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procreate graffiti brushes

10 Best Procreate Graffiti Brushes Free and Paid

Get the best Procreate graffiti brushes NOW.

These realistic tools will help you create stunning street art!

1. Procreate Graffiti Brush Kitprocreate graffiti brushes

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If  you’re after authentic graffiti look, then these are the brushes you’ve been looking for.

These brushes were made to give you the same tools a real street artist would use.

This kit offers twenty custom brushes to create your very own calligraffiti, street art, letterings and tags.

In addition, the kit includes two real-life textures, brick and concrete.

These textures provide you with the perfect background for your graffiti art.

The creator, Samson of Delightful Templates, offers lifetime updates and personalized support.

All these, definitely make this kit the ultimate graffiti brush kit for Procreate.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Create your own signage, branding and artwork.
  • The brushes are easy to use.
  • This product comes with additional perks like the brick and concrete textures.
  • Enjoy creating graffiti art with realistic brushes.

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3. Procreate Graffiti Kit by Goodfela Supply

procreate graffiti brushes

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What makes these brushes genuinely stand out is the addition of drips, splashes, and textures.

They will make you feel like you are doing the real thing.

You will be able to create everything from lettering to various kinds of art with these specific brushes.

The drips are a realistic touch because real graffiti does not usually dry immediately.

If you want to make art that looks like you just took it off the wall, then, hurry and download these brushes now!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Three primary brushes make up this set: spray, drip, and splashes.

These textures will help you create genuinely realistic drawings and paintings, just like you would see on an actual graffiti wall.

  • They are also easy and fun to switch between textures. 

You can easily combine the splashes and drips to make a fun and visually appealing creation.

  • There is a bonus of 9 Montana Colors to this set!

You can think outside the box and create something unique, colorful, and engaging with these colors.

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4. Drip Brush Pack by Bakeroner

procreate graffiti brushes

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These brushes are a lot of fun for you to practice with.

They are appealing for beginners, as they are just getting the hang of creating graffiti art.

Your creations can stand out with a variety of colors and pressurized textures.

Pressurized textures are a special.

This is because with the different pressures, you have options which you wouldn’t have with just a regular pen.

The more you get the hang of these brushes, the more ready you will become to take your art to the next level!

Pros & Benefits:

  • This set contains 11 pressure-sensitive brushes that let you feel like you are holding a can in your hands.

Now you don’t have to go outside and put yourself through the hard work of setting up a station!

  • They have high and low drip options, which allow you to contrast your creations.

You can easily make your product transform by utilizing this feature.

  • The brushes alternate between a noisy drip and a full-on spray,.

So ,you can both create outlines and fill them in with ease.

If you want to write words in cursive or do big block lettering, you have many options.

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5. Spray Brush Pack by Bakeroner

procreate graffiti brushes

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Creators made these brushes precisely to recreate the actual feeling of spraying paint on a wall.

You can create your graffiti at home while being able to save and utilize the image for a wide variety of needs.

You can create a print and gift it as a card, or simply make it a screensaver.

The brushes make very appealing designs and textures that are fun and different.

You can use them to draw over one another and create layered paintings.

Pros & Benefits:

  • There are nine pressure-sensitive brushes that you can experiment with.

They genuinely look and have the texture of graffiti that you would create on a canvas, wall, or concrete.

  • These brushes can be easily alternated and mixed, enhancing your drawings to the fullest.

You can experiment without taking away from the beauty of your image!

  • It is possible to make these brushes as thick or as thin as you may need so that you can get the optimal settings for your design. 

It is as easy as brushing on and letting your project take off!

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6. Procreate Spray Brush V3.0 by Goodfela Supply

procreate graffiti brushes

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These brushes have exquisite textures and colors that you can choose from.

This is the updated version of their previous releases.

So, you can use your earlier favorites while trying out the newest versions.

If you loved their previous versions, then this set is suitable for you.

The colors are very urban and vibrant.

The graffiti brushes feel realistic to even veteran graffiti artists.

Pros & Benefits:

  • There are 31 brushes total, as there are bonus brushes included in this exciting pack.

They contain both the old favorites with new designs for artists to use and love.

  • The brushes fade out as you use them to draw, making them feel realistic and also adding a cool “smokey” effect.

They are easy to use and don’t require much practice to get the hang of them.

  • These graffiti brushes also include the small dots or “spray” that comes out of the paint can when you create graffiti in the real world.

Many small details such as these elevate these brushes and help them stand out amongst other graffiti brushes.

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7. Procreate Spray Brushes by Goodfela Supply

procreate graffiti brushes

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These Procreate brushes were created by an actual graffiti artist who saw an emerging need for artists who wanted to work with graffiti digitally.

The brushes are designed for the individual who has a bit more experience.

However, the brushes are still user-friendly to translate from creating art in the real world to taking it to a virtual environment.

Pros & Benefits:

  • There are 16 brushes to choose from that include fan favorites from the first version of this brush set.
  • It is also possible for users to switch between Versions 1 and 2 and use whichever version pleases them most.
  • The remarkable feature about these brushes is that they are explicitly created as graffiti brushes.

