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10 Best Procreate Grid Pack Downloads

Using a grid helps add structure and guide your composition. Whether you are creating characters, letters or landscapes. We run through the best grid template bundles

The Procreate grids / Procreate grid template make possible the creation of stunning art pieces.

This is what makes Procreate one of the most popular and award-winning painting apps nowadays. 

From illustrations to paintings, lettering, and realistic sketches, the sky’s the limit when it comes to it.

This is because it’s a tool used by professional designers, illustrators, or hobbyists just trying to learn a new thing or for fun. 

It’s a powerful tool that recreates the natural feel of physical drawing.

Moreover it comes with:

  • More than 130 brushes
  • An incredible trace control
  • Multiple layers
  • Perspective
  • Color control
  • Different types of shades
  • Blend modes
  • Many more gadgets that can give every design unique touches and be saved on 4K resolution

And, to do that, some users prefer to use different types of drawing assists and tools.

They can make the drawing experience even better.

Grids and templates, that can keep the art in proportion and help you with inspirations and tools or guides to create more elaborate designs. 

Grid is a layout of intersecting lines that can be used to align, organize and compose the design project.

These projects include texts, images, drawings, or any other element to keep them at the same size and symmetric.  

A template is a form or mold that it’s already done.

It can be used by you to create your unique project by using a few elements of it or as a simple guide for inspiration.

It is possible to find numerous grid templates – with different types of functionality.

They can help you with the conception of the artworks like drawings, illustrations, painting or lettering, and calligraphy. 

With that said, listed below, you can find the ten best procreate grids / procreate grid template.

1. Dot and Square Grid 

Dot and Square Grid for Procreate Download Now!         

This template is a necessary dot and square grid.

But it ‘s one the most powerful and useful one.

It’s excellent for those who are looking to create perfect proportioned drawings and lettering. 

By using a simple grid-like this one, you can keep your layout more organized and in order, while gaining efficiency.

This is because you won’t need to wander for a long time where the next element of your project will be. 

This grid also allows you to keep the harmony and symmetry on the project, keeping it consistent and easy to add harmonic elements.

The dot and square grid comes with customizable options that can be used together or separately.

You can always turn the layers on and off as you wish. 

It comes with four customizable options: slant lines, dot grid, quarter grid, and an inch grid. 

 Pros & Benefits: 

  • Great for practicing calligraphy and lettering, if you are already trained or a beginner 
  • It gives you the freedom so that you can create anything with the same proportions
  • Very user friendly. Just open it and start using
  • Complete set of basic grids and a good option for those on a tight budget

Download Now!         

2. Brush Set Procreate Grid TemplatesProcreate Grid Templates .brushset

Download Now!

You can get the best from Procreate with this Mandala and Stamp brush set grid. 

The brushes are one of the power tools to create unique artwork.

It can take the drawings to another level since they give you excellent control of the thickness, opacity, and visibility of each layer being added. 

Mandalas are designed on a circle shape with repeated patterns around it. 

The Mandala grids are one of the most fun to do!

This template has seven different Mandala shaped brushes and 3 stamp brushes set.

The Mandalas are believed to be symbols that represent the universe.

The circle-shaped forms symbolize that life is a never-ending cycle. 

It is composed of many layers – or levels – and can be filled with:

  • Smaller circles
  • Flowers
  • Geometric shapes
  • Triangles
  • Birds
  • Spirals

All these can be adjusted, blended, and duplicated.

This set will allow you to have the basis of the circles to start with, and then the rest can be done as your imagination chooses! 

When you start mastering this set, you can create your own templates by:

  • Layering the brushes,
  • Moving the ring
  • Turning the page
  • Using the circle-shaped grids to create beautiful and unique flowers

 Pros & Benefits: 

  • Comes with ten different brush options so you can use your imagination and get creative
  • The stamp brushes can add fun to any artwork 
  • It’s a complete set and can be useful to beginners or pro’s 
  • Easy to add more layers and they can be turned on and off as you wish
  • Super complete set and with only two or three stamps, the user can create an infinity of patterns

Download Now!

3. The Builder Bundle

The Builder Bundle - Save 25%

Download Now!

Lettering templates are the most popular, researched, and wanted ones.

That’s because it’s tough to keep all the letters in a design in a symmetrical form, especially if we are talking about the capital letters. 

Many people believe that lettering can’t be done or used in Procreate.

But that’s a mistake!

Procreate if perfect for lettering practice, especially if you want to keep the harmony when putting a lot of words into your design.

Every lettering artist wants to keep the letters on a similar size, style, and thickness.

The Sans and Sans Serif letters just became easy and simple to do!

The Grid Builder template gives you a simplified lettering experience.

The goal is to help you have consistent shapes without wasting too much time thinking where the letters can fit or if they will look good. 

