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procreate how to duplicate layers

How to Duplicate Layers in Procreate:Quick Tutorial

If you are an animator and you want to know how to duplicate layers in Procreate easily, then this tutorial is for you.

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Duplicate Layers in Procreate (An Easy Guide!)

Go to the Layers Panel

Simply go to the Layers panel.

Select Layer and Swipe to the Left

procreate how to duplicate layers

Find the layer you want and slide to the left.

You will see you have your three options here.

Select Duplicate

I want you to tap on Duplicate.

Now, you get a copy of the layer.

Tap on the Selection Tool

procreate how to duplicate layers

You can come into the selection tool and move this around so now we have two cats.

Why not have another?

Duplicate again!

Here’s the selection tool.

procreate how to duplicate layers

Maybe we’ll put a cat on her head.

That’s it!

That is how you duplicate in Procreate.

Alternative Way: Procreate’s Copy and Paste Shortcut

  1. Open the Procreate app and navigate to the Actions menu.
  2. Select Prefs and then Gesture Controls.
  3. Locate the Copy & Paste option and activate the Three Finger Swipe feature.
  4. Click “Done” to exit the Gesture Control panel.

With this shortcut enabled, you can now use a three-finger-down swipe to quickly copy and paste.

To do this:
1. Either use the Selection tool to select the object you want to copy, or 

2. If the object is on a different layer, swipe three fingers down to display the Copy & Paste menu and select the desired action.

Final Thoughts

There you have it!

If you are just starting with digital art, you’ll find that duplicating layers is a piece of cake!

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