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10 Best Prehistoric Caveman Fonts (Expert Picks)

Finding the best prehistoric caveman font for your presentation can be challenging.

It is an arduous task especially when it comes to decorative fonts.

The font reflects the activities and essence of your organization.

The fonts in this list are decorative font families and are ideal for museums or zoo advertisements.

In this article, we have selected the most creative and original top 10 prehistoric caveman fonts from the prehistoric era for you.

1. Flintstone

prehistoric caveman font

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From the well-regarded YoYoWorld company.

It took shape from the carved rock.

Rough spotting and blocky. 

Perfect for any ancient and Jurassic game title, museum poster, kid-related items, jungle and adventure posters, and some zoo road signs.

This font is carefully vectorized and curated.

Decorative fonts are commonly used in advertising.

Their task is to grab the reader’s attention before he has time to turn the page.

For this reason, decorative fonts come into fashion very quickly and become obsolete just as quickly.

As soon as a decorative font becomes popular and familiar, it ceases to fullfil its task of standing out among the host of other fonts.

And just as there are intersections of typesetting and display fonts, there is no clear border between display and decorative fonts.

It is always a question of the degree of originality.

When describing decorative fonts, a comparative degree almost always sounds more expressive, fancier, more oblique, more calligraphic, more parody.

You cannot speak about them in neutral words.

The choice of fonts depends on its aesthetic value, but it is much more complicated than it sounds.

Typography has a main role in the user interface, and the user spends more time on text than on pictures or videos.

All font parameters such as letter spacing, color and size have a definite impact on visitors.

This is why typography is considered a core element in font design.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High quality
  • All future updates
  • Easy to install

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2. Sapiens

prehistoric caveman font

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Sapiens belongs to Hemphill Type Co. in Falmouth, England.

This font could be characterized by its simplicity and crudeness.

It is ideal for headline typography and branding.

The family font that has a rough-edged style and evolves through various styles and becomes more legible while retaining the roots of its origins.

The font includes 5 styles that are designed to work together but also work well alone.

Another task of decorative fonts is to reflect the styles of historical eras, design trends, cultural traditions or, if necessary, create associations with the message content.

Some care must be taken when using decorative fonts.

This refers to the process of determining the half-questions, the distances from the letter to the lateral boundaries of the size pad in such a way that the whole text looks uniformly typed.

In typefaces, this is given primary importance.

In decorative fonts, it is much less important, since the shapes of the letters are often so original that it is difficult to ensure that all requirements are met.

Moreover, decorative fonts usually lack information on kerning.

This means that – this is the dictate of design – you should pay close attention to the spaces between pairs of adjacent letters.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes 5 Styles
  • Simple and Versatile 
  • Ideal for headline and branding

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3. Caveman

prehistoric caveman font

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Corradine Fonts company has created a dynamic prehistorical-art-font  called Caveman.

It remembers the prehistoric art in the caves when the human learned how to draw and to express his emotions and feelings through the painting.

The font would perfectly fit with zoo branding or some museum posters.

It comes with 3 styles and a full set of weights.

Many leading companies choose bold Sans-Serif fonts.

An important part of the perception of a font is what elements surround it. It can be anything from images to other fonts.

Different combinations can make the user perceive what they see differently.

The drawing of the letters of the font can be static or dynamic.

The more horizontal and vertical lines there are in a line, the more static the font is.

Lines and arcs that do not coincide with the horizontal of the line make the font dynamic.

All of these elements can be straight, diagonal, or curved. Italic style makes the drawing even more dynamic.

Statics in a font is perceived as a sign of calm and orderliness.

If the font has more straight lines than usual, for example, due to the straightening of ovals, then it will be associated with a strict order, brought to automatism.

This is great for sensitive facilities: precision manufacturing, railways, power plants.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect for Museum posters
  • Includes 3 styles and a full set of weights
  • All future updates 

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4. Hanalei

prehistoric caveman font

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Brian J. Bonislawsky founder of Astigmatic designed Hanalei.

It was inspired by the Polynesian style of writing and art.

