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procreate coloring templates

10 Best Procreate Coloring Templates

Are you looking for the best Procreate Coloring Templates?

You’ve come to the right article because today we present to you the 10 Best Procreate Coloring Templates.

We have paid and free options in our list.

We searched the entire web for the best templates so you can harness your coloring talent!

The following products are our favorite picks, and they’re good for both beginners and advanced users of Procreate.

QUICK PEEK: 10 Best Procreate Coloring Templates

1. Motivational Quotes Coloring Book

coloring pages

Download Now!

For both adults and kids, this coloring book is the best for both new and advanced artists that want to practice their talent. 

It can be colored digitally using Procreate or printed and colored with crayon, so you can freely take it with you wherever you want to!

Choose from the many designs and ideas included on the page, color them and then jump to the next one so you have a lot of options available to color!

On sale right now, for just 4.93€.


  • Print it or use it digitally
  • Instant download after buying, no need to wait, jump right into coloring
  • Very cheap for what it offers
  • High-quality coloring pages

Included in the Procreate Motivational Quotes Coloring Book:

  • 9 Crayon Procreate Brushes
  • 679 PNG files
  • 7 Procreate Files
  • 1 PDF file
  • Color motivational quotes that inspire you
  • 679 pages of quotes, you won’t get bored soon

Get the best motivational coloring book now!

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2. Vintage Ads

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The second in our list of Procreate coloring templates is meant more for adults, so if you find yourself within that category this coloring book is for you.

This coloring book is meant to help you relax while you think about the older times, maybe simpler times where everyone was nicer and better-looking.

With multiple styles of pages, it won’t bore you for a lot of time while you work on it and become better at coloring.

Try it for yourself!

You can buy it now for only 4.67€.


  • Relaxing ads to color
  • Very low price for their quality

Included in the Vintage Ads: 

  • 20 ads to color
  • 1 pdf file
  • 2 zip files with 10 ads each
  • Instant support for any problem encountered with the product
  • 20 pages to choose from

Buy it instantly at a cheap price.

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3. 150 Motivational Coloring Pages

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Do you need more motivational coloring pages to help you stay motivated throughout the day while coloring?

Or to just look at them after you finish and remember the hard work you put into them while you work or do chores?

Even though there are only 150 coloring pages, they are very well made for you to practice on as they’ll keep you and your child occupied for the entire day.

Meant both for kids and adults, release your creativity while staying relaxed in the safety of your own home with your entire family on a free day.

This bundle will suit your need for coloring, and you won’t get tired of it because they are unique in the marketplace and ready to be colored by you!


  • Accessible for everyone, regardless of their age
  • Guaranteed refund offered
  • Instant delivery
  • Color on Procreate or print them
  • Instant download

Included in the 150 Motivational Coloring Pages:

  • A vast number of pages
  • Different art styles
  • 150 never seen before coloring pages

But it is cheap, right now, at only 3.49€.

Download Now!

4. Digital Doodle Coloring Page

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This coloring page from Hobbywood is meant to unleash your creativity, without being too complicated to color.

Easy on the eyes and very interesting, this coloring page will be therapeutic for you on every level, being one of the best on the market!

Embrace your true talent by working on this page in different ways, using different colors and styles, or maybe teaching other people how to color on it!

Be prepared to return to it from time to time just to color it again and be surprised about how good it looks, no matter the colors used!


  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Friendly with most illustration apps
  • Relaxing to work on
  • Both adults and kids
  • Instant delivery
  • Instant download after buying

Included in the Digital Doodle Coloring Page:

  • 1 PNG file
  • 1 PDF file

Buy it for only 2.33€ right now!

Download Now!

5. DIY Paint Party

procreate coloring templates

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Next on our list of Procreate coloring templates is the best for children that want to start their passion here with it.

It is also a very good method for adults to practice their coloring if they are in this domain.

Beautiful and easy to work on, this page will be your safe place while you color or paint it.

Moreover, it embraces your inner child that used to cross the lines when he didn’t know how to color.

It also offers a feeling of peace, so you can manifest your inner talent alone or with someone you care about.

Or, with someone you want to teach how to color without crossing the lines, it could be your child or a friend, or maybe your boyfriend that isn’t that good at coloring.


  • Easy to work on
  • Increases talent
  • Already sketched, you just need to color it
  • Very low price
  • Support for any coloring app
  • Instant delivery and download

Included in the DIY Paint Party:

  • PNG file
  • Only digital product

Buy it now on Etsy for just 1.94€ and unleash your inner talent!

