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procreate hair stamps free

10 Best Procreate Hair Stamps, Free and Paid

These Procreate hair stamps, free and paid, simplify the process of drawing characters.

Scroll down to browse the list of Procreate hair stamps, free and paid, and get inspired!

Procreate Hair Stamps

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This is an ideal product for digital artists wanting to create comic book or anime characters.

Eleven hairstyles and 11 shades are provided with line art, making the application user-friendly.

You can use it to make gifts or create cartoon-like portraits for family and friends.

In addition, the artist is responsive and takes time to edit your artwork.

Many customers praise it as one of the finest Etsy products purchased.

She will explain how you can install and download the brush set, and she will be able to assist if any issues arise.

Besides cartoon portraits, she also creates them based on your photos or what you ask her to do.

Among the stamps, you will find styles for men and women, and you can color them however you wish.

You can add some green and blue to your avatar’s hair to make it a little quirkier!

This is a terrific design for birthday cards or family portraits with an unusual twist.

Please keep in mind that you cannot resell these, and they are only $10.

Pros & Benefits

  • Outlined and filled hairstyles 
  • Suitable for gifts for family and friends
  • Accommodating artist

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Hair Stamp Set of 32

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Think Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, ready to go on a mission, for $5.95.

These eye-catching illustrations from BlackSatanDraws are excellent choices for creating video game characters.

This set includes both solid foundation stamps and light stamps.

It includes hair stamps ranging from long to short, messy to formal, and straight to wavy.

Become the alter ego of your protagonist in virtual reality, and give them a personality of their own.

They can dress their hair up or down as they please, from blonde to brown.

Immerse your gamers in virtual reality to experience their sultry characters like never before.

There are a lot of opportunities to use these stamps since 30% of men enjoy interacting as women in the gaming world.

Her shorts weren’t the only thing drawing attention to Lara Croft.

Also, her famous long brunette plait has played a role in fashion and Halloween costumes.

Her long braid also represents her strength, determination, and persistence.

Aside from that, you can also use them to illustrate more two-dimensional children’s books.

You can draw all your female characters by sketching their hair first.

Video game characters are highly influenced by their hairstyles; check out The Sims!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a game, a comic, or an animated short; characters are designed to give viewers insight into their lives.

In this sense, looks play an instrumental role in aiding characters’ personalities.

Dressing the way their character does or styling their hair are examples.

Pros & Benefits

  • Dynamic shapes and colors
  • For gaming illustration of characters
  • Easy to use 32 unique hairstyles

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50 Procreate Hairstyles


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With this Procreate hair set, you will get 50 styles for just $5.94.

It’s possible to create characters with premade stamps or freely manipulated brushes.

The styles range from straight and short to wavy, plaited, and ponytails.

There is a stunning collection of braided hair stamps in this set.

The product has a five-star rating and is highly recommended by others.

With these hairstyles, you can start molding your female cast and color them how you wish.

These look like pencil sketches and would work for a variety of illustrations.

Your heroine, her children, and her favorite teacher would be memorable characters.

I feel inspired to start creating comic book characters featuring all badass women!

Start your story by creating your cast, letting your imagination run wild.

Then turn to your story.

This license allows you to use these stamps both personally and commercially.

Ensure you have the latest version of Procreate (5) and that your IOS is updated.

Pros & Benefits

  • Reusable hair stamps on countless character creations
  • Currently on sale with a 30% discount
  • Affordable package with a five-star rating

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25 Hair Stamps & Brushes for Procreate

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Our next three from Creative Market are all from the same artist, being a favorite.

They are for softer hairstyles, such as Gwen Stacy from the Spider-Man comic book series.

Her nicely cut mid-length blonde hair and bangs make her appear intelligent and balanced.

These styles also remind me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Although her pin-short hair is a sign of her stubbornness, she is also an excellent leader.

If you’re looking for a more dramatic character, think of Elektra.

Her hair is very long and dark, and it’s very thick.

Sometimes, her hair is straight, showing her agility and persistent nature.

Furthermore, it’s wavy at times, showing her fluidity and confidence.

This package will enable you to create heroes and villains.

You can also use these characters for advertising, card creation, and invitations.

Commercial use also allows unlimited physical advertising in your local market.

Your licensed asset can be displayed up to five thousand times for $17.

The extended commercial allows for significantly more, which can be seen on their website.

Pros & Benefits

  • Many short hair stamps 
  • Has cute, feminine stamps and brushes

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28 Male Hairstyles & Brushes for Procreate

procreate hair stamps free

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Finally, now will be the time to talk about some male hairstyles!

This post from Lucrumplus, the same artist we saw in the previous post, brings us 28 male hair stamps.

It also works well for comic illustration.

In this case, we will be examining some male superheroes and their hairstyles.

If you want a more two-dimensional static view, think about Archie Andrews with his red hair.

The color was a convenient way to find him in old-school comics.

It also demonstrated his honesty and vulnerability.

The character has both a fiery heart and a fiery head.  

Thor is an excellent example of a broader look.