You can design your style or use the already existing ones to that particular project.

It does this by giving you the basics from each font on the uppercase alphabet.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Eight different lettering styles so you can practice and become a pro
  • Comes with practicing sheets that can be used online or offline by printing them
  • A very detailed manual will guide you through the whole process 
  • Get a discount by purchasing the grid bundle together with the letter bundle
  • Comes with a PDF on how to draw A-Z in each lettering style

Download Now!

4. Composition Grids for Longer Quotes Composition grids for longer quotes

Download Now!

Creating impressive lettering for long quotes can be challenging and time-consuming.

That’s because making it well composed can be very hard for those who are starting and still haven’t developed a right eye for compositing. 

With this template, you will have the techniques necessary to create designs with more extended quotes.

There’s no need to worry about the size or proportion or if the quote will be easy to read. 

No more struggling on figuring out where to put the words to make it look balanced, symmetrical, and easy to understand.

You can quote phrases from your favorite book, music lyric, or something of your own. 

Procreate is the perfect – and probably the best – tool for lettering, since it offers more than 13 options of layers and blend modes. 

This grid will help you find out which elements of your artwork should pop out, receive more attention, and have a different size,.

But it still makes all the aspects interact with each other. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Comes with ten different grids that are very easy to be layered 
  • All files are printable, so you can create your unique quotes design and use to decorate your walls, sell or give it as a gift to friends
  • Easy to follow dimensions that can be adaptable to your needs, but still keeping the symmetry
  • Very intuitive to align the text elements on the composition

Download Now!

5. Editable Planner TemplatesEditable Planner Perfect Templates

Download Now!

Planners are a very trendy and fashionable way of managing and organizing your tasks, goals, and achievements.

Although it is trendy to be done with pen and paper, the digital planner is getting more and more users every day.

That’s because you will not have any more paper notes scattered around your car, bag, and house.

No need to worry about carrying a pen again!

This template will give you all the pages and tools you need to start your own.

Even if you’re not familiar with the planner designs to create them from scratch,

By moving to digital planning, you will never miss a deadline again.

All that can be stored on your smartphone or iPad and be carried around with you anywhere you go. 

You can share your planner or journal online.

It takes minimal space,.

There’s nothing for you to clean after using.

It’s straightforward to use in short periods of time.

These planner templates are 100% ready to be used.

But still can be customized with your personal touches.

That’s because the backgrounds can be made to “look” like you with all the stickers, stamps, different colors or pictures.

Moreover, they can be changed according to the month or seasons.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Printable files that can also be used offline if you can’t have access to your devices on certain occasions or need them at your desk at work
  • The calendars, weekly and daily pages are perfectly spread out, so your long and short term plans can be visible
  • There are not visible dates, so you can start your planning when you want, and it’s possible to use year after year, so you don’t need to purchase new ones 
  • The sketch page allows you to create lists, drawings, or any other page as you need

Download Now!

6. Pixel Art BrushesPixel Art Brushes for Procreate

Download Now!

Pixel Arts always looks fun with this video-game vibe on the artworks.

But most people think that it’s hard to make, and only professionals can do it with specific tools. 

But, with this very resourceful template, it’s possible to create anything in the form of Pixel Art.

The game industry popularized this graphic format from the 8~bit and 16-bit computers, and video games console way in the past.

This was around the ’70s and ’80s when the screen resolution was shallow.

All the characters and images were made of those big squared or blocky pixel, but they’re back now and more popular than ever. 

Pixel Art creates this look as if big pictures just got made out of small details with a limited number of colors.

So the pixels get more prominent, even though the screen resolution nowadays is on high definition. 

Every pixel is colored, so when grouped, they form a big image. 

The more popular this type of digital art gets, the better it will be if you already know how to do them.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • There are 20 different pixel brushes to create your own design 
  • Easy opacity control so your layers can be quickly done
  • Comes with a pixel grid page to help with the symmetry and scale
  • It’s an exclusive bundle developed just to be used in Procreate
  • With the QuickShape Tools, you can draw perfect shapes with just a click

Download Now!

7. Grid Procreate Brushes

6 Grid Procreate Brushes

Download Now!

Creating your own font and logo can help the customers identify your advertisement anywhere. 

Specialists say that having a logo is one of the most critical branding investments you can make.

That’s because having your own design makes your products or services be remembered by the consumers.

This is what makes you a leader on your market or niche.

Most people think that creating these unique forms can be way too hard – or too expensive to hire professionals to do it .

However, this template gives you all the tools you need to improve your communication.

This is perfect for experienced designers looking to add new tools to their portfolio or those still learning.

This is great even for people looking to create their exclusive communication pack to promote themselves or their websites. 

