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powerpoint book template

10 Best Powerpoint Book Template Options

We rounded-up the 10 best PowerPoint book template options to save you time and help you easily create an elegant publication.

Check them now and start your download.

1. Fitness – Schedule Book

powerpoint book template

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I’m literally in love with this one because, as you can see, there’s a lot of help features in this book.

For example, it allows me to schedule trainings easily.

Training effectively is doing everything in order.

Like everything else in life, the order is significant in fitness.

Because of that, and you can now have a healthy diet, routines, and exercises in one place.

You can be a personal trainer or owner of a hall, who wants to open his clients’ eyes to be aware of the challenges in the book.

The proper performance of the workout is not just lifting weights.

It includes the :

  • Correct way of breathing
  • Time enough for a rest between the series
  • How long the workout is
  • What diet your client follows

For this purpose, you need well-structured guidance for your clients to understand .

You should also give them the schedule for the whole week.

This is very important to be able to monitor the weight they gain or lose.

Many people are searching for this type of information.

Not just information, but a best friend who cares about their body improvement

Let them be proud and happy of themselves.

Give them the best advice that you have from your own life.

Pass on all the good things you know as part of your mission to this challenging endeavour.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Train with ease
  • Schedule the most important things
  • Keep track of your diet

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2. Fashion Magazine

powerpoint book template


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This product is excellent for those in fashion.

This is because of it’s delicate and stylish design.

It contains useful shadows, lights, and background images for an eye-catching effect.

You can give your audience the fashion satisfaction they need.

This is how you can make them take action.

Catch their attention by the LOOK.

Creating your magazine can be a fun process if you know where to start.

This template will show you how to start designing your magazine and your text.

This has spectacular covers.

The template also ensures that your work will be optimized for printing.

The design here is suitable for creating a magazine in electronic form.

Do what you need to:

  • Impress with your fashion ideas
  • Turn your wishes into facts
  • Give people the value they need to feel great

A good magazine should be something that everyone will want to read and relate to.

This template can make your audience that they are valued as a reader and not just as patrons of the magazine.

Whenever something looks like this, friends talk about this to others, for one simple reason…

They are excited about it!

We always want to share with family and friends what we have seen and what we want to have!

We all do this, don’t we?

It’s because of this fact that we humans need to see something of quality. 

This template is also an excellent example of your desire to be inclusive of everyone.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Effective shadows, lights and images
  • Attractive
  • ‘Displays’ all your ideas and makes them look great

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 3. Elegant Book

powerpoint book template

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Black & White is always the right choice, as it looks exquisite.

No matter what you write about, it’ll always look prestigious and cute.

In some cases, it’s better not to have many colors.

Enough, few colors look more professional.

Also, in this template, you have free fonts, icons, and user guides.

Remember one thing with this template.

Quality output.

This is a simple design with quality and is timeless.

This one is for high-level people who are looking for value, regardless of the activity they’ll use it for.

Be elegant and unique.

Black & White distinguishes you, and make the others want to learn more from you.

They know that you are the one from whom they should seek information from.

No matter what your reason or purpose is.

To be trendy means that you know yourself well and you wish to progress in a field.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Elegant and stylish
  • Professional looking
  • Free fonts, icons, and user guides

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4. Cookbook

powerpoint book template

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This one is not just good looking, but it’s also beneficial.

As you can see above the page, there’s a wide variety of options that can help you customize the essential things about your recipes.

Ingredients, directions, and notes are on one page so you can quickly just look at it and start cooking, and all information needed is in front of you!

You can also put that tasty picture of the meal you’ve made and give it to your friends, parents, or whoever.

And it’s not just to help them to make the meals.

You can also create your very own cookbook.

After they see it, they’ll be pleasantly surprised by your stylish book and the tasty food.

The format allows you and the others, to apply step-by-step food preparation and cooking/baking.

The delicious cookbook output will guide you to the way of the real taste of life!

Remember one thing.

No matter where and with who you are, you can get to know your readers and give them what they want or need.

You can be a leader of the world with unbelievable taste! 

We wish you success with the creation of something better and helpful.

We believe that you’re on the right way to achieve your goals!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Very helpful for cooking beginners
  • All instructions needed are in one place
  • Cook with ease

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5. Vintage Scrapbook

powerpoint book template

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Make the most prominent photos with your family and friends, even more unforgettable.

This vintage scrapbook can be the perfect present for your closest relatives.

You can put your priceless memories in it.

Imagine writing something significant from your heart and immortalized with meaningful images.

Your kids, siblings and relatives will always have something to cherish.

Because let’s be honest.

What is family without these captured moments of travel, play, or a simple gathering around the table celebrating the New Year.

Something even more important, when creating a new family, it is essential every moment to be captured!

From wedding – to the birth of a child, from growing up- to the first day in school, from the prom, to college…

This shouldn’t be ignored or neglected, even just for a moment!

You can always open it and take a look at who you were in the past.

We all know- a person should never forget who he or she was, and from where he or she came from.

