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10 Best Procreate Comic Fonts (Expert Picks)

Are you looking for some Procreate comic fonts?

Well, we have gathered for you the best options for you out there. 

We have put a lot of time into searching and gathering the best comic fonts to choose the perfect product that suits your business.

So, here are the top 10 best Procreate comic fonts you are looking for.

Quick Peek: 10 Best Procreate Comic Fonts

  1. Whoosh Comic Book/Cartoon Font
  2. BadaBoom Pro
  3. Classic Comic
  4. Ancoa
  5. Balone Kids
  6. Snacker Comic
  7. KillJoy
  8. Amatic SC
  9. Spicy Rice
  10. Sour Crunch – Comical Sans Serif

1. Whoosh Comic Book/Cartoon Font

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Number one on our list of the best comic fonts is the Whoosh Comic Book font.

It has been designed by the little type factory, a well-established font-making foundry run by Neil.

The font is bold and fun to use with numerous implementations such as in comic books or superhero cartoons. 

Furthermore, this font looks punchy and strong yet decorative and makes your work look more polished. 

In addition, it is perfect for a Comic-book making firm looking to attract a large crowd including teenagers as well as kids.

One of the customers remarks that the font is cheaper than the bigger font houses and easy to buy and download.

The font kit contains a complete lower case, upper case, and special character. 

It also includes European character sets and Western, Central, and southeastern sets. 

The font formats include OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Contains all the latest updated formats and future updates
  • Supports three languages
  • Designed by professional having tons of positive reviews
  • Fits perfect for the punchy comic book stories 

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2. BadaBoom Pro

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Next on our list of Procreate comic fonts was designed and published by Blambot.

It gives the texture of comics with a powerful and serious storyline.

This font is available for commercial as well as non-commercial use.

However, it also has its limitation.

It is only available in 2 styles.

This font consists of the typeface with two styles of font i.e. regular and italic.

The license contains almost all the important rights and uses a typical designer would expect.

Moreover, the comic-style font was released in 2010 and is loved and favored by many users to date.

It also offers almost all the special characters that may be needed by the user.

You can try the font by applying it to your text before purchasing it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Contains all the web and Desktop app licenses
  • Loved by many since 2010
  • Available in 2 styles
  • Fits perfectly for serious comic makers
  • From BadaBoom Pro comic Family

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3. Classic Comic

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This font has been designed by Patrick Griffin and published by Canada Type foundry.

It is a classic comic font evenly designed for orthodox classic font lovers.

The font is available in 6 styles:

  • regular
  • italic
  • medium
  • medium italic
  • bold
  • bold italic

You can download the demo font or try by entering your text in the trying section.

In addition, it is constructed with a natural tilt and a wider aperture of slightly darker lettering.

You can find such fonts in older comics but this one is slightly upgraded.

Firstly, it comes in all popular formats.

And lastly, this contains extended language support covering most Latin languages as well as Greek and Cyrillic.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Contains all web and EBook licenses
  • Available in extended language formats
  • All in one affordable package
  • Best for classic comic designers
  • All 6 styles and special characters present

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4. Ancoa

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Andrey Kudriyavtsev, Rodrigo Salas, and Franko Hernandez designed this Ancoa font.

It is published by Rodrigo Typo foundry and was released in 2020 with all the web and desktop licenses.

This font is a display sans serif font family pack containing a wide range of 20 font styles.

It contains special styles like Inline, layer Inline, Rough and other styles.

The package serves a wide range of customers with its unique design and elegant looks.

You can purchase the full package or simply a single style that you like the most.

It can be used in posters and designs of various formats.

Looking for an incredible deal?

Grab the package now with 50% of the sale ongoing in spring 2022.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Variety in designs
  • Latest updates
  • One style to rule them all
  • Comes in 19 styles 
  • Designed by popular designers

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5. Balone Kids

procreate fonts comic

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Abdul Ghofur is the designer of this font.

The font is published by GFR Creative foundry.

It is a single-styled font with a cute and unique taste for kids.

The font is fun to use combining upper and lower case letters in a combination.

It fits perfectly for use in kids’ cartoon stories.

Moreover, it can also be used for creating a child-oriented website or web page for basic learning.

You can purchase the font from with separate licenses.

The licenses are available separately for this family.

  • Desktop Font License: EULA
  • Digital Ads License: 4 years
  • Web Font License: Pay Once
  • Mobile Application License
  • Electronic Publication License
  • Server License: Valid for 1 year

Most importantly, there is multi-language support for this font with special characters included.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Affordable price with a single license
  • Joyful design for kids
  • Single individual style
  • Positive reviews by customers
  • Productive designing

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6. Snacker Comic

procreate fonts comic

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Mans Greback foundry designed and published this Snacker Comic font.

