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procreate brushes calligraphy

10 Best Procreate Calligraphy Brushes (Free and Paid Options)

Try our Procreate brushes calligraphy to inject a new style in your artwork.

We all know that beautifully written and designed letters make your art project stand out; whether it’s a logo, Instagram story, or a sign on a T-shirt.

Calligraphy and lettering mostly depend on the artist’s skills, but tools can help the process, too.

If you love lettering and want to try digital calligraphy, then this article will point you to the direction of the right tools for this task.

There are ten Procreate brushes calligraphy described in this article, and they are the best options in the market.

All of them are compatible with the Procreate app on the iPad only. 

1. Watercolor Lettering Brushes

procreate brushes calligraphy
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If you love paintings made with watercolor and would like to add this effect to your calligraphy, then these Watercolor Lettering Brushes are perfect for you. 

There are 26 pressure-sensitive brushes in this set. 

Among these brushes, you’ll find water stains and ink bleeds that are helpful with creating a realistic watercolor effect.

And the textured background will also help you achieve lifelike results. 

If you are new to Procreate brushes or watercolor lettering, you’ll find a short how-to guide included in this set useful. 

The guide written by the creator of the kit contains instructions on how to use these brushes, and they are easy to follow.

This set is compatible with the Procreate app and won’t work with any other photo editing software.

You can check an article made by Creative Market that explains how to add the brushes to your Procreate here.

The creator of this set, Tiny Cactus Design, a.k.a Lindsay Gergen, specializes in calligraphy and lettering, and you can follow her on Instagram to get tips and ideas for your artwork.

With this set made by Lindsay, any letter you create will look mesmerizing and gorgeous. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Includes 26 watercolor brushes
  • Pressure-sensitive brushes
  • Comes with a guide
  • Includes one watercolor background
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2. Neon Procreate Brush Kit

procreate brushes calligraphy
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Do you love neon signs and would love to create letters with this effect?

Then you should check out this Neon Procreate Brush Kit.

There are 16 brushes in this set – 12 lettering, three light pen, and one effects brushes. 

Those 12 lettering brushes have different styles, but all can produce a neon effect without your adjusting them.

The creator of this kit, Mila Garret, also included instructions on how to enhance the neon effect of these brushes.

Apart from the brushes and instructions, you’ll receive 19 backgrounds that you can use for your lettering artwork.

You can also use those three light pen brushes to write an inspirational quote or anything else on a picture.  

For the neon effect, you have to choose bright colors, but Mila did the work for you and assembled a palette that consists of 30 colors suitable for this purpose. 

The backgrounds’ file format is JPG, and it works with every software, but the brushes and colors come in files that are only compatible with Procreate – .brush and .swatches. 

Mila loves calligraphy herself, and that’s why she offers various calligraphy brushes for Procreate in her Creative Market shop.

You’ll love using these neon brushes to create letters, as everything you write will be eye-catching. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Includes 16 brushes in total
  • Tutorial on neon effect
  • Comes with 19 backgrounds
  • 30 ready-to-use color swatches
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3. Glitter and Foil Kit for Procreate

procreate brushes calligraphy
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This Glitter and Foil Kit for Procreate is worth considering if you want to create shiny, sparkling letters on your iPad.

There are 48 brushes included in this set – 11 shape, 21 confetti, and 16 effect brushes.

These 16 effect brushes are Glitter Textured, Glitter, Colored Glitter, Glitter Outline, Glitter Dust, Colored Glitter Dust, Foil Textured, Glitter Spray, Blurred Glitter, Flecks, Dense Flecks, Glitter Sparks, and more. 

Aside from the brushes, you’ll also receive 33 textures – nine glitter textures, 16 foil textures, and eight backgrounds.

The creator of this set, Nicole Mauloni, a.k.a iPad Calligraphy, also added two extra items – 18 floral stamp brushes and one color palette with 30 swatches.

All brushes and swatches come in files that are only compatible with the Procreate app on the iPad. 

The textures, however, come in PNG format that you can use in any photo editing software.

This pack also offers you a reference sheet, an installation guide, and a tutorial on how to use the brushes. 

Nicole also uploaded a video on Youtube in which she shows every element this set contains and how to use them.  

If you’d like to receive a free Procreate brush and some practice sheets from Nicole, you can subscribe to her website. 

