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pop art procreate brushes

10 Best Pop Art Procreate Brushes

Are you in need of pop art Procreate brushes for a project?

Or are you a pop art enthusiast looking for your next inspiration?

You’re in the right place to find both free and paid pop art brushes here.

Procreate is a fantastic tool to explore your creativity and love for pop art.

Here you will discover a range of new pop art Procreate brushes to add to your collection.

All you need is an iPad, a suitable pencil, and Procreate’s latest version.

So scroll down, explore your new brushes, and get started!

1. 51 Procreate Halftone Brushes with 4 Textures

pop art procreate brushes

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Designed by the team at Pixelbuddha, this brush pack will elevate your pop art.

Halftone creates the illusion of the ‘big picture’ by varying the number of tiny shapes present.

This is what you get in this Procreate brush set; 51 halftone brushes to create your big picture.

You also get 4 ‘worn-paper’ textures to present that vintage match-box appearance in your art.

Build your very own retro pop art masterpiece with a line, dot, and grunge style brushes.

Then combine with the provided textures to change the look and feel.

The pack comes with a basic license, and you can find further details under ‘description.’

Instructions are included in a PDF to allow for a smooth installation.

Additionally, you get a ‘cheat sheet’ to help you along on your journey to completion.

Proceed with certainty, and let your imagination run wild with this selection of brushes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Offers a large number of brushes to choose from for unique art
  • Additional textures create the possibility for realism
  • A renowned supplier that you can trust to deliver

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2. 40 Pop Art Brushes

pop art procreate brushes

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This set of 40 brushes will up your pop art game to the next level.

Designed specifically for use in pop art, you can find an array of brushes to suit your needs.

Whether you’re presenting pop culture or exploring your creativity, you’ll find a brush that works.

This pack has lines, dots, and more in various patterns and sizes.

You can change the width and color of the brushes to suit your artistic needs.

The only requirements to use this bundle are an iPad, Procreate, and a compatible stylus.

Nurture your pop art ambitions with a new set of brushes that will allow you to tailor your work.

When purchasing, make sure that you include your email in the ‘personalization’ box.

This will allow the seller to send your brushes directly to your email inbox.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Wide range of 40 brushes to add character to your art
  • Made especially for use in pop art projects
  • Offers a wide array of brush types to pick from

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3. 50 Texture Brushes for Procreate

pop art procreate brushes

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Blend your photos with ease into a pop art style with these brushes.

Many different shapes offer you the chance to personalize your work.

Reviewers say that this brush pack is easy to download and use.

This is clear in that you can instantly download it after payment confirmation.

A commercial license is also included as part of your purchase.

As a result, you can sell original digital end products in your online store or elsewhere.

You can get working and promote your art to others right away.

T-shirts, social media posts, YouTube videos, the possibilities for production are abundant.

Contacting the seller is easy through the Etsy website if any issues arise.

You can find the terms for the commercial license under ‘description.’

Pros & Benefits:

  • 100% 5-star reviews for this product (at the time of writing)
  • Instant download following purchase
  • Commercial license to sell original art

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4. 70 Dots and Lines Brushes by DiBrush Studio

pop art procreate brushes

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You’re looking at a Star Seller on Etsy here with this vast 70 brush pack.

Making over 19,000 sales on Etsy, you can trust DiBrush Studio to provide quality products.

Reviews are primarily 5-stars, so people are thrilled with what they get in this pack.

They also have over 500 followers on Instagram, proving to be an admired brand.

Included in the set is a commercial license, so you can use the brushes to sell your art.

Dots and lines give you a more tailored use for the brushes, with various patterns.

A quick response rate means the seller will get back to you with any questions in a few hours.

DiBrush Studio also offers the opportunity to tag them on Instagram in your work.

This could result in more likes/shares and the opportunity to connect with the seller.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Reliable ‘Star Seller’
  • Commercial license to sell original art
  • Numerous 5-star reviews are indicative of quality brushes

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5. 21 Procreate Brushes and 4 Textures

pop art procreate brushes

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Another great pack here from Pixelbuddha includes a choice of brushes and textures.