This font is great for titling and larger typesetting.

The font is coming with all future updates and in three weights.

According to the latest research by psychologists, the correct font sets a person’s mood while reading the text.

In reality, the same word, typed in different fonts, will be perceived completely differently.

Besides, you need to remember the target audience for which the advertising message is created.

For example, business partners are unlikely to appreciate light, playful font, and children will not be delighted with strict, straight lettering. 

Handwritten and decorative fonts are not very suitable for reading online.

Not only these fonts look illegible but also this will slow down the reading speed because you will need more time to recognize the letters.

Fortunately, the Hanalei font is one of the best prehistoric caveman fonts that is made so that it is even suitable for reading online.

Pros & Benefits:

  • All future updates
  • Polynesian style
  • Great for titling and larger typesetting.

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5. Prehistoric Caveman

prehistoric caveman font

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Darrell Flood a passionate typographer created the classic Prehistoric Caveman font. 

The font contains 5 weights and has a full European character set.

This font perfectly fits for displays, but could be used as a text font which suites perfectly for Ads.

When choosing a font, evaluate the appearance of the font when used in different sizes and colors.

Estimate the outline of the letters, their individual elements.

Choose the optimal font size that will not affect the perception of information. 

Be careful with individual decorative elements of the font, such as serifs.

They can disappear at a certain scale, and the effectiveness of the type will decrease significantly.

Ease of perception dictates the contrast between the type and its background.

It is best to align the font to the left or in the middle.

This is how the font is perceived in the best way.

The font should be the same for everything, otherwise, he risks reducing brand awareness.

Pros & Benefits:

  • All future updates
  • Suites for comics and books
  • Includes 3 weights

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6. Natteravn

prehistoric caveman font

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Inspired from children’s quirkiness, fantasy and imagination, PizzaDude.DK has created Natteravn. 

It has a unique and creative design.

Perfectly would fit for museum ads.

It comes with all future updates.

For outdoor museum advertising, it is suitable that it is easy to read and contrast with the background.

If the advertisement will be read from a distance of 5 meters, the letters must be at least 5 cm high.

Don’t use more than three different typefaces in one ad.

The reader may have a sense of fragmentation of ideas, and he will not perceive the material well.

For the general target audience, the ideal size is 11-12 points.

If the target audience is people of 60+ years old, the font size 18 and above is more suitable for them.

For an ad headline, it is better to use a font size from 14 to 30.

The text of the advertising message typed in capital letters, is difficult to perceive, because of reading letter by letter.

The ornate font on a variegated background is also hard to read.

In fact, a person does not read individual letters, but groups of letters or the whole word which is very important.

Therefore, Natteravn is easier to read in printed promotional materials – the letters look more separate.

Different line lengths can speed up or slow down reading. It is necessary to pay attention not only to the type of font but also to the distance between letters, lines, etc.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Mysterious typeface
  • Perfect addition for your typographic arsenal
  • All future updates

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7. FF Folk

prehistoric caveman font

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FF Folk refers to  the class of decorative sans serif fonts.

Designed by Maurizio Osti, Jane Patterson and Ben Shahn.

Since the font is very versatile it could be used in various places such as sites or any museum brochure. 

It comes with all future updates and 3 weights.

This font made by Maurizio Osti, Jane Patterson and Ben Shahn, does not have serifs. 

If you have had any print design courses it has probably been said that you should only use sans-serif for your headline.

This does not apply to the Internet.

Web pages are made to be read by web browsers, on computer monitors.

And computer monitors don’t have the same good resolution as paper.

This means that when your readers are viewing a page with serif fonts on the screen, the small serifs make the text difficult to read.

On the other hand, FF Folk is best used for the web.

Also, it looks good in outdoor advertising, as it does not lose its properties when enlarged.

It is often used to get attention.

FF Folk looks good at a small size, but it’s better to use a serif for body text – it doesn’t get tired quickly.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Sans serif Family
  • Versatile font
  • All future updates

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8. Freckle Face

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Designed by Brian J. Bonislawsky for Astigmatic.

