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procreate comic brushes

10 Best Procreate Comic Brushes (Free & Paid)

Use these Procreate comic brushes to make your comic storyboard come alive.

Alternatively, give your digital artwork a vintage feel, a 90s diner style, or a retro graphic novel look with these brushes.

Or just add a straightforward ‘comic’ touch to your artwork with these 10 Procreate Comic Brushes.

We have reviewed several ink brush kits online and here are the Top 10.

They are free or worth the price you’ll be paying – for whatever comic needs you have!

1. Procreate Vintage Comic Book Ink Brush Kit

procreate comic brushes

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InkGangBoss created this fantastic comic brush kit.

This brush kit features 12 Procreate brushes perfect for mimicing:

  • Newsprints
  • Quill writings
  • Comic-style

The brushes are designed with versatility.

They lend a natural vintage feel to illustrations, complete with the ink bleed effect.

The kit includes:

  • Finishing touch brushes
  • 4 High-resolution Vintage Paper Textures
  • Masking Palette
  • PDF of how to use the best of this kit

Most reviews give it a higher rating for its affordable yet quality brushes.

The variety allowing you to give a 90s look for your graphic novel or a vintage look for your lettering.

It is also very easy to install and it is constantly updated by InkGangBoss, especially for newer updates of Procreate.

It is available on Etsy or CreativeMarket.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Affordable brush kit but with quality brushes and paper textures
  • Wide range of brush feels from vintage to modern
  • Instructions are easy to follow and is constantly updated for newer versions of Procreate
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2. Vintage Comic Procreate Halftone Brushes

procreate comic brushes

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If you are inspired by retro graphic novels and their geometrical details, the 51 halftone brushes by PixelBuddha may give you what you need.

The halftone effect is delivered very beautifully by the dots, tiny squares, lines, and inky scratches of these brushes.

These brushes can add the retro feel to any of your artwork – from logos to comic books – giving you the versatility of art style.

The kit also comes with 4 paper textures for your work, all in jpg format.

Most reviews recommend this to enhance your work, especially with the chance to use a mixture of these halftone brushes for greater effect.

It is easy to install.

Moreover, it comes with a PDF for the installation guide and a cheat sheet .

The cheat sheet will help you make the most of these brushes for your designs and for whatever purpose.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 51 Halftone brushes to dazzle your work with the retro feel
  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • Paper textures included enhance your work
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3. Rusty Nib Inkers for Procreate

procreate comic brushes

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From lifelike to cartoony content, the inking brushes in this brush kit by True Grit Texture Supply can go with any drawing style you want to employ.

The 122 Distressed Inking Brushes can seem a bit overwhelming.

But the brush list has dividers to separate the styles you can use for your work.

You can pick a genre.

The variety allows you to transform your ideas into a real masterpiece, especially with the kit being constantly updated by the creator.

What sets the brushes apart are the:

  • Authentic stroke styles
  • Textures
  • Edge effects

Brush types include Nibs & Tech Pens, Brush Inkers, Sumi-E Brushes, Flat Brushes, and Ink Washes & Watercolors.

The kit also includes a printable brush preview booklet and installation guide.

These allows either a recreational inker or a full-time graphic artist to use it well.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High-definition brushes to suit any of your creative needs
  • Variety fit for whatever style you wish
  • Price suited for the contents of the kit
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4. Procreate Stamps: Comic-Style Bubble

procreate comic brushes

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This list does not only include brushes for your inking needs, but also miscellaneous add-on brushes to complete your comic book experience.

If you want to tell a story and include a dialogue to your creativity, you can use this brush kit by Studio Pro Create.

You can also easily express varied emotions with the different styles of the bubbles.

All these allow you to add excitement, sadness, anger, surprise, and happiness flow from your pages.

The 37 clean-line stamp brushes can also add an instant texture to sprinkle the action on your “Biff! Blam! Pow!”

The stamps can be easily customizable in opacity, color, and size without fear of losing quality.

Dizzy stars are included, along with a few comic book shapes, to complete your experience.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easily editable comic bubbles
  • Vintage dialogue vibes
  • Variety of bubble shapes and styles allow wider range of emotions
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5. Squid Brush Pack for Procreate

procreate comic brushes

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Take full advantage of the dynamics of your Apple Pencil with this kit.

The Squid Brush Pack of Frankentoon Store enables you to customize each stroke to express your ideas.

Included in this brush kit are 22 all-purpose tools for ink-washing, line work, shading, and stippling.

This kit boasts of 4 Dynamic Ink Brushes, allowing for two strokes to look distinct from one another even while you use only a single brush.

The “Squid Brushes” are also high resolution ready, giving you the authentic expressionist result ready for life-size or upscale printing.

This brush kit will give you an organic ink artwork for a relatively cheap price.

You may check out other brush kits by Frankentoon Store.

