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procreate custom brushes

10 Best Procreate Custom Brush Sets

Explore the endless possibilities of the Procreate custom brushes.

It is the choice of thousands of users in the world for making incredible paintings.

There are many tools in this application to handle the different types of graphics.

But among these, the most indispensable tool is the brush.

It’s used for adding different amazing effects and color implements. 

Here we give you the ten most loved Procreate custom brushes that will add that X-factor to your paintings. 

1. Dry Texture Brushes for Procreate

procreate custom brushes
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This pack of fantastic dry brush contains everything that a paint lover needs to have .

Now, you can perfect your artwork using this stunning brush pack.

There’re a total of 30 custom texture brushes in this pack.

This pack includes charcoal, texture builders, pencils, and inkers.

You can also create an excellent illustration with 1950s effect.

It goes with a PDF file guide to help you create impressive paintings in Procreate.

But, take note that you can’t use this brush with the Illustrator or Photoshop Application.

This is exclusively for use with the iPad App.

This brush is perfect for making dry textures and crisp, sharp images.

Upon downloading this pack, you would have three PDF files, JPG, and BRUSH format.

Moreover, the file size is also not too large at 63.7 MB.

If you intend to make illustrations like water, dotted woods, and a textured sky, then this brush pack is a perfect choice for your iPad application.

It is easy and fun to use.

Pros & Benefit:

  • Best for making natural scene textured effects
  • Easy and straightforward to use
  • 30 custom brushes with retro illustrations

Before you try to get this best brush style, note that this brush is compatible only with the iPad.

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2. Procreate Neon Brushes

procreate custom brushes
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Fantastic neon paintings would be easy to create with this brush set.

If you want to make the atomic model or some kind of cubes to narrate your ideas, then these neon brushes are the best.

Additionally, you can use these brushes to paint the night lights or a night market scene.

There are a total of 9 brushes in this pack containing four neon light brushes and two grunge effect brushes.

Multi, marquee, and dot light brushes are also included come up with glowing effects.

There is a complete tutorial on using the neon brush in the accompanying PDF file.

Now you can create the best paintings by using this neon light additions.

You can also visit its site in Etsy to explore more brushes!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Unique neon brushes
  • PDF guide with the original file 
  • Stack of many effects with dotted neon
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3. Lights Procreate Brushes

procreate custom brushes
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Putting an incredible light and sparkling effect to your paints is not something complicated in these days.

It’s because nowadays there is a great variety of brushes for Procreate users. Therefore, every art is possible now!

Here you are observing a beautiful brush that makes a person realize like a perfect painter by putting a graphical lighting effect.

Now digital light paintings are just before you after you download this awesome pack of brushes over here.

A total of 27 brushes are here in this pack by having glowing flame effects and smooth line visuals to make the painting perfect.

Moreover, there is a built-in option of lights in this pack.

The whole pack contains three options for your Procreate application.

First is the light pen second one are flames while the third one is the effects that add to the attraction of painting.

Well, if you want to observe the best results of these lighting brushes, then you can use them in the dark places of your drawings.

Just over the dark background lighting effects with glowing neon layouts would be looking so incredible.

You can only use this brush in the iPad Procreate application, so; you can’t use these brush in other Photoshop applications.

The zip file is the main extension, while after extraction, there are three files of PDF, BRUSH, and JPG each.

So, you would be getting a helping PDF also with the main file to understand how to use this brush correctly.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Zip compressed file of 40.3 MB size
  • Best for digital logo creators and designers
  • Pre-installed designs to give the best experience
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4. Procreate Glitter Toolbox: Brush Kit

procreate custom brushes
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There is nothing better than giving an incredible beauty effect of sparkles into your paintings in iPad Procreate.

Well, we have observed that most of the people working on the Procreate have some issues.

That is, they can create paintings and illustrations, but they cannot give them incredible shining effects.

That is why developers are working on providing the best brush packs to improve the experience of painting in software.

There are 12 stamp brushes for easy sparkling effects and 24 custom glitter brushes.

For example, if you are tasked to create a night scene, then these brushes will be of big help to you.

When you use the stamp brushes, you can also mix the shining particles with the help of the other 24 brushes.

We have tried our best to make the brushes gorgeously, so these are up to standard for high-resolution works.

