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procreate bead brush

10 Best Procreate Bead Brush Options Reviewed

Make your artwork more stunning by using these options for Procreate bead brush.

These packs can be used to create so many different effects.

Creating lifelike jewelry on a digital portrait to embellishing illustrations of cushions will be as easy as counting 1 to 3.

Read on to find the 10 best options for Procreate bead brush you can get today!

1. Procreate Diamond Brushes

procreate bead brush
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This bundle of 45 bead brushes is perfect for those magpies who just can’t get enough of diamonds!

It comes with 9 diamond stamps, 9 diamond designing brushes, 9 random sized diamond brushes, 9 monoline diamond brushes and 9 diamond lettering brushes.

There is no way you could ever need another diamond brush in your Procreate collection!

You can use these bead brushes to make it look as though individual diamonds have been thrown across the page.

Or you can place them together to create the long ropes of diamonds that an aristocrat would wear.

Also, by creating long lines of diamonds, you can create sophisticated borders to surround your writing or drawing.

You can even create diamond lettering with these bead brushes, perfect for invitations to a glamorous New Year’s Eve party or for adverts for a new jewelry store.

The brushes come with each cut of diamond possible, from eternity to heart to emerald and everything in between.

This is fantastic if you want to create designs of jewelry on Procreate.

If you are a professional, these brushes are high quality enough to use for designs that you’ll show to clients.

You can easily adapt the colors of these brushes, so the beads can be adapted from diamonds to emeralds, rubies, or sapphires.

The set is highly rated by users, who find them easy to use and well designed.

The pack is $16.71 for all 45 brushes, which is a very fair price for such a high-quality collection.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Create realistic images of jewels
  • Large variety of shapes, sizes, and compositions
  • Can be used for lettering as well as drawing
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2.  Jewelry, Beads, Chains And Crystals

procreate bead brush
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This pack is great for anyone who is looking to create realistic and unique jewelry looks.

It comes with an incredible 60 different stamp brushes, each with a unique bead style.

They are split into categories including beads, chains, crystals, and other jewelry.

You can use these stamps for things including fashion illustrations, digital portraits and designing clothes or accessories.

They are also for designing furnishings for houses as well as creating beautiful patterns for posters, invitations, and adverts.

The brushes are all high-resolution stamp imprints, so you get a very high-quality outcome when using them.

They are super quick and easy to install and start working with.

The bead brushes are all different styles, from large circles to small triangles and more ornate jewelry styles.

There is also a wide selection of different chains, from simple bead ones to more luxurious looped ones.

Everything you could dream of is in this pack.

If you’re a jewelry designer or an artist who loves to create digital portraits with lots of embellishments, this is a fantastic choice.

A personal license for this pack is $7 whilst a professional one is $17.

For such a large selection, we think that’s great value.

Pros & Benefits:

  • So many different brushes to choose from
  • Encompasses all styles from chains to ornate beading
  • Highly adaptable and well designed
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3. Just Beat It Procreate Brush

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This pack contains a brush which is designed to create beautiful, beaded lettering.

If you are a graphic designer, or anyone who loves to design stunning wording on Procreate, this is a great brush to add to your collection.

With four lines of different sized and textured beads, you can write very original calligraphy.

Depending on how you use it, you can add a whimsical or luxurious touch to your designs.

The brush is easy to use and, with your Apple Pencil, it is easy to create different styles of writing.

For example, you can write in flowing cursive or you can opt for a blocky, graphic design.

You can also change the color palette of the brush, so you can use it to fit with any theme.

If you feel like making something very eye-catching, you could even use a different color for each letter!

The brush is incredibly responsive and is pressure sensitive, so you can create a heavier style simply by pressing harder with your stylus.

This is a great feature and makes it so easy to intuitively draw onto the iPad.

The designer of this brush is a prolific Procreate artist who has designed a large collection of Procreate brushes which she sells online.

At $3 for a personal license and $4 for a commercial one, this is a well-priced brush.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unique style for creating interesting writing
  • Highly responsive
  • Easy to change color palettes
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4. Opulence Procreate Brushes

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If you thought the previous pack was complete, prepare to be surprised by this massive pack of 36 bead Procreate brushes!

This pack is truly diverse, with so many different styles that you’ll be experimenting with them for the days to come.

