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procreate face stamps free

10 Best Procreate Face Stamps Free & Paid

Are you a beginner artist and looking for free Procreate face stamps?

Procreate is raster graphics editor app for digital painting.

Even if you are just starting with your art journey, this app gives you a lot of features that can help literally everyone make stunning projects.

Highlighting its unique features and intuitive tools, Procreate is a complete portable art studio.

And, drawing faces has never been easy with this app.

With its intricate features, the human face can be the hardest to draw.

That’s why we collated these 10 paid & free Procreate face stamps to help you with your journey!

Scroll down now and learn more about them!

Build a Face Brush Set 

procreate face stamps free

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With this ‘Build a Face’ brush set,  you can create a great variety of faces.

You can combine face shapes, eyes, noses, lips, and more to create a base for your portrait.

In this set, you will get 31 brushes to create different faces which include:

  • 3 base heads
  • 7 pairs of eyes
  • 5 eyebrows
  • 6 noses
  • 7 lips
  • 3 pairs of ears
  • With free guide.

The creator of this pack is Art with Flo.

She is an outstanding digital artist who’s sharing all her knowledge in step-by-step tutorials on her YouTube channel with more than half a million subscribers.

This is a perfect start for your Procreate journey because she will guide you through every single step in her tutorials for beginners.

I highly recommend this set to anyone who is just starting to draw.

Based on the comments below her videos, her instructions are easy to follow, clear, and concise, and her videos are helping people to understand Procreate better.

Even the people who are very bad at drawing on paper said that with her tutorials they managed to develop a new skill.

Also, some even said that she was the reason why they bought iPad and started using Procreate. 

Isn’t that amazing?!

Be sure to check it out!

The price for this set is 10$.

You can find this set following the link or by going to

Pros & Benefits

  • A free booklet with instructions
  • Good price
  • YouTube channel with tutorials

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200 Procreate Face Stamps Bundle (5 in 1) 

procreate face stamps free

Download Now!

If you are looking for a wide selection of different face stamps, I think this 5-in-1 bundle is for you!

You will not have such a big choice in any other set.

LoyatyArt created this kit.

The digital artist is from Saudi Arabia and is a star seller at with over 3500 sales and 500 5-star reviews.

Reviews for the bundle are really impressive, showing them to be a setup that’s perfect for seasoned professionals as well as beginners.

Most importantly, reviewers seem to value the secure connection being formed between the user and creator due to the ability to contact the owner quickly if they encounter a problem.

Etsy says that this seller has a history of 5-star reviews, shipping on time, and replying quickly when they got any messages.

Therefore, you know you are in safe hands with this seller.

Star seller is a rare award, which you can see only at the very best sellers on Etsy.

So you know that this set has been made by professionals in the field. 

It’s a set of 200 procreate face stamps bundle 5 in 1, portrait brushes, headstamps, nose, lips, eyes & eyebrows brushes.

In this set you will get: 

  • 50 nose stamps brushes
  • 35 eyebrows stamps brushes
  • 30 head stamps brushes
  • 30 eyes stamps brushes 
  • 50 lips stamps brushes

This kit has by far the largest selection of different face stamps.

You can’t go wrong with a product that provides you with so many possibilities.

Lastly, the price for this set is 24$.

You can find it by following the link or by going to

Pros & Benefits

  • Wide selection of face stamps 
  • Fun and easy to use
  • High quality

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StarkinsArt Procreate Portrait and Face Stamp Brushes

Download Now!

Have you ever wanted to go beyond the limits of a rectangular canvas?

With StarkinsArt’s easy-to-use face stamps, you can do just that!

Simply import them into Procreate and get started!

These designs are perfect for those looking to explore their creativity, or for those who would like to try out something new.

Pros & Benefits

  • 12 Face shape stamps
  • 8 Eye stamps
  • 12 Lip stamps
  • PNG files of the stamps for non-Procreate users

Download Now!

Doll Procreate Face Brushes

Download Now!

Want to create a new character design in seconds, on your iPad?

This is the perfect set of stamps for you.

There are 35 stamps, 10 face stamps, 10 body stamps, 5 eye stamps, and 5 eyebrow stamps.

The characters look great and they’re so easy to use!