After downloading this file, you would get 12 stamps and 24 brushes for Procreate application.

You can’t use these brushes in any other illustrator or editing software.

So, it’s only for iPad users of Procreate.

Note that you would also be getting free updates for these brushes.

That’s awesome!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Time-saving tools
  • 12 stamp brushes for quick illustrations
  • Future updates are included in the purchase
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5. Pencil & Charcoal Procreate Brushes

procreate custom brushes
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Most of the people working on the iPad Procreate can paint realistic things without any use of colors.

We can say that these are the real artists who can make eye-catching paintings with the help of simple black & white shades.

So, just for these artists and perfect painters, we are providing the beautiful stack of brushes.

In the image, you can watch out that an outstanding user has painted a sketch of a skull with the perfect ability to use proper shades.

So, everyone can these brushes quickly to draw and sketch just like this in a shining way.

Hence, you can give charcoal-like shades to your old illustration, just like the beauty of the 1970s.

In this pack of brushes, there are a total of 14 charcoal-like fantastic brushes that can be an excellent choice for a professional painter.

There are many styles and effect sizes of brushes in the pack. So, you can get the shade effect of your desire by also downloading more from this site.

We recommend you to use the Apple Pencil also with it to make the best looking illustrations in your Procreate iPad application.

The total file size is 28.9 MB, while the file format would be BRUSH that can only be used in the Procreate application.

But if we talk about the color dimensions of the image, then it is 300 dpi (dots per inch), making it a prior choice for every user.

To make the downloading and installation easy for the users, the download file extension is Zip.

Pros &Benefits:

  • 14 brushes with charcoal shades
  • Ultra-HD output with sharp shading effect
  • A reasonable size of the file, i.e., 28 MB only
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6. Procreate 5 Brushes/Unicorn Sparkle

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There is a unique role of colors and different gradient shade schemes in making a perfect painting for the viewers.

So, if you are also a painter in the Procreate iPad application, who makes the beautiful graphics by a critical use of colors.

Then you can avail of a chance to get this fantastic unicorn rainbow-like effect of the beautiful brush.

In this pack, you would have a stunning brush that would be giving you a rainbow-like shining color impact.

If you’re creating a project or illustration about natural scenes or some kind of heaven like visual, then it can be very beneficial for you.

People, who are the users of Procreate application in their devices then they can easily understand what is the importance of brush in creating the different graphics.

To avail the services from this pack of brushes, you must have to be with an installed & working Procreate 5 on your iPad.

You can also give your words with a dark background layout if you want to make your writing and texts even more prominent.

In this, they would be popping up with a more beauty effect along with a stunning look effect.

In the file, you will find both Brushes and RBG for giving shine, fading, sequins, and shimmer effect.

Everyone knows that it is a digital product, so there is no chance of refunding or canceling orders for this product.

So, before getting it, keep this in your mind at all.

Pros & Benefits:

  • An excellent choice for an attractive calligrapher
  • Multi-color text is perfect for banners
  • Easy to handle and crisp unicorn visuals
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7. Procreate Ink Brushes, Set of 36

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It doesn’t matter that you are in an era of the latest technologies and advancements.

Still, no one can neglect the importance of ink spots and ink lining effects in necessary drawings.

Therefore, we can say that a real artist can only know what the beauty of ink in the paintings is.

Here, we want to show you the best brush that you can use to perform the great ink visuals in your drawings.

Using the Procreate application of the iPad is not an extraordinary thing; the chief wonder is that one can create amazing illustrations with it.

So, giving the final touch to your images and other essential graphics is no more comfortable with the help of this brush pack.

Whenever you want to make your black & white painting even more spectacular and prominent, you can use this excellent brush.

If you want to explore more about it, then we tell you that there are a total of 36 brushes in this product pack.

Since these 36 brushes are divided into three further categories, to make the idea clear as well as for their distinction, we’ve done it.

Total 15 are sketching brushes that provide lines, 12 are ink washes, and 9 contain stain stamps to make the image emerging.

Zip is the original format of the file, while after the extraction, you would get your .brush files as well as five bonus jpg images to try them.