There are so many different ornamental, bejeweled and luxe styles which can be used to create beautiful images of jewelry to stunning luxurious patterns.

This pack can be used to create interesting, unique writing as the brushes are very responsive to the Apple Pencil.

Brushes are broken into categories of crystal, diamond, pearl, silver, gold, chain, or steel.

You can find very ornate patterns in different shapes that bring to mind antique jewelry you might see on the Queen of England.

There are also more simple, understated bead styles which you can use to create ornate but polished borders on invitations and posters.

The gold, silver and steel brushes can be used to create chains ranging from ornate and studded with pearls to simpler chains.

We really love that a lot of the brushes combine mediums, so you can have a diamond and pearl bead or a silver and crystal one.

In general, the beads in this pack tend towards the ornate side, so if you prefer highly decorative bead styles, this is the one to go for.

The whole pack comes for $6.27, which for 26 brushes is a total steal!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Wide selection of ornate bead brushes
  • Very low price for 36 brushes
  • Detailed brushes with beautiful patterns
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5.Shaded Bead Brushes For Procreate

procreate bead brush
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This pack comes with 4 brushes that allow you to create different shaded bead styles.

Each of the brushes has a different shading pattern, and some are more opaque than others.

They come in a couple of different sizes.

Equally, you can change the color palettes inside the app to apply the brushes in any color you like.

With this pack, you can create traditional bead patterns by stamping the brushes in a line to create, for example, a beautiful necklace.

But it’s so much more versatile than that.

You can also use these brushes to create more abstract patterns.

Brushes can be used to create eye catching patterns on all manner of things, from stationary to birthday cards.

The way the brushes have been shaded means that it looks as though there is ink residue on the more heavily shaded areas.

This creates a super realistic look.

They have been designed very well and are easy to use.

What’s more is that this pack is a real bargain!

At just $3 for a personal license and $4 for a commercial one, this is a very cheap way to add some fun to your creations.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easily customizable to different sizes and colors
  • The shading of the beads gives a realistic edge
  • Low cost pack with high quality brushes
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6. Procreate Pearl Brushes

procreate bead brush
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If you want to create realistic looking pearls in your Procreate images, this pack is suited to you.

It includes 5 different bead brushes with different pearl effects including a pearl lettering brush, a random sized pearl brush, a monoline pearl brush, a pearl designing brush and a pearl stamp.

Each brush has pearls in different sizes with slightly different shading effects.

You can easily customize these brushes to create multicolor pearls, and you can also change their size.

The pearl brushes are super realistic, you can drop individual pearl beads into your images, or you can drag your Apple Pencil in a line to create a pearl chain effect.

The pearl lettering brush is highly responsive and allows you to create lovely writing in your designs.

This pack is fantastic for decorating wedding invitations, jewelry designs, fashion drawings and digital portraits.

It’s also perfect if you want to create some underwater inspired pictures.

For example, you could draw a mermaid searching for pearls!

The pack of 5 costs $9.93 and the seller is currently running a buy 3 for 2 and a buy 10 for 5 offer which you can take advantage of.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Create beautiful images of pearls
  • Easy to use
  • Write lettering with pearl beads
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7. Tangle Brush Set

procreate bead brush
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The Tangle Brush set is a pack of 4 different brushes that gives the appearance of drawn beads.

If you are looking for an illustrator style bead brush, these are perfect.

The first brush is ‘heart strings’ which are cute but simple hearts which can be joined next to each other to create a side by side chain effect.

The second is ‘mandala scallops’ which are an opaque semi-circle encased in a larger, transparent semi-circle.

This brush can also be linked together to create a cute and whimsical bead effect.

The third is ‘sketch blocks’ which are sweet diamond shapes with different shading and sketching inside.

The fourth is ‘heart on heart’ which is another simple heart style which looks as though it is connected through the middle when you place the beads on top of each other.

This pack is super versatile as it’s easy to change the thickness, size, and color of the bead brushes.

In addition, you don’t simply have to use them in a straight line but can create wavy lines or circles.

We love the light, cute feel of the brushes in this pack.

They’re perfect for adding patterns to designs including posters, cards, and adverts.

This brush set was hand designed and scanned in by the artist, so it really looks as though you’ve put ink to paper.

Reviewers are raving about this pack, saying that they’re able to find a new way to use the brushes every day and that they are super unique.