The font has a unique and creative design.

It was designed to be a perfect match for any museum or zoo advertising.

Freckle Face font is best used for the web.

This font by Brian J. Bonislawsky is good in outdoor advertising, as it does not lose its properties when enlarged.

It is often used to get attention.

 It even looks good at a small size, but it’s better to use a serif for body text – it doesn’t get tired quickly.

Speaking about font style, we can distinguish the following categories:

Thin styles (Thin, Light) are nice to see like a line drawing.

Such an inscription will not attract attention, if you do not want it yourself, it can be “turned off” simply by looking away.

Hence the feeling of delicacy and care.

Not surprisingly, these styles are prevalent in the cosmetics industry and everything close to the body, from lingerie to wearable gadgets.

Boldfaces (Semibold) maximize the uniqueness of the form, retain readability and add meaning to the text.

Therefore, they are used for emphasis in text, as well as in logos.

Bold is designed to draw attention to short text.

Reading them is not very convenient, but you have no choice.

After paying a lot of attention to a subject, your brain learns as much as possible about it.

Super Bold fonts (Black) create a feeling of heaviness, power and enhance the inherent qualities of the font, which were not enough weight to convey to more neutral faces.

Such styles provoke a quick emotional response, so they are often used: in games, advertising, show business.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Supports all future updates
  • Numbers included 
  • Fun and versatile style

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9. Prehistoric

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Firstly, Indonesia-based designer Rizky Andyno Ramadhan created a modern and geometrical style, Prehistoric.

Secondly, the prehistoric font is perfect for museum posters and branding.

Thirdly, it comes with all future updates and supports Latin and Cyrillic alphabets.

Fourthly, it is a font that lacks serifs and more rounded letters, so it looks modern, innovative, neat and designed to convey passion.

Fifthly, the prehistoric font has friendly, but precise strong letters that make it look great on mobile apps, as body copy, and in logos.

Sixthly, it is available in 4 different styles: light, regular, bold and black.

In addition, some typography experts recommend using sans-serif fonts for online reading because the quality of the screen resolution is usually lower than the print quality.

But as screen resolutions get better and better, serif fonts are becoming more “readable” online.

Moreover, geometric construction from scratch, contrary to experience and tradition, is typical of the 20th century.

Seventhly, the first geometric fonts appeared in 1920-1930 under the influence of constructivism.

All letters were built from simple geometric shapes: circle, square, triangle.

Most often they were sans serif fonts, or serifs were replaced by bars.

Today they are called geometric sans serifs and geometric slabs.

The ideas of scientific progress, standardization, simplification, inevitably led to the creation of a new type of font.

Lastly, a simple drawing can completely replace the handwritten and type-casting heritage, even the generally accepted outlines of letters (graphemes) can change.

For example, round O, C, D can become square and the whole font can be built from universal modules.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Modern Look
  • Great for museum posters and branding
  • All future updates

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10. Prehistoric Paintings

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Prehistoric painting fonts belong to the decorative font family from Woodcutter company.

This font is great for drawings and unique brand design.

The font comes with all future upgrades.

In this case, the letters are not written but drawn.

Lettering is an art form where each letter in a phrase or quote serves as a designer.

Each letter is created fully detailed and plays a unique role in the composition.

A perfect match if you want to show your brand to be playful, informal, consumer-friendly and artistic.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Compiled and Vectorized 
  • All future updates
  • Unique design

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Final Thoughts

Fonts have certain associations.

Thus, a round font symbolizes infinity, an oval one – innovation, a triangular one – vital energy, a square one – orderliness and reliability.

Decorative fonts will make the logo or brand creative.

Angular fonts will indicate the company’s openness towards the consumer.

Handwritten fonts will emphasize openness and friendliness.

Special attention should be paid to the color of the fonts, which also affects the attitude of the consumer towards the brand and company.

For myself, I think one of the most ideal prehistoric caveman fonts on this list is the “Flintstone font.”t

This font stands out for its uniqueness and variety of uses.

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