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pixelbuddha review

Pixelbuddha Review: Start Making Your Website Stand Out Today!

This Pixelbuddha review can help you make the most of this site.

Pixelbuddha is a one-stop solution for every kind of graphical element required by the design community.

It is easy to work with and provides millions of free resources of the highest quality.

Additionally, it keeps uploading excellent and original content without taking a beat, which anyone can use.

Compared to other similar websites, Pixelbuddha is a mid-range performing brand benefiting students, designers, and professional developers out there.

The website has a global rank of 31699, with over 38.7K daily visitors.

If you want to use premium resources to make your work stand out, read our Pixelbuddha review now.

What Does Pixelbuddha Offer?

Pixelbuddha offers free as well as premium graphic resources, of the highest professional quality. 

The website launched in 2014 under Nikita Kuznetsov and has been around for six years.

Anton Astakhov, a web analyst, Greg Lapin, and Nick Frost are co-founders and designers of Pixelbuddha.

Pixelbuddha has a total of 45 employees.

They also collaborate with talented and renowned artists, designers, and developers all around the world.

Their website has a simple layout with useful categories highlighted on the main webpage that would appeal to the average person. 

Free graphic offering websites often concentrate on one product category.

But Pixelbuddha offers services and products in every class revolving around graphics.

Their collaborations allow them to present an extensive product range to their customers, a smart move by the website.


The freebies Pixelbuddha provides in each category are the main highlights of this website.

The personal designer teams of Pixelbuddha create their freebies.

Creating freebies involves scouring through creative market stores, the latest trends, and picking out items or ideas they feel customers would need in this era.

The team then customizes the templates by adding their aspirations and fantasies, which gives these templates a personal and unique touch.

They offer a vast range of graphic elements that include icons, animation, effects, fonts, templates, HTML, vectors, and UI kits.

Mockups, photos, sketches, patterns, and textures of impressive variety are also available free of charge to the design community.

Included also is the Elton UI kit.

It helps put together aesthetic website layouts and primary effects like font settings, icons, and mockups.


Pixelbuddha is renowned for its resources of icons and UI products, which are the stars of its services.

Their templates inspire those who visit their site, which is a major attractive element of the website.

They offer mockup templates in .psd format which can be opened in Adobe Photoshop and other such programs.

The templates come in well-organized layers that are easily customizable and effortless to work with.

Their catalog also has a few free high-quality fonts, which can also be put to good use.

Among the recent releases under YouWorkForThem, Pixelbuddha added Memento Shader Brushes for Photoshop to their list of products.

This set of 35 brushes allows designers to create different textured shading effects.

Web projects, social media posts, advertisements, printouts, and presentations are just some projects where these resources can be used.

Premium Quality Content

Every website needs to make some money, and Pixelbuddha also belongs to the same race.

Their premium quality content can be accessed for only $10 a month and $59 a year by becoming a Pixelbuddha Plus member.

Applying for a yearly membership makes more sense, as it only costs $5 a month compared to $10 a month.

Premium products include V Avenue Kit, Vanilla UI, basic flat icon set, Horizon Mobile UI kit, ball icons, original icons, and show and tell, which are essential for the design community.

The website only accepts PayPal accounts to subscribe to their Premium Plus Membership, which might be a letdown for individual visitors.

Pixelbuddha Plus members are exposed to the highest quality and most popular content.

They publish two new products every week which are received by Plus members through registered mail.

Pixelbuddha analyses every Plus member and offers them content based on their interests.

They simplify things for their members and customize catalogs for each member instead of overwhelming them with the vast archive available on the site.

The members also get access to bonuses, exceptional deals, and trendy exclusive design goods.

Comparison of the Different Subscription Plans and their Features

The Pixelbuddha website offers three subscription plans: a Monthly Plan, a Yearly Plan, and a Lifetime Plan.

Each of these plans includes access to a selection of graphics, templates, and fonts, as well as customer support and tutorials.

