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10 Best Procreate Texture Brush Packs

Have you searched for ‘Procreate brushes texture’? 

If you were lead to this page, then you’re on the right place.

The Procreate app comes with an entire library of brushes.

In addition to those, the Internet is full of great paid and free brush bundles.

Procreate has a wide array of over 200 built-in handcrafted brushes.

All are just a tap away with your stylus.

If those aren’t enough, you can merge two individual brushes to create a Dual Brush that’s exactly to your liking.

The simple and easy-to-use design of the brushes can help you create your unique and versatile digital brush.

If after creating your brush isn’t enough, Procreate has you covered!

You have the option to download ready-made custom brushes for you to use.

In addition to over 200 handcrafted brushes, more Procreate texture brushes are available online.

1. Muzenik Brush Bundle By MuzenikArt

procreate brushes texture
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Wonderful creation brought to you by MuzenikArt.

This product is excellent for those looking for a helpful hand with their character creation.

First up in the pack is a textured background and pattern brushes.

These work great when you need to make that perfect background or get your character’s ideal cloth texture.

Secondly, the ease-of-process pack.

It includes separate brushes for sketching, coloring, and blending colors.

What’s unique in this pack is that the creator has added a surprise.

When purchasing, it comes along with the 10 custom brushes for sketching and blending colors.

And besides, you will get 12 brushes absolutely FREE!

Next in its pack is its full of eye stamps.

You’ll find enough variety to help you out whenever you’re not sure if the eyes you are using fit the character or if you’re just stuck in a creative rut.

Fourthly, the facial features: the lips and eyebrows.

The creator has added helpful eyebrow brushes to make your creation process more fun and easy.

This bundle has much more to offer than you can imagine.

All those interested follow the MuzenikArt and get creative!

You can purchase this for $65.00.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Value bundle – you are getting these brushes at a lower cost than when buying separately
  • Creator has left their Instagram for you to observe the creator’s work
  • Hassle-free and easy to start working with
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2. 1700+ Bundle Brush By PeDeDesigns

procreate brushes texture
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PeDeDesigns created this bundle of brushes.

This product is great for those looking for:

  • realistic brushes for watercolor paintings
  • high-resolution luxury textures
  • dynamic brushes
  • watercolor stamps
  • watercolor wash brushes
  • seamless pattern brushes
  • illustration stamps
  • textured brushes
  • lettering brushes

In particular, there are over 550 watercolor brushes in this pack. 

For those looking to expand their experience using watercolor brushes, there is no better pack than this one.

With the price point not being so hefty, this is a great way to become more proficient and have a great array of tools to choose from.

Please be mindful that the creator has set commercial use restrictions. 

In this particular, the user can create unlimited projects and sell them up to 300 times for each one.

The creator’s shop must be given credit.

This product is excellent for those who are looking to create or work on portraits.

You can purchase this for $42.00.

Pros & Benefits:

  • An overwhelmingly high score given by users (as of writing – 4,257 reviews)
  • The need for only one commercial license to use the whole bundle
  • Three separate watercolor bundles included
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3. Ultimate Portrait Pack By KarinNicoleDesigns

procreate brushes texture
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This product is great for those whos looking to create or work on portraits.

The bundle contains 24 brushes, including:

  • hair brushes
  • skin brushes
  • a pencil sketch brush
  • a soft sketch brush
  • color fill
  • soft glitter
  • star glitter

The bundle also includes color pallets such as:

  • 6 skin color palettes
  • 3 lipstick color palettes
  • 2 eyeshadow color palettes
  • two bonus color palettes (one for eye colors and one for hair colors)

In addition to this, the creator has added a portrait sketch brush and 8 portrait layout sketches.

These brushes will help the user place the chin line, center of the lips, bottom of the nose, eyes, and eyebrows. 

The creator recommends using skin texture brushes.

The said brushes will add color or lightly adding a layer of a slightly darker or slightly lighter color, which will help with adding texture to the portrait.

In the pack also includes a freckle brush, which works great in conjunction with the smudge brush.

Just add freckles with the freckle brush and blend those you don’t want or like, with the smudge brush.

The other big highlight is the hairbrush.

It can be used for adding color or texture over blocks of color.

Also, blending the hairbrushes is an easy way to get great hair colors.

