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procreate 3d paint feature

Procreate 5.2 3D Painting Features Revealed

Arriving soon is the new Procreate 3D Paint Feature!

Are you excited just like us?

Watch our video now!

Hello my beautiful Procreate friends and welcome to this video where we will be exploring the most anticipated feature in procreate 5.2 which will be coming out soon and that is nothing other than 3D drawing!

We will be able to paint on 3D models!

New Procreate 3D Paint Feature

procreate 3d paint feature

Now, here’s a little teaser from procreate to get your taste buds tantalized.

Oh my god, this beautiful machine.

The machine is so beautiful.

You can see we can add textures to these 3D models.

We can pan around and we can move different light sources, maybe moving a blue light source.


That certainly got my heart pumping.

I don’t know about you.


Oh let’s just watch it again for good pleasure!

What else do we know about 3D modeling in the new version of Procreate?

Well, on the Procreate website they can tell us that we will be able to paint on 3d models with all the power and beauty of Procreate’s brush engine.

With a host of inclusive new accessibility features, plus full optimization for the powerful new M1 chip that takes Procreate to the next level.


I’m excited!

So they’ve got a couple of examples.


Next, here is one where they are painting on skateboards.

Now, it is fantastic to be able to take a design and instantly apply it onto real objects and see how they’re going to come to life.

It is an invaluable tool for any aspiring artist.

Now, this all comes down to using a new and improved iPad chip.

However, we don’t know how far back the compatibility will go.

So, will the older iPads work with the new 3D features?

That is a question that remains unanswered.

Procreate is tight-lipped on this, but we may find out closer to the launch date.

So that is the question.

When is the launch date?

Well, I’ve got another video where I’ve done a little bit of rummaging and I can explain exactly what I found.

Now there’s a lot of people who are just as excited as me about this. Here’s a couple of quotes from other fans in the community.

So now I can import my 3d models into Procreate and texture paint them?



That’s amazing.

Guess I finally have a reason to upgrade from my 2016 iPad Pro to one of the new ones with a faster chip. This is pretty cool.

So, thanks for watching!

Have a delightful day and Ciao for now!~

Final Thoughts

Just like us, I know you can’t also wait for these new upcoming 3D features in Procreate!

But when is the new version of Procreate coming out?

Find out now by watching our video on ” When is Procreate 5.2 Coming OUT?”

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