Pros & Benefits

  • Free support
  • Instant download
  • Eligible for a discount coupon upon purchase

Download Now!

Procreate Face Brushes, European, African American, Asian

Download Now!

Procreate Face stamps provide a quick and easy way to provide authentic, modern, and diverse representation in your projects.

You’ll have access to hundreds of different faces for a quick touchup for all your illustrations, paintings, and designs.

Use them as a quick detail tool in your work.

Pros and Benefits

  • Unique face stamp sets
  • Instant download
  • Gets you started with your art easily

Download Now!

BUNDLE PACK Faces Procreate Brush Stamps 

procreate face stamps free

Download Now!

You are looking at a 5-star product that has a lot of positive reviews.

Anecia a.k.a MelaninGirlCulture who created this kit is a custom illustrator and artist from Nevada.

She creates art to empower her melanin sisters, as she said on her Instagram page.

She described her shop on Etsy as a “black-owned digital illustrations and sticker shop”.

In this kit, you will get 4 different brush sets for easy drawing and over 40+ women’s faces for Procreate.

Once you purchase the brushes, you will be invited to join the Facebook group created to offer extra assistance.

It has free tutorials and you can communicate with other members of the group.

Users in reviews said that they’re very easy to use, the seller is excellent and communicates well, and the support in the Facebook group is amazing.

The reviewers make note of her availability and the close relationship with the owner, which emphasizes the company’s reliability.

Finally, the price for this set is 20.40$.

You can find this set by following the link or by going to

Pros & Benefits

  • Different brush sets for easy drawing
  • Over 40+ women’s faces for Procreate
  • Free support

Download Now!

Procreate Face Stamps

procreate face stamps free

Download Now!

Do you want to take your drawing to the next level?

And, are you looking for more professional brushes?

Well, this one is a set of professional Procreate portrait brushes.

This set has more than 200 5-star reviews! 

Vasyl Shchoka a.k.a CreativeArtVan who created this set is an amazing digital artist from Ukraine who has more than 2000 sales on Etsy.

Some of the reviewers said that it’s easy to install and use.

Also, they liked that there are various directions the eyes are looking.

So, if this is something that is important to you, this is the one you should purchase.

With their help, drawing will become even easier and more interesting.

If you buy 3-5 items, with code PRESENT you get a 10% discount, and if you buy 6 or more items you get a 20% discount with code PRESENT20.

Finally, the price for this set is only 6.30$.

You can find this set by following the link or by going to

Pros & Benefits

  • Discount code
  • Professional brushes, easy and interesting to use 
  • Affordable

Download Now!

Procreate Full Face Brushes Set 

procreate face stamps free

Download Now!

This full-face brush set made by GradientGalleryShop based in Antalya, Turkey is a set of 76 face stamps for Procreate.

By purchasing this set, you’ll get: 

  • 20 eye stamps
  • 11 eyebrows stamps
  • 25 lips stamps
  • 20 nose stamps
  • How to install note

GradientGalleryShop offers a great service.

They have outstanding communication with their customers and provide great quality.

Some of the reviewers said that the details and colors are awesome, so if this is something that is important to you, you might like this set.

With a price tag of USD 4.56, this is a great deal if you consider the number of brushes that come packaged together.

You can find this set by following the link or by going to

Pros & Benefits

  • Various face stamps
  • How to install note
  • Great price

Download Now!

20 Face Girl Stamp Brushes Procreate 

Download Now!

This is a set of 20-woman faces stamp brushes.

Alexandra a.k.a Sundrameda who made this set is a well-known Graphic Designer/Illustrator and a Procreate brush creator from Russia.

One of her missions is to help people design beautiful things easily.

This set can be useful for those who are just starting to draw faces, so they want to focus only on women’s faces. 

In addition, this set can also be useful to professionals who want to improve their drawing of a certain part of the female face.

You get 20 different woman’s faces stamp brushes.

Above all, this set only costs 21$.

You can find this set following the link or by going to

Pros & Benefits

  • Only woman faces
  • Easy to use

Download Now!

20 Face Men Stamp Brushes Procreate

Download Now!

Do you want to draw a male face?

If your answer is yes, I got a perfect face stamp set for you!

