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procreate biro brush

10 Best Procreate Biro Brush Options Reviewed

Are you curious about the best Procreate biro brush that can help you express your creativity?

Procreate is the leading creative application that allows you to express your ideas on a completely new level.

Among the various canvases, stamps, and tutorials that you can find on the app, it also offers a great number of different brushes.

One example is the biro brush which has been a favorite among artists.

It appears to be especially loved by the users of the app because it offers different sizes and colors and usually gives the best realistic designs.

You can get Biro Brushes at affordable prices from various websites along with some that are free.

Below are the top 10 options for Procreate biro brush that will help you in the creative process.

1. The Procreate Office Brush Pack

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Are you a fan of sketches?

The first on our list of Procreate biro brush will be perfect for you!

If you are, this brush pack will for sure get your attention.

This brush pack will spark your creativity and help you elevate your sketch game.

 It replicates the good, old sketching experience with simple office supplies.

Now, in the era of digital designing, brush sets like this one, help continue that experience only in a more moderate way.

Along with the ballpoint pen, this set also offers you:

  • A mechanical pencil- a nice smooth-edged pencil
  • Highlighter- like the good old ones we all use
  • Fountain pens- perfect for line work
  • Gel pens- low/ high on ink
  • Permanent marker colors palette
  • Spilled coffee smudge tool- in the name of those spilled coffees in the office
  • Bonus two ballpoint pens- with a multiplied effect

For the best results, you need to have an Apple Pen.

Because of its versatility, you can use brushes for illustrations, rough sketches, or even art for comic books.

For just a few dollars, you get to experience the beauty of a large brush pack that will revive your ideas.

 Pros and Benefits:

  • Color and marker palette
  • Various different brushes and pens
  • High-level sketches

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2. Office Supplies for Procreate

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If you’re a person who loves the feeling of the usual office supplies, this set is made for you.

It is possible to keep that feeling while designing on Procreate, as this set is specially formed to look like every writing or painting tool you can find in your office.

Aside from the ballpoint pen, there is a range of markers that will help you in your creative process and add some colorful spirit to your design.

The ballpoint pen is the star of this set for those who want to feel like they’re holding a real pen in their hands.

Therefore, the ballpoint pen will get you the main design as we have the feeling of freedom when we sketch with our usual real pen, and the different markers would further enrich it to a more professional level.

Moreover, it will give the aesthetic look to your designs, while feeling comfortable using the familiar office supplies.

This set includes:

  • Ballpoint Pen
  • Drying Out Felt Tip
  • Chisel Tip Marker
  • The Round Felt Tip Marker
  • A new Procreate 5 brush, Office Stationery Paper Texture

 Pros and Benefits:

  • A feeling of a real-life office supply
  • Range of markers

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3. Ballpoint Procreate Brushes

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Next on our list of Procreate biro brush is made by .

This product is great for those who love how the Ballpoint Pen looks and are in need of good quality brushes for designing.

The 4 Procreate Brushes offered are nicely organized in one brush file, so it is great for those perfectionists who want to have everything organized in one place.

All of the brushes differ in shape and texture, so it helps you create various different designs for different occasions.

Those who work in social media would maybe get the most use of it as it offers precise hand movement while writing.

In addition, those who work with calligraphy will especially appreciate these ballpoint brushes.

The 4 monoline brushes that you can find are perfect for rough-sketch illustrations as well as for simple lettering.

Maybe these brushes will help you get your best signature which you’ll be famous for, so you’ll be forever thankful for choosing them.

It is important to know that it is only available for those who own an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and of course the Procreate App.

Pros and Benefits:

  • 4 Procreate Brushes in one file
  • 12 Handmade Brush Textures
  • A helpful PDF Installation Guide

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4. Procreate Ballpoint Brush Set

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If you are looking for one set that could do the job instead of using dozens of different brushes, then this is it.

This brush set offers various different brushes that could elevate your drawing and illustration of a human face, clothes, silhouette art, and everything that your creative mind can come up with.

Imagine what a beautiful face you could draw with all of the magnificent realistic features a human possesses, or how you could present even the tiniest stitch on a blanket you could design.

