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procreate alternative for android

What are the Best Procreate Alternative for Android?

Are you looking for a Procreate alternative for Android?

Are you looking for an app that can make design, painting, and drawing as easy as possible?

In this article, we give you 10 alternatives to Procreate for your Android device. 

Specially designed for people interested in art and style, the following list includes some well-known apps and some brand new ones with innovative options.

Whether you are just beginning in this design world or you’re more experienced, they help you create fantastic designs with different tools and results. 

These are perfect for you!

Let’s take the first step with these groundbreaking design apps available for Android.

1. Concepts

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The first Procreate alternative for Android in our list is Concepts.

Concepts is a free design program that also offers in-app purchases.

The downside is that most of the options are only available by paying a subscription.

Anyhow, if you’re just beginning in this amazing creative world of digital design, Concepts offers a free version that will help you.

It’s a great option for just drawing, doodling, and designing creative ideas with the use of a digital pen. 

In addition, it offers a huge number of brushes, pens, and pencils with an easy interface. 

These tools can give your sketches a realistic image. 

It has an infinite number of canvases to work in. 

Thanks to the layering system, Concepts is a flexible app that’s amazing for multitasking options. 

With Concepts, it’s possible to duplicate your work.

As design nowadays is based on collaboration, Concepts allows you to share your work with other users.

Also, you may download your designs in JPG format!

In the end, if you’re looking for a great and easy-to-use alternative to Procreate for your Android device, Concepts is great.

It’s a free and intuitive option that also offers more tools on its paid version.

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2. ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook

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ArtFlow Paint Draw Sketchbook is another amazing Procreate alternative for android for creating designs on a real canvas.

This app is meant for advanced users but also uses an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use for everyone. 

ArtFlow is a paid app for your Android device, although it offers a free subscription with a limited number of tools.

Get your ideas on track with more than 80 brushes, fill options, smudge, and eraser tools. 

It has a fast print engine that’s very comfortable for drawing and sketching.

One of the advantages of ArtFlow is its pressure simulation tool that brings closer the realistic experience on your screen, like in a real art studio

Moreover, it’s compatible with ultimate pressure-sensitive pens.

The idea is for you to leave the physical drawing pad behind and start using ArtFlow like an integrated digital art studio.

It also offers clipping masks for letting your imagination run as fast as it can. 

ArtFlow manages JPG, PNG, and PSD formats.

You can download your designs and share them on social media or just save them on your computer.

Whether you are a pro designer or you’re just starting and are looking for a straightforward design experience, ArtFlow is an amazing option for you! 

You can create, draw, paint and sketch in just one interface!

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3. MediBang Paint

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The third app we are listing for you is MediBang Paint that’s a great option for creating comics and digital illustrations for free on your Android device. 

Design apps that are specifically for comics are a particular niche for manga and other illustration lovers.

MediBang Paint has more than 50 brushes, including a Mapping Pen and a watercolor brush for coloring. 

It’s also possible to customize every brush with a variety of settings.

And what’s more?

You can create your personalized brushes the way you want.

What’s great about the MediBang Paint app is that it has very similar settings to its PC version.

You can customize your shortcut bar by selecting your favorite tools and actions for getting access to them in just one touch. 

It’s also possible to shrink the panels and tools options in the MediBang app to have a bigger surface for your drawing.

This way your screen may be super wide for you to create as comfortably as possible. 

This option also offers layers and layer group options for you to create in different panels.

MediBang Paint provides fit guides that can be used to create lines to suggest movement for action scenes in a comic. 

They can also be used for amazingly realistic perspective drawing.

Moreover, the app has an intuitive way of customizing comic panels.

With MediBang you can create your comic design by drawing lines in any direction your creativity goes. 

When it comes to users partnership, MediBang Paint has special collaboration tools.

With the Group Project Feature, you can share your designs and work with other people.

If you’re a comic lover and designer, MediBang is worth a try thanks to its numerous tools and simple interface.

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4. Ibis Paint X

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Ibis Paint X is a great free design app that also offers a paid subscription with monthly and yearly plans.