This is a set of 20 men’s face stamp brushes.

The creator of these stamps is also Sundrameda.

Also, this set can be useful for those who are just starting to draw faces and want to focus only on men’s faces. 

It can also be useful for professionals who want to improve their drawing of a certain part of the male face.

Moreover, sets with male faces are very rare, so I suggest you buy this one because you will find it very difficult to find male face stamps.

You get 20 different men’s faces.

The price for this set is 23$.

You can find this set following the link or by going to

Pros & Benefits

  • Only men faces
  • Easy to use

Download Now!

Runner-ups: Procreate Face Stamps

Download Now!

Procreate Face Stamps by Starkin’s Art is a simple kit great for people who don’t like to have too many choices.

This kit is made by Kristina Starkina, a digital and traditional materials artist from Russia, based in the Bay Area, California.

You can see her work on her beautiful Instagram page @starkinsart.

In addition to that, she has her own website, which you can see by clicking here.

A bigger choice is not always a better choice for some people.

You don’t need to own the most expensive sets to become a professional in drawing faces, portraits, or anything else.

Some small sets with few items, faces, in this case, to focus on, could be more than enough.

In this small set, you will receive 9 Realistic Face stamps for Procreate. 

With this kit, you will get PDF instructions on how to download and use this product.

Also, it comes with PNG files for those who do not have Procreate.

This could be the right one for those who still don’t have Procreate or iPad, so they can try this, before starting to use Procreate.

The price for this set is 14$.

You can find this set following the link or by going to

Pros & Benefits

  • Realistic faces
  • PDF instructions
  • PNG files for those who don’t have Procreate

Download Now!

Face Stamp Brushes Procreate

Download Now!

Second to the last on our list of Free Procreate Face Stamps are these 10 beginner-friendly brushes that are a must-have for every Procreate artist’s library.

If you are just starting to use Procreate, these are for you!

We have made sure to include sets that are completely free to download on this list.

They are, nonetheless, just as great as the eight products we previously shared with you.

This is a set of 10 women’s face stamps for Procreate.

It’s great if you want to improve your face-painting skills.

If you are a beginner at drawing faces, I think this set could be a nice start in your drawing journey. 

Moreover, this is completely free.

So, you can get it just to see your preferences before you decide which one you want to buy.

It’s made by Sundrameda, who we already mentioned earlier.

I think you should give it a chance because Sundrameda is an outstanding artist.

Most importantly, you can try these stamps for free, and if you see you like her work, you can buy some of the others she made that we listed earlier.

Pros & Benefits

  • Free
  • Great for beginners
  • Easy and fast to use 

Download Now!

Easy Face Stamps Brush Set for Procreate

Download Now!

Last on our List of Free Procreate Face stamps are made by Kristy P.

Artists can create their own brushes/stamps with Procreate.

Here is a stunning collection of face stamps created by an individual Procreate user to meet her needs.

Best of all, these Procreate Face Stamps are free!

Therefore, anyone who is interested in drawing appealing illustrations can easily access them from anywhere on the globe.

You are looking at a completely free face stamp kit with a 4.9-star rating made by self-taught artist KristyP who is making beautiful portraits with her brushes. 

Check her Instagram page to see her work, she posts it regularly @kristyp_howidraw.

She also has a YouTube channel with tutorials, which could be really useful to beginners.

Same as the previous one, if you are new to drawing, I think that this one would be nice for a try.

Later, if you decide to dedicate yourself more to drawing faces, you can return to one of the first few on this list with more face choices, brushes, or colors. 

Pros & Benefits

  • Good for those who are just starting to draw
  • Free
  • YouTube tutorials

Download Now!

Final Thoughts 

If you want to start drawing faces in Procreate, then these 10 Paid and Free Best Procreate Face Stamps are for you!

Thank you for reading our article, and we sincerely hope you find a set or two that will work well for your art! 

Try to be creative with these beautiful products and constantly create unique works!

Also, there is a wide selection of face stamps for Procreate on the internet.

But, there is a much larger selection of those that are paid, though there are also a few that are free.

We tried to gather in one place the best ones. 

Lastly, if you know some good ones that are not on this list, let us know in the comments below.

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