Apparently, according to his Scandinavian ancestors, his gold hair represents the ancient grain fields.

Long hair symbolized strength and power, similar to the mane of a lion.

There is also evidence of this in historical texts, such as the story of Samson and Delilah.

According to the story, Samson’s power lay within his long locks of hair.

As a result of having his head shaved, he lost all his power and might.

The symbolism of hair is prominent in history, Greek mythology, and more recent story-telling.

Last, but not least, notice Wolverine’s characteristically animalistic spiky hair.

His hair almost looks like ears, indicating that he is somewhat like a wolf.

When it comes to creating characters, hair can contain a lot of symbolism.

Various hair stamps for men are available, including short, spiky hair, long, wavy hair, and man-buns.

Pros & Benefits

  • Styles for men or masculine characters
  • Can create your color or leave it as an outline
  • Highly recommended package by a reputable digital artist

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53 Hair Stamps & Brushes for Procreate

procreate hair stamps free

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If you’re a fan of cyberpunk cartoons and anime, you will love this one, also by Lucrumplus.

This product is perfect for creating children’s books and comics.

They are designed for those who want to create very eccentric hairstyles.

There is always something to remember about comic book characters when it comes to their hair.

In my opinion, it would be fair to say that Medusa, Tank Girl, and Catwoman all have unique hairstyles that speak volumes about their characters.

Medusa is endowed with prehensile hair, capable of grasping people and objects at her will.

Quite a handy power, I rate.

Fighting to control water supplies is Tank Girl’s mission.

Her short blonde hair gives off masculine energy that is difficult to ignore.

In contrast, Catwoman is best known for her short black hair.

With her adept nature and ability to blend in with the dangers of the night, this works well.

Therefore, take a look at Harley Quinn for a moment.

She has her innocent, wavy blonde curls when she is a psychologist.

Her hair becomes two high ponytails, one blue and one pink, as she becomes associated with The Joker.

She is remembered for her delightfully deranged personality and the contrast between her colors.


The hair of a character tells us a lot about their personality.

It’s remarkable how critical this aspect is since you can get silly with hairstyles in this package.

The price is reasonable at $14 for commercial and $56 for extended.

Pros & Benefits

  • Comic book characters are remembered for their hair
  • 53 hair stamps to choose from
  • Has ideas for you to get inspiration from

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56 Manga Hairstyles Collection

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The purpose of this set is for creating comic books and graphic novels in the Japanese style.

Anime refers to video animation, whereas manga refers to comic books, similar to anime.

On the other hand, these hair stamps are typically outlined rather than colored, which is characteristic of manga.

Which you can see in the images.

The format is meant to be quick as comics are published frequently.

It would take a lot of time to include color.

Drawing and writing manga can be done quickly, whereas anime requires extensive experience and time.

It’s sometimes better to keep things simple.

You can use hair stamps to create your fantastic characters with ease.

Stamping is much easier for creating comic books because it saves a considerable amount of time.

This means that you can concentrate on the dialogue.

It’s primarily for female characters, but the artist has another set for male characters.

The package comes with many different angles.

So, all you have to do is create classic eyes, noses, and lips for your character, and you’re done!

Especially if you plan on going the anime route, make sure you add a lot of colors and unique features to your person.

Create some insanely complex and crazy characters.

Bring out the exotic side of your heroes by giving them some remarkable powers.

If you do not want to spend hours on Google searching for references, this product can help you!

It was a great deal for only six dollars.

Pros & Benefits

  • Saves you time when creating characters
  • Inspiration included ideas for design

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Portrait Hair & Makeup 1760

portrait and makeup

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CrystalProBrushes on Etsy designed the first on our list of Procreate hair stamps free and paid options.

Starting with our most expensive pack, we have this magnificent hair stamp set, which will cost you $33.25.

They are realistic and will make your drawings look much more professional.

Moreover, it has many skin textures so that one can create high-quality portraits when you use this application.

The style is suitable for realism, whether it’s a digital art portrait or a movie character.

Even though hair is merely one aspect of one being, it seems to me that people are drawn to hairstyles. 

This has a substantial influence, even if they may not be aware of it.

With over 930 brushes at your disposal, these brushes are definitely in a league of their own.

The brushes include lips, skin, fur, eyes, and nose.

Therefore, it’s abundant.

Adding glitter and makeup to your personas allows you to add femininity and beauty to your persona.

People often want to be painted, so why not digitally design self-portraits that can be sold on the Internet?

I think that this could be a lucrative business opportunity.

This set has many fascinating elements; it’s well worth the money.

The finer details that make it unique can be captured and highlighted by realistic images.

Pros & Benefits

  • Realistic artwork
  • Multiple stamps and brushes, including skin and makeup features
  • 930+ brushes for portrait painting

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Free Hair Stamp Brush Set

procreate hair stamps free

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In the image above, you will find free Procreate hair stamps that consist of long-haired feminine styles.

For beginners, these are helpful because they limit you to one angle.

However, they are highly detailed; some images are darker than others.

You can easily download and use these free Procreate hair stamps in character design.