Thanks to its numerous tools and options, Ibis Paint X is one of the most flexible Procreate alternative for Android. 

It offers lots of functional tools like filters, fonts, and clipping masks, for both beginners and experienced art designers.

Between these tools, you will find more than 300 brushes, including the following:

  • airbrushes
  • oil brushes
  • charcoal brushes
  • flat brushes
  • felt tips
  • dip pens
  • and others

All of them are realistic tools with GPU acceleration that help you create fantastic works of art. 

Moreover, Ibis Paint X has a strong commitment to the community of users. 

It has a very active Youtube channel, with tutorials that are made to ease your personal experience using the app. 

What’s innovative about Ibis is that it’s one of the few programs that allows you to record your design process and share it with other members of the app community. 

The fact that the app is centered on its users, is great for you to take advantage of all the options the software offers. 

During your drawing process, you can add layers to your screen. 

This is a way to separate the sections of a design, as you can add unlimited layers to your artwork and prevent unwanted mistakes.

For using this layers tool it’s important to have a high hardware quality in your device.

If you’re a beginner in the drawing experience, Ibis Paint X is an amazing option for you. 

The software is very accurate and easy to follow.

It allows you to use a primary image as a reference or also copy it almost identically.

Finally, in the main menu, you will find featured artwork created with the application for you to get inspired and design innovative pieces. 

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5. SketchBook

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The next Procreate alternative for android is Sketchbook, an award-winning app that’s the perfect program to focus on your work. 

This completely free software offers fully customizable tools especially made for artists and professional designers. 

The interface is very simple and offers brush types, layers, blend mode, pencil markers, and more.

It also offers rulers and guides ready to help you with your professional art designs.

As mentioned, brushes are fully customizable for creating any type of art.

Imagine textures, the amount of paint, and many other details for your piece of art.

Make them true in Ibis using the customizable tools. 

You can explore a variety of patterns and colors by using the different layers that complement blending mode options.

The idea is just for you to focus on your drawing, and that’s why the screen is clear and ready to make it as comfortable as possible for your imagination to flow.

Whether you aim to do a simple draw or a professional design, Sketchbook is worth a try.

Lastly, this app has lots of personalized options for getting your ideas done on your digital screen.

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6. Infinite Painter

procreate alternative for android

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Infinite Painter is an extraordinary design alternative for your Android smartphone or tablet.

This app is free but the advanced tools are only available with purchases within the app. 

The whole idea of Infinite Painter is to get as close as possible to a real canvas. 

This app offers tools to paint realistically on digital support.

It seems like everything’s in its place and that’s why the interface is very easy to use and well organized. 

You can arrange toolbars to your taste and leave everything you need close to your digital pad.

Infinite painter includes more than 150 brushes and you may also create your personalized one. 

Besides, it’s possible to change the existing brushes and adapt them to every project you get on.

The software offers real paper textures for making the realistic experience even more extreme. 

The brushes also respond realistically to paper textures, giving your design the possibility to explore the idea of appearance. 

Other tools available are layers, blend modes, and clipping masks among others. 

Moreover, with Infinite Painter, you can make a difference by drawing 3D cityscapes with different perspective guides. 

There are many tools at hand for creating lines like Pen, Ellipse, Lazy, and others.

If you’re interested in breaking some structures, Infinite Painter allows you to experiment with different types of symmetries. 

As you can read, this app offers a complete interface of tools and options to create realistic designs with a high level of detail. 

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7. ArtRage

procreate alternative for android

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Another Procreate alternative for android is ArtRage, a design app that’s made for creating a realistic painting on your screen.

It’s a paid app that offers advanced tools, like measuring how much paint you want to use or how wet the paint is. 

The program has a desktop version completely compatible with the Android app.

Furthermore, this compatibility simplifies the movement of documents a lot as everything is perfectly synchronized on your different devices.

ArtRage allows PNG and JPG files for you to export your creative designs and share them with colleagues on social media or other communication tools.

Realism gets pretty serious with watercolor and oil brushes tools.

