, text size, and the ability to move around the boxes, graphics, and images.

There are free fonts for download and a handy guide eBook is included to make sure you feel comfortable every step of the way!

This template is tons of fun to use.

It’s best whether you’re hoping to author an eBook for recreational purposes or require one for a more professional application.

There’s no doubt in our minds that you’ll enjoy working through every page of this ebook!

Pros & Benefits:

  • A fun, simple eBook which has been executed very well
  • Excellent fit in the self-improvement eBook niche
  • Offers lots of content without being too cumbersome
  • Customization is super easy
  • Use it to create a personal reflection workbook
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Final Thoughts

While it’s certainly intimidating to sift through dozens of different template options, the ones we’ve shared have separated themselves from the rest of the pack.

As the eBook market continues to expand rapidly, new options with different niches and focuses will continuously be popping up.

We hope these options for Photoshop eBook template gives you an in-depth look at the tremendous opportunity to create your eBook to build your business and market your brand.

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