Their paintings can look very futuristic and modern.

  • You can also use these brushes to paint over actual photos and drawings, making your art stand out while making it uniquely your own.
  • There is no limit to what you can do with these cutting-edge brushes.

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8. Set of 230 Procreate Brushes for Graffiti, Calligraffiti and Lettering Artist by Endete

procreate graffiti brushes

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These brushes are a fan favorite, with hundreds of five-star reviews praising their capabilities.

They were created specifically for graffiti, calligraffiti, and lettering artists.

Everyone interested in the various forms of graffiti can take advantage of these highly innovative brushes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Not only does it have a whopping 65 graffiti brushes and 120 lettering brushes, but it also has 46 outline brushes.

All these brushes give you a wide variety of choices to create realistic graffiti art.

If you are looking for exciting graffiti brushes alone, this set gives you more than enough brushes to choose from.

  • The textures of the pen can vary widely depending on your settings.

So, if you are looking to create a realistic drawing or something that looks like a cartoon, you have all these options available to you.

They can be refined as much as you may need them to be!

  • While it is a given that you can create fun art with these brushes, you can also do a number of things.

You can change the background colors, make your designs look hyper-realistic, and combine so many assets beyond your imagination.

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9. Handstyle Graff Procreate Brush Set by Jake Rainis

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The designer of these brushes spent a lot of time creating high-quality brushes for the graffiti artists who are just as passionate about graffiti as he is.

He spent a lot of effort sifting through the market to find what worked for him and what was not as appealing as initially thought.

These efforts paid off by creating this Procreate brush set.

Each brush was painstakingly designed and created for the most enthusiastic graffiti artist.

Created specifically for a hand-lettered look, the designer wants you to enjoy a simulated feeling of painting with a can in your hands.

Pros & Benefits:

  • There are 42 brushes included in this set, with three different kinds of brushes for all of your graffiti wants and needs.

Each brush has a specific pattern that is “sprayed” as you use the pen, which is a unique take on the trends of graffiti brushes.

  • Actual natural paint splatters were incorporated into the designs of the brushes!

If you were hoping for the feeling of the real thing, they made sure that you would get it with this set.

  • Depending on what you need and want to do, you can do everything from small details to broad strokes.

The designer created the brushes considering all the needs of the graffiti artist.

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10. Free Procreate Graffiti Brush Pack by Henta Zakharia and Doste Project

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Whether you want to write words or paint an actual drawing, these graffiti brushes are great to use!

They have varying lines and textures that are perfect for text writing or making bigger designs out of words.

You can come up with fantastic work with these brushes.

This is because you can create a base or foundation with one brush.

Then, layer it over with a thinner brush to detail your project in a way that you may not have seen before.

If you want to get started quickly, there are also template background colors for you to choose from.

So you can focus on the details without thinking of what the bigger picture will look like.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The brushes have five main settings.

They can be used primarily for text writing or can be layered for a larger creation.

  • There are several options of colors to choose from.

You can mix and match colors or layer them on top of each other for an excellent effect.

  • This set also includes stickers, just like you would see with graffiti in real life.

You can write names or words on the stickers and print them out so you can keep them.

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Runner-up: Free Graffiti Brush Pack by Shkicaz

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These Procreate graffiti brushes are simple but to the point for anyone who may want to get started trying their hand at graffiti.

You can layer various brush textures on top of each other to get the ideal pattern and take it from there.

With nine textures to choose from, a lot can be accomplished, especially if the artist wants to focus on refining their lettering skills.

The pack has several cool colors to bring your art to life!

Pros & Benefits:

  • The brushes create light and basic patterns, so you don’t get lost in overdoing it.

These brushes are essential to enhance already present skills.

  • It is effortless to write text with these brushes.

The brushes can be enlarged or lessened, depending on your need, so that you can make the perfect outline every time.

  • These graffiti brushes are great to create a traditional outline, then go over with a broader marker to fill in (which you can do with several different colors for an even more astonishing effect)!

This is great for those beginners focused on graffiti writing and want to get the hang of it before moving on to the drawing part.

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Final Thoughts

Procreate offers an edge to those who want to take their art to another level in this day and age.

They are also beneficial to expressive people who:

  • want to develop their growing artistic skills
  • are looking to make some money off their art
  • just like to spend time creating fascinating graffiti masterpieces

With so many different brushes for you to use and try out, there is no way you will get bored or be disappointed with the varieties offered.

You can use these Procreate graffiti brushes to create one-of-a-kind artworks or enhance existing projects.

Go ahead and dip your toe into the graffiti realm if you haven’t already!

You will have more fun than you thought was possible simply by experimenting with these beautiful and exciting tools.

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We have listed our ten favorites Procreate graffiti brushes that will help you make beautiful works of art.

With Procreate (and these brushes), you can save your artwork forever and print them out if you are delighted with them.




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