These are line brushes best used with the cross-hatching technique.

Cross-hatching is an excellent style for pop art, shading with lines to produce clear definition.

You can then utilize the unshaded space in your piece to strengthen what the shading presents.

As with their other brush sets, you get a “cheat sheet” showing you how to use the set.

There is even a guide at the bottom of the description on installing Procreate brushes.

If you don’t have one already, you may need an app to unzip files.

This is because this instant download will provide you with a ZIP file, and you’ll need an app.

The only limitation is your imagination with this Procreate brush set, so get drawing right away.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Quick and easy download with ‘Instant Download’
  • Great for artists who use cross-hatching
  • Comes with a “cheat sheet.”

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6. 92 Pop Art Brushes for Procreate

pop art procreate brushes

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At the time of writing, this pop art-centric 92-strong brush set has entirely 5-star reviews.

Customers are satisfied with this product from Irina Matiash, and you could be too.

Multiple reviewers state a “clear and crisp” result, which you want in a pop-art piece.

If you’re impressed so far, then you might have found a suitable package for you.

It’s one of the most extensive brush sets on this list, giving you a vast selection to choose from.

The set is currently at a 40% discount, so you can save big and draw bigger.

This brush pack is especially applicable to retro-style pop art.

So if Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe piece inspires you, you’re in the right place.

You get everything from backgrounds, textures, dots, and stamps, to name just a few.

Download now and get drawing with your new pop art brush set!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Huge pop art brush selection
  • Positive reviews from customers
  • Offers a significant variety of brush types

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7. 57 Halftone Brushes for Pop Art and Shading

pop art procreate brushes

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You’re probably looking to find the right set that you can stick with, so read on.

This halftone brush set from a Star Seller on Etsy will bring your pop art to life.

Star Seller status is a rare feat awarded only to the very best sellers on Etsy.

So you can trust that the product delivered will be of high quality from a top seller.

The set was released recently, in January 2022, so you’ll find it’s a very ‘current’ set.

It may mean that you will require the most up-to-date version of Procreate.

There are many ways to create the shades you want with circles, squares, and lines.

You can find download and installation instructions in the last image of the listing.

Additionally, there is a 20% discount if you purchase this with another product from the seller.

Please note that an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are required for this set.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Recently released ensures the product is up-to-date
  • From a Star Seller, giving you confidence
  • 20% discount available

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8. 11 Procreate Pop Art Brushes, Including Stamps

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Are you looking to make hard work easy with new Procreate pop art brushes?

This is a well-priced bundle of custom pop art brushes for use in Procreate.

Great for those just getting started or who are cost-conscious in their purchases.

You’ll find classic pop art dots, but also triangles, squares, stars, and more in this pack.

Make your colors jump out from the page by shading with the shapes in these 11 brushes.

Find the correct pattern for you by perusing through what’s available in this set.

This product gives you bang for your buck, with an additional four stamps to make your art ‘pop’.

If you’re having trouble importing the brushes, you can uninstall conflicting apps.

The seller advises checking YouTube for guidance on installation.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Low price makes this set very affordable
  • Extra stamps to add to your new work
  • Custom-made for pop art

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9. Free Pressure Sensitive Halftone Brush

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This free brush gives you a new level of realism with the pressure-sensitive application.

Discover what it means to be a digital artist when the stylus responds to your touch.

The dots are tonally graduated, meaning that the harder you push, the darker the tones.

This makes the brush great for adaptive shading and balancing against the space in your piece.

Best of all, this brush is free to download and install with unlimited uses in your art.

If you like the brush, you can visit Abbie’s folio and website by clicking her name at the top.

She runs a Procreate brush store called Uproot based in Australia.

There’s some inspiration here as she stumbled upon Procreate after getting an iPad as a gift.

Humble beginnings for this artist show just how far you can go with a bit of creativity.

So set about and use this brush today in your pop art creations, and don’t hold back!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free to download and use
  • Pressure-sensitive application
  • Halftone pattern allows for use in pop art

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10. 15 Free Halftone Brushes

halftone texture brushes

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This free 8 line and seven-dot halftone brush collection give you the creative freedom to explore.