Download Now!

6. Calming Coloring Book

procreate coloring templates

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This coloring book is amazing for children because of the calm environment it offers them, making them unleash their inner creativity while keeping them occupied.

With 20 coloring pages, this coloring book about plants has all the abstract shapes to help you meditate while coloring it if you’re an adult that just needs some peace.

Straightforward, this book is great for rising talents to practice their coloring and drawing, because of the many forms and styles it offers.


  • Instant download and delivery
  • Calm environment
  • Great for children and adults that want a calm environment
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to color

Included in the Calming Coloring Book:

  • 20 coloring pages in PDF format
  • One zip file containing the pages with transparent background 
  • Full Procreate platform support
  • 20 coloring pages

Buy this amazing coloring book now for only 3.49€ on Etsy!

Download Now!

7. Coloring Pages Bundle

procreate coloring templates

Download Now!

The best price you can find on the market for the most content offered, this bundle will offer you loads of pages to cultivate your talent!

Meant both for kids and adults, this stunning coloring book is what you have been looking for all this time.

With its 14,500 pages, you won’t need another one for a while, guaranteed.

Unleash your talent by coloring:

  • Disney stars
  • animals
  • the alphabet
  • cars
  • fairy tale houses
  • robots
  • mandala
  • animal mandala
  • motivational quotes
  • florals
  • others


  • Very low price for loads of content
  • Both adults and kids
  • Support for many coloring apps

Included in the Coloring Pages Bundle:

  • 5,393 pages for the kids
  • 9,119 pages for the adults
  • PDF and JPG formats are available
  • 14,500 coloring pages

Buy these great coloring pages for the cheap price of 1.17€ at Etsy, right now!

Download Now!

8. Editable Unicorn Coloring Book

procreate coloring templates

Download Now!

This coloring book is the best birthday gift for someone you love that has a talent for coloring and painting.

With its theme about Unicorns, children, especially girls, will love it, wherever they are because they can print it too!

Easy to color, it is very accessible to every new or advanced coloring fan, adult or child, just purchase and start coloring.


  • Suitable for children of all ages
  • Cheap price for a gift
  • Highly customizable

Included in the Unicorn Coloring Book:

  • 10 pages to color
  • Link to personalize it
  • Unlimited re-edit
  • PDF and JPG files of the book
  • Coloring book template
  • Free demo to customize it how you want before buying

Buy it right now here on Etsy for just 5.71€!

Download Now!

9. Halloween Coloring Page for Adults

procreate coloring templates

Download Now!

One of the completely free Procreate coloring templates is perfect for adults and is one of the best you can find on the internet!

Even though its theme is Halloween, children can freely and easily color and practice on it too.

It is very complex and for the price of completely nothing, it will keep your mind and hand occupied for a long time.

You can color it in so many variants!


  • Completely free, just download and start to color
  • Great Halloween theme
  • Easy to work with
  • Suitable for both children and adults
  • Unlimited downloads, get it again whenever you want

Included in the Halloween Coloring Page for Adults:

  • PDF format
  • Premium Technical Support

Download Now!

10. Christmas Tree Coloring Pages

procreate coloring templates

Download Now!

These completely free, mesmerizing, coloring pages will bring warmth to your heart and make you feel like it’s Christmas again!

Made for adults, children with talent can also work with these pages.

They can be an amazing gift for coloring fans on Christmas, along with another product that we mentioned earlier.

Why give only one as a present?

Amazing designs to test your mind and hand while staying stress-free and relaxed.


  • Completely free
  • Offers you a Christmas feeling
  • Loads of pages to work with
  • Unique designs
  • Unlimited downloads

Included in the Christmas Tree Coloring Pages:

  • 5 digital images in JPG format
  • 5 digital images in PDF format
  • Premium technical support

Download Now!

Final Thoughts

I’m sure that you’ll have a hard time choosing which one to pick because these Procreate coloring templates are all amazing and pretty cheap for what they offer!

All of them test your talent, making you become a better version of yourself while you relax and color.

All of them test your brain and your hand, increasing your productivity throughout the day without getting you stressed.

Pick one, or pick all of them and get to work as soon as you say ‘’Procreate!’’.

Don’t let the complexity of some pages scare you, they are all accessible, cheap, and very easy to work with!

Stay tuned with us for many other articles made just for you!

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