You can purchase this for $25.00.

Pros & Benefits:

  • All-in-one bundle to make immediate portraits
  • Skin tone palettes greatly alleviate the need to waste time creating the needed skin tone for your work
  • Portrait sketch brushes help you get into the meat of portrait work faster
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4. Everything Glitschka | Vector Brush By RetroSupply Co.

procreate brushes texture
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This product is excellent for those looking to get back in, or get familiar with, Vector art.

According to the creator, this bundle contains every Von Glitschka pack that’s ever released.

Along with the different brushes you get, the bundle also includes a popular set of video tutorials, pdf guides, and original AI art files.

The art files can help creators reverse-engineer the painting process.

The tutorials inside the bundle are a significant boost to its value.

Just by watching some of them, previous customers have had a breakthrough in their work.

The video tutorials aren’t where the learning options stop.

Inside the bundle is an 8-page eBook filled with tips and tricks.

The tools given to you by the creator are perfect for branding and logo illustrations.

As mentioned above, the user can deconstruct the provided examples in the bundle and accelerate their learning.

Another plus highlighted by the creator is the ability to give characters crisp vectors with dry brushes.

The texture brushes included are easy to find and use and are a great way to add detail to your illustrations.

You can purchase this for personal use for $79.00 and commercial use for $95.00.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Video tutorials, eBook, and available examples to learn from
  • Bonus vector art and a typeface with purchase
  • Quick reference guides that make finding the perfect brush easy
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5. Mid-Century Brush Bundle By RetroSuppy Co.

procreate brushes texture
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This product is great for those whos looking to capture the spirit of the late ’50s and early ’60s.

The bundle includes all the other mid-century brush packs created by the same company.

Mid-Century Procreate Brush Bundle has total brushes of 60.

Each of them is designed to create a variety of illustration types quickly in Procreate.

The pack is a great way to immerse yourself into the time period.

You will never doubt this since the creators took the effort to create everything from real source materials.

The Dry brush pack included inside the bundle is designed to emulate a classic dry brush look of commercial artists.

The Liner brush pack provides realistic pen and ink line art and includes inkers, pencils, chalk, fillers, and washes.

Each texture pack that you get is a real highlight.

It will surely help you give your illustrations the authentic look of the 1950s tiki illustrations.

The textures you apply do not need to be in that specific style, as they are broad-ranging and suited for any illustration style.

You can purchase this for personal use for $39.00 and commercial use for $49.00.

Pros & Benefits:

  • This pack is beneficial when trying to create realistic children’s illustrations and in the style of the 50s and 60
  • The ability for you to easily build up rich layers of color
  • Realistic Gouache styles
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6. Composition Design Kit 2 By Debi Sementelli

procreate brushes texture
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This product is excellent for those who want to step up their lettering game.

This design kit is a great tool for anyone who’s ever felt intimidated by the blank canvas.

The bundle creator has created over 450 brush stamps, as well as bonus texture, pattern, and lettering brushes.

The lettering kit helps the user work with confidence and not waste precious time.

With hundreds of hours put into each stamp, the creator provides everything you need to give your lettering and design pieces that extra punch. 

This bundle has got you covered from cute creature stamps to inlay stamps when flexing out your imagination.

The stamps aren’t the only highlight as there are 135 special frames included in the bundle.

Combining the stamps with the color, texture, and other available options can get you from beginning to end in a matter of minutes.

The creator has added 149 botanical designs that are extremely helpful in all manner of fields you might work in.

You can purchase this for personal use for $35.00 and commercial use for $40.00.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Precisely made by the creator for Procreate, their Pack 1 is the same, but with an added file extension
  • Included in the bundle are 3 fantastic tutorials to help you improve your skills
  • The sheer variety of tools included is enough to surprise veterans in the lettering craft
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7. Texture Brush Bundle By True Grit Texture Supply

procreate brushes texture
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This product is great for those who’s looking for that yesteryear pulpy aesthetic.

This bundle combines an edge-roughening process with precision texture brushes to allow you complete control over how grungy you’d like your canvas to look.

The bundle includes:

  • 14 high contrast speckle
  • grit, grunge, and grain brushes
  • 10 natural feel paper
  • subtle grain brushes
  • soft edges and textures that build up with each stroke
  • 3 natural feel wood type letterpress effect brushes
  • detailed tutorial videos demonstrating how to roughen the edges of your artwork and add texture using the Distress Press brushes.