However, there are some differences between the plans in terms of pricing, the duration of the subscription, and the features included.

Here is a comparison of the three subscription plans offered by Pixelbuddha:

Monthly Plan

This plan costs $10 per month and includes access to a constantly growing library of hand-picked design resources.

The subscription includes a plain commercial licensing agreement, allowing users to download an unlimited number of resources.

The subscription can be canceled at any time.

Yearly Plan

This plan costs $59 per year and includes all the features of the Monthly Plan.

However, the Yearly Plan offers a discount of 50% compared to the Monthly Plan, making it a more cost-effective option for users who plan to use the website for an extended period of time.

Lifetime Plan

This plan costs $199 and includes all the features of the Monthly and Yearly Plans.

The Lifetime Plan is a one-time payment that gives users access to the website’s resources for the lifetime of the account.

This plan offers the most value for users who plan to use the website on a long-term basis.

In conclusion, the Pixelbuddha subscription plans offer a range of options for users with different needs and budget constraints.

The Monthly Plan is suitable for users who only need access to the website’s resources for a short period of time.

The Yearly and Lifetime Plans offer more cost-effective options for users who need access to the website’s resources for a longer period of time.

The final choice of plan will depend on the specific needs and budget of the user.

Pixelbuddha Journal

Pixelbuddha also maintains a blog under the Pixelbuddha Journal accessible to everyone who visits their site.

The blog regularly updates news of the design industry, which helps the category of customers that would frequent their website.

They also publish articles on professional skills and tutorials which benefit customers.

Pixelbuddha Journal adds to the website’s real oomph, and one can hardly walk away from what this website offers.

An experienced and insightful website, Pixelbuddha continually innovates its products and brings out new templates every week.

Overview of the Website

The Pixelbuddha site will appeal to anyone, whether with a technical background or not.

Their font style is comfortable to read and navigate.

They belong to the Josephine Sans font family, ranging between 32px to 16px.

The color scheme has three colors, namely, orange, white, and black, that look warm, inviting, and cheery.

Their handy design makes anyone who visits the site drawn to the exclusivity mentioned in bold.

The website is also user-friendly, has a clean user interface, and is easy to navigate.

Other Features of Pixelbuddha

The search option lies on the header of the website, which allows us to browse through their collection, display results, and download the free resources.

Minimum graphics increase the loading speed of the website.

The website only has one or two sponsored ads displayed on the main webpage.

Pixelbuddha has a safe environment, and they don’t direct users to any other website.

The resources displayed on the main page are collections of the most popular and trendy ones.

The collection of templates has download buttons and attracts visitors to the simplicity of it all.

The categories of their resources are highlighted below the images of the templates provided, and one can browse what is offered in each particular group.

Browse, get results, and download, which is all that takes to put Pixebuddha’s resources to use.

Clearing House to Sort Out Questions on Graphics

Pixelbuddha tries to address the significant questions raised by visitors and users, thus clearing every little doubt one might have.

They mainly have a FAQ site that lists the majorly asked questions and the answers to them.

This helps resolve trust issues that are a common fear among every person that browses through any website.

The website receives significant traffic from India and the USA.

Pixelbuddha is mostly sought in India, the USA, Egypt, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Pixelbuddha has accounts on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Behance, and Dribble, where they often post, highlighting their content.

These social platforms boast of the free content Pixelbuddha provides with details on how one can put them to use.

However, Pixelbuddha maintains a low profile on its SEO tactics, which might be why they are not overly socialized.

Though they have a low online profile, each template’s number of downloads indicates that they are doing a good job.

The website does not have any visitor or user reviews posted or shown anywhere.

They are trustworthy and safe domains based on MyWot, Siteadvisor, and Google safe browsing analytics even with no reviews.

This proves that the website is not a scam and doesn’t sell hoaxes.

Why Pixelbuddha?

It’s a common misconception that website building and whiz kids and professionals can correctly create animation.

Pixelbuddha has proved the concept wrong.

They provide resources in every design category accessible by any average person.