The designer of the pack, Jenny Gollan, has a website which shows you how to get the best out of this brush pack.

For $5.25, this is a well-priced set of bead brushes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Cute pencil or ink sketch style.
  • Unique designs
  • Can be used to create a lot of different images
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8. Decadence Brush Pack

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The Decadence Brush Pack is a set of 27 brushes that each create different beading effects.

This is absolutely perfect for anyone who loves to create jewelry inspired patterns in their graphics.

It’s also great for those who want to draw portraits of people wearing beautiful adornments.

Another application for the brushes in this pack is to use them to decorate images of luxurious interiors.

With 27 brushes, there are so many ways to use them.

You just have to get creative!

Each brush has a different bead style, from crystals to diamonds, pearl, silver, gold, chains, and steel.

Crystal brushes are very ornate and bring to mind old-world glamor, like Gatsby style adornments.

Diamond brushes feature styles such as a beautiful pear cut diamond to emerald cut diamonds flanked by pearls.

Pearl brushes are mixed between single strings of different widths to rows of pearls neatly aligned together, with which you could create a choker style necklace or a graphic band pattern.

The crystal and diamond brushes have all been shaded very delicately, which means that it seems as though light is being diffused through the gems.

This creates a dimension of depth which is super realistic.

The gold, silver and steel bead brushes have been designed with a metallic effect which seems to really gleam and glimmer.

At $6.27 for 27 brushes, this is an amazing set if you are serious about adding some beading luxury to your Procreate brushes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Huge variety of brushes with different effects
  • Creates realistic beading and jewelry styles
  • Incredibly good value for money
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9. Jewel Brushes

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This pack includes 19 beautiful Procreate bead brushes that can be used to create jewel effects.

You can create realistic looking jewelry or add luxurious patterns to your graphic design work.

The brushes include diamonds, pearls, rhinestones and many more.

They can be used as stamps or as lettering and calligraphy brushes.

This pack of brushes is super responsive and easy to use.

You can create beautiful images in seconds.

In moments, you can create images filled with diamonds and other jewels.

It is a real joy to create with the pens because they are easy to use.

The brushes can easily be customized into other colors and sizes, so they are highly versatile.

The beads come in different shapes, from hearts to diamonds and squares.

They are also nicely shaded, with some areas more opaque than others, just as a real jewel would look.

The designer is also very approachable and is more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Reviewers love using these fun brushes, as they can make strands of jewels or just drop a single bead onto their artwork.

Others are using them to create opulent borders for their posters and journals.

The pack is great value at just $5.69 for 19 brushes and you can take advantage of the seller’s offer of 2 items with 20% off or 3 items with 30% off.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fun and easy to use brush set
  • You receive a lot of brushes at a low price
  • Versatile ways to use the bead brushes
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10. Procreate Gemstone Brushes

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The largest pack that we have on the list is this gemstone brush pack, which comes with an incredible 75 brushes.

If you want to create images that include gemstones, and you’re keen to make sure you aren’t repeating icons, then you should go for this pack.

It truly includes every type of gemstone bead you could dream of, from delicate diamonds to large crystal droplets and emerald cut sapphires.

There is every cut of gemstone imaginable and because the brushes can change color, you can create any gem that you want.

This is fantastic if you are a jewelry designer who wants to create realistic images to show clients your bespoke designs.

Additionally, this kit comes with several monoline bead brushes so you can create long beaded necklaces or even draw beaded borders and lines on your images.

All the jewel bead brushes have been shaded in a thoughtful way.

They are semi-transparent and really look as though the light is shining through them.

There are so many ways to use this kit and with such a large number of brushes you’ll be able to create incredibly diverse designs.

The entire pack costs just $11.97, which is amazing value for 75 brushes of such high quality.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 75 brushes with very different styles
  • Easy to create lettering, lines, and individual beads
  • Low price for many brushes
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Final Thoughts

It’s inevitable that in this roundup of the best Procreate bead brush options that you’ve found something that takes your fancy.

With such a great selection of high-quality brush packs, you can start going wild with your bead ideas!

Whether you’re planning to design realistic jewelry to tempt clients with, or just want to create unique, luxurious lettering and patterns to adorn your designs with, there is so much to choose from.

We can’t wait to see the stunning designs that you come up with using these bead brush packs!

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