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procreate brushes illustration

10 Best Procreate Illustration Brushes

Have you been searching for the best “Procreate brushes illustration” in Google?

Then search no more!

In this article, we have selected the 10 best you can use for your illustration.

These are all designed specifically for Procreate App on iPad and are fully compatible.  

We are going to be looking for brushes that cover mediums such as pencil, inking, watercolor.

Included also are sketching mediums such as charcoal and chalks, and liner brushes. 

We are also going to give you a selection of top brushes for different occupations.  

So if ever you are one of those who looked for “Procreate brushes illustration”, read on to find more.

1. Procreate Brushes Fashion Illustration

procreate brushes illustration
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This is just PERFECT for clothing designers.

There are a LARGE number of authentic fabric texture brushes included.

We were very impressed by the beautiful fabric textures such as tulle, fishnet, linen, tweed, and even wool.

On the download page, you will find this link to a quick YouTube video showing just how incredibly versatile this set is. 

Included are six templates of female models to trace from or use as a reference. 

There are watercolor brushes with awesome palettes of colors. 

It has funky stuff like pom-pom brushes, glitter brushes, paint splatter effects, and fur brushes.

This is a very nice brush kit to start your illustration projects on Procreate.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A huge toolkit for Fashion Designers 
  • Very large range of fabric textures as well as some cool effects such as splatter and glitter
  • A lot of YouTube tutorials by the creator as well as private artists
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2. 1285 Procreate Brushes + 200 Textures

procreate brushes illustration
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Over a thousand brushes, this is branded as “bestseller.”

And we know why. 

This is a bundle of one person’s brushes, all assembled into one mega brush set download.

It’s really good value.

It’s going to be impossible to convey to you this many features, but here are some of the most useful or unique.

First of all, experienced Procreate users may say that it will be very difficult to navigate that many brushes.

However, the creator of this incredible set has cleverly put the brushes into 25 categories. 

So you skim through the index and can choose a category like “27 Ink brushes” or “30 Chalk brushes.”

There are also two hundred diverse textured backgrounds for you illustrate your creations on to.

Portrait artists will love the fine pencils and pens as well as outline brushes, eyebrow packs, hair packs, and eye brushes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Massive amalgamated brush set by Endete, the owner of the brush sets
  • Seamlessly downloads into Procreate and easily navigable
  • Experiment with just about any subject matter, including calligraphy and Portrait painting, without buying separate brush sets for each
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3. Procreate Watercolor Brushes

procreate brushes illustration
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This is probably one of the illustrator’s best watercolor brush sets.

It was created by Procreate themselves.

It is completely glitch-free and has a simple and seamless installation process. 

Like the very best Procreate brush sets, this one also uses authentic graphics. 

By that, we mean that the brush strokes and textures have been painted with real watercolor onto watercolor papers, and then the graphics are captured and used on the Procreate brush set.

As a result, it gives one hundred percent authentic watercolor representation illustrations.

These brushes contain a professional palette of colors.

Included in the brushes are one hundred watercolor stamps that you can play around with to give your illustration authentic watercolor texture.

Something we always painstakingly do when reviewing artist’s products is to see how many professional artists are using the product. 

We were delighted to find over fifteen Etsy five star reviews from the commercial artists!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Created by Procreate with no expense spared to protect their good reputation
  • Authentic real watercolor brush strokes and gestures used to capture the brush sets graphics
  • The one hundred watercolor stamps are super useful for imparting realistic watercolor effects
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4. FineLiner Ink Procreate Brushes

 procreate brushes illustration
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We decided that this is one of the best fine liner brush sets.

There is a choice of sizes as you would expect, and this set has a very nice range. 

It has sizes from very fine to big, 005, 01, 02, 03, 05, 08, and 1.

The brush tips emulate a flexible fiber tip as well as a bristle tip.

They also contain two stipple brushes in 01 and 05 for speeding up your pointillism application.

The creator also used genuine pens and other authentic inking instruments to create the graphics for all the effects and lines. 

The creator of the brushes specializes in lettering and calligraphy brush sets, so you can expect these to be very well designed for that particular artwork.

There are some great shortcut features for drawing circles, squares, and similar shapes to allow you to swiftly design within the one brush set.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The brushes set has a nice selection of size-specific to pen and ink drawing
  • All pen and instrument marks were derived from actual pen strokes by the creator, so they will appear one hundred percent authentic 
  • The stippling brushes are a very nice feature for either shading or pointillism
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5. Midcentury Illustrators Brush Kit

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This is a very versatile bundle of twelve brushes that enables you to draw, fill, and add texture to any artwork. 

The creator leans the style of these brushes towards the 50’s and 60’s style of graphic, bold texture-rich commercial illustrations.

Thee brush set is designed particularly for commercial artists. 

So you know this is an advanced professional brush set.

There a lot you get with these brushes.

There are speckle, dapple, and freckle effects that you can use to overlay your illustrations for that ’60s and 70’s look. 

Also included are the classic bleeding Edge and Square Bleed effect found in many of those mid-century posters.

There is also what’s called the inker brush, which is pressure sensitive to impart degrees of color bleed onto your paper.

A couple of square-shaped inkers that can draw rectangular shapes as well as a fat Inker for blob shapes.

Finally, we would like to highlight the Texture-y Filler. 

This is a big brush with real brush hair edginess to create interesting lines.

It could be used for that old fashioned “white paint onto window glass” lettering advertising specials on those pop grocery stores!