Let’s put order to our memories with style.

We’ll understand how priceless are the moments with the people we love!

Nostalgia is an excellent feeling that makes us think about what we’ve gone through.

This book will reminds us how beautiful our memories are.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Good idea for a present
  • Collates your priceless moments in one place
  • Vintage look

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6. House Guide Design Book

powerpoint book template

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If you are an interior designer who is searching for a template, then you’re in the right place!

Great designs of rooms and a wide variety of furniture can fit perfectly on this template!

This is good if you have apartments for rent or sale, if you’re an owner or a broker.

Know where to start and how to present to the house.

You can include interior designs for everything- apartments, houses, hotels, cafes, restaurants, etc.

YOU have to grab their attention with YOUR ideas.

Everyone needs somebody to point out the way to them.

You’re the person who can help them realize their biggest dreams about their place.

Because of that, show them what you’re capable of!

With this template, we believe that everything is possible!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Impressive covers
  • Best advice
  • Show your designs in a creative way

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7. Travel Book

V2 Ebook Template // 16 Pages Fully Editable Customizable image 0

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All the places you’ve visited are full of unforgettable memories.

But how can you make these last forever?

By making this Travelbook, you won’t forget the beautiful places you’ve visited.

You’ll be able to go back there anytime you want.

If you’re a photographer, you can show your work to others by putting the images into this book.

Present your great work in the best possible way.

Make people happy when they open the book and see what you’ve captured.

For ultimate effect- put some quotes or stories about your trip.

Write some caption under the pictures.

The most amazing memories, the most ideal date with a person, or the tastiest food you’ve ever eaten from the other side of the world!

Brag about what you have and offer other people to be like you.

Why should you do this?
Because to have such experiences is something compelling and can move people.

If you’re one of those who have so many experiences, think about those who want but can’t be in your place.

You can be a source of inspiration.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Share your travel adventures with others
  • Make travel suggestions
  • Display the attractive pictures you’ve captured as a photographer

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8. Guide Book

DIY 22-Page eBook Template No Photoshop Required Microsoft image 0

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To be a leader, you have to tell your followers what they need to do and give them essential information.

For you to be a Good Leader, you have to give them the information they need, IN AN INTERESTING WAY.

This is to help them process the information efficiently and do their work more efficiently!

This template suits any type of content.

It’s customizable and has a wide variety of layouts for all kinds of projects you might have.

Our brain memorizes the information better if there’re images or some useful stats added.

Just customize everything necessary, to make it more simple for your workers.

In that way, you’ll get real respect from them, which, to be honest, is the most significant thing in a successful business!

You don’t need design experience to create a professional and quality Guide Book.

For most of us, it’s hard to understand many things about the process of a business.

As their boss, it should be your responsibility to make your workers understand their work.

Moreover, help them perform the tasks that are most important for your business.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Communicate your rules clearly
  • Well-structured information for your workers
  • Makes a process easier to follow

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9. Welcome Book

T2 Ebook Template // 16 Pages Fully Editable Customizable image 0

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Why should you create a welcome book?

Well, if you’re the owner, you should probably know that for your guests, it’s essential to familiarize them about their lodging.

You want them to have a fantastic holiday, right?

We tend to forget that the whole place is unfamiliar.

Show them the most beautiful places to visit and what they could visit around your place.

Also, don’t forget to help them with the directions to some good restaurant, or how to get to the market.

You have to provide them all they’ll need.

They’ll be very pleasantly surprised by your thoughtfulness!

Help them to have a good time without worrying about these little things.

It may not seem important, but you’ll never know what impresses your guests.

They’ll soon repeat the visit and will be very well impressed by your concerned attitude!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Helpful and informative
  • Make a great impression
  • Get to know the needs of the guests

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10. House Guest Guide Book

Welcome Home Book Template Powerpoint Template AirBnb image 0

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It’s necessary to have an excellent first impression with the first-time guests.

If you’re a good owner, you should know this!

You can just imagine how significant is the role of a guest book .

It will be beneficial for you.

When the guests open the guest book, they will appreciate it when they find the appropriate information they need.

This includes, the Wifi password, map of the town, tips for an excellent place to eat great food, the ideal places for celebration, etc.

By the way, recent studies have confirmed that the information from the owners, offered in printed form, is not preferable, and the reason for that is simple…

The guests prefer to use their cellphone which is handy and more convenient.

That’s why most of the owners use the digital book for their guests.

You can also show your place by adding images or what else you can offer them.

This will include the pool or spa procedures, the bar, the club, etc.

Attract their interest and wait for them to come back again!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Collates all necessary information for your guests
  • Show everything you can offer them
  • Stay in touch with your guests 

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Final Thoughts

Don’t forget that the best leader knows what and how to do things.

Be smart and choose the best Powerpoint book template for your needs or objectives.

If you want to impress people for your business or for your art, use the appropriate templates.

Don’t hesitate to make your choice now.

All of these are for you.


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