Add a pop art retexture to your images or draw from scratch using shading techniques.

Whether you’re line-hatching or dot shading, you can be sure this pack provides all you need.

Included is a single-user commercial license to allow you as an individual to sell original work.

Type in the amount of 0 or more in the box, hit “I want this,” and type in your email.

You will then receive the brush files to download and install with ease.

Note that this brush pack requires you to have Procreate 5 or above for it to work.

So you’ll have to update your app if you’re below version 5 through the app store.

The latest version of Procreate at the time of writing is 5.2.5, so update before downloading.

If you like this free brush set, be sure to check out Christina’s other sets and links.

She has an Instagram page where you can become inspired by her pop art style in all its glory.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A commercial license allows you to sell original art
  • 15 free brushes give you plenty of choices
  • From a pop art-inspired artist

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Runner-up #1 –Skeletones

pop art procreate brushes

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If you’re still looking for the correct brush set, then this runner-up is sure to inspire.

There are nearly 200 brushes here, so you have a lot of choices to bring your pop art to life.

You can take complete control of the process, with pressure-sensitive brushes included.

If you want top sensitivity, that’s taken care of, too, with 90 brushes of this kind.

This vast and dynamic set will satisfy you, with halftones central to pop art.

You get versatility with dots, lines, and crosses to sketch and shade in the way you want to.

On top of all this, you’ll get ten textures of ‘paper’ and ‘grunge noise’ to fill out your piece.

Over 15 5-star reviews currently for this product show the actual desirability of this set.

Speaking of stars, the creator is also a Star Seller, so you can rely on them to deliver.

It would help if you had an iPad Pro with iOS 11 or above, a compatible stylus, and Procreate.

Full details about the product and compatibilities can be seen under the ‘description.’

Pros & Benefits:

  • Nearly 200 brushes to select from
  • Pressure-sensitive and fixed brushes
  • Additional textures add character

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Runner-up #2 – 20 Brushes by Visual Timmy

pop art procreate brushes

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If you want a simple but adaptable brush pack for use in pop art, you’re onto something here.

Developed with pop art in mind, these pressure-sensitive brushes adapt to your needs.

Included is everything from shaders to smudges and more, with variations of each pattern.

Alongside the brushes, you get ten bonus gradients to add character to your pop art.

So when you have your creative concept in mind, this bundle will set you on your way.

Included is a standard commercial license with the freedom to produce original art.

Whether digital or print, you can apply your results to sell whatever you see fit.

The listing also offers an instant download so you can get your new brushes right away.

After purchase, be sure to head to your ‘Purchases and Reviews’ section.

Then you can instantly download the pack and install it with ease to get working.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Designed with pop art in mind
  • Pressure adaptable brushes give you control
  • Easy instant download available

Download Now!

Runner-up #3 – 70 Halftone Dots and Lines

Download Now!

You get many brushes here for the price of the listing, so keep reading.

Seventy dots and brushes make up this package, with several creative applications.

Take your stylus, sketch with a line brush, and then fill with the dots to create a unique piece.

You can add various grids in Procreate to ensure your pop art is clear and defined.

Under ‘Actions’ then ‘Canvas,’ press ‘Edit Drawing Guide’ and see the choices.

This will help you get the most out of this pack by providing a framework for the lines and dots.

Advance your Procreate pop art endeavors by picking the right brushes for your piece.

As you can see from the cover image, the brushes were inspired by the pop art style.

This is an excellent benefit of this pack, so you can be sure you’re buying an appropriate set.

Whether you have big ambitions or are pursuing pop art as a pastime, this pack suits you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Many brushes to choose the right fit for your piece
  • Halftones give you that pop art look and style
  • Available for instant download after purchase

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Final Thoughts

By this stage, you will be in a position to choose a fantastic Procreate pop art brush pack.

With this choice of brushes here, you’re in a solid position to start making original pieces.

The possibilities are truly endless once you find a brush set that works for you.

If your problem is finding the right brush, there are ten solutions and three alternatives here.

Above all, be sure to let your creativity flow freely when you’re making your new pop art.

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