 Aside from the Ballpoint Brush, the set also offers:

  •  Chalk Brush Set
  •  Procreate Stamps
  •  Guide Brushes

It works best for an iPad, and the Apple Pen would get the most use of the brushes.

The Ballpoint Brush Set helps you set the tiniest details, as every brush has its own purpose and when you mix chalk with a ballpoint pen, you get something totally unexpected and different from every other design.

Nobody wants to get messy and dirty with all the chalk dust, so why not use the clean digital version?

And for sure, with that combination, a successful presentation is guaranteed in the end.

Pros and Benefits:

  •  Great for detail-oriented drawing
  •  A mix of ballpoint pens and chalk brushes
  •  Procreate stamps for easier designing

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5. Procreate Brushes: Realistic Ballpoint Pen

procreate biro brush

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Wondering if your designs can feel real-like?

These realistic ballpoint brushes are proof that it is possible.

If you are a fan of the traditional ways of designing, you’ll love these brushes.

The 5 Ballpoint Pen brushes will help you finish your art while feeling like you have drawn on real paper.

For the most realistic result, it is recommended to use the brushes at a medium size and with a 100% opacity.

Together with the 5 brushes, you can also find one color palette with 16 swatches, so everything you design can be enriched with some vibrant colors.

For those who need extra inspiration, this set offers 4 backgrounds that paired with the specter of colors, will give you a masterpiece.

Please note that these brushes and the palette can be used only on iPad.

For bigger support and help, you are also provided with a tutorial on how to install the brushes on Procreate.

 Pros and Benefits:

  • Life-like designs
  • Five Ballpoint Pen Brushes
  • Four Paper Backgrounds

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6. Standard Procreate Ink Pen Brushes

procreate biro brush

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Do you know that feeling of touching the pages of the old comic books, their texture?

And, the excitement when you list through the pages looking at every picture with amazement?

If you are into vintage comic books, and you strive to get one on Procreate, then these brushes will help you achieve that look in a more moderate way.

These brushes were designed to help you get the retro look and get the effects of ink bleed.

Each brush has been custom made to differentiate itself from the rest of the brushes on Procreate and all of the brushes have been optimized to be used with an Apple Pen.

The kit has been designed with the idea of diversity and possesses a great range of visual tones in order to satisfy everyone’s wishes.

As you could choose whether you want to do calligraphy, or drawing, maybe just sketching, you can also choose the type of the brush pen according to your ideas and expectations.

This set would help you connect the vintage retro look with modern life.

The brush set includes:

  • Eleven Procreate vintage comic ink brushes.
  • Six ink spray stamp brushes.
  • Go-to brushes: classic ink, dry ink, wet ink, liner brush, fountain pen, runny inker.
  • A PDF reference guide
  • A PDF installation guide

Whether you are a professional designer or you just do it as a hobby, this set is a must-have.

 Pros and Benefits:

  • Has a PDF reference and installation guides
  • Replicate the retro look
  • Various pen types

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7. The Procreate Ballpoint Box

procreate biro brush

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This box is perfect for those who enjoy some cute little moments and are a fan of brushes that emulate pen marks.

Therefore, this box of 9 Procreate brushes would step up your designing process as it would help you get that Japanese drawing style.

Which is something completely different from what the rest of the tools could offer.

No matter if you are a professional or if you do it only for fun, you can use this box to create cute little illustrations.

These brushes will save you some valuable time, as they are really easy to use and combine with the markers, so all you need is just one touch away.

You could use those illustrations or sketches for children’s books, maybe a book cover or some game application.

The box offers additional different colors which are helpful if you aim for innocent, cute designs or maybe if you want to spice up your usual designs.

Simply said, they are pretty useful to add some freshness to your usual drawings.

Note that it would be best to use an Apple Pen.

Pros and Benefits:

  • 9 Procreate brushes
  • Useful for Japanese drawing style
  • Colorful pen marks

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8. Modern Ink for Procreate

procreate biro brush

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Modern Ink provides you with a handful of brushes that could ease your designing process.

The name itself is proof that all of the modern goods are collected in one place, only for you.

It is a valuable set every artist should have.