Whether you’re buying this set for calligraphy or any other artwork, it’s worth the purchase, and you’ll love all the drawings you create with it.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Includes 48 brushes
  • A color palette with 30 swatches
  • 33 textures
  • Installation instructions
  • A tutorial
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4. Parallel Pen Brush For Procreate 

procreate brushes calligraphy
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Do you love doing calligraphy with a Pilot Parallel Pen, but you can’t seem to find a Procreate brush that can produce the same effect?

Then you should check out this Parallel Pen Brush for Procreate.

Its creator, Furkan Altun, a.k.a LettersByFurkan, has been practicing calligraphy for over ten years, and for the last three years, he’s been drawing on iPad.  

He couldn’t find a brush that could mimic the Pilot Parallel Pen, so he decided to create one.

You’ll receive 26 brushes in total, including pressure-sensitive and parallel pen brushes. 

All the brushes come in one .brushset file format that’s compatible only with the Procreate app on the iPad.

If you have trouble installing the brushes, you can check this article for step-by-step instructions.

This set offers you a wide variety of parallel pen brushes, but you haven’t heard the best part yet.

The whole set costs only $1!

So it’s affordable, useful, and you’ll finally be able to create those sharp lines without having to improvise. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • 26 brushes in total
  • Includes 13 pressure-sensitive brushes
  • Includes 13 parallel pens
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5. Calligraphy Nibs Procreate Brushes

procreate brushes calligraphy
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If you are used to doing calligraphy with a real-life pointed pen, then these Calligraphy Nibs Procreate Brushes will help your transition to digital lettering.

This pack offers you seven brushes that are perfect for flourishing and modern-style calligraphy.

These brushes include one monoline dip, three fine point pens, and three thick nibs pens.

The fine point and thick nibs brushes have different textures – smooth stroke, scratchy nib, and paper bleed. 

This set also includes a guide on how to add the brushes to Procreate and one folder that contains examples of graphics made with these brushes.

You’ll receive brushes in one .brushset file that’s compatible with Procreate 5 version. 

The creator of this kit, Molly Suber Thorpe, also created a video tutorial that shows you how to create flourish calligraphy. 

You can also watch her video lesson on Skillshare.

If your calligraphy could use some practice, you can download a free calligraphy toolkit created by Molly.

This free toolkit contains several practice sheets, one flourishing, and one ombre Procreate brushes created by Molly.  

Molly uses all the brushes that she created, and her calligraphy is on point.

With the help of her brushes and tutorial, you’ll master digital calligraphy in no time. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Includes seven calligraphy brushes
  • Comes with a brush installation guide
  • Sample graphics included
  • A tutorial available
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6. Calligraphy Pack of 4

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The Calligraphy Pack of 4 is a small but valuable set for your calligraphy art. 

This set includes four calligraphy brushes in total – Thick, Thin, Ink bleed, and Hewitt Avenue brushes.

The thick brush offers you a wide range of thickness, while the thin one has a smaller range.

Both have a smooth texture.

The Ink Bleed has a lot of texture, and the Hewitt Avenue brush is perfect for images that you’ll turn into vector graphics.

You’ll receive these brushes in separate .brush files that are compatible with the Procreate app on the iPad only.

On the first time you install the brushes, check the PDF file included in the set for instructions. 

Sara, the creator of this pack, also offers a free calligraphy brush that you can try out to see if her products are suitable for you or not. 

And if you are new to lettering on iPad, Sara has a free course that consists of six lessons and is available on Youtube.

Hewitt Avenue has shops on both Etsy and Creative Market, and if you decide to buy the brushes from their Etsy shop, you can receive a 10% discount by following their account on either Instagram or Facebook.

After you follow them, send them a message on the Etsy platform, and the shop owner will send you a promo code.

You won’t regret buying these remarkable brushes, as they are useful and easy to use. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Includes four calligraphy brushes
  • Comes with installation instructions
  • A free sample brush available
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7. The KickOff Lettering Toolbox

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The KickOff Lettering Toolbox contains everything you need and is an ideal option for you if you want to learn doing calligraphy on your iPad.

There are 22 lettering brushes in this set – three Pencils, three Chalky Pastels, five Inkers, four Shaders, and seven Brush Pens.

In addition to that, you’ll receive 55 ornamental brushes that you can use the decorate the letters you created. 

And the item you might find the most useful in this kit is a 130-page lettering workbook.

This workbook made by the creators of this pack will teach you how to make block letters, script letters, and what colors, textures to use.

