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procreate free color palettes

Free Procreate Color Palettes To Download Now!

Here are some of the most aesthetic and best-looking Procreate free color palettes for you!

Watch our video and download them now!

Hello, my beautiful Procreate friends!
Here is a little something for you.

Free Procreate Color Palettes Just for You

procreate free color palettes

I’ve got over 100 free color palettes that you can use in Procreate.

So, I’m going to show you some of my favorites that I’ve included.

There is a section that has different palettes which resemble different sorts of art movements.

So, we’ve got the Impressionist Style, we’ve got Still Life, we’ve got Baroque Realism, Art Nouveau, Pop Art, Neoclassical and some other fantastic different color combinations.

In addition to these, we’ve also got some really interesting color palettes that look to resemble different types of mediums like Chalky Pastels, and Bronze and Copper.

Also some other metallic palette like Steel and Silver, and some Watercolor, and some Retro Chalks.

There’s really a lot of different variety in these palettes which are a great basis for building out your own designs.

And even for children’s books!

Undoubtedly, these are some wonderful, perfect, bright and lively primary colors.

I really hope you enjoy these color palettes and if there’s anything missing that you would like added, feel free to drop a little note.

You can download these from the link to description on my website,

Have a delightful day!

Final Thoughts

There we have it!

You can now use these aesthetic & beautiful-looking color palettes for free!

Do you have new brushes but you don’t know how to install them?

Watch our tutorial on “How to Install Procreate Brushes: Step-by-Step Guide“.

Get our popular 100 FREE Procreate palettes here!

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