But the grunginess of this kit certifies it is one of the best for your comic needs.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Dynamic brushes allow all-around use
  • Made to make the most out of your apple pencil
  • Relatively cheap for a versatile brush kit
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6. Comic Book Stamp Brushes for Procreate

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Comic Book Shapes enhance a scene.

They allow you to give emphasis to certain things, to express certain emotions, and to improve certain words and dialogue.

The Comic Book Stamp Brushes by StudioKitsch completes the comic book experience with its 41 different comic book shapes.

These stamp style brushes can be used for any superhero-related craft, for your personal graphic novels and stationery, and even for photo book and planner.

The different comic book shapes – speech bubbles, stars, exclamation points, sound fx bubbles – allow you to get creative with your work.

The kit offers you the option to customize the stamp to outline, solid, or shadow.

The downloadable content in the link, however, is for small quantities of print, for personal use, or for non-profits.

But the creator offers a commercial license upon request.

Sample items are available, along with comic book layer styles and comic book digital papers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Outline, solid, or shadow speech bubbles and comic book shapes 
  • Perfect not only for formal novels, but also for any comic book themed paraphernalia
  • The variety of 41 brushes gives you great options to choose from
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7. Comic Halftone Brushes

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The 32 Brushes included in the Comic Halftone Brushes of CreativeMonsterCo aims to finish any of your artwork with vintage comic feel.

The kit is relatively cheaper and has two sets that include a total of 32 brushes.

There are 18 Dots Shading brushes that range from 10% to 90% of total shading, giving you the chance to experiment and play around.

Halftone Brushes, however, do not only include the usual dots and small squares.

But also a few geometric wonders of wavy lines and brick shapes perfect even as a background.

5 Patterns are included to further improve your experience of this brush kit.

Reviews also say that the shop owner is very responsive and can easily be asked for help when there are questions.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Halftone brushes with varied style
  • Perfect as background and for foreground shading
  • Easy to install and cooperative customer service
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8. FREE Comic Ink Brush Set for Procreate

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Dedicated to Will Elder, a comic book artist more well known for his contribution to Harvey Kurtzman’s MAD Comic Book, this free Procreate ink brush set allows you to give life to your sketches.

The kit includes more than 16 brushes for inking, including The Paraliner, The Pentaliner, and the Stratmore.

The brushes in the kit give a more modern comic vibe, a continuous flow of ink, or a duo or trio liner brush for your patterns and shading.

But if you are going for a more classic comic style, you can optimize your work with the included Kirby Krackle, Kirby Dark Matter, and Kirby Dot Brushes.

These brushes also allow you to customize their pressure, speed, and tilt, allowing you to add depth to your illustration.

Because it is free, the creator only asks that you spread the word about how awesome this brush kit can be.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free of charge in downloading
  • Modern comic feels
  • Inking brushes and extra effects for retro vibes
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9. My Basic Brush Set for Procreate

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This simple brush kit by Ram Studio Comics equips you with basic brushes for your various needs.

Because the creator is also into comic books, he also gives comic resources, tutorials, and inspirations for your works.

The brush kit includes 7 brushes – a pencil brush, round paint brush, Inking Brush, Comic Inker, Spike Brush, Hatching Brush, and Robs Sword Brush.

This basic brush kit can give a pencil finish, a vintage comic feel, or a modern comic touch to any of your works.

It is available to be downloaded for free, but creator Robert Marzullo appreciates any financial help you can contribute.

It is available to download here.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Pay what you wish in downloading
  • Basic brushes for a wide variety of uses
  • Creator has resources for all your artistic needs
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10. Marvelous Vintage Comics Bundle

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Firstly, Pixel Buddha has combined their vintage comic Procreate products in this perfect kit for those of you who are true comics fans.

Secondly, with 12 text effects, 51 halftone brushes, 12 strip templates, 75 comics elements, 10 frames, and 6 paper textures, this kit has everything you need to complete your masterpiece.

Thirdly, the toolkit allows you to design your graphic novel, your comic book inspired event, or your own superhero (or supervillain) crib.

Fourthly, pick from the paper texture to set the stage for your work.

Then, the 51 halftone brushes can give the more vintage vibe.

Use also the text effects, speech bubbles, and graphic elements to add the drama, the action, the romance, the excitement, and all the emotions you wish to pour into your work.

Finally, on’t forget to use the frames to let your comic book come to life.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The Mega Bundle for the complete comic experience
  • Perfect in setting up the comic book background
  • Perfect also for adding the comic elements
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Final Thoughts

“To have an idea is the easiest thing in the world. Everybody has ideas.

But you have to take that idea and make it into something people will respond to – that’s hard.” – Stan Lee

Let your ideas come to life with your Procreate Comic Brushes and release your superpowers in every bit of your artwork.

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