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premiere pro ai editing

Premiere Pro AI Is Here

I’ve dived into Adobe Premiere Pro AI editing features, and I’m here to tell you which ones you need to know about.

We’re going to take a look at what they are, how they work, and how they’re going to speed up your workflow.

So let’s get started.

Adobe Premiere Pro AI Editing Features

Text-Based Editing

First up is text-based editing.

premiere pro ai editing

What you can do is generate a transcript with AI and then edit the videos by manipulating the text.

You simply highlight a piece of text, delete it, and it will cut the relevant part from the video.

You can also search for moments using keywords and assemble videos swiftly in multiple languages.

Morph Cut

Next up is morph cut.

premiere pro ai editing

So, if you’re making a cut in an interview and you want to cover it with some sneaky AI editing tricks, morph cut is for you.

Using face tracking and Optical flow interpolation, it creates a seamless transition even if you’ve made a sneaky cut.

Scene Edit Detection

Next up is scene edit detection.

premiere pro ai editing

What that does is it uses AI to identify every time there is a scene change, and it automatically clips these into separate clips, which can speed up your process.

AutoColor and Remix

AutoColor uses AI to automatically adjust the color settings of your scene, giving you complete and effective corrections for exposure, contrast, and white balance.

And I particularly love Remix.

It automatically syncs your footage to your soundtrack, so you can keep the rhythm of your edit in track with the rhythm of your music.

AutoDucking and AutoReframe

AutoDucking uses AI to automatically notice when there is an important voice or noise in your video.

It makes sure to lower the volume of the music, so you can clearly hear what is being said.

AutoReframe is a fantastic AI-powered tool that allows you to automatically frame your video based on the aspect ratio.

So now it is easier to convert from a horizontal landscape video to a vertical portrait short-form video.

AutoReframe will automatically detect what is the most interesting part of the scene and where to focus your composition.

Final Thoughts

Adobe Premiere Pro is leading the field in AI editing.

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