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procreate how to delete layer

How to Delete a Layer in Procreate: A Quick Tutorial

Here’s how you can delete a layer in Procreate with just a tap.

Watch our tutorial now!

Here’s the quickest way to delete layers in Procreate.

Quickly Delete a Layer in Procreate (+ How to Undo Your Action)

Tap on The Layer Panel & Swipe Left on The Layer You Want to Deleteprocreate how to delete layer

All you have to do is tap on the layer panel, in the top right hand corner.

procreate how to delete layer

Select the layer that you want to delete, and slide it to the left, and you have three options here.

Delete is the big red.

You just tap on this, and you’ve deleted the layer.

Bring Back the Deleted Layer

procreate how to delete layer

If you want to undo that, you just tap with two fingers and get your layer back!

So that’s it!

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Final Thoughts

There we have it!

You may now delete the unwanted layer on your artwork with just a tap and swipe!

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