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10 Best Procreate Grain Texture Brushes (Free and Paid Options)

Improve on your drawing skills with the use of some Procreate grain texture free and paid brushes.

These are all available from Etsy and Creative workshop.

Using these Procreate grain texture free and paid brushes will provide more emotion in your work and make it more appealing to the audience.

We reviewed some Procreate compatible brushes specifically used for applying texture.

In this article, we will help you select what is best for you.

Read on to find our best 10!

1. NEW! Procreate Ink & Grain Liners Brush Set

procreate grain texture free
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Here is a really good value grain and texture brush set. 

This beautiful 17-brush kit is used with Apple Pencil.

If you upgrade to Procreate 5, you can deploy the iPad brush.

You will be getting 17 different brushes that will allow you to explore many art dimensions.

Here are some of these brushes’ unique grain effects. 

One of its unique grain effects is a gritty texture which is great for adding texture to your work. 

You also have chalk effect, grained effects, and also pebbled effects.

Thought about creating pebbled pathways, borders, even using them inside your Lettering?

Age your work by adding scratches.

This set has some quite rare features such as a dried ink effect and puffy effect.

Of course, you have some more conventional options such as pencil grain and marker, and scribble effect.

There are some interesting looking effects you will love trying out like fizzy and choppy. 

Finally, also included in this very versatile collection is small ripple, big ripple, and a smoothie liner. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • You get a very practical mix of texture and grain brushes, including some interesting ones like the fizzy and puffy brushes.
  • A very big bonus is the wide range of textures and grains all in one set. 
  • This would make a great grunge artists set.
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2. Texture Illustration Set | Procreate 5 | 30 Brushes | Vintage | Retro | Brush Pack | Procreate Brushes | iPad Lettering

procreate grain texture free
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It’s difficult to believe, but 25 out of all 26 reviews on Etsy about this brush set gave it five stars. 

That is a pretty impressive review line up. 

Why is this brush so special?  

Well, to start with, there are 30 different brush grain effects.

You can produce a whole range of grain textures from organic grain to sand, concrete, and wood. 

It can also help you make vintage texture and distressed wood, metal, concrete on just about any background.

You can have the appearance of your finished artwork appear old like a Van Gogh. 

This is a great basic pack to have if you are a serious digital artist.

Like a fingerprint, the minute you start drawing a texture, the painting becomes unique and your own.

Additionally, it has calligraphy applications that allows you to produce several calligraphic styles and then color and texture them endlessly.

This is an essential tool for graphic artists. 

It lends itself from comic to animal drawing and animations.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The almost 100 percent 5-star feedback from digital artists is impressive that nothing can really go wrong with this pack.
  • It has a huge variety of textures available for use..
  • It provides the best distressed and vintage textures we’ve ever seen.
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3. Grain & Shade Procreate Texture Brush Set, Drawing Grain Pencil Brush, Lettering Brush, iPad lettering, Procreate Texture Brush Set

procreate grain texture free
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This brush set has an amazing 32 different grains and textures.

That means you can tweak your illustration surface effect in many different ways.

Within each of the grains, you can change the size, tone, and of course, color. 

Thirty of the brushes have authentic textures that are handmade by using graphics of real substances. 

You can also replicate paint textures such as oil paint strokes.

There is a huge variety of textures you can experiment with. 

If you do a lot of lettering, you can experiment with filling it with different grains and textures.

The set includes two pen liners for pen and ink drawing.

These would be great for creating frames and borders for your illustrations as well as doing lettering. 

It includes a sheet with the textures displayed for your reference. 

Also, there is an easily accessible guide on selecting and applying appropriate textures.

Pros & Benefits:

  • In our opinion, this is THE starter Grain and Texture kit with 32 brushes.
  • You have a set with just about every texture and grain you will need to apply to a multitude of applications. 
  • For us, the guides and texture reference sheet are incredibly useful and practical to get new Procreate users up and running.
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4. 20-Grain Shaders Procreate Brushes

procreate grain texture free
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This set is noteworthy because it has many professional artists using it.

One hundred sixteen Etsy reviews are almost all five stars. 

Many owners have commented on how versatile this set is. 

It is used by many commercial portrait painters, calligraphers, and collage painters.

Layer the grains and textures over your work and try out different effects. 

It is versatile that using is with Procreate just provides you a good artwork.

Changing details in your work is easy with the use of this set.

If you make your sky too grainy, well, you can change it!

This set is best for you if you ever had the angst of discarding a half-finished artwork because you made a mistake but decided to continue it.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • This set is widely used by professionals and has a high star rating of 99% of them. 
  • It gives you infinite ability to use grains and textures in different tones, shades, and degrees of coarseness or fineness.
  • It has beautiful brushes that produce completely authentic grain and texture obtained for real-life graphics.
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5. Procreate MultiGrain Texture Brush Set Lettering

procreate grain texture free
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This great set uses the standard iPad pencil, but a little more than the basic.

It’s not called a multi-grain brush set for no reason.

It has 38 grain and shader textures comprised of 10 textured liners and 28 grain shader patterns.

You can add texture and grain to your lettering and your illustrations by using this set.

Like many high-end Procreate compatible brush sets, this one also uses authentic graphics produced from actual sand, concrete, and fabrics. 

If you are a clothing designer, you are going to enjoy its fabric feature to sketch your creations.  

It also has authentic paint textures. 