Very easy and intuitive, the rounded grid shapes are divided into numerous sections that will allow your imagination to fly.

Dimensions and symmetry are kept right, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Easy to layer the grids and create logos that look like there were made by a professional designer 
  • Six custom brushes to help you create unique projects 
  • It gives you better control of the lines if compared to grids with similar functions

Download Now!

8. TransferTone Procreate Pattern BrushTransferTone Procreate Pattern Brush

Download Now!

Way before the digital arts, computers, or Procreate was invented, the most used technique to add patterns and letters on illustrations or designs was by using the rub-on/rub-down or dry transfer method with decals. 

The types and shapes of what was going to be illustrated or written were provided by companies on laminated sheets with tissue protections on top.

You transfer art to the paper by applying pressure on the backing with a ballpoint pen.

Only the decal remained.

This was an arduous and physical process.

This could only be applied in title blocks, forms, patterned lines, or any place where the art needed to be repeatedly used.

But, now, that can be done quickly with the help of this template.

You just need to do some clicks. 

Inspired by the dry transfer patterns and tints from the ’70s and ’80s, this brush and grid set can give a unique form to your artwork.

It’s one of the only template bundles with this effect.

The vintage appearance will make the illustration look like it was made by the best professionals.

It’s straightforward to follow and intuitive template.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Friendly and not so expensive alternative to do more elaborated illustrations without many problems
  • 85 custom brushes with five diverse swatches: white noise, netting, mazes, halftones, and wonky grids
  • Possible to add multiple layers with all the different patterns and brushes available 
  • Printable sheets, so you can decorate walls, sell or gift them to your friends after the artwork is done

Download Now!

9. Procreate Vintage Lettering BundleProcreate Vintage Lettering Bundle

Download Now!

Vintage and Retro fonts are always on-trend and being used.

But on the other hand, they are also one of the hardest ones to find, especially in lettering and calligraphy. 

By combining the best and most typical qualities of an era, Vintage design is commonly used in advertisements to promote services, brands, and products. 

Looking for a template to start the designs and communication for your products, services, or brand, this will be the perfect option?

These designs will give your brand a very particular impression and will, for sure, attract more clients. 

For sure, these designs will never go out of style.

If you are looking for a high-quality template to create incredible vintage artworks, this one’s for you!

Your artwork will look like it came out straight from the golden days and, for sure, will make your design accessible. 

With different mixing of styles, textures, and elements, this template will make you achieve a very realistic vintage style. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Exact brushes that help to create a shading effect easily 
  • Comes with a bonus vintage alphabet brush set with 26 Vintage inspired outline letters
  • Fifty amazing brushes, including stamps, texture, script, banner, and individual grids

Download Now!

10. Procreate Character Drawing ToolkitProcreate Character Drawing Toolkit

Download Now!

Character creation and drawings are always one of the most discussed topics by illustrators.

That’s because many say that they are hard to make and require a lot of experience.

In contrast, others defend that by combining simple shapes, you can create a character. 

But with this template, drawing different types of characters has never been so easy and fast.

This is one of the most original character drawing templates.

It offers all the shapes necessary to speed up the process.

Furthermore, it teaches you incredible techniques when drawing human or animal characters even if you are a beginner. 

Putting the shapes together and creating unique designs for your characters can be done in half of the time now. 

This includes dozens of different shapes of  body parts:

  • 11 x head shape brushes
  • 32 x ear brushes
  • 16 x eye brushes
  • 12 x nose brushes

All of them including humans and various types of animals. 

The styles are so unique and versatile that these characters can be in your book, animation, manga, film, comics, games, and many more. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Very intuitive to follow, so you can start making your first characters in less than 15 minutes
  • Can be used for starters that have never done digital nature or very skilled illustrators looking for inspirations or improve their art
  • Comes with a bonus resource to help demystify the process of character creation and drawing
  • There are 88 different brushes to add unique characteristics to your characters and drawings 

Download Now!

Why Artists Love Procreate

Procreate is by far one of the most complete and resourceful tools you can find nowadays.

But it also can be very intimidating for those wanting to start now and are still learning those new functionalities.  

And that’s why these templates can be the guide to help you start learning to use and develop your talents on the app.

They can teach you some awesome new tricks while giving you some tips on how to be better and still deliver you all the needed inspiration.

But templates and grids can also be an incredible tool if you’re already a professional designer or illustrator that uses Procreator on a daily basis.  to work.

The examples above can really help you improve your art and techniques.

Final Thoughts

There are many templates and grids available online with different types of functionalities to help you create your next artwork.

Still, the ones listed here  are the best Procreate grids / Procreate grid template that you can find.

That’s because they can be used together as a complement or separately on your own work.

Tell us if you used any of the templates mentioned in this article and which one is your favorite and why. 

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