There are also earrings, sneakers, a briefcase, a necklace, and lips available.

This set also includes other accessories as well as stamps of flora and fauna.

Easy to download and commence your artist journey, I recommend playing around with these.

Pros & Benefits

  • Free to download
  • Has a variety of decent stamps
  • Great for beginners

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24 Free Hairstyle Stamps

procreate hair stamps free

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Our final on the list of paid and free Procreate hair stamps is a stunning hair stamp set!

Amongst the fabulous cyberpunk queens in this bundle, there is a classy queen with a cyberpunk theme.

The set comes with 24 different hair stamps, from messy half buns to elegantly short hairstyles.

As can be seen in the images, these styles feature a pink, purple, and blue palette.

They fit well in dystopian or sci-fi settings, as they did with Ready Play One.

The illustrations are very professional-looking, and they are intricately drawn.

Add some glitter, hair shine, and makeup to your model; she will be ready to save the planet.

Or, cause mayhem and destroy the world!

You can use them for many drawing or illustrating projects.

You can add color or leave them blank.

Pros & Benefits

  • Hairstyles with accessories such as caps
  • 24 free downloads
  • Wide selection of hairstyles to choose from

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Runners-up: 45 Procreate Hairstyle Stamp for Beginners

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Looking to take your digital art to the next level?

Look no further than our 45 Procreate Hairstyle Stamp Brushes for Beginners!

These stamps are perfect for anyone who is new to digital art or just wants to improve their skills.

With these easy-to-use stamp brushes, you can quickly add beautiful hairstyles to your artwork without spending hours drawing each strand of hair.

These brushes are designed specifically for Procreate, so you can be sure that they will work seamlessly with your digital art software.

Plus, with 45 different hairstyles to choose from, you’ll never run out of ideas for your next masterpiece!

But that’s not all – the set also has a wide range of other Procreate brushes available, including brushes for sketching noses, painting, drawing hair, and more!

Whether you’re an experienced digital artist or just starting out, our Procreate brushes are the perfect tool to take your art to the next level.

So why wait?

Start exploring our range of brushes today and see what you can create!

Pros & Benefits

  • 45 Hairstyle Stamp Brushes designed for Procreate
  • Perfect for beginners or anyone looking to improve their digital art skills
  • Easy and fast to use, allowing you to quickly add beautiful hairstyles to your artwork
  • Works seamlessly with Procreate digital art software
  • Provides a wide range of hairstyles to choose from
  • Can be combined with other Procreate brushes, such as nose sketching and painting brushes
  • Allows you to create stunning digital art without spending hours drawing each strand of hair
  • Comes from a trusted seller with a wide range of other Procreate brushes available

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Procreate Hairstyle Stamps

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Introducing the game-changing Procreate hairstyle stamps!

Say goodbye to the struggle of drawing realistic hairstyles on your iPad because we’ve got you covered.

With 40 (20×2) amazing Procreate brushes, you’ll be able to create beautiful and intricate hairstyles in no time.

These stamps are designed to be easy to use and will save you hours of frustration.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Our Procreate color palette and tutorial will guide you every step of the way.

You’ll be creating stunning hairstyles in no time!

And if you ever need help, we offer free support.

Our team is here to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

So what are you waiting for?

Upgrade your Procreate game with our hairstyle stamps and start creating stunning artwork today!

Pros & Benefits

  • Designed to be user-friendly and save hours of frustration
  • Procreate a color palette included to match colors perfectly
  • Tutorial provided to guide you every step of the way
  • Free support is available if you need help or have questions

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120 Hairstyle Stamp Brushes for Women and Men

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Are you ready to elevate your digital art game?

We’ve got just what you need in this list of Procreate hair stamps free and paid options!

This digital product includes 120 incredible hair stamps (50 for women, 70 for men) that will take your artwork to the next level.

With these hair stamps, you’ll be able to create realistic and detailed hair in no time.

These stamps are designed to be easy to use and will save you hours of work.

Plus, you’ll have plenty of options with 50 women’s hair stamps and 70 men’s hair stamps to choose from.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to upgrade your digital art game.

Get our Procreate hair stamps today and take your artwork to the next level!

Pros & Benefits

  • No physical delivery – instant access to digital file
  • Easy to use and saves hours of work
  • Realistic and detailed hair can be created quickly and effortlessly
  • Plenty of options with 50 women’s hair stamps and 70 men’s hair stamps to choose from

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Final Thoughts

Portraits are complex to make.

Hair has proven to be crucial in stunning portraits.

It can symbolize strength, be prehensile, and represent power or authority.

Learning more about hair’s role in an avatar’s persona can aid why you want them to be.

With a wide range of product options, you can find one that fully suits your needs.

Start thinking up characters for your future comic illustration, video animation, or game character by getting creative!

Whether inspired by Deadpool or The Powerpuff Girls, it’s your turn to create a powerful character or a normal one, no judgments.

I leave you with the famous words of Nightcrawler, ‘You have the instincts of a hero, my friend.

I hope this article on “10 Best Procreate Hair Stamps, Free and Paid”, helped you with your project.

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