There is no need to invest time in learning how to use them.

One can quickly create professional and beautiful websites using the .psd files from Pixelbuddha.

For those who require premium and unique content, they offer premium content at reasonable prices that are worth every penny.

Businesses can also use the Pixelbuddha templates for their needs.

They offer hundreds of professional templates used to create business websites.

There are also free and premium mockups for product advertisements on e-commerce platforms.

One can also use logos, icons, fonts, typography, and other graphical elements for personal projects.

More Reasons To Choose Pixelbuddha

Pixelbuddha’s templates are both professional and unique.

One can use its templates as they are or edit them to make them personal and build them to match one’s perspective.

Their templates also inspire anyone who visits their website.

They also have a blog of their own, the Pixelbuddha Journal with articles by renowned artists, designers, and developers.

Featured Interviews on the Website

  • Jeremy Child, the design titan
  • Mats-Peter Forss, a digital product creator is running his website
  • Vadim Sherbakov, a talented Earth travel photographer and videographer, independent art director, author of unique mockups, and Polar Pro ambassador
  • And many other influencers and gifted artists

Sponsored Articles and Twitter

Their blog also displays sponsored articles.

These sponsored articles also allow users to pick up some tips and tricks to hone their professional skills.

Pixelbuddha is mostly active on Twitter, where they give ideas on how their templates can be used.

They also offer deals and discounts on their membership and premium products once in a while.

The deals, design, and graphic resources Pixelbuddha offers make it easy to create amazing and stunning projects.

Falling In Love

As a fashion technology college student, I am a fan of graphic designs and elements, or anything that makes my work look pretty and attractive.

It’s fun to incorporate them into my presentations and projects, thus showcasing my work in the best way possible.

To date, I have used their free icons, logos, and even a few mockups to create unique presentation slides.

Pixelbuddha offers something in every design or graphic category.

Their mind-boggling archives of free design resources make me want to work on my projects, which would otherwise be a bore.

Every time I open their website, I see new things pop up, which is just another example of how massive their archive is.

My assignments often involve logo designing and presentations on different topics.

There are so many logos in existence that it becomes challenging to create something unique and attract attention.

Pixelbuddha has solved my dilemma when it comes to this.

They have so many options to choose from, plus they are customizable which allows me to add my personal touch.

My presentation slides have also gained more depth and understanding when using the mockup templates available on their site.

After subscribing to their daily notifications, I receive great, new, free resources circling my browsing history.

These resources inspired me to explore and produce fantastic content.


Fun fact, they’re free and unique, and they are successful in impressing my professors.

Students like me are often on the lookout for websites like Pixelbuddha.

Pixelbuddha has quite a reputation in our college, and we use them quite often.

The website claims to collaborate with over 100+ authors, which is a bonus as we all need variety and uniqueness in what we search for.

They have done a creative partnership with Dasha Vinokyrova, a renowned watercolor artist.

This partnership has successfully allowed Pixelbuddha to add watercolor products to the list of the services and resources they already serve their customers.

Pavel Korzhenko, the head of Vintage Voyage Design Co., is another famous of their collaborators.

He has contributed to the fascinating typographic works available on Pixelbuddha and at the top of the Creative Market.

Freebie graphics, high quality, and creativity unleashed, Pixelbuddha is a dream come true for the design community.

Plus, they offer paid premium content on behalf of the creators who advertise on their platforms, which is a whole new world benefiting many.

The Pixelbuddha Journal has also come to my aid many times.

I learned from tutorials and articles by renowned professionals featured in the blog to help improve my skills.

Their website is essentially a plethora of knowledge and valuable resources.

Final Thoughts

I loved working on my projects, presentations, and assignments using Pixelbuddha. 

First impressions do matter, and this Pixelbuddha review can help others build those impressions.

With Pixelbuddha, designers find it easy to communicate their perspectives and understanding and create unique content.

Rest assured, Pixelbuddha is the first in the design community and might pave the way for more such resources in the years to come.

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