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procreate head brushes stamps

10 Best Procreate Head Brush Stamps

If you are looking for the best Procreate Head Brushes Stamps, you can find them right here in the list below. 

In this article, you may find the best paid and free head stamps for Procreate.

If you were thinking about how to learn head drawing, these sets are ready to help you.

Let’s have a look at these Procreate stamps for head brushes.

Quick Peek: 10 Best Procreate Head Brush Stamps

  1. Portrait Toolkit for Procreate and Affinity
  2. Build a Face Brush Set
  3. Procreate Anime Studio
  4. Procreate Guide Stamps
  5. 30 Face Stamp Brushes
  6. Procreate Face Stamps
  7. Procreate Head Proportions Guide
  8. Figure Brushes Procreate Guide Stamp
  9. 30+ Head Template Brushes (Female + Male) for Procreate
  10. Free Anime Head Base Pack for Procreate!

1. Portrait Toolkit for Procreate and Affinity

Download Now!

A design cuts artist, Brian Ritter Design, created a fantastic toolkit for artists.

You can make portraits, character faces, and custom avatars these days.

Have you ever thought about having your avatar in drawings? 

You’ve found the right one.

Different head shapes, accompanied with eyes and lips set.

The version is also compatible with Adobe.

Moreover, the peculiarity of this set is that it has hatched in the center of the headstamp.

That helps you draw a right and proportionate face.

Again, if you are looking for fast and easy-to-draw head stamps, you may have found them already.


  • Portrait guidelines
  • Avatar making
  • The eyes and lips pack included
  • Compatibility with Adobe
  • Facial layout

This set includes:

  • 100 brushes in 5 brush sets (all in different facial expressions):
    • 20 heads
    • 20 sets of eyes
    • 20 sets of ears
    • 20 noses
    • 20 mouths
  • Portrait Heads brush set
  • Portrait Eyes brush set
  • Portrait Ears brush set
  • Portrait Noses brush set
  • BRD Portrait Mouth brush set
  • Two skin tone palettes 
  • Portrait Toolkit
  • Printable PDF 
  • Reference guide for brushes

Make your avatar stand out!

Download Now!

2. Build a Face Brush Set

Download Now!

Head stamp brushes created by an artist “Art with Flo”, are beginner-friendly head and face stamps.

They help you in creating the face you want from scratch.

Furthermore, you can create a base for your face in a matter of seconds.

The three base heads included in the set are just what you were looking for. 

One huge bonus is the user’s guide. 

It has all the explanations you need to use the head stamp set.

I’m sure a guide is what you need when starting your drawing career.

It looks so informative and thorough.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Create from scratch
  • Easy to use

This set includes:

  • Three base heads
  • Seven pairs of eyes
  • Five eyebrows
  • Six noses
  • Seven lips
  • Three pairs of ears

Start right now using this easy pack.

Download Now!

3. Procreate Anime Studio

anime studio

Download Now!

A top-rating Etsy seller, Studio Valhalla, has created a unique head stamp collection.

It is not for anime lovers but for those who want to go through step-by-step instructions on how to draw the head.

While using those brushes, you learn the anatomy of the head, shading, and many more.

What is unique about the brush is that anime artists created them.

Moreover, you can create anime or manga with just one brush stroke. 

If you ever wanted to become a manga artist, it is the opportunity to start now.

The big bonus is hairstyles.


  • Perfect for a manga artist
  • Unique hairstyles

This set includes:

  • 200-250 guide stamps
  • Over 300 images of Shadow guides
  • Facial expressions
  • Anatomy drawings 
  • Cartoon sketches inspiration
  • Different hairstyles
  • In total, the set consists of 400 head stamps
  • Facial expressions
  • Head posture
  • Angle eye view

Now you can play with hair color and texture.

Download Now!

4. Portrait Guide Stamps

Download Now!

An Etsy star seller, “KsTumanova”, represents another glowing head stamp set. 

This set includes 31 professional head stamps.

Using these stamps, you can create marvelous works.

Using teaching guidelines, you can create anyone. 

Basehead stamps represent the head at any angle. 

Most importantly, it’s a great training stamp if you are a newbie. 

It’s an absolute lifesaver if you struggle to draw a head at a right angle.

Whenever you try to draw a head and don’t know where to start, this set is a hand of help. 


  • Glamorous looks
  • Easy to draw
  • Multi-angled head stamps

This set includes:

  • 31 Head Guide brushes stamps for Procreate
  • One additional procreate brush
  • Guide to leading lines in a portrait
  • Installation guide
  • Free support
  • Angle look

Create favorite characters with included guidelines. 

Download Now!

5. 30 Face Stamp Brushes

Download Now!

ProcreateMarket offers you a great and easy-to-follow head stamp pack. 

It has 30 face-type portraits. 

Altogether, it has a head and face.

If you were looking for a bonus for the head stamps, you’ve found it.

Gorgeous and bold at the same time, those head stamps could be something you were looking for.

Bonus tip: you can enlarge stamps to large sizes without losing line quality.

