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procreate alcohol inks

10 Best Procreate Alcohol Ink Brushes

Are you a digital artist looking for Procreate alcohol ink brushes?

We’re happy to to tell you that we have searched the web and come up with both paid and free options.

You can create beautiful and realistic alcohol ink artwork directly on your iPad with all these options! 

After heavy research and testing, here are ten sets of the best Procreate alcohol ink brushes for you to jumpstart your journey into digital alcohol inks. 

1. ThePresetCompany – $7.90 Alcohol Ink Procreate Brush Set

procreate alcohol ink brushes

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This is the set for you if you want a solid set of smooth and textured alcohol ink brushes! 

This Procreate brush pack is a tight-knit, cohesive set that will help you create fluid and realistic alcohol ink pieces directly on your iPad. 

For only $7.82, this set by ThePresetCompany contains fourteen various ink brushes and thirteen gold foil brushes. 

You can layer these inks and add gold detailing to make abstract illustrations or embellish your existing works! 

Check out their five-star shop reviews to see for yourself! 


  • Simple toolset for realistic pieces 
  •  Dynamic gold foil options 
  • Reputable seller! 

Included in the Alcohol Ink Procreate Brush Set: 

  • Eight ink brushes 
  • Three ink splatter brushes 
  • Three ink texture brushes 
  • 13 gold foil brushes 
  • Head over to their product page to see some of their brush swatches. 

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2. Alcohol Ink Procreate Brush Pack, MyPrintsCollection – $9.47 

procreate alcohol ink brushes

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Whether an amateur or professional, this elegant set has the tools you need to create the art you want! 

This ethereal alcohol ink brush set by MyPrintsCollection includes sixty-nine brushes and is on sale for only USD 7.49! 

This is a great deal, and it’s also adaptable to numerous styles, from simple embellishments (stamps and frames) to full-on alcohol ink illustrations. 

The brush set has a beautiful capacity for detailing; just read the seller’s reviews, and you’ll see that this is a deal you can’t pass up! 


  • Great deal! 
  • Wonderfully dynamic and detailed brushes 
  • Includes a detailed guide! 

Included in the Alcohol Ink Procreate Brush Pack: 

  • Four alcohol ink brushes 
  • Two texture brushes 
  • Four gold brushes 
  • One monoline and one dust brush 
  • 38 alcohol ink, abstract, and design stamps 
  • Nine alcohol Ink frames and five gold geometric frames 
  • Two color palettes: alcohol ink palette and metallic palette 

Check out the detailed swatch sheets on the product page. 

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3. 140 Alcohol Ink Brushes, AnywaySmileStudio – $4.26 

procreate alcohol ink brushes

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This brush pack by AnywaySmileStudio is a five-star, best-selling product with one-hundred and fifty brushes that can create beautiful, realistic alcohol ink pieces! 

No matter what you’re looking for in a brush set, this offer is too good to pass up. 

This dynamic set of ink, gradient and glitter brushes is currently on sale for only USD 4.26. 

Did you hear that?

One hundred fifty brushes for only USD 4.26! 

You don’t want to miss out on this deal. 

It’s an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to dip their toes in digital alcohol inking or for any experienced artist who wants to add to their toolset. 

The potential for detailed, realistic alcohol ink illustrations is palpable. 


  • Bang for your buck! 
  • A reputable seller with other great products 
  • Dynamic alcohol ink brushes 
  • Detailed metallic and glitter brushes 
  • Detailed installation instructions 

Included in the Procreate 140 Ink Brush Set: 

  • 100 realistic ink brushes 
  • 30 gradient ink brushes 
  • Ten glitter brushes 
  • Ink, gold, and silver glitter color palette 
  • Silver glitter color palette 

Check out the rest of the brush swatches with the link above! 

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4. Alcohol Ink Brushes for Procreate – $17 

procreate alcohol ink brushes

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So many brush sets contain alike and uninteresting brushes, but that’s not a problem with this set! 

Suppose you’re looking for dynamic, textured alcohol ink brushes. In that case, this kit by Seamless Team can help you create various alcohol ink effects. 

It contains over 60 special brushes for your art and exploration. 

It was specifically created to give you the tools to emulate real-life alcohol ink. 

This set also includes metallic and gold flake brushes so you can add ornate details to your artwork! 

And don’t forget the five various blending brushes to get just the effect you’re after!

 For USD 17, try out this funky set of brushes and see what direction it takes you! 


  • Textured brushes to nail the minutiae of alcohol inking 
  • Dynamic blending brushes to make your art cohesive 
  • Beautiful gold and metallic brushes for detailing 

Included in Alcohol Ink Brushes for Procreate: 

  • 35 ink and painting brushes 
  • Ten texture brushes 
  • Five blending brushes 
  • Two dry ink edge brushes 
  • Three spray brushes 
  • Six metallic brushes 

Click the link above to see the detailed brush swatches and blending capabilities. 

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5. Galaxy Alcohol Ink Brushset – $15 

procreate alcohol ink brushes

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Are you tired of bland artwork?

 Do you wish you could embellish your illustrations and graphics with ease? 

If you want to create beautiful, cosmic art, this brush set by Muffin Elfa Art is an option you can’t pass up. 

It has over seventy brushes and two color palettes.

It includes blending brushes and realistic stamps to help you create dreamy, abstract alcohol ink artwork, whether for standalone illustrations or embellishments. 

Check out the product page for brush previews and read the raving reviews that show that this brush set is a versatile masterpiece for amateurs and experts! 