Finally, ArtRage offers Photoshop blending modes, several layers, and many other features. 

What makes it a great alternative for your Android device is that you get to paint with no further introductions. 

This makes ArtRage ideal for someone who’s not that familiar with drawing and painting software and just wants to experience it quickly and have fun. 

ArtRage is also a great app for those used to digital design.

Its powerful tools guarantee that the final work will look as good as traditional painting and drawing.  

Lastly, if you’re interested in realistic design, you must try ArtRage.

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8. dotpict

procreate alternative for android

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One of the most innovative Procreate alternative for your Android device is dotpict.

The app is uniquely designed for creating pixelated drawings, in other words, you can draw just by using points.

This very easy-to-use software is free but offers in-app purchases for getting more tools and features.

As other apps mentioned before, dotpict also focuses on the importance of creating a community of users.

That’s the way you can download your pixel art in common formats and share them with friends and colleagues.

You can start by picking a color and just design a dot image you like.

There’s a gallery available that’s made of other users’ designs. 

The idea of sharing your art in this gallery it’s great for getting inspired. 

Besides, you might get a like or just give one to a design you appreciate, as in a social network.

This pixel art app has a very simple and comfortable interface. 

Just pick a color and you’ll be ready for creating artistic drawings just with points.

This app shows many differences from the others we’ve mentioned.

Some say that less is more and that’s why dotpict offers many possibilities just by using a dot.

You can create beautiful designs with this innovative app and then download them to your devices and share them with the artistic community.

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9. Tayasui Sketches

procreate alternative for android

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Tayasui is a sophisticated but also easy to use design app.

Like others, is a free app that offers many more alternatives to the Pro options.

The payment is made just one time with unlimited use of the features.

Tayasui has nice tools that will make a difference in your drawings. 

It has brushes, layers, the possibility of Photoshop import, and some other super realistic tools available in the Pro version. 

You may also customize your brushes for made-to-measure designs.

It has color droppers and wet brushes too.

Some other features available are pencils, Rotring, marker pen, wax cake, and blur tool, among many others. 

Tayasui also offers to work with layers to simplify your digital designs.

This is how your digital canvas becomes a creation of different layers meant to collaborate and create one integrated design. 

Tayasui is a polished design app for your Android device that’s a perfect choice for those who have some experience in drawing.

At the same time, the interface is easy to use if you’re just beginning in this amazing world.

Take your art in your pocket wherever you go using the Tayasui app.

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10. InspirARTion

procreate alternative for android

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Last but not least, InspirARTion is a perfect Procreate alternative for android if you’re looking for a well-designed app and you draw as a hobby.

InspiARTion is completely free and you can use it on Android smartphones or tablets.

It offers a symmetry mode, a large variety of colors, several brushes, and templates.

It’s also possible to use existing photos as templates to study or to create your designs on your screen device.

With this interface drawing, painting and designing are all combined to have an easygoing and successful experience. 

InspiARTion offers a symmetry mode, special brush effects, a huge color palette, and the chance to use a photo as a template.

The variety of brushes allows you to create drawings, sketches, and designs full of different effects.  

This free Android app allows you to make amazing art and then export it, send it to your computer, and print it.

You may also share it with friends on social media through your mobile gadget. 

Draw, sketch or paint unique pieces with this uncomplicated interface that offers anything you need to get your designs on a screen.

Customize your pieces and save them forever using this graphic design app made for those who find painting a drawing an everyday hobby.

InspirARTion is a great option for you to create personal designs with its uncomplicated and intuitive tools. 

Finally, thanks to this program’s export options you can save your pieces for you to share your paintings with someone else or just keep them to yourself. 

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Final Thoughts 

As you can see there are many alternatives for you to enjoy creating and designing on your Android device.

All of them offer a variety of tools to make digital art very easy and with different styles.

From realistic canvas, brushes, and tools to minimalist design software, the idea is for you to get inspired.

And also to try different options available for your Android smartphone or tablet.

Are you ready to design anything you can imagine? 

Let’s start now with these amazing 10 alternatives to Procreate for Android.

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