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10 Best Default Procreate Brushes to Download

10 Best Default Procreate Brushes to Download

Are you looking for the best Procreate default brushes to download to create art?

I’ve always been fascinated by the art world.

Even as a kid I would love doodling in a sketchbook, drawing celebrities or cartoon characters.

However, as I get older I find it harder to find the time to create meaningful art whilst also working, traveling, and doing all the other things that I love.

This is why I’ve enjoyed using Procreate in recent years and its wide range of default brushes.

I often find myself becoming my own, much more amateur version of Picasso from the comfort of my own iPad!

Procreate gives you access to a vast array of default brushes.

Here are my top 10 favorites Procreate default brushes to download.

Create professional and detailed art and calligraphy within minutes!

procreate default brushes download

1. Procreate Brush

Who doesn’t love to doodle on a long train journey as you watch the landscapes pass by? 

I find that nothing inspires my creative brain more than being on long journeys like this.

Aimlessly doodling or sketching the variety of objects I see flying by the window or the nameless faces I am sharing my journey with.

In these moments of hapless doodling or attempts at improving my drawing skills whilst passing the time, I often reach out to use the procreate brush.

The procreate bush is a great brush for getting started in Procreate and sketching out your first drawings or ideas.

It has a classic pencil-style feel and reacts like a real 2B pencil.

It gives you the freedom to sketch out drawings with minimal fuss and without needing any particular technique or experience in sketching which more advanced brushes require.

This brush is the amateur-doodlers dream.

I often use it as my starting brush for bigger projects too.

Also to create the outline bases of my sketches before adding finer details and textures with more refined brushes later.

2. Peppermint

So, once I’ve got my basic sketch outlined from the procreate pencil but now I want to add a bit more detail, texture, and shading.

This is when I begin to use the peppermint brush.

The peppermint brush is one of the Procreate default brushes to download that you can also find in the sketching section.

It gives an authentic charcoal texture to your drawings and adds a more detailed elegance to your sketches.

I personally use this brush when I’m shading or adding shadows to my drawings.

The charcoal effect of this brush helps to build up the intensity of my sketches.

It gives them a much more realistic effect.

Are you interested in seeing more of the peppermint brush in action?

Check out this video where the Youtuber, Ghost Paper, gives a great demonstration of this brush for sketching and shading.

3. Tinderbox

I always find drawing with pencils fun, but who doesn’t love the detailed lines and texture of using a pen for doodling or putting together a more intense sketch?

The Tinderbox brush is great for doing just that.

This brush can be found in the inking brushes and gives you the feeling of using a real pen.

This pen is really fun for making dark and bold inked sketches.

As well as adding fine darker outlines and details to pencil sketches and giving them a more realistic and exposed quality.

I love using this pen.

It fills me with the nostalgia of my school days when I would sketch pen doodles in the back of my math book!

4. Flat Marker

Sometimes when I start drawing, I am not always sure what exactly I want to draw.

I just want to get started and figure out the finished piece later. 

This is where I usually use the flat marker as it has a really delicate light sketching effect.

It allows the user to start their sketches with light drawings and build-up, adding heavier and darker tones later. 

This is one of my favorite pens for sketching.

It allows me to build up my artwork from a basic sketch to a full drawing.

it gives me an immense sense of wonder at the creative journey and seeing how far that particular piece of work has come from its initial sketchy conception.

I really like this pen when I am drawing people or characters.

It gives me the ability to start with a basic face structure and add stronger details to the features later as I understand more about the character or emotions I am trying to create.

5. Gloaming

Another great tool for character and people drawing is the gloaming brush.

Gloaming is one of my favorites Procreate default brushes to download from the drawing library.

I feel like it’s a really fun brush to use for creating concepts of new characters, sketches, or just doodling in general! 

It has more of a harsher, charcoal-like texture than the procreate brush or the flat marker.

I find it useful for sketching characters for who I have a more definite idea and I have a clearer vision of what I want them to look like or what emotions I want them to be portraying.