Think of thick oil paint, gouache, grunge, and collage. 

You will love the agility of this set to apply your favorite paint texture to your illustrations.

Due to its very high resolution, you can work on really big canvases on Procreate and not end up with a blurry, low-resolution look.

It has very easy to follow instructions on how it can be used. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • We love the huge versatility and range of texture found in this set.
  • The fabric textile is a very “nice to have” feature not just for clothing designers but because the woven fabric texture can be used in so many variations.
  • The brush’s textures and grains are derived from graphics of authentic grains paints and other textures.
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6. 12 Procreate Tattoo Brushes Grain Shading Brushes

procreate grain texture free
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For graphic designers out there, this brush set will appeal to you!

You get a pack of twelve brushes.

This set is best for tattoo artists and those seeking the grunge and grit look.

Tattoo artists, illustrators, graphic artists, calligraphers, and logo designers will find this a perfect set.

If you ever wondered how some tattoo artists produce such incredible work, you will invariably find they started their creation on an iPad with Procreate and this set of brushes.

You can not only draw lines, but you also have a superb control of fading, smoothing, and blending. 

If you are a modern artist, you will love its grunge features. 

The variations of this set are infinite. 

You are going to love trying it out!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • This is a must-have for ANYBODY into tattoo or graphic art!
  • It has a nice variety of twelve brushes.
  • It gives you the ability to create awesome tattoos and add grain textures to them.
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7. Procreate Grain Brushes

These ten brushes are perfect for adding texture and grain to your illustrations.

It’s a great brush set for Manga and Anime Artists.

We would recommend anybody new to Procreate to start off illustrating with this very user-friendly brush set.

Change your patterns to a variety of shades, textures, and grains supported in this brush set. 

This is also a great brush for toy designers.

Mock out dolls, animals, and surreal creatures easily. 

The brushes can be swiftly expanded into large brush strokes or fine lines. 

Its creator is an artist and offers help with anyone who needs it when using the brushes.. 

It its a bunch of quirky brush features that many artists find funny, unique, and fresh.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The brushes can easily be made large for filling or fine for accurate, detailed work. 
  • It’s very quick to draw Anime, Manga, and toys with!
  • The set has a unique collection of quirky brushes that you can use to apply grains, textures, and colors with. 


8. 38 Procreate Brushes – Drawing Grunge Set

procreate grain texture free
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Grunge art is an extremely popular and fast-rising art form. 

It’s edgy and dark in a mystical way.

Conventional grunge is what you see in clothing and cigarette stumps, and syringes incorporated into massive canvases with thick Gesso or oil paint. 

It accepts merging and splattering with paint splatter, beads, bubbles, and sprays. 

The final results are often absolutely mind-blowing. 

It can take hours to take in the message of the creation as your eyes wander over the canvas. 

Grunge creations often pull your gaze from a scene to an object and back again.

It’s sarcastic, glitchy, and twisted. 

No matter what your personal art preference is, most artists admire the creativity that goes into grunge art. 

This brush set specializes in Amber forest design, which is impossible to describe without seeing it for yourself.

A good example is found here.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • The brush set fully enables you to produce powerfully impactful work in this fast-evolving form of modern art.
  • Make money by transferring your Amber forest designs on cups, notepads, pens, glasses, ashtrays, and almost anything else.
  • There are some available EXTREME grunge effects out there on these brushes!
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9. Free 12 Grain Procreate Brush Set

procreate grain texture free
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This is an incredibly generous free brush set offered by a group of young artists and entrepreneurs.

The group has one of the biggest art resource libraries on the internet.

They have an impressive 10 million downloads and have more than one 150,000 email subscribers. 

They also offer a platform to submit your artwork with the chance of becoming one of their hundred-plus guest authors.

You won’t be disappointed by the premium paid brushes you find here and will very likely want some of them.

These twelve brushes in the free set feature powerful tools.

The grain patterns are so versatile that you can even apply them to create night skies full of stars! 

Thee set can also apply very fine detail. 

You’ll be amazed by the quality and the fine features of this brush set.

It includes excellent shadowing effects that are easy to manipulate by erasing or darkening the tone.

It’s so full of features that it’s going to take you a long time to get through them all.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s free with incredible features and a lot of amazing textures.
  • It has powerful control over shading.
  • It has a VERY versatile range of paint techniques.
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10. Grain and Speckle Brushes for Procreate

procreate grain texture free
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This is an incredibly free brush set by a master painter and brush creator.  .

It offers several free brushes on its landing page.

You won’t be disappointed by the paid brushes you find there and will very likely want some of them.

They are powerful tools and very cheap.

Stipple, apply sandy and other textures can be easily applied.

Create clean acrylic texture and powdery looks. 

This set can also apply incredibly fine detail. 

You will like the quality and the fine features of this brush set.

The creator of this brush set is passionate about making brushes and you can follow his Instagram links on the download page and find out about his other projects.⁠

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s free with a bunch of 24 brushes with new, fresh and original features.
  • It is easy to navigate and has nice, layering options.
  • It has a VERY versatile range of paint techniques.
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Final Thoughts

We are confident that among these 10 Procreate grain texture free and paid options, you are going to find the perfect brush to match your style of painting or illustration.

These brushes cover all forms of art, from calligraphy to oil painting and water and gouache Painting.

By buying from reputable online stores such as Etsy and Creative Market, you know they have been thoroughly checked and are genuinely good quality.

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