The best feature, in my opinion, is that they are simple yet informative.

If you like coloring, they are great, to begin with. 


  • Enlarge to big size
  • Time-saving tool
  • Simple to follow

This set includes:

  • 2 falls (.brushset) format 
  • woman 1 (15 brushes)
  • woman 2 (15 brushes)
  • Skin Palette (Bonus)

Easily color your art.

Download Now!

6. Procreate Face Stamps

procreate head brushes stamps

Download Now!

A true bestseller is another great seller, StarkinsArt.

What makes this set of head stamps stand out?

It’s a professional vision.

I am sure that the artist who made those head stamps is a professional.

The main point is that those head stamps explain drawing from the point of view of shape. 

It can be diamond, oval, round, or square shape.

Therefore, you may learn how to define head and face shapes using these comprehensive guidelines.

A huge bonus is a front view and a side view of each head shape.

It may help in composing facial features.


  • Easy to follow
  • Made by professional artists

Create the right face shape using guidelines. 

This set includes:

  • 12 Face shape stamps 
  • Files in PNG
  • Face shapes
  • Front view
  • Guidelines

Download Now!

7. Procreate Head Proportions Guide

procreate head brushes stamps

Download Now!

HabitusDesigns made this set.

It helps you create character illustrations and portraits within minutes.

You can unleash your creativity with this pack.

Just play with colors and opacity, and use your great imagination.

This set is made for you if you are looking for basic head drawing instructions.

Sketch manner stamps, created for prototypes of future pictures.

Lastly, drawing a head can be challenging, but not with this beginner’s set.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Beginner-friendly

This set includes:

  • Set of 24 Procreate woman face & head brush stamp set for portrait drawing
  • Proportions guide
  • Head prototypes
  • Basic head stamps

Build your art right now.

Download Now!

8. Figure Brushes Procreate Guide Stamp

procreate head brushes stamps

Download Now!

A lovely head and figure stamps set. 

Talented artist Lucrumplus has created it for you.

Yet one more full of diversity project.

The main feature is that you can learn to draw the head together with the body.

Isn’t it great?

White sketches on a black background outline the proportions and movement.

A huge bonus is the male head stamps.

Moreover, the rare-to-find male stamps are perfect for learning how to draw a male head.

These head stamps come together with bodies, so you know how to draw a head seamlessly moving to the body.


  • Multi-angled
  • Smooth implementation

This set includes:

  • 78 Stamps Guide Procreate Brushes, 
  • Figures Stamps Brushes, 
  • Brushes For Help Drawing Portrait, 
  • Brushes Set, Digital Brushes, 
  • Guide Brushes
  • Guide stamps in total and a sketching brush
  • Poses included

Add dimension to your art! 

Download Now!

9. 30+ Head Template Brushes (Female & Male) for Procreate

procreate head brushes stamps

Download Now!

This free head stamp is designed by GeorgBrush.

Well, let’s say it’s a fantastic set for free brushes.

If you are a newbie artist looking for a free brush set, here you are.

First of all, let’s say they are just gorgeous.

Female and male head stamps look very realistic and professional.

They are great for sketches, portraits, character designs, face studies, and many more.

It is worth mentioning they are made in 3D, so you are free to play with shadowing and coloring.


  • Smooth surface
  • Easy to blend

This set includes:

  • Collection of men’s and women’s headstamps (15 in total) 
  • 3D rendering

Create a new dimension!

Download Now!

10. Free Anime Head Base Pack for Procreate

procreate head brushes stamps

Download Now!

These cute and easy-to-use Procreate head brushes stamps for anime and manga fans were created by author Attki.

This pack includes various head stamps for the character, created from different angles.

Ever wonder how to create a cutie manga or anime character?

This set is beginner-friendly, just what you were looking for.

Simple and understandable shapes were created in order to help you learn to draw.

Not to mention, it is free of charge.

And also, you can download it easily!

The set includes not only simple shapes but also a face layout.

You can adjust the eyes, nose, and other parts of the face.

Most importantly, this set teaches you how to transform the human face into an anime or manga-ish type of face.

You must admit, it’s worth trying.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Free
  • Face parts adjustments

This set includes:

  • The anime head base pack for Procreate consists of 7 unique brushes
  • Full paid version available

Download Now!

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve found some head stamp brushes for Procreate in this article.

Being a beginner and struggling to find essential stamps and brushes isn’t easy.

But isn’t it wonderful that someone has created helpful material for you to start?

Whether you want to create a glamorous art deco look, or aim to become a new manga artist, these head stamps can help you at any start.

As you can see, there are free and paid headstamps versions.

So there is no excuse for you to stop drawing.

Boldly go where no other artist has gone before.

Explore new features of your potential.

Procreate is a dream platform for artists nowadays, and those stamps are just like a tailwind in your journey.

Experiment with, try out and do your best to get the result and pleasure.

Drawing is about pleasure, inspiration, creation, and your soul’s need’s fulfillment. 

Head brush stamps can help you create a new world.

Go for it!

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