Pros & Benefits:

  • These are great for creating the middle of the century posters and lettering
  • Designed by a master graphic artist for commercial use
  • An extremely flexible brush set lending itself to a wide variety of both modern and old looks
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6. Procreate Pencil & Charcoal Texture Brushes

Download Now!

This is a versatile pencil and charcoal drawing and illustration brush set. 

As you would expect with a pencil or charcoal, the brushes are very finely tuned to change appearance with pressure. 

The set includes twenty-seven pencils, pencil swatches, and pencil texture brushes.

You can toggle between three pencil or charcoal brushes in 2B, 4B, and 6B.

You have 15 charcoal and pencil brushes to choose from. 

Then another eight charcoal and pencil textures to apply over your work. 

Almost every artist sketches and works out his composition in pencil or charcoal first. 

This helps you to do the same.

Almost all artists know how difficult it is to sketch your idea onto a massive canvas.

Many of us use the Grid Method, which is laborious and time-consuming. 

Let technology help you using this pencil brush set. 

You can then throw your image onto a canvas with a projector and paint in your sketch.

Use whatever final paint medium you choose. 

This is a very exciting idea for those Artists who paint large canvasses.  

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Huge choice of pencils and charcoals
  • Highly authentic-looking charcoal and pencil grain effects
  • Change softness of charcoal or pencil using virtual 2B, 4B, and 6B
Download Now!

7. Procreate Sketching Brushes

Download Now!

This is another Etsy best seller!

Again it’s simply because it has so much to offer in one kit.

It consists of 9 brushes, and they can toggle ALL KINDS of lines, textures, squiggles, splashes, and textures. 

It contains hundreds of options- Instagram templates, a huge range of fonts, and strong fading features. 

Honestly, this product is good for just about ANY artform! 

If you are a professional graphic artist, then you need this. 

Create logos and make your social media postings jump out of the screen!

Use it also to tweak your blogs, create wedding design, cards, seating cards, signboards, and wrapping papers. 

You have the freedom to create wall designs, packaging, and even produce printables and more.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A huge amount of brush variations for drawing, illustrating, and designing just about anything you can think of
  • In our opinion, this is a best seller because of the huge value and low cost
  • Great to start producing commercial artwork such as cards
Download Now!

8. Free Cross Hatching Brushes

 procreate brushes illustration
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We love free brushes, but when they have been created by a highly successful graphic artist, it makes them so much more legitimate. 

Check out the designer Ittai Manero’s page here, and you will be IMPRESSED!

Cross-hatching, like pointillism or fine hatching, has its special texture and, of course, is traditionally very time-consuming. 

The free cross-hatching set makes that process quick, and the graphics, of course, are derived from actual pen strokes. 

The pen feature allows you to sketch out your creation then go mad with the cross-hatching. 

An easy to navigate menu allows you to change fineness as well as texture and density. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Free high-quality professional brush set. Benefit #1
  • Designed by an established graphic designer and used by him
  • East to navigate palette and quickly become proficient in cross-hatching drawings
Download Now!

9. Free Technical Pencil

 procreate brushes illustration
Download Now!

Here is an awesome drawing tool kit. 

It’s a powerful drawing feature that helps you accurately draw in pen. 

It integrates seamlessly into your standard Procreate drawing pencil.

This very well designed brush set gives you many useful features to help you produce pen and type drawings and sketches.

Because it is designed for technical drawing, you have a line drawing feature, shapes, and templates that you can work from. 

You will be able to drag the picture and zoom in to apply very fine detail or create faint shadows or opaque effects. 

For example, architects will be able to block out general views of their designs with a perfect perspective. 

The set has four pens ranging from fine to thick. 

As would be expected, you can erase easily and even smudge and bleed your lines. 

Fade, wash, and create opacity in your drawings. 

This has specific features that lend themselves to creating engineering drawings.

Even home decorators will love sketching and designs for a room plan from all angles. 

Start with a floor plan to place your furniture and fittings, then mock up each wall showing the layout of lamps, tables, and windows.

There are endless possibilities for both professionals and amateur designers. 

This technical pen is also well designed for toymakers and furniture makers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A pencil that can be used for commercial architectural or engineering drawings
  • Four pencils of different thicknesses.
  • It’s very easy to blend, fade and produce smudged or faded looks.
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10. Architect Ink Procreate Brush Kit/ Pen

We had to include this rather professional sketching toolkit. 

Whether you are an architect by profession or a landscape artist, there is always a need to accurately construct a building in proportion and perspective in pen and ink.

This brush set does all that and very much more. 

It can also be used seamlessly for calligraphy and lettering.

A selection of brush sizes will satisfy every detail of your drawing. 

An awesome feature found on some of the high-end Procreate brush kits is that the brush is pressure sensitive.

It renders your line or filling lighter or darker, thicker, or thinner.

It is very accurate!

This works with your standard Apple pencil or iPad stylus.

The brush set includes seven wide ink brushes and an ink texture brush.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to navigate and use and very quick to master architectural drawing
  • The pressure-sensitive pencil gives awesome control over darkness, lightness, thickness, thinness, and even opacity
  • We all draw a building or have some form of regular structure in our work, and this brush satisfies that requirement.
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Final Thoughts

No more searching for “Procreate brushes illustration” in Google.

We are sure that amongst these ten brushes, you will find the perfect set for your particular application or style. 

There is every form of main-stream illustrator brush present.

Whatever you decide, be assured that we have looked very acutely at these illustration tools.

They come from extremely reputable art suppliers and you can be confident that they protect their reputation by only selling proven and quality products.
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