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procreate glitter aesthetic

Procreate Glitter Aesthetic: Paint Tears of Glitter

Create images with Procreate glitter aesthetic.

Make Glitter Tears using the Procreate Glitter Toolbox.

Watch our tutorial now!

Paint Glitter Tears in Procreate Now! (A Step-By-Step Guide)

Hello my beautiful Procreate friends!

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can use the Procreate Glitter Toolbox to create glitter tears just like this.

This will help you make glittering tears in Procreate.

1. Select Image and Create a Layer

Procreate glitter aesthetic

So first of, select an image that you want to use.

Procreate glitter aesthetic

Create a new layer on top of this image.

2. Use the Sparkle Splatter Brush & Set Rainbow Glitter Color Palette as Default

Procreate glitter aesthetic

The first brush that we will use is the Sparkle Splatter Brush, and then come into the color palette and come to your rainbow glitter color palette.

Procreate glitter aesthetic

I want you to set it as default because we’ll be using this a lot.

And then we’re gonna start off by selecting some of the different colors.

First, we start with pink.

Set the brush size to about 8% and then you start just adding in some glitter.

Then you may want to change the color.

Change it to green, change it to blue.

Add in another layer, change it to yellow.

Add in another layer.

Now we can start to see that it’s starting to feel nice and sparkling, a multicolored rainbow sparkle.

3. Hide a Layer & Select Your Favorite Brush

Okay, when you’re happy, add a new layer, hide the other layer, come into your brush palette and you can just select one of your favorite brushes here.

I’m going to go to the studio pen, because what we’re going to do is we’re going to draw the outline of the tears.

4. Start to Draw the Base of The Tears

So zoom in, make sure you are on the new layer, and start to add in the base of the tears.

Then, you can imagine on the contours of the face where the tears might fall down.

So, they’re definitely going to fall down here between the nose and the cheek.

It’s also quite nice to have just a little bit of a droplet head at the bottom here so you can see where the top is.

Looking good!

5. Set Glitter Layer in to Clipping Mask & Come Back to Tear Layer

Okay, next up!

Make sure that this layer is below our glitter layer.

This Glitter layer to Clipping Mask.

And now, here’s the key.

We’ll come back to tear layer, the pink layer, and we’re going to recolor it with a base skin tone.

Now that we have from the image, hold a finger down and select a skin tone that will work for the whole area of the tear.

And then we’re going to simply drag the color and drop it.


Onto the tear!

There we go!

And now we can start to see it getting better.

You might want now to come back into your glitter layer and add a little bit more glitter.

You can even change the size a little bit so we get more variety.


6. Duplicate Base Tear Layer & Select Dark Shadow Layer

Okay, next step.

The next step is to duplicate the base tear layer.

And what we’re going to do is select the original one, and then we’re going to select a dark shadow layer, and we’re going to create the shadows of the tear.

Procreate glitter aesthetic

So we’re just gonna select the selection tool and we’re going to tap to the right, this will move it a few pixels to the right and tap it down which will move it a few pixels down.

So you want to just check on the image that you’re using, where the shadow is.

Here we can see that it’s definitely coming from the top to the bottom.

Procreate glitter aesthetic

And then we’re gonna drop in the black.

Procreate glitter aesthetic

And now we select the layer again and you can bring it down to what feels about right.

7. Go to Adjustment Panel and Tap on Gaussian Blur

I suggest you come to the adjustments panel and tap on  to the gaussian blur.

Go to layer and you slide to the right a little bit and just give you a little hint of shading.

And we can also adjust the layer opacity here because it’s a little bit heavy at the moment.

So you can see that it’s zero and we just want to bring it up until it feels realistic.

8. Add Some Highlights and Select an Airbrush Brush

Next up, we’re going to go back into the glitter layer and we’re going to add some highlights.

So to do that, we’re going to come down and select an airbrush brush.

I suggest the soft blend and we’re going to change the color to white.

And we start testing the size of our brush.

Procreate glitter aesthetic

Okay, it’s working quite well so we’re on opacity about 40 and brush size is about 2%.

And now we’re going to start adding in the highlights.

So this is just simply brushing on the left hand side

Procreate glitter aesthetic

Add a little bit more glitter on top of the shadows just to not have it all white and come back into our glitter sparkle.

That’s looking good!

9. Add Your Final Details


Procreate glitter aesthetic

And now, the next step would be to add some details.

Procreate glitter aesthetic

So we will use, I recommend star 1 with a great little detailer and we’ll change the color to very light white or gray.

Procreate glitter aesthetic

And then pick up a few points just add in the stars, make them on a new layer, very important, and start popping them in into a few places, vary their sizes.

Procreate glitter aesthetic

And there we have it!

That is how to create glitter tears in Procreate using the Procreate glitter toolbox.

I hope you enjoyed this video.

And if you’ve got any questions or comments, please drop me a line.

Otherwise have a delightful day.

Ciao for now!

Final Thoughts

And there we have it!

We hope you liked the video on how to have Procreate glitter aesthetic in your art.

You can now make Glitter Tears in Procreate and make them sparkle with the help of the Procreate Glitter Toolbox.

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