You’ll also learn some Procreate tricks and will be able to polish your lettering skills by completing exercises included in the workbook.

This set also includes 12 color palettes and a guide on how to add brushes to Procreate.

The file types of brushes, workbooks, and color palettes are only compatible with Procreate on the iPad.

But the workbook is also available as a PDF file, so even if you don’t have this app, you can still access it. 

The creators of this set, ShoutBam, offer some freebies and Procreate tutorials on their website. 

The free products include Procreate brushes, fonts, and textures; you have to subscribe to their newsletter to get access to these free items.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Includes 22 lettering brushes
  • 55 ornamental brushes
  • 130-page lettering workbook
  • 12 color palettes included as a bonus
  • Comes with an installation guide
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8. Procreate Megabundle

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You should consider buying the Procreate Megabundle if you don’t like searching for brushes and prefer to have all you need in one product. 

This Megabundle consists of six best-selling sets created by Alaina Jensen – Gold Rush, Watercolor Stamps, Lettering Brushes, Inky Abstract, Inky Ethereal, and Chalkify Brushes.

There are 1173 items included in this pack, and these elements are suitable not only for calligraphy but also for creating various designs.

The items offered in this set include 896 brushes, 277 textures, and three color palettes.

Among these 896 brushes, there are more than 35 lettering brushes – ink, pen, marker, chalk, ombre, acrylic, glitter brushes – and 730 stamp brushes.

The textures are gold, metallic, paper, watercolor, chalkboard, etc.

You’ll receive all the items in organized separate files, but the brushes and color palette file formats will only work with the Procreate app.

Alaina created a Youtube video to show you how to add the brushes to Procreate.

You can check her channel for other useful how-to videos and demonstrations of the brushes that she created, such as a demo of her lettering brushes.

Apart from a wide variety of graphic elements, this mega bundle has another advantage – once you buy this set, you’ll be able to get future updates for free.

If you aren’t sure whether you’ll enjoy the brushes made by Alaina, you can try some of them for free by subscribing to her website.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Includes 896 brushes
  • Comes with three color palettes
  • Includes 277 textures
  • Free updates
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9. Free Procreate Brush for Brush Lettering

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If you’re looking for a free calligraphy brush that can produce the same results as an actual brush, then this Free Procreate Brush for Brush Lettering is the one you should get.

The creator of this brush, Amanda Kay, offers other free items on her website.

These free items include a calligraphy brush, star stamp brush, lettering practice sheets, cut files, and printables.

To get access to her Freebie Library, you only have to provide your name and email address.

Upon providing your name and email address, you’ll receive an email that contains a password and a link to the Library.

To download the items you need, click on the photos, and a Dropbox link will open. 

However, these freebies come with one condition – any product created by Amanda is only for personal use.

If you’d like to use her products for commercial purposes, you can contact her and learn how to purchase a commercial license. 

Amanda loves lettering, and that’s why she also shares useful tips and tricks on her blog.

This brush has a lot of advantages – it’s easy to download, easy to use, it’s handy, and the best thing is, it’s free. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Available for free
  • Pressure-sensitive brush
  • Access to other free items
Download Now!

10. Procreate Brush – Sophie

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The Procreate Brush – Sophie – is another calligraphy brush available for free.

It’s a pressure-sensitive brush that produces thicker lines when you apply more pressure on your Apple Pencil and thinner lines when you press lightly. 

The Sophie brush is a rough edge one, with hairlines for realistic effects.

Other than this brush, there are also five more free Procreate brushes and a grid guide available.

To download these free items, you have to create an account.

Then you have to log in to your new account, add the free items to your cart, and click Check Out. 

After the checkout, you’ll see an “Access Digital Content” button.

When you click on it, you’ll see the links to your items.

You can download each item up to five times. 

The fact that you can download this and other brushes for free makes it perfect for you if you are new to digital calligraphy and don’t want to spend money buying brushes that might be too difficult to use.

And you can use these items not only for personal projects, but you can also use them to create and sell your art.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Available for free
  • Pressure-sensitive brush
  • Personal and commercial use
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Final Thoughts 

There are a lot of different Procreate brushes calligraphy and even within these ten best brush sets, there is plenty of variety.

Whichever calligraphy style you have, you’ll be able to find the perfect brush for yourself.

And when you do get the most suitable brush, you’ll see how a simple tool can change your artwork for the better. 

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