If you’re into the logo design, social media, or package designs, this set would be especially helpful as it offers:

  • 4 Ballpoint Pen Procreate Brushes
  • 36 Abstract Acrylic Brushes
  • 2 Texture Procreate Brushes
  • Procreate Brush Installation Guide
  • AL & EPS Version of all 36 Shapes and 2 Textures
  • Transparent PNG files of those 36 shapes and 2 textures
  • Salted Ink- A hand-painted SVG typeface with authentic, preserved texture.

All of these would make your logo design a hundred times better and those 36 acrylic brushes in a combination with the ballpoint pen would give you something never seen before.

The trendy modern shapes for packaging and branding, combined with the hand-painted SVG typefaces will result in a high-level, modern design.

In order to use this set, you need to own an iPad Pro together with an Apple Pencil and install the latest version of Procreate.

The guide would help you install the set even if you are not professionally dealing with designing.

Having so much choice of colors and brushes and pens just opens the door for creativity, because we all know that we need some extra inspiration when it comes to logo designing.

All of the hand-painted items that the designer can create with these brushes will have authentic brush textures.

Pros and Benefits:

  • 36 Abstract Acrylic Brushes aside from the Ballpoint Pen
  • Brush Installation Guide
  • Specially designed for logo designing

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9. Ballpoint Pen- Procreate Brush

procreate biro brush

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Second to the last on our list of Procreate biro brush is made by Sadie Lewandowski.

On the note of free ballpoint pen brushes, this one is a great choice for those who like the feel of a real pen.

As it behaves like a real pen, you have to build up your darks with pen pressure especially if you want to get that realistic portrait look.

You know how sometimes it’s a bit difficult to get the right color for the hair of your portrait or to get the precise lines of the eyebrows?

Well, looks like this pen is designed especially for that purpose.

If you decide to try it, here are some tips to help you:

  • Use the smaller sizes of the brush so you could get those thin, precise lines.
  • Try to work on the same layer a few times to get that luminescent brush blending mode.

This pen is especially useful for portrait designs or some abstract designs in which you could take the most advantage of the real pen tip and the chance for layering.

Those who have installed Procreate 4 or any above that, shouldn’t miss the opportunity.

This pen would be useful for beginners as it could teach them to be precise, and it would elevate the work of professionals by offering so many possibilities with just one pen.

Art is about trying and exploring and creating; all while we feel safe and comfortable.

And if comfortable means using a familiar tool, like this pen, then our art will flourish.

Pros and Benefits:

  • Real-life pen tip
  • Great for layering
  • Precise pen tip

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10. BIC Ballpoint Pen Brush

procreate biro brush

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The last on our list of Procreate biro brush is absolutely free!

The other great option you could get for free is this BIC Ballpoint pen brush.

One of the favorite brushes for sketching for many artists is this BIC Ballpoint pen because it looks just like the standard BIC Crystal Ballpoint Pen.

It takes you back to your school days when you were constantly sketching something in your notebooks with these pens, or when you were writing love letters to your crush.

Just like that, this BIC Ballpoint pen allows you to sketch or write every little detail that could come to your mind, and it would make it feel life-like.

Aside from the nostalgia, this pen offers a corresponding color palette with all the colors the standard pen has- black, blue, red, and green.

So, sketching red hearts now would be easier, or even quick illustrations of some red flowers for your girl.

Love and illustrations?

Perfect combination.

A tip for your design to look as realistic as possible is to adjust the opacity slider to 65 % and to keep the brush size small.

Having that in mind, the pressure sensitivity would work best with an Apple Pen.

Pros and Benefits:

  • Corresponding palette
  •  Looks like the standard BIC Crystal Ballpoint Pen
  •  Perfect for writing and sketching

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Final Thoughts

Artists and professional designers are always in need of new and creative tools that would take their work to a higher level.

All of these brushes can better your designs and even convince you to try something new next time.

Every art is immortal; it stays forever whether in the eyes of the designer or in the eyes of the viewer.

And that art deserves the best resources and the best chance to shine.

So, choose your brush, give it a try and watch yourself create magic.

And you will surely find what’s best for you with these 10 Procreate biro brush.

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