I’ve found that gloaming is a must-have for writers, comic-book artists, and illustrators to get their character concepts into an art form.

6. Chalk Brush

I’ve also found that Procreate can also be a reliable tool for creating handwritten letters or practicing calligraphy. 

I have to confess that my handwriting leaves a lot to be desired and so I love practicing my handwriting and calligraphy skills when I have a chance.

I personally love using the chalk brush for this. 

The chalk brush always writes so smoothly and interacts realistically with the page.

Making dark lines for downward strokes and lighter lines for upward strokes as you would find when writing on an actual chalkboard with a piece of chalk. 

This brush has such an elegant and sophisticated texture and tone.

It has become my go-to when I need to write a personal letter, create party invites, or just want to practice my signature!

7. Script Brush

Whilst, we’re on the topic of calligraphy, let’s talk about the script brush. 

This is another brush that I also like to use when I am practicing my handwriting or calligraphy skills.

The script brush is a lot bolder than the chalk brush.

It is less refined, giving much broader lines with every stroke.

The solid textures make for great headings in personal letters and invitations. 

I have had a lot of fun combining these two brushes recently.

Creating personal handwritten letters by using the script brush to create bold, eye-catching headings.

Whilst also using the delicacy of the chalk brush for the more detailed messages underneath.

These two brushes work beautifully together for calligraphy and handwritten projects.

8. Spectra

So, as you probably have guessed by now, I am more of a sketcher than a painter when it comes to my artwork.

However, I am desperately trying to improve my mediocre painting skills.

Spectra is my go-to brush when I want to dabble in the painting world. 

This brush makes it really easy to dip into the painting world without feeling intimidated as it works similarly to sketch brushes.

It makes it easy to use and build up base layers of color and adds more detailed shading and layers of paint to the art later.

I’ve really enjoyed painting landscapes and natural objects with this brush.

It also helps to capture the detailed abstract beauty of nature through its beautiful soft texture and shading ability.

If you want to check out a beautiful example of Spectra in practice.

This Reddit user created a beautiful painting of a cellphone in cerebral blue tones which I highly recommend checking out.

9. Soft Airbrush

Similar to my sketching, when painting, I like to paint objects I can see in nature or people and try to create as much realism in my art as possible.

I occasionally have juvenile aspirations to one day become as accomplished as those incredible artists you might see on TikTok.

Those who create hyper-realistic paintings of objects and people where you are unable to tell the real object and painting apart.

Whether this dream will ever be realized is still uncertain.

However, I do find that the soft airbrush helps me in slowly achieving my aim of gaining more photo-realism in my art.

The soft airbrush has a beautiful way of adding glistening and shiny textures to my drawings.

It helps me give them a more realistic 3D effect.

I often use it to show the shimmering surface of water or light reflecting from smooth surfaces. 

I’ve found my artwork achieves a lot more depth and realism when I use this brush.

It has been a must-have for creating more authenticity in my artwork.

Do you want to see a good example of the soft airbrush in action?

You can check out this video where Shikarte demonstrates how it can bring human facial features, like noses, to life.

10. Short Hair

As someone who loves drawing nature, animals, and people, I often find it difficult to accurately depict hair, fur, and other finely matted textures in my art.

However, my final brush that has become a constructive solution to this problem is the short hair brush.

The short hair brush adds incredible detail and textures which can’t be achieved with many other brushes in this category. 

I have personally found this brush has been great for painting finer and more nuanced details and textures of feathers on wings, freckles, and beauty marks on the skin, as well as, for realistic fur and hair.

It helps a lot in bringing my paintings to life and creating more photo-realism in my art.

Final Thoughts

Procreate is an amazing way to explore your artistic ability and passion.

I love going back and discovering new ways to express myself through the tools that Procreate offers.

These brushes are just a handful of the wide range of Procreate default brushes to download.

And these brushes along with the other default brushes can take your artwork from the amateur level to the professional level with a short amount of practice and time. 

For more information on Procreate, the features of this app, and the brushes they offer, visit the Procreate site and see what you can create today.

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