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procreate chain brush

10 Best Procreate Chain Brush Options

When I searched for the best chain brush on the internet, I found many options for Procreate chain brush.

I went through a number of them and chose the ten best for you.

1. Chain, Gem and Jewelry Procreate Brush Set

procreate chain brush

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Yartstudioandsupply created this massive set.

It includes 27 chains and 45 gem/jewelry pieces.

All these brushes for thirteen bucks!

This set  is a steal!

All brushes are instant downloads, so the seller does not accept returns.

The seller has sold 516 items (and counting), so you can trust that their products are of high quality.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Value for money
  • Comes from a  seller with 5-star ratings in Etsy
  • Variety of choices

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2. Chain and Pendants

procreate chain brush

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This pack has 25 brushes that can help you create the most beautiful jewelry and pendants.

Jewelry designers will benefit from this pack since it is very flexible for any design they have in mind. 

Buyers claim that this is a versatile set- you can use it for a number of projects.

This pack will lead to impressive results: after using these brushes.

Any illustrator will have a unique design at the end.

A talented/creative designer plus this pack can yield excellent results.

Applying these results in the market will make you a well-known and talented jewelry designer.

This set is compatible with Procreate 5 and higher.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Offers an assortment of chain brushes
  • Offers many possibilities for the use of the brushes
  • Pendants are also included in the pack

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3. Jewelry Brush

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This set is specific for jewelry making, especially accessories.

For all future jewelry designers, you can use this set to make the most magnificent pieces that catch the eyes of all young women.

Drawing designs is not an easy task as it seems. 

As a designer, you should have a definite idea of what you want to draw.

You should know how to put this idea into a drawing with attention to detail.

This set will be enough for both professionals and startup artists, and illustrators.

Use this set for all designing needs, both simple and more complicated designs.

You can start with modest ideas, progressing to become a professional designer.

This set has many designs and shapes to offer a designer.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes 35 jewelry brushes and stamps
  • Includes a video on how to download and install the brushes
  • Offers free support

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4. Rope and Chain Brushes

procreate chain brush

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Fooarc is the designer of this set. 

She included 50 chain and rope brushes in this set.

Buyers claim that the elements are well designed with attention to detail.

The set goes with a very useful instructional video to guide you on how to use them.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes from a well-patronized seller with 367 sales so far
  • Affordable price
  • Responsive seller

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5. Jewelry, Beads, Chains, and Crystal Brushes

procreate chain brush

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Using this product, you can design the most extensive set of jewelry and various accessories that you can imagine, from necklaces, chains, and bracelets.

The best part is that you can do it on your own.

This set of brushes is unique and capable of creating beautiful masterpieces.

Illustrators can do a lot by using this product.

This set has a lot of benefits. 

Any chain brush to be good, should be high in resolution. 

This product is exactly that, high res!

Quick and easy installation is a need for a quality product.

These features are essential for every illustrator while purchasing any item or product, which will decrease the waste of time.

This benefit is important for any illustrator to watch out for in a product. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes 30 stunning brushes of chains, chokers, etc. 
  • Affordable price
  • Quality brushes

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6. Jewelry Brush Set

procreate chain brush

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Bybaobab, a Starseller in Etsy,  created this set.

Being a starseller, you can trust that what you’ll get would be quality products and service.

The set comes with a staggering 67 brushes for a couple of bucks!

This is a great value for money product. 

The designer also offers 24/7 support program.

Based on the reviews, multiple buyers gave the designer’s product a 5-star rating.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great after-purchase customer service
  • Value for money
  • Wide variety of choices

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7. Pearl and Chain Brush

procreate chain brush

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As for this item, it’s related to fashion and jewelry as well. 

Jewelry and fashion designers mainly use this set. 

These brushes can make their life easier while drawing and shaping any illustration they want. 

This set may lead to the most delicate designs and magnificent masterpieces you can imagine.

Regarding its benefits, you can always use such brushes for any design you want, including pearls and chains. 

So as long as you have the talented idea you want to draw, this product will support you and your creative work. 

The second benefit of these brushes is decreasing the waste of time while using this item. 

Most of the illustrations, especially the detailed ones like this one, take a lot of time by the illustrator.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great starter set for jewelry designers
  • Fun to use
  • Price on point

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8. Chains, Rope & Ribbon for Procreate

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When talking about this chain brush, you should include this item in your work.

So to create different border designs, as shown in the picture above, you should buy this item.

Check how the chain was used to make letterings.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Can be edited to suit your requirements
  • Has chain brush and stamps
  • Affordable commercial price

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9. Chain Brush Free

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This item is a free item that any user can download.

 It’s used for any purposes related to jewelry making, necklaces, bracelets, headpieces, chains, and another product that needs chains in its illustration. 

As you can see in the image above, all these edgy colors came from using this set, and it gives any drawing or shape or designs a unique color and resolution.

As for the benefits, it is simply creating chains with different sizes, thicknesses, models, and colors. 

Designing a chain for any purpose or product is now simple.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Brushes are free
  • Brushes can be combined
  • Quality product

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10. Free Diamond and Chain Stamps

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As shown in the picture, this set has 119 stamps, where you can find two stamps for free samples.

You can use it for different purposes, for drawings, designs, fashion, or any illustration that needs chains, diamonds, gemstones, and design lines.

As some chain brushes mentioned above, this chain brush is for jewelry designers and fashion designers who may include diamonds in their work and masterpieces.

Although only two stamps are free, you can do a lot with them and decide whether to buy this bundle or leave it. 

Still, I’m pretty sure that once you try it, this magnificent set will amaze you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free to download
  • Offers a generic chain design to download
  • Allows a designer to create jewelry with the free diamond stamp

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The Procreate App

The Procreate App stands as one of the best and most popular app used by professional and creative illustrators.

 It offers a wide choice of brushes that meets the broadest possible range of art and design techniques.

Using the Procreate app, you can turn an iPad into a drawing space convenient for your creative work.

Procreate is a graphics editor app for digital painting for IOS and iPad.

Designed as a response to the artistic possibilities of the iPad, it is now one of the most used apps by illustrators.

Procreate Brushes

While doing my modest research, I found a lot of chain brushes, paid and free.

When talking about paid, some chain brushes might be expensive since they can make super unique and creative work and design, which is only achievable by these brushes.

I will present the best line-up for the free and paid Procreate chain brush found from different online platforms.

In addition, we will talk about the best two Procreate chain brushes that you can download for free.

You can’t talk about chain brushes without jewelry designing.

It needs specific chain brushes that can go with gems and precious stones.

Choosing the best chain brush is not an easy task.

You need to have a great talent to know which set can best illustrate your design.

A wide choice of sets will confuse you if you are not aware of what you want and how your output to look.

Final Thoughts

I think that the digital design world is vast and highly competitive.

I can also say that this world is transforming how we are creating art.

Recently, the pencil and paper sketches could easily be replaced by digital work using several well-known apps, such as the Procreate app.

Graphic software programs are now going viral and are used widely everywhere.

This tool with which a user may manipulate, enhance, and transform images is now replacing the old ways of graphics.

Many image editing programs are also used to create computer art from scratch, such as Procreate app.

Besides the tools and programs used, we can’t deny the essential role of the illustrator.

He is the hand and the brain behind all the tools and programs.

To close, having a good program and talented illustrators are essential for the success of any idea or illustration.

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