These brushes are going to work only in Procreate application; no cannot get effects in other applications.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The best substitute for pure brushes by giving the final touch
  • Stamps and splashes make the illustration more prominent.
  • Bonus images can give you an idea to perform shading.
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8. Set of 47 Procreate Space Brushes

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 If you are handling and creating an illustration for space images, then you need this brush.

In this set, you have 47 amazing brushes with shining effect beauty to make space images and new ideas.

Just painting and drawing can’t make your digital sketch a perfect looking.

You must have to add some more effects like sharp linings, splash effects, neat layouts, and unusual textures.

In this way, your drawing would be looking more attractive as well as gorgeous.

Procreate application users know what the importance of brushes and other effects in the drawings and paintings is?

In this beautiful pack of brushes, there are also 17 lights and fx to make your outputs even more stunning.

Moons, sparkling stars, and planet visuals of different colors are also here to improve the experience of working in it.

Here you observe many space brushes, abstract brushes, cosmic, and galaxy effect brushes. Those are brilliant for everyone.

The resolution size of brushes is in a square with the best of 3000 x 3000 pixels. It is a perfect size of resolution to give HD effects.

Given files are only working and compatible with iPad application Procreate.

That is the reason; you can’t use these brushes in any other application or software.

So, you can download this file from its website right now to make your illustrations even more eye-catching and prominent.

Don’t forget; there is no exchange or return of this product due to its nature as a ‘digital product.’

Pros & Benefits:

  • 17 Bonus effects like sparks, stars, etc. 
  • High resolution of 3000 x 3000-pixel working experience
  • Cool additional Fx effects for a realistic look
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9. Lens Flares Procreate Brushes

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There is no importance of any visual or graphics until you give them a perfect sharp look.

To perform this, there is a benefit to thousands of users of Procreate that they can install new brushes as well.

These additional brushes are very easy to install, and a guide is also given with the file to learn how to use it.

In this way, after having ideas and guidance, one may entirely able to draw beautiful illustrations as well as effects with the help of this.

This fantastic pack flares can help you a lot by making your painting even more prominent when there is a black or dark background.

For example, if you are painting a spectacle of sea or beach, you can add a cool flare of sunlight and give a shimmering effect.

After downloading the file, you would get a pack of 20 handmade lens flares along with light effects brushes.

These brushes and FX effects are only compatible and working in Procreate iPad application. No, any illustrator can run this stuff.

If you find that the performed effect is not looking fantastic, then you can also add two or more brushes to give an enjoyable graphical experience.

Many stamp brushes make the idea and paintings even much easier for you.

Just using them, you can now give glowing effects like star fields and space, so that looks brilliant.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 10 Amazing brushes of lens flare
  • 3-star field visual containing stamps
  • JPG file for quick learning about brushes
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10. Gold Rush Confetti and Glitter Brush

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Some painters and illustrators think that their paints would be incomplete until they would add amazing glitter effects to it.

So, just for those Procreative application users, we are having with now a fantastic pack of brushes.

Mostly, there are some paintings as well as graphics that look more wonderful when we apply goldenly or silver glitters to them.

Therefore, to deal with such types of new tasks of painting, we want you to use this brush product.

Making your drawings more emerging and prominent would be more comfortable. Giving final touch to images would be quicker.

A metal like a glittering beauty can be easily carried out with the help of this cool as well as stunning looking pack of the brush.

You won’t believe that there are more than 230 textures in this brush pack to make the images more attractive.

Just like the gold foil glitter effect beauty, you can perform this with the help of this procreate amazing brush tool.

Before you purchase this item, we ask you to know about the compatibility of this pack of brushes and effects.

That is, it would only be working on the Procreate application that people use in the iPad device.

With a perfect resolution of 1800 x 1800, you can also get fantastic jpg file images stack.

In PDF format, a file would be there to find a complete tutorial about using this pack of the brush.

Now, you can easily handle all of your projects like social media image editing and entertainment.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • 230 Cool textures
  • Best collection of compositions in 2800 x 2800 perfect resolution
  • Attractive glitter effects for making images prominent 
Download Now!

Final Thoughts

We have presented to you the most loved Procreate custom brushes.

Go ahead and perfect your illustrations with the help of these brushes.

Just download your chosen brush pack right now and and delve into the world of creative illustrations.

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