Wherever you end up, make sure you shoot for the moon! 


  • Ornate, nebular tools 
  • Create beautiful designs with ease 
  • Potential for calligraphy 
  • Patterns for realistic ink effects 

Included with Galaxy Alcohol Ink Brushset: 

  • Twenty-five dynamic brushes, including alcohol, ink, edge, fill, etc. 
  • Six gold brushes 
  • Three blender brushes 
  • 26 stamps 
  • Five splatters and six textures 
  • Two palettes: galactic and gold 

Check out the seller’s video demo here!

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6. Inky & Glitter Procreate Brushes – $13 

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Look no further if you’re looking for realistic alcohol inks to add some spark to your art! 

For USD 13, KJP Designs has crafted a diverse toolset of brushes and stamps, including fabulous glitter and metallic options to make your pieces pop! 

This dynamic set is also an excellent option for emulating traditional alcohol ink with its many ink brushes, blending brushes, and ink stamps. 

Beginner or expert, this set had such a diverse and capable set of tools that it is no doubt a blast to play with! 


  • 45 total brushes and stamps 
  • Eye-catching glitter and metallic brushes 
  • Beautiful ink blending capabilities 
  • Realistic liquid drop texture 

Included with Inky & Glitter Procreate Brushes: 

  • Alcohol and water ink brushes 
  • Metallic and glitter brushes 
  • Alcohol ink stamps 
  • Alcohol drop brushes 
  • Layering & blending brushes 
  • One ink palette and one metallic palette 

Do navigate to the link above to see their detailed brush swatches! 

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7. Dynamic Alcohol Inks for Procreate – $17 

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Suppose you’re looking for a toolset for abstract pieces, backgrounds, or embellishments. In that case, this set by Wonderbox Creative is a strong contender. 

For USD 17, these smooth brushes and Procreate techniques will help you easily create sleek and graceful artwork. 

Explore your creativity by playing around with various brushes and experimenting with Procreate settings to get the effects you desire! 

Unfortunately, the seller doesn’t go into much detail in the product description. 

Still, you can view the preview photos, video demonstrations, and reviews to see how dreamy the artwork made with these brushes is! 


  • Dynamic brushes for fluid artwork 
  • Techniques for getting the most out of your art! 
  • Easily embellish and create smooth backgrounds 
  • Includes detailed tutorials! 

Included with Dynamic Alcohol Inks For Procreate: 

  • 19 dynamic brushes for alcohol ink artwork 
  • Brush guide PDF 
  • Interactive EPUB 

Check out their video demos with the link above! 

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8. Procreate Alcohol Ink Brushes – $14 

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Do you often find yourself wishing you could accurately emulate the traditional effect of alcohol ink illustrations on Procreate? 

This brush set by Pencil Artsy could help you realize that wish for only USD 14! 

This brush set is made from high-quality scans of genuine alcohol ink on paper. 

It contains a dynamic and varied set of stamps, alcohol, and glitter brushes for you to experiment with and achieve traditional-quality artwork in Procreate. 

This is an excellent set for artists who know the subtleties of alcohol inking and like to experiment with brushes in a digital setting. 


  • Realistic alcohol ink effects 
  • Ability to blend and color shift ink 
  • Realistic traditional medium textures 

Included with Procreate Alcohol Ink Brushes: 

  • One alcohol blending brush 
  • 14 dynamic brushes, including alcohol ink and ribbon brushes 
  • Five glitter brushes 
  • 41 ink and pattern stamps 
  • One canvas and one paper texture brush 
  • One color palette: 6 colors for glitter brushes 

Check out the link above to see all the product details and brush swatches! 

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9. Procreate Alcohol Ink Megapack 2 – FREE 

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This vast, free pack of alcohol ink brushes is a great way to get experienced with the medium! 

You can use the numerous textures and stamps to create realistic alcohol ink art, as well as the metallic brushes and included color palettes, at no cost! 

A resource like this is too invaluable to pass up. 

Regardless of your skill level, check out this brush pack, as you will be returning to these brushes every time you open Procreate to draw! 


  • Free dynamic and detailed brushes 
  • Contains detailed instructions! 

Included with Procreate Alcohol Ink Megapack 2: 

  • 163 free brushes 
  • 90 free stamps 
  • Seven free color palettes 

Check out the brush swatches through the link above. 

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10. 43 Premium Procreate Brushes for Watercolor Gouache Oil Acrylic Alcohol Ink Calligraphy – FREE 

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Do not be deceived by the listed price! 

The seller ProcreateBundle is generously giving this dynamic set of Procreate brushes to all of their subscribers! 

This is a great tester product to get your feet wet, so make sure you navigate to the download 

page in the product description and here, and give the seller your support! 

The sampler set includes alcohol brushes from a set the seller has for sale. 


  • Free product from a reputable seller! 
  • Try out, and play with quality inks to create great art! 

Included with this set: 

  • 43 free brushes!

 Head to the product description and subscribe to download this free product! 

Download Now!

Final Thoughts 

We hope you enjoyed this deep dive into the Internet’s best alcohol ink brush sets. 

As you can see, there are personalized options for every kind of artist, no matter your current skill set or art style! 

We hope we have helped you find the perfect Procreate brushes for your alcohol ink illustrations. 

And we hope we showed you that you don’t need lots of bulky, expensive, and messy art supplies to create high-quality art. 

Good luck and happy drawing! 

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