It is designed to make a fine addition to your typographic arsenal.

If you are a cartoon comic book designer, we recommend you try this one out.

Furthermore, you can also use this font for logo creation and static images like PNG, JPEG, etc.

You can buy this package from supported in all web browsers. 

It has three high-quality versions in several languages.

There are multiple types of licenses for this font 

  • Desktop Font Licence
  • Digital Ads Licence
  • Web Font Licence 
  • Mobile Application Licence
  • Electronic Publication Licence
  • Server Licence

You can also purchase an additional EBook license along with the package.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unique and fun-looking design
  • Perfect for cartoon comics
  • Latest updates
  • High-quality font textures
  • The hand-written feel of the design

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7. KillJoy

procreate fonts comic

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Killjoy font is designed by John Roshell and published by Comicraft foundry.

The package contains 6 individual font styles designed in the latest formats.

  • KillJoy Regular
  • KillJoy Italic
  • KillJoy Inline Regular
  • KillJoy Inline Italic
  • KillJoy Outline Regular
  • KillJoy Outline Italic

The font serves merrymakers, carousers, jesters, revelers, and live wires.

This one has the potential to add fun and excitement to your party invitation cards.

You can also use it for advertisement pamphlets.

You can purchase the all-in-one package at an impressive price.

The package contains important licenses detailing:

  • Desktop Font Licence: EULA for this family
  • Digital ADS Licence: Valid for 4 years
  • Web Font Licence: Pay once 
  • Mobile Application Licence
  • Electronic Publication Licence
  • Server Licence: Valid for one year

Pros & Benefits:

  • Published by popular designers
  • Latest updates 
  • Pay Once web font license
  • Perfect for party invitation cards
  • You can use it on android mac and windows

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8. Amatic SC

procreate fonts comic

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Next on our list of Procreate comic fonts is designed by Vernon Adams, Ben Nathan, Thomas Jockin, and Cyreal.

This font is available for free on Google fonts.

You can simply use the type tester or download the whole font family for free.

Contains two styles regular and bold.

It’s a simple but effective hand-drawn Webfont.

You can also use it in Titling or small texts.

It can freely be used throughout the Internet in Web browsers and mobile devices.

The principal designer for this font is Vernon Adams who practiced typeface designing from 2007 to 2014.

The font is licensed under the Open Font License. 

It can also be used for commercial purposes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Open source license
  • Simple hand-drawn design
  • Designed by popular designers
  • Available in Latin and Hebrew Alphabets
  • A Multiuse font package

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9. Spicy Rice

procreate fonts comic

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The Principal designer of this font is Astigmatic.

It is published on an open-source platform Google fonts.

One of the most professional-looking fonts on the Internet.

Available for free use for all purposes including commercial usage.

The font looks like a heavy wave of letterforms blended with a little alluring taste.

There is a long list of the usage of this font including party invitations, posters, informal letters, and many more.

You can use it on Mac, Android, IOS, and PC.

The font is licensed under Open Font License.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Designed by a Professional
  • Stylish looks suit today’s world
  • Available for direct download 
  • Suitable for Invitations and posters
  • Open-source licensing

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10. Sour Crunch – Comical Sans Serif

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DM Studio is the designer of this font.

This is a sans serif family type displaying font.

It will help you polish your creative ideas by improving the overall visualization of your comic.

It is crunchy and exudes the typical comic vibe

You can easily imagine the font as a comical based fun-looking font.

The font is available in more than one style.

You can easily purchase it from

And also, if you want to know what it looks like in your text, you can easily try out the creative market font before purchasing it.

This font offers 4 licenses: desktop, e-pub, app, and a web font.

If you are going to create a mixture of fun and sour comics, do check out this amazing designer font.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Powerful and fun font
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Perfect for crunchy cartoon comical characters
  • Offers web font license

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Final Thoughts 

The joy of reading usually comes from the proper use of fonts.

Selecting a perfect font style for your Business helps you achieve exponential growth in the field of your work.

Nowadays even promotional banners seem to use punchy fonts for their advertisement purposes.

 A Famous designer Neville Brody once said, “Typography is a hidden tool of manipulation within the society”

Well, that’s true, good typography can help your reader devote less attention to the mechanism of reading and more attention to your message.

Fonts have played an important role in increasing the influence of a sentence.

From the very beginning, Procreate comic fonts played a critical role in serving the needs of the Business and advertising sectors.

Fonts are fundamental elements of progressive writing and play a vital role in building Comic stories.

Hope this article helped you in finding the perfect Procreate comic fonts that suit you and improves your productivity.

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