Just by a glance, you can see the huge assortment of tools you’ll be getting for the set price. 

One of the key features is the 27 carefully crafted, pressure-sensitive brushes.

Another feature is the huge variety of texture effects that include: contrast grit, grunge, noise, paper grain, rubber stamp, letterpress, and natural wood type.

You can purchase this for personal use for $59.00 and commercial use for $65.00.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Immediately recognizable aesthetic
  • Carefully crafted using real textures and optimized for Procreate
  • Included in the bundle are detailed instructions for distressing the edges of your artwork using Procreate’s built-in function
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8. Lithotone Brushes for Procreate By True Grit Texture Supply

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This is another product for those searching the aesthetics of the past, but this time the emulated time period in the 70s.

According to the creator, this pack is great if you’re searching for the Letraset dry-transfer pattern stencils.

The bundle includes brushes with original pro-quality patterns that can be repeated endlessly for seamless application onto any artwork.

In total, there are 62 pattern brushes and 24 shader brushes, which darken in response to increased pencil pressure.

Also, there is a wide variety of original textures, including noise, TC static, donut sprinkles, geometrics, op-art, to name just a few.

Other features include precision brush-tips that allow you to fill tight spots accurately or flood large areas with speed.

Pressure-sensitive shader brushes are also included and are great for creating pattern-based shading effects.

Paint distressed patterns in seconds with Procreate optimized brushes that build up and respond to increased pen pressure and repeated brushing.

You can purchase this for personal use for $19.00 and commercial use for $23.00.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • With an Aesthetic opportunity for your artwork to be immediately recognized
  • The valuable and much-needed feedback provided by pressure-sensitive tools
  • Easy-to-follow brush names
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9. Nikko’s Brushes By Nikko

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This product is great for those who’s looking to step out of their comfort zone and try out a few brushes that don’t produce super clean line work that some may practice in their craft.

The big highlight is the pressure sensitivity on the square texture brush.

It gives the feeling of using crayons or a big block of chalk in your hands, which can be amazing for those searching for stronger feedback in their brushes.

Another good brush in the bundle is the Spray brush.

While it can be used normally as a spray brush, many users who have already downloaded the bundle extolled the versatility of the brush.

Some even going as far as using the spray brush as a smudge brush.

The available sets of brushes aren’t as streamlined as you could probably find in a priced bundle.

However, once you invest the time to get to know them, they’ll pay back in artful dividends.

You can get this set for FREE, and make sure to leave a ‘thank you” note to the creator.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Free to use and created by a master craftsman, established in their field
  • Tailor-made for Procreate as the creator mainly works on that specific platform
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10. Tuhis Brush Set 2020 by Juha

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This product is great for those who’s looking for a pleasing watercolor brush bundle.

The big standout from the brushes here is the Helvi brush.

It is perfect when you want to give your cartoon drawing or any art with this ink-washed watercolor look.

If you’ve been struggling to find something like that in Procreate because maybe you had it in another application, then this is the brush that will scratch that proverbial itch.

The big plus here is that the watercolor’s texture looks great straight from your first pen stroke.

Other watercolor brushes might begin to repeat textures or you might need to cover a wide area on the canvas for the texture to actually start presenting itself.

So, even using the brush in smaller amounts of time, the texture is still evident.

Additionally, if you want to add more color on the outside, the texture visibility will help you out in better layering.

You can get this set for FREE, and make sure to leave a ‘thank you” note to the creator.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Regular updates from the creator, who continues to share more of their custom work
  • Several different good watercolor brushes
  • Procreate-specific brush pack with enough versatility that elevates the pack above the label “it has good watercolor brushes”
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Final Thoughts

Procreate brush packs are a fantastic way to spruce up your paintings.

Any of the listed Procreate brushes texture packs could be the one you need to put the final oomph your art needs, so it pops out at the viewer. 

The creativity of others could be a great boost to your own.

So, why not try out that extremely extravagant pack you saw and see where that style might take you.

Whether you are new to Procreate or a returning veteran, splurging on a few of the offered packs is sure to give you great value.

Let loose to your